News: 1 Sep 1840, Repeal Association. (Daniel O'Connell)

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1-Sep-1840 Roscommon.

Roscommon, August 28th 1840.

Respected and venerated Father of your Country---Your love 
of Ireland will, I hope, excuse the liberty I take in thus 
addressing you. The under named repealers solicit the honour 
of being proposed by you at the next meeting of the 
association. You will please to have Mr. Owen, Mr. S. 
O'Flynn and Mr. James M'Cormick admitted as members.

Charles Blackall.

List of Repealers.

James Galaher,

Patrick Galaher,

Daniel Breheny,

Patrick Dodd,

John Eaton,

Jeremiah Shaughnessy,

Edward Keogh,

Patrick Connor,

Nicholas Kedian,

Thomas Johnston,

James Fox,

William Gately,

M. Gately,

Nicholas Cuddy,

John Fullard,

Thomas M'Dermott,

Peter Daly,

Richard Walsh,

Terence Ford,

Thomas Taffe,

Luke Croghan,

John Gavin,

John Noon,

Mathew Nairin,

Patrick Hargiton,

Michael Gaffney,

Darby Manion,

Michael Leonard,

Francis M'Dermott,

Michael Kelly,

Edward Goff,

Patrick Sirr,

J. Garrick,

Richard Carroll,

Patrick Geraghty,

Loughlin Geraghty,

J. Laim,

Laurence Murphy,

Patrick Malone,

J. M'Cormick,

Patrick Rafferty.

Freeman's Journal 1 Sep 1840