Cemetery: New Strokestown Cemetery, Strokestown

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Take a left turn at the Post Office onto the Clonfree Rd. 
The cemetery can be seen from the road.

Stokestown cemetery was opened in 1828 and is just outside 
the town of Strokestown.

*See part 2 for full headstone readings for many of the 
stones in Part 1.

Part 1

Allen, Anthony G., d. 26 Nov 1987, son of Mary Teresa, 
Allen, James, d. 13 Aug 1960, age: 3yr, son of Mary Teresa, 
Allen, Mary Teresa, d. 18 Jun 1965, Mother of James, 
Beirne, Joseph, d. 18 Jan 1970, age: 79yr, husband of Mary, 
Beirne, Mary, d. 30 Aug 1983, wife of Joseph, Corrashra.
Beirne, Nora, d. 10 Aug 1971, wife of Larry, Cloonfree.
Bermingham, Jack, d. 14 Feb 1974, husband of Molly, Farnbeg. 
Strokestown., Capt. Strokestown Old I.R.A.
Bermingham, Molly, d. 10 Dec 1968, age: 69yr, wife of Jack, 
Farnbeg. Strokestown.
Carr, Michael, d. 2 Mar. 2001, husband of Genevieve.
Carroll, Margaret E., d. 6 May 1978, wife of Thomas J., 
Church St. Strokestown.
Carroll, Patrick J., d. 26 Jan 1985, son of Thomas J., 
Church St. Strokestown.
Carroll, Thomas J., d. 4 Apr 1962, husband of Margaret E., 
Church St. Strokestown.
Caslin, Lena, d. 28 Mar 1987, wife of Patrick, Annaghbeg.
Caslin, Patrick, d. 15 Jan 1973, husband of Lena, Annaghbeg.
Caslin, Patrick, d. 6 Feb 1980, husband of Annie, Gulimore. 
Caulfield, John, d. 29 Dec 2000,Carnamaddy Elphin, husband 
of Bridie.
Collins, Elizabeth, d. 29 Jun 1983, wife of Patrick, Elphin 
St. Strokestown.
Collins, Patrick, d. 16 Oct 1988, husband of Elizabeth, 
Elphin St. Strokestown.
Costello, Annie, d. 6 Feb 1954, wife of Michael, 
Costello, John, d. 19 Dec 1968, husband of Mary, 
Costello, Mary, d. 20 Mar 1964, wife of John, Cloonslanor.
Costello, Michael, d. 9 Sep 1936, husband of Anne, 
Costello, Patrick, d. 15 Oct 1977, Cloonslanor.
Costello, William, d. 1 Oct 1952, son of Michael and Anne, 
Daly, Agnes, d. 4 May 1969, wife of John, Dromod.
Daly, John, d. 20 Mar 1969, husband of Agnes, Dromod.
Daly, John, d. 25 Jul 1980.
Daly, Michael, b. Doon, Strokestown., d. 3 Jul 2001, husband 
of Patsy, Cumberland St. Pimlico. London.
Devine, Anna, d. 15 Nov 1981, wife of Charles, Strokestown.
Devine, Charles, d. 22 Sep 1980, husband of Anna, 
Diffley, Kitty, d. 14 Jul 1946, wife of Patrick, Bridge St. 
Diffley, Patrick, d. 31 Jan 1958, husband of Kitty, Bridge 
St. Strokestown.
Flannagan, Catherine (Beirne), d. 17 Oct 1983, sis/of 
Joseph, Sydney, Australia.
Flannagan, Francis, b. 8 Jun 1885, d. 11 Nov 1968, husband 
of Mary, St. Annes. Strokestown.
