Cemetery: Saint Patrick Churchyard Cemetery, Elphin Town

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*See Part 2 for full readings.
Part 1

??, Patrick, d. 12 Jun 1979, h/o Delia Brabazon, Lisacool.
Beirne, Michael John, d. 26 Nov 1918, s/o Patrick and Norah.
Beirne, Norah, d. 18 May 1950, w/o Patrick.
Beirne, Patrick, d. 8 Jul 1939, h/o Norah.
Beirne, Timothy J., d. 30 Jun 1973, s/o Patrick and Norah.
Brabazon, Delia, d. 24 May 1979, d/o Patrick and Rose, 
Brabazon, Patrick, d. 16 Apr 1940, h/o Rose, Lisacool.
Brabazon, Rose, d. 26 Jul 1931, w/o Patrick, Lisacool.
Brennan, Ann Teresa, d. 24 Apr 1996, age: 73yr, sis/o Mary 
Kate, Glasnevin, Dublin.
Brennan, Catherine, d. 31 Jul 1913, age: 82yr, w/o Thomas 
Brennan, Carrintogher.
Brennan, Elizabeth, d. 16 Jan 1960, age: 71yr, w/o Thomas 
Brennan, Carrintogher.
Brennan, James, d. 22 Dec 1982, age: 63yr, s/o Thomas and 
Elizabeth, Carrintogher.
Brennan, Mary Kate, d. 30 Apr 1996, age: 83yr, sis/o Ann 
Teresa, Carrintogher, Elphin
Brennan, Mary, d. 7 Feb 1963, age: 95yr, d/o Thomas and 
Catherine, Carrintogher.
Brennan, Patrick, d. 16 Jul 1961, age: 94yr, s/o Thomas and 
Catherine, Carrintogher.
Brennan, Thomas, d. 22 Aug 1961, age: 46yr, s/o Thomas and 
Elizabeth, Carrintogher.
Brennan, Thomas, d. 29 Sep 1951, age: 78yr, s/o Thomas and 
Catherine, Carrintogher.
Brennan, Thomas, d. 31 Jan 1920, age: 82yr, h/o Catherine 
Brennan, Carrintogher.
Burke, Martin, d. 2 Feb 1904, age: 47yr, Elphin.
Callaghan, Mary Joseph, d. 5 Jan 1963, Main St, Elphin.
Cannon, Anthony, d. 7 Feb 1974, age: 66yr, Kilmaryal, Mantua.
Cannon, Catherine, d. 23 Jan 1873, age: 65yr, w/o Timothy.
Cannon, John Joe, d. 13 Aug 1972, Tiermore.
Cannon, Maurice, d. 4 Mar 1991.
Caslin, Catherine, d. 2 Apr 1974, w/o James.
Caslin, James, d. 27 Jul 1997, h/o Catherine.
Clancy, Bertie, d. 15 Jul 1989, age: 64yr, s/o Margaret and John.
Clancy, Catherine, d. 12 Sep 1952, age: 16 Mths.yr, d/o Bertie.
Clancy, John, d. 2 Oct 1972, age: 83yr, h/o Margaret.
Clancy, Margaret (Donagher), d. 17 Feb 1939, age: 50yr, w/o 
Coll, Bridget, d. Jul 1978, w/o Michael, Mantua.
Coll, Catherine, d. 25 Dec 1940, Mantua.
Coll, John, d. 24 Dec 1951, s/o Michael and Bridget, Mantua.
Coll, Maria, d. Mar 1971, Mantua.
Coll, Michael, d. 23 Dec 1940, h/o Bridget, Mantua.
Collins, Andrew Percy, d. 13 Oct 1977, Smithill.
Collins, Edward, d. 20 Dec 1958, Smithill.
Collins, John, d. 3 Jan 1934, Smithill.
Collins, Mary E., d. 25 Sep 1938, age: 50yr, w/o Patrick, 
