Military: Constabulary with native county of Roscommon 1845

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Key s=single; m=married. E.R.= East Riding etc.	Lab = Laborer  C=Catholic P=Protestant

No.                         DATE    CO.             & MARRIAGE DATE  OF WIFE
6068 WATSON, Jas J     20   6-Oct   Roscommon   P                                Farmer     Antrim
6095 HESTER, Mich      24   7-Aug   Roscommon   C                                Farmer     Carlow
6136 McGOWAN, Pat      22   7-Aug   Roscommon   C  19/3/1871        Cavan        Farmer     Cavan, Sligo 1/7/17
6155 REDICAN, Mich     20   12-Aug  Roscommon   C                                Farmer     Cavan
6177 McDERMOTT, Thos   21   12-May  Roscommon   C  10/6/1858        Kerry        Shoemaker  Clare, Queens, Kerry, 
                                                                                            Cork W
6234 KEATING, Pat      18   1-Aug   Roscommon   P                                Farmer     Cork E,  Mayo, ___?, ___?, 
                                                                                            Mayo '56, Rosc?? 19-125-
                                                                                            57, __?
6235 QUINN, Edwd       18   1-Aug   Roscommon   C                                Farmer     Cavan, Cork E, Down, 
6240 FLYNN, Thos       20   16-Aug  Roscommon   C                                Clerk      Caan, Tipperary S. Cork E
6356 CONNOR, Martin    20   18-Feb  Roscommon   C                                Shoemaker  Clare, Galway E, Galway 
                                                                                            W 1/9/61
6407 YOUNG, Rob        23   12-May  Roscommon   C                                           Antrim, Galway W
6435 HEGARTY, Jno      21   17-Jan  Roscommon   C                                Lab        Kildare, Reserve 1/10/50, 
                                                                                            Armagh 1/8/52
6460 LALLY, Dan        19   6-Aug   Roscommon   C                                Lab        Leitrim, Kildare
6464 CONNOLLY, Jno     28   11-Oct  Roscommon   C                                Lab        Kildare
6477 BOYTON, Jas       20   12-Apr  Roscommon   P  18/1/1855        Kilkenny                Kilkenny, Kings 1/6/66
6573 STAFFORD, Mich    19   9-Aug   Roscommon   C                                Lab        Leitrim
6578 MONAGHAN, Thady   20   12-Aug  Roscommon   C                                Lab        Leitrim
6648 WATSON, Heny      24   9-Aug   Roscommon   C                                Lab        Reserve, Limerick.
6751 HAYDEN, Michl     21   13-Nov  Roscommon   C                                Farmer     Louth
6783 FEELY, Michl      18   7-Aug   Roscommon   C                                           Mayo
6796 MORRISON, Hugh    19   10-Dec  Roscommon   P  14/3/1856        Mayo                    Mayo
6799 CONROY, Patk      20   14-Jan  Roscommon   P  20/08/1860       Sligo                   Meath, Tipperary N1/8/49, 
                                                                                            Sligo, Donegal 1/12/60
6806 BYRNE, Michl      21   12-Apr  Roscommon   C                                           Meath
6838 DRUDY, Peter      21   14-Jan  Roscommon   C                                Shepherd   Monaghan
6839 TIERNAN, Jno      22   13-Feb  Roscommon   C                                Lab        Monaghan
6845 DOLAN, Michl      21   12-May  Roscommon   C                                Lab        Monaghan, Westmeath 1/11/53
6884 GRAHAM, Wm        21   11-Aug  Roscommon   C  May 1863         Queens                  Cavan, Queens, Wexford 1/7/63
6885 McLOUGHLIN, Jas   20   12-Aug  Roscommon   C  14/5/1855        Queens                  Queens, Dublin, Kings, 
                                                                                            Tipperary NR 1/4/71
6887 LEAHY, Jno        19   21-Aug  Roscommon   C  8/5/1858         Kilkenny                Queens
6975 JAMES, Nick       19   13-Feb  Roscommon   P                                           Limerick, Sligo 1845.
6983 TOOLE Jno         23   10-Jul  Roscommon   C                                           Fermanagh, Sligo '47, Reserve 
                                                                                            May 49
6996 HAYDEN,  Hugh     21   12-Apr  Roscommon   C  21/6/1853        Tipperary               Reserve, Roscommon, Tipperary 
                                                                                            N, Kerry
7023 LEYDON, Patrick   22   12-Aug  Roscommon   C                                           Tipperary N
7039 MORRIS, Patrck    21   22-Jan  Roscommon   C  September 1863   Tipperary S  Lab        Tipperary S, Limerick 1/12/63
7047 CUFFE, Thomas     21   13-Feb  Roscommon   C                                Lab        Tipperary S
7055 CANNING, Edward   24   9-Feb   Roscommon   C                                Lab        Tipperary S
7071 CONNIFF, Mathew   19   12-Aug  Roscommon   C                                Lab        Cavan, Tipperary S
7106 STODDARD, Jno     21   14-Mar  Roscommon   P                                           Waterford
7112 ROURKE, John      21   22-Aug  Roscommon   C                                Lab        Waterford
7122 WALDRON, Jno      20   14-Jan  Roscommon   C  9/5/1864         Westmeath    Lab        Queens, Reserve, Westmeath, 
                                                                                            Kildare 21/10/64
7126 CARTER, John      21   25-Jan  Roscommon   P                                Farmer     Queens, Westmeath

Sorted: First names spelled out to aid in searching
BOYTON, James       
BYRNE, Michael      
CANNING, Edward   
CARTER, John      
CONNIFF, Mathew   
CONNOLLY, John     
CONNOR, Martin    
CONROY, Patrick      
CUFFE, Thomas     
DOLAN, Michael      
DRUDY, Peter      
FEELY, Michael      
FLYNN, Thomas       
GRAHAM, William        
HAYDEN,  Hugh     
HAYDEN, Michael     
HEGARTY, John      
HESTER, Michael      
JAMES, Nicholas      
KEATING, Patrick      
LALLY, Daniel        
LEAHY, John        
LEYDON, Patrick   
McDERMOTT, Thomas   
McGOWAN, Patrick      
McLOUGHLIN, James   
MONAGHAN, Thady   
MORRIS, Patrck    
MORRISON, Hugh    
QUINN, Edward       
REDICAN, Michael     
ROURKE, John      
STAFFORD, Michael    
STODDARD, John     
TIERNAN, John      
TOOLE John         
WALDRON, John      
WATSON, Henry      
WATSON, James J     
YOUNG, Robert

Source: FHL #856058