Flannagan, Mary, b. 24 Dec 1899, d. 13 Aug 1978, wife of 
Francis, St. Annes. Strokestown.
Giblin, Eddie, d. 27 Dec 1983, age: 32yr, son of William and 
Sarah, Strokestown.
Giblin, James, d. 22 Jan 1997, age: 49yr, son of William and 
Sarah, Strokestown.
Giblin, John, d. 9 Jul 1993, age: 49yr, son of William and 
Sarah, Strokestown.
Giblin, Sarah, d. 14 Sep 1983, age: 71yr, husband of 
William, Strokestown.
Giblin, William A., d. 21 Mar 1997, age: 58yr, son of 
William and Sarah, Strokestown.
Giblin, William, d. 31 Dec 1978, age: 74yr, husband of 
Sarah, Strokestown.
Gilleran, Thomas, d. 6 Dec 1978, age: 69yr, Bunnamuca.
Gillooly, Catherine, d. 17 Aug 1975, wife of Michael, 
Gillooly, Michael, d. 21 Oct 1978, husband of Catherine, 
Glancy, Thomas Walter, d. 7 Aug 1990, Kildallogue Heights.
Hagan, Maura (Caslin), d. 14 Jun. 2001, wife of John, 
Ratinagh. Strokestown.
Hales, Denys Catherine, b. 3 Feb 1926, d. 23 Jan 1933, 
daughter of Major Stuart and Olive.
Hales, Major Stuart, b. 28 Jan 1897, d. 24 Jan 1980, husband 
of Olive, Pakenmahon.
Hales, Olive, b. 7 Sep. 1894, d. 19 Jun 1981, wife of Major 
Stuart, Pakenmahon.
Hanley, Bridie, d. 12 Sep 1988, Cloonslanor.
Hanley, Patrick J., d. 16 Oct 1934, Ashbrook.
Healy, Bridget, d. 18 May 1963, age: 100yr, wife of Denis, 
Healy, Denis, d. 28 Jul 1911, age: 78yr, husband of Bridget, 
Healy, John, d. 5 Jan 1978, son of Denis and Bridget, 
Holmes, Edward, d. 21 Aug 1961, husband of Mary, Annaghbeg.
Holmes, Mary, d. 15 Dec 1973, wife of Edward, Annaghbeg.
Hortan, Florance, d. 7 Sep 1988, wife of Eric.
Hortan, Michael, d. 17 May 1978, age: 31yr, son of Eric, 
Erected by his wife Sally.
Hortan, Michael, d. 17 May 1978, son of Florance and Eric.
Horton, Lieut. Eric, d. 20 Aug 1958, age: 49yr (R.A.M.C.).
Hunt, Bridget, d. 2 Oct 1983, wife of John J., Cloonfree.
Hunt, John J., d. 5 Oct 1964, husband of Bridget, Cloonfree.
Kennedy, Anna May, d. 1983, son of Katie, Corraslira, 
Kennedy, Johanna, d. 8 Apr. 2955, age: 94yr, wife of 
Kennedy, Michael, d. 10 Aug 1933, age: 69yr, husband of 
King, Olivia, d. 7 Aug 1979, wife of Thomas Eugene, 
Tobberpatrick. Strokestown.
King, Thomas Eugene, d. 7 Jul 1967, husband of Olivia, 
Tobberpatrick. Strokestown.
Kydd, Charles, d. 26 Sep 1915.
Lynskey, James, d. 10 Dec 1967, Strokestown.
Maynard, Elizabeth, d. 1996.
McCormack, Hugh, d. 1 Jan 2001, husband of Chris, 
McCrann, Sheila, b. Strokestown, d. 22 Dec 2000.
McDermott, Joan, d. Nov 1931, age: 1yr 6mo.
McDermott, Michael, d. 4 Aug 1969, husband of Florance.
McGauran, Kathleen, d. 25 Feb 1970, wife of Frank, Rathmore.
McGrann, Anthony, b. 25 Mar 1931, d. 14 Dec 1994, son of 