Collins, Mary, d. 30 Mar 1949, Smithill.
Collins, Patrick, d. 22 Feb 1954, w/o Mary E., Elphin.
Collins, Una, d. 20 Nov 1976, Elphin.
Crann, Delia, d. 9 Mar 1940, w/o Michael, Kilmaryal.
Crann, Michael, d. 1 Apr 1965, h/o Delia, Kilmaryal.
Crann, Patrick, d. 9 Dec 1977, Kilmaryal.
Crann, Teresa, d. 24 Mar 1945, d/o Delia and Michael, 
Curley, James, d. 9 Jul 1973, h/o Kathleen.
Curley, John, d. 25 Jul 1950.
Curley, Kathleen, d. 31 Jul 1968, w/o James.
Curley, Kevin, d. 27 Feb 1998, age: 64yr.
Diamond, Marion, d. 7 Aug 1980, w/o Patrick,Lisadorn.
Diamond, Patrick, d. 25 Nov 1973, h/o Marion, Lisadorn.
Dockery, Charles, d. 27 Sep 1984, h/o Susan, Elphin.
Dockery, Fr. Des., d. 21 Feb 1999, P.P. Harold's Cross, 
Dockery, Susan, d. 4 Jul 1979, w/o Charles, Elphin.
Donlon, Bernard, d. Jan 1912, Edenane.
Donlon, Delia, d. Feb 1935, U.S.A.
Donlon, Mary, d. Dec 1908, w/o Patrick, Edenane.
Donlon, Mollie, d. Oct 1989.
Donlon, Patrick, d. Apr 1931, h/o Mary, Edenane, erected by 
daughter Margaret O'Sullivan.
Donlon, Thomas, d. May 1916, Edenvane.
Dooner, Catherine, d. ?, Aunt of Peter Joseph O'Dowd.
Duke, Birdie, d. 29 May 1981, age: 86yr.
Duke, Catherine, d. 17 Mar 1952, w/o James, Stonepark.
Duke, Ellen, d. 20 Feb 1929, Elphin.
Duke, James, d. 31 Mar 1956, h/o Catherine, Stonepark.
Duke, Michael John, d. 3 Feb 1933, age: 43yr.
Duke, Patrick, d. 28 Apr 1986, age: 75yr.
Fahey, James, d. 18 Dec 1897, age: 85yr, h/o Mary.
Fahey, Julia, d. Nov 1876, age: 11yr, d/o James and Mary.
Fahey, Mary, d. Mar 1877, age: 55yr, w/o James.
Feely, Annie., d. 2 Feb 1992, Mantua.
Feely, Martin, d. 8 Jul 1936, age: 72yr, Mantua.
Feely, Michael Charles, d. 31 Jul 1977, Mantua.
Feely, Mrs. Ellen, d. 1 Jan 1952, Mantua.
Flanagan, Bernard, d. 16 Mar 1967, h/o Catherine, 
Flanagan, Bernard, d. 24 Jun 1993, s/o Bernard and 
Flanagan, Catherine, d. 19 Feb 1960, w/o Bernard,[AR]
Flynn, Bridget, d. 8 May 1957, w/o James, Clooneybrennan.
Flynn, James, d. 23 Sep 1966, h/o Bridget, Clooneybrennan.
Foley, Patrick, d. 19 Dec 1935, age: 66yr, Lurgan.
Fox, Carmel, d. 13 Nov 1979, age: 16yr, d/o Emma and Jack, 
Ryefield House.
Fox, Emma, d. 6 May 1971, w/o Jack.
Fox, Jack, d. 19 Aug 1991, h/o Emma.
Fox, Sheila, d. Apr 02, 1981, w/o Tommy Joe, Lisadorn, 
Fox, Tommy Joe, d. Mar 29 1993, Lisadorn, Elphin.
Garvey, Jeane, d. 22 Feb 1973, Elphin.
Garvey, John, d. 4 Jun 1986, Elphin.
Garvey, Thomas, d. 16 Jan 1980, Elphin.
Hanley, Annie., d. 1 May 1879, age: 70yr, Elphin.
Hanley, Mary Ellen, d. 10 Dec 1874, age: 25yr, d/o Michael, 