Edward and Kate A., Strokestown.
McGrann, Dudley, d. 1 Feb 1937, age: 21yr, son of Edward and 
Kate A., Strokestown.
McGrann, Edward, d. 1 Oct 1951, husband of Kate A., 
McGrann, Kate A., d. 16 May 1986, wife of Edward, 
McGuran, Frank, d. 30 Sep 1984, husband of Kathleen, 
McLoughlin, Joseph, d. 1983, husband of Katie.
McLoughlin, Katie (Kennedy), d. 1988, wife of Joseph, 
Corraslira, Strolestown.
McPhillips, Teresa (Shiel), d. 14 Jul 19`72, Elphin St. 
MgGarry, Catherine, d. 8 Oct 1983,New York. U.S.A., sison of 
Mary Holmes, Annaghbeg.
Mitchell, Laurence, d. 3 Sep 1935, bro/o Michael, 
Mitchell, Michael, d. 15 Jun 1928, bro/o Laurence, 
Moran, Patricia, d. 11 Sep. 2000, age: 53yr, Cloonslanor.
Morley, Catherine, d. 17 Dec 1983, wife of John, 
Morley, John, d. 22 Jul 1966, husband of Catherine, 
Morley, Kitty, d. 20 Jan 1943, daughter of John and 
Catherine, Ballyfeeney.
Morley, Thomas, d. 31 Nov 1931, son of John and Catherine, 
Mullooly, Margaret, d. 30 Nov 1974, wife of Patrick, 
Mullooly, Patrick, d. 24 Feb 1984, husband of Margaret, 
Nolan, James P., d. 20 Jul 1984, Dublin and Kilkenny.
O'Farrell, James, d. 18 Jun 1970, son of John Dillon and 
Kathleen, Strokestown.
O'Farrell, John Dillon, d. 5 Jul 1947, husband of Kathleen, 
O'Farrell, Kathleen, d. 3 Jul 1957, wife of John, Strokestown.
Owen John, Elizabeth Heneretta, b. 13 Dec 1923, d. 23 Nov 
1987, Buried in England.
Owens, Bridget, d. 6 Apr 1957, wife of Michael.
Owens, Michael, d. 22 Jul 1957, husband of Michael.
Reynolds, Annie (Conboy), b. 25 Feb 1990, d. 17 Oct 1992, 
wife of Thomas.
Reynolds, Collette, d. 30 Aug 1974, daughter of Thomas and 
Reynolds, Thomas, d. 15 Dec 1962, husband of Annie.
Rowlands, Alwyn, d. 2 May 1984.
Ryan, Anne, d. 12 Mar 1936, age: 66yr, Strokestown.
Ryan, Francis, d. 27 Nov 1943, Strokestown.
Sheil, Ellie (Collins), d. 5 Jul 1992, wife of James, Elphin 
St. Strokestown.
Sheil, James, d. 24 Apr 1984, husband of Ellie, Elphin St. 
Smyth, William, d. 30 Nov 1974, Gaggle.
Tanner, Elizabeth, d. 2 Apr 1978, daughter of Mary and 
Patrick, Elphin St. Strokestown.
Tanner, George, d. 27 Nov 1966, husband of Mary, Doon.
Tanner, Mary, d. 8 Jan 1993, wife of George, Doon.
Tanner, Mary, d. 9 Oct 1950, wife of Patrick, Elphin St. 
Tanner, Paddy, d. 10 Feb 1996, son of Mary and Patrick, 
Elphin St. Strokestown.
Tanner, Patrick, d. 9 Dec 1963, husband of Mary, Elphin St. 
Vaughan, Agnes, d. 29 Nov 1955, Elphin St. Strokestown.
Wynne, Francie, d. 20 Aug 2002, son of Frank & Mary Wynne, 
of Ratinagh Strokestown.
Wynne, Frank, d. 3 Jul 1980.
Wynne, Mary (Cissie), d. 16 Mar 1969, wife of Frank Wynne.