Hanley, Michael, d. 26 Dec 1874, age: 60yr, Father of Mary 
Ellen, Elphin.
Hanglow, Ellen, d. 26 Jun 1983, age: 90yr, Mother of 
Patrick, Skeagh.
Hanglow, Patrick, d. 16 Aug 1965, s/o Ellen, Skeagh.
Hartshorn, Mary (Taylor), d. 7 Oct 1998, d/o Richard and 
Hayden, Ann, d. 9 Sep 1973, w/o Patrick.
Hayden, Annie., d. 24 Apr 1935, w/o Patrick.
Hayden, Bernard, d. 27 Mar 1976.
Hayden, Edward, d. 19 Jan 1918, s/o Patrick and Annie.
Hayden, John, d. 17 Mar 1919, bro/o Patrick.
Hayden, Patrick, d. 27 Oct 1961, h/o Ann.
Hayden, Patrick, d. 4 May 1914, h/o Annie.
Keenan, Anna, d. 20 Feb 1946, w/o John, Elphin.
Keenan, John, d. 9 Jan 1962, h/o Anna, Elphin.
Kelly, Annie., d. 2 Aug 1945.
Kelly, Catherine (McDonagh), d. 30 Dec 1908, w/o Gilbert, 
Kelly, Gilbert, d. 1 May 1924, age: 87yr, h/o Catherine, 
Kelly, Gilbert, d. 19 May 1981, h/o Mary (Nestor ), Elphin.
Kelly, Mary (Nestor), d. 5 Jan 1948, w/o Gilbert, Elphin.
Kelly, Michael J., d. 29 Oct 1936, age: 72yr, Elphin.
Kennedy, John F., d. 17 Dec 1970, f/o John James, 
Kennedy, John James, d. 4 Mar 1984, age: 37yr, s/o John F.
Kenny, Thomas, d. 7 Jul 1871, age: 71yr, h/o Catherine, 
Kivlehan, Bernard, d. 26 Feb 1973, age: 62yr, h/o Kathleen, 
Kivlehan, Kathleen, d. 7 Jul 1982, age: 68yr, w/o Bernard, 
Larkin, Delia, d. 26 Dec 1951, age: 73yr, sis/o Ellen 
Stapleton, Dublin.
Lennnon, Johanna, d. 17 Jul 1928, w/o Michael.
Lennon, Jack, d. 9 Dec 1928, s/o Michael and Johanna.
Lennon, Michael, d. 20 Aug 1934, h/o Johanna.
Mannion, Rev. P., d. 7 Jul.1907, age: 66yr, Rev.Canon P.P., 
pastor of the parish for 28 years.
McCaughey, Patrick, d. 21 May 1998.
McDermott, Anne, d. 17 Apr 1902, Mother of Charles, Elmpark, Elphin.
McDermott, Charles, d. 11 May 1907, s/o Anne, Elmpark, Elphin.
McDonagh, Michael, d. 13 Aug 1905, age: 80yr, bro/o 
Catherine (Kelly), Elphin.
McKeon, Michael, d. 11 Feb 1964, bro/o Margaret, Boheroe.
Meehan, Delia, d. 20 Jun 1965, d/o Dermot and Mary Ann, 
Meehan, Dermot, d. 27 May 1965, h/o Mary Ann, Boheroe.
Meehan, Margaret, d. 7 Sep 1965, sis/o Dermot, Boheroe.
Meehan, Mary A., d. 14 Jul 1967, sis/o Dermot, Boheroe.
Meehan, Mary Ann, d. 22 Sep 1982, w/o Dermot, Boheroe.
Meehan, Patrick, d. 12 Dec 1965, bro/o Dermot, Boheroe.
Meehan, Thomas, d. 23 Jul 1992, s/o Dermot and Mary Ann, 
Murrey, Mary E. (Healy), d. 4 Dec 1959, Carrantougher.
Neary, Laurence, d. 10 Oct 1929, h/o Nora, Clooncullane.
Neary, Nora, d. 5 Mar 1942, w/o Laurence, Clooncullane.
Neary, Thomas, d. 1 Jun 1967, s/o Laurence and Nora, 
Nolan, Bridget, d. 13 Jan 1909, w/o Michael, Carrintogher.
Nolan, Bridget, d. 9 Jan 1979, age: 86yr, d/o Michael and 
Bridget, Carrintogher.
Nolan, Catherine, d. 1 Feb 1920, sis/o John.
Nolan, Denis, d. 19 Aug 1907, age: 69yr, bro/o John.
Nolan, John, d. 30 Oct 1920, age: 72yr, bro/o Denis.
Nolan, Margaret, d. 23 Apr 1882, w/o William.
Nolan, Mary Elizabeth, d. 27 Dec 1926, d/o William and 
Margaret, Carrintogher.
Nolan, Mary, d. 18 Nov 1945, sis/o John.
Nolan, Michael, d. 14 Apr 1937, s/o William and Margaret, 
Nolan, William, d. 13 Apr 1971, age: 86yr, s/o Michael and 
Bridget, Carrintogher.
Nolan, William, d. 23 Apr.1881, h/o Margaret, Carrintogher.
O'Connor, Mable, b. 1913, d. 1987.
O'Connor, Mai, d. Feb 1939, age: 36yr, w/o Malachy.
O'Connor, Malachy, d. Jan 1942, age: 39yr, s/o Michael and 
O'Connor, Margaret (Fahey), d. Sep 1941, age: 83yr, w/o 
O'Connor, Maria, b. 1889, d. 1984.
O'Connor, Michael, d. 15 Mar 1933, age: 86yr, h/o Margaret 
O'Connor, Norah, d. 24 Sep 1990, age: 91yr, w/o Thomas F, 
O'Connor, Rita, d. 2 Mar 1998, age: 68yr, d/o Malachy and 
O'Connor, Stephen, b. 1902, d. 1965.
O'Connor, Thomas F., d. 4 Oct 1965, age: 68yr, h/o Norah, 
O'Connor, Winifred, b. 1890, d. 1982.
O'Dowd, Bridget, d. 16 Oct 1986, w/o Peter Joseph,[AR]
O'Dowd, Delia, d. ?, sis/o Peter Joseph.
O'Dowd, Peter Joseph, d. 20 Sep 1988, h/o Bridget,[AR]
Scott, Bridget, d. 26 Sep 1912, age: 80yr, The Palace, 
Scott, Delia, d. 1 Aug 1970, The Palace, Elphin.
Scott, Joseph, d. 11 Jul 1998, s/o Delia and Richard, The 
Palace, Elphin.
Scott, Richard, d. 29 Jun 1942, s/o Bridget, The Palace, 
Shanagher, Donnie, d. 7 May 1999, s/o Thomas and Margaret.
Shanagher, Margaret (McKeon), d. 4 May 1957, w/o Thomas, 
Shanagher, Thomas, d. 30 Nov 1940, h/o Margaret, Boheroe.
Stapleton, Ellen (Brady), d. 10 Dec 1980, age: 91yr, w/o 
John Stapleton,
Stapleton, John, d. 16 Nov 1955, age: 80yr, h/o Ellen, 
Sullivan, Charlotte, d. 25 Mar 1985, w/o James, Elphin.
Sullivan, James, d. 10 Jul 1947, h/o Charlotte, Elphin.
Sullivan, Joseph, d. 11 Apr 1939, s/o James and Charlotte, 
Sullivan, Susan, d. 18 Jan 1942, d/o James and Charlotte, 
Tarpey, John, d. 2 Sep 1972, h/o Peggy, Kilmacumsey.
Tarpey, Patrick, d. 8 Jun 1968.
Tarpey, Peggy (Clancy), d. 23 Jun 1988, w/o Patrick, 
Taylor, George, d. 10 Nov 1995, s/o Richard and Mary,[AR]
Taylor, Mary, d. 11 Feb 1962, w/o Richard, Erriblagh.
Taylor, Richard, d. 19 Mar 1959, h/o Mary, Erriblagh.
Tighe, Frank, b. 13 Oct 1886, d. 25 Feb 1966.