Part 2

IN 1828.

In loving memory of, Patrick J. Hanley, Ashbrook, who died, 
October 16th 1934.

In loving memory of, Michael Mitchell, Cloonfinlaugh, who 
died, June 15th 1928, and his brother, Laurence, who died 
September 3rd 1935.

In loving memory of, Mary (Cissie) Wynne, who died, March 
16th 1969, and her husband, Frank, died, July 3rd 1980, 
Francie Wynne, died, August 20th 2002, son of Frank and 
Mary, and late of Ratinagh, Strokestown.

In loving memory of, Mick Daly, died, July 3rd 2001, 
Cumberland St. Pimlico, London, and formerly of. Doom, 

In loving memory of, Maura Hagan (nee Caslin), Rathinagh, 
Strokestown, died, June 14th 2001, wife of John.

In loving memory of, Kitty Diffley, Bridge St, Strokestown, 
died, July 14th 1946, and her husband, Patrick, died, 
January 1st 1958.

In loving memory of, Patrick Mullooly, Clonfree, died, 
February 24th 1984, his wife, Margaret, died, October 30th 

In loving memory of, Thomas P. Reynolds, died, December 15th 
1962, his twin daughter, Collette, died, August 30th 1974, 
and his wife, Annie (nee Conboy),25-2-1990- 17-10- 1992.

In loving memory of, Bridget Ownes, Cannaghmofe, died, April 
6th 1957, and her husband, Michael, died, July 22nd 1959.

In loving memory of, Patrick Caslin, Guilmore, Elphin, died, 
Feb. 6th 1980, his wife, Annie.

In loving memory of, Michael Costello, Cloonslanor, who 
died, September 9th 1936, also his wife, Anne, died, 
February 6th 1954, their sons, William, died, October 1st 
1952, John, died, December 1st 1968, and his wife, Mary, 
died, March 20th 1964, Patrick , died, October 15th 1977, 
Bridie Hanley, died, September 12th 1988.

In loving memory of, Dudley McGrann, Strokestown, who died, 
February 1st 1937, aged, 21 years, his father, Edward, died, 
October 1st 1951, his wife, Kate A., died, May 16th 1986, 
their son Anthony McGrann, 25-3-1931-14-12-1994.

In loving memory of, John Dillon O'Farrell, Strokestown, 
died, July 5th 1947, and his wife, Kathleen, died, July 3rd 
1957, their son, James, died, July 18th 1970.

In loving memory of, Thomas Eugene King, Tobberpatrick, 
Strokestown, died, July 7th 1967, his wife, Olivia Adelaide 
King, died, August 8th 1979.

In loving memory of, James p. Nowland (M.R.E.V.S.) Dublin 
and Kilkenny, died, July 20th 1984.

In loving memory of, Kathleen McGauran, Rathmore, died, 
February 25th 1970, her husband, Frank, died, September 30th 

In loving memory of, Mary Tanner, Elphin St., Strokestown, 
died, October 9th 1950, her husband, Patrick, died, December 
9th 1963, their daughter, Elizabeth, died, April 2nd 1978, 
their son, Paddy, died, February 10th 1996.

In loving memory of, Denis Healy, Clooneragh, who died, July 
28th 1911, aged, 78 years, also his wife, Bridget, who died, 
May 18th 1963, aged, 100 years, and their son, John, died, 
January 5th  1978.

In loving memory of, George Tanner, Doon, died, November 
27th 1986, and his wife, Mary, died, January 8th 1993.

In loving memory of, John Daly, Dromod, died, March 20th 
1969, his wife, Agnes, died, May 4th 1969.

In loving memory of, Molly Birmingham, Farnbeg, Strokestown, 
died, December 10th 1969, aged, 69 years, her husband, Jack, 
died, February 14th 1974. Capt. of Strokestown Old I.R.A.

In loving memory of, Edward Holmes, Annaghbeg, died, August 
21st 1961, his wife, Mary, died, December 15th 1973, her 
sister, Catherine McGarry, New York, died, October 8th 1983.

In loving memory of, Thomas Gilleran, Bunnamuca, died, 
December 6th 1978, aged, 69 years.

In loving memory of, Catherine Gillooly, Annaghbeb, died, 
August 17th 1975, her husband, Michael, died, October 21st 

In loving memory of, John T. Hunt, Cloonfree, died, October 
5th 1964, his wife, Bridget, died, October 2nd 1983.

In loving memory of, William Giblin, Strokestown, died, Dec. 
31st 1978, aged, 74 yrs. his wife, Sarah, died, Sept. 14th 
1983, aged, 71 yrs, their sons, Eddie, died, Dec. 12th 1983, 
aged, 32 years, John, died, July 9th 1993, aged, 49 yrs, 
James, died, Jan. 22nd 1997, aged, 49 yrs. William A., died, 
March  21st 1997, aged, 58 years.

In loving memory of, Teresa McPhillips (nee Shie), Elphin 
St., died, July 14th 1972.

In loving memory of, James Sheie, Elphin St., Strokestown, 
died, April 24th 1984, and his wife, Ellie (nee Collins), 
died, July 5th 1992.

In loving memory of, Joseph Beirne, Corrashra, died, Jan. 
18th 1970, aged, 79 years, his wife, Mary, died, August 30th 
1983, his sister, Catherine Flanagan, late of Sydney, 
Australia, died, October 17th 1983.

In loving memory of, James Lynskey, Ex. Garda Soichana, 
Strokestown, died, December 10th 1969.

In loving memory of, Francis Flanagan, St, Anne's St 
Strokestown, 8-6-1885-11-11-1969, his wife, Mary, 

In loving memory of, Thomas J.Carroll, Church St. 
Strokestown, died, April 4th 1962, his wife, Margaret E. 
died, May 6th 1978, and their son, Patrick J. died, Jan. 
26th 1985.

In loving memory of, John Morley, Ballyfeeney, died, July 
22nd 1966, his wife, Catherine, died, December 17th 1983, 
and their children, Tommy, died, November 31st 1931, Kitty, 
died, January 20th 1943.

In loving memory of, Elizabeth Collins, Elphin St. died, 
June 29th 1983, her husband, Patrick, died, October 16th 

In loving memory of, John Daley, Ex. Garda, died, July 25th 
1980, also his infant son, Paul.

In loving memory of, Major Stuart Hales, Pakenmahon, 
28-1-1897- 24- 1-1980, his wife, Olive, 7-9-1894-19-6-1981, 
their daughter, Denys Catherine, 3-3-1926- 23-1-1933, 
Elizabeth Henrietta, Owen John, 13-12-1923- 23-11- 1897. 
Buried in England.

In loving memory of, Charles Kydd, who died, September 16th 
1915, Lyme Regis, England, and late of Cloonglasneybeg.

In loving memory of, Elizabeth Maynard, died, 1996.

In loving memory of Alwyn Rowland's died, May 2nd 1984.

In loving memory of, Patricia Moran, Cloonslanor, who died, 
September 11th 200, aged, 53 years.

In loving memory of, Nora Beirne, Cloonfree, died, August 
10th 1971, and her husband, Larry, died, September 5th 1991.

In loving memory of, James Allen, Lisroyne, died, August 
13th aged 3 years, his mother, Mary Teresa, died, June 18th 
1965, her son, Anthony, died, November 26th 1987, her 
father, Michael, died, 4th June 1992.

In loving memory of, Lieut. Eric Horton R.A.M.C., who died, 
August 20th 1958, aged, 49 years, Joan McDermott, who died, 
November 1931, aged 1 year and six months, Michael 
McDermott, who died, August 4th 1969, also his wife, 
Florence, who died, February 21st 1973, Michael Horton, son 
of Florence and Eric, died, May 17th 1978, Florence, wife of 
Eric, died, September 7th 1988, Michael Horton, son of Eric, 
died, May 17th 1978, aged, 31 years. Erected by, his wife, 

In loving memory of, Agnes Vaughan, Elphin St. Strokestown, 
died, November 29th 1955.

In loving memory of, Michael Kennedy, who died, August 10th 
1933, aged, 69 years, also his wife, Johanna, died, April 
8th 1955, aged, 94 years.

In loving memory of, Anne Ryan, Strokestown, who died, March 
12th 1936, aged, 66 years, Francis Ryan, died, November 27th 
1943, Charles Devine, died, September 22nd 1980, also his 
wife, Anna, died, November 11th 1981.

In loving memory of, Mary Sheehan (nee McCarthy) Bridget St. 
died July 30th 2001.

In loving memory of, Teresa Smyth (nee Croghan) 
Cloonglassney, Strokestown, died, May 22nd 2001.

In loving memory of, Maura Hagan (nee Caslin), Strokestown, 
died, June 14th 2001.