Part 2


In loving memory of, William Nolan, Carrantoucher, who died, 
23rd April 1881, and his wife, Margaret, who died, 23rd 
April 1882, their son, Michael, died, 14th April 1937, his 
wife, Bridget, died, 13th January 1909, their daughter, Mary 
Elizabeth, died, December 27th 1926, their son, William, 
died, 13-4-1971, aged, 86 years, their daughter, Bridget, 
died, 9-1979, aged 86 years.

In loving memory of, Winifred Glynn, Mohedian, Croghan, 
died, 31st December 1973, wife of Thomas.

Florence Rock (nee Foley), Clooneybrennan, Elfin, died, 
March 17th 2003, wife of Michael.

In loving memory of, Catherine Cannon, who died, 23rd 
January 1873, aged, 67 years, wife of Timothy, John Joe 
Cannon, Tiermore, 13-8- 1972, Maurice Cannon, 4-3-1991, 
Anthony Cannon, Knmaryal, Mantua, died, 202-1974, aged,  66 

In loving .merch of Thomas Kenny, Skoo, who died, 7th July 
1871, aged, 71 years, husband of Catherine.

In loving memory of, Michael Hanley, Elphin, who died, 26th 
December 1874, aged, 60 years, his daughter, Mary Ellen, 
died, 10th December 1874, aged, 25 years, Annie Hanley, 
died, 1st May 1879, aged, 70 years.

In loving memory of, Patrick Hayden, who died, 4th May 1914, 
his son, Edward, died, 19th January 1918, his brother, John, 
died , 17th March 1919, his wife, Annie Hayden, died, 24th 
April 1935, Patrick Hayden, died, 27th October 1961, Bernard 
Hogan, died, 27th March 1976.

In loving memory of, Bridget Scott, The Palace, Elphin, who 
died, 26th September 1912, aged, 80 years, her husband, 
Richard Scott, died, 29th June 1942, Delia Scott (nee 
Moran), died, 1st August 1970, their son, Joseph Scott, 
died, 11th July 1998.

In loving memory of, Timothy J.Beirne, who died, 30th June 
1973, his brother, Michael John, died, 26th November 1918, 
their parents,  Patrick,  died, 8th July 1939, Norah, died, 
18th May 1950.

In loving memory of, Thomas Brennan, Carrintogher, Elphin, 
who died,31st January 1920 aged, 82 years, his wife, 
Catherine, died, 31st July 1913, aged, 82 years, their son, 
Patrick, died, July 1961, aged 78 years, their daughter, 
Mary, died, 7th February 1963, aged, 78 years, his wife , 
Elizabeth, died, 16th January 1961, aged, 71 years, their 
son, Thomas, died, 22nd August 1961, aged ,46 years, their 
son, James, died, 22nd December 1982, aged, 63 years.

In loving memory of, Ann Teresa Brennan, Glasnevin, Dublin, 
died, 24th April 1996, aged, 73 years, her sister, Mary Kate 
Brennan, Carrantogher, Elphin, died, 30th April 1996, aged 
83 years.

In loving memory of, Mary E.Collins, Elphn, who died, 25th 
September 1933, aged, 50 years, her husband, Patrick, died, 
22nd February 1954, Una Collinns, died, 10th November 1976

In loving memory of, James Fahey, who died, 18rh December 
1897, aged, 85 years, his wife, Mary, died, March 1877, 
aged, 55 years, their daughter, Julia, died, November 11th  
1876, aged, 86 years, Michael O'Connor, died, 15th March 
1973, aged 86 years, his  wife, Margaret  Fahey (nee 
O'Connor) died, Sept. 1941, aged, 83 years, their son, 
Modachy, died, January 1942, aged 39 years, his wife, Mai, 
died, February 1939, aged, 36 years, their daughter, Rita, 
die, 2nd March 1998, aged, 68 years.

In loving memory of, Thomas F O'Connor, Mantura, died, 4th 
October 1965, aged, 68 years, his wife, Nora, died, 24th 
September 1990, aged, 91 years.

In loving memory of, Rev. P. Canon, Marrion, P.P., who acted 
as their Pastor for 28 years, died, 7th July 1907, aged, 66 

In loving memory of, Patrick Tarpey, died, 8th June 1968, 
John Tarper, Kilmacumsey, died, 2nd September 1972, his 
wife, Peggy (nee Clancy), died, 23rd June 1988.

In loving memory of, Charles McDermott, Elmpark, Elfin, who 
died, 11th May 1907, his mother, Anne McDermott, died, 17th 
April 1902, aged, 83 years.

In loving memory of, Martin Burke, Elphin, who died, 2nd 
February 1904, aged, 47 years, Ellen Duke, Elphin, died, 
20th February 1929, Michael John Burke, died, 3rd February 
1933, aged, 43 years.

In loving memory of, Gilbert Kelly, Elphin, who died, 1st 
May 1924, aged, 87 years, his wife, Catherine (nee 
McDonoch), died, 30th December 1908, their brother in law, 
Michael McDonach, died, 13th August 1905, aged, 80 years, 
Annie Kelly, died, 2nd August 1945, Gilbert Kelly, died, 
19th May 1981, his wife, Mary (nee Nester), died, 5th 
January 1984.Erected by their son, Michael J.Kelly,P.C. who 
died, 29th October 1936, aged, 72 years.

In loving memory of, Catherine Duke, Stonepark, who died, 
17th March 1952, her husband, James, died, 31st March 1956, 
Bridie Duke, died, 29th May 1981, aged, 86 years, Patrick 
Duke, died, 28th April 1984, aged, 75 years.

In loving memory of, John Nolan, who died, 30th October 
1920, aged, 72, his brother, Denis, died, 19th October 1907, 
aged, 69 years, Sister Catherine Nolan, died, 1st February 
1920, Mary, died, 18th November 1945.

In loving memory of, Martin Feeley, Eden, Mantua, who died, 
8th July 1936, aged, 72 years, Mrs. Ellen Feely, died, 1st 
January 1952, Michael Charles Feeley, died, 31st July 1977, 
Annie Feeley, died, 2nd February 1992.

In loving memory of, Patrick Foley, Lurgan, who died, 19th 
December 1933, aged, 66 years.

In loving memory of, Laurence Neary, Clooncullane,who died, 
10th October 1929, and his wife, Nora,who died,  5th March 
1942, their son, Thomas, died, 1st June 1967.

In loving memory of, Mary Josephine Callaghan, Main St., 
Elphin, died, 5th January 1963.

In loving memory of, Michael Lennon, who died, 17th July 
1928, also his wife, Johanna, died, 17th July 1928, their 
son, Jack, died, 9th December 1928, James Curley, died, 9th 
July 1973, his wife, Kathleen, died, 31st July 1967, John 
Curley, died, 25th July 1950, Kevin Curley, died, 27th 
February 1998, aged, 64 years.

In loving memory of, Bernard Kivlehan, Elphin, died, 26th 
February 1973, aged, 62 years, his wife, Kathleen, died, 7th 
July, 1982, aged, 68 years.

In loving memory of, Catherine Curley, Kyle, died, 2nd April 
1974, also her husband, James, died, 27th July 1997.

In loving memory of, Patrick Diamond, Lisadorn, died, 25th 
November 1973, his wife, Marion, died, 7th August 1980.

In loving memory of, Jeane Garvey, Elphin, died, 22nd 
February 1973, John Garvey, died, 4th June 1973, John 
Garvey, died, 4th June 1986, James Garvey, died, 16th 
January 1980.

In loving memory of, Frank Tighe, born, 13-10-1886, died, 

In loving memory of, John Collins, Smithhill,who died, 3rd 
January 1934, Mary Collins, died, 30th March 1949, Edward, 
died, 20th December 1958, Andrew Percy Collins, died, 

In loving memory of, Patrick Dolan, Edwnane, who died, April 
1931, also his wife, Mary, died, 1908, their children, 
Bernard, died, January 1912, Thomas, died, May 1916, Delia, 
died, U.S.A., February 1935, Mollie, died, Oct. 1989. 
Erected by their daughter, Margaret O'Sullivan.

In loving memory of, John F. Kennedy, Clooneybrennan, died, 
17th December 1970, their son, John James, died, 23rd 
September 1966, his wife, Bridget, died, 8th May 1957.

In loving memory of, Anna Keenan, Elphin, who died, 20th 
February 1946, her husband, John, died, 9th January 1962.

In loving memory of, Patrick McCaughey, died, 21st May 1998.

In loving memory of, Bridget O'Dowd,Corbally, died, 16th 
October 1986, her husband, Peter Joseph, died, 20th 
September 1988, his Aunt, Catherine Dooner, his sister, 
Delia O'Dowd.

In loving memory of, Margaret Clancy, (nee Donagher), died, 
17th February 1939, aged, 50 years, her husband,  John, 
died, 2nd October 1972, aged,  83 years, their son, Bertie, 
died, 15th July 1989, aged,  64 years, his daughter, 
Catherine, died, 12Th September 1952, aged,  16 months.

In loving memory of, Patrick Brabazon, Liscool, who died, 
16th April 1940, his wife, Rose, died, 26th July 1931, their 
daughter, Delia, died,  24th May 1979, her husband, Patrick, 
died, 12th June 1979.

In loving memory of,  Catherine Coll, Clogher, Mantua, who 
died, 25th December 1940, Maria Coll, died, March 1971, 
Michael Coll, died, 23rd December 1940, his son, John, died, 
24th December 1951, his wife, Bridget, died July 1989.

In loving memory of, James Sullivan, Elphin, who died, 10th 
July 1947, his wife, Charlotte, died, 25th March 1985, their 
son, Joseph, died, 11th April 1939, their daughter, Susan 
Sullivan, died, 18th January 1942.

In loving memory of, Bernard Flanagan, Carnamaddy, died,  
16th March 1967, his wife, Catherine, died, 19th February 
1960, their son, Bernard, died, 24th June 1993.

In loving memory of, Richard Taylor, Errinblagh, died, 19th 
March 1959, his wife, Mary, died, 11th February 1962, their 
son, George, died, 10th November 1995, their daughter, 
Eileen Hartshorn, died, 7th October 1989.

In loving memory of, John Stapleton, Drumman, who died, 16th 
November 1955, aged, 80 years, his wife, Ellen (nee Brady, 
died, 10th December 1980, aged, 91 years, her sister , Delia 
Larkin, Dublin, died, 26th December 1951, aged,  73 years.

In loving memory of, Thomas Shanagher, Boheroe, who died, 
30th November 1940, his wife, Margaret, died, 14th May 1957, 
her brother, Michael McKeon, died, 11th February 1964, 
Donnie Shanagher, son of Thomas and Margaret, died, 7th May 

In loving memory of, Patrick Hanlon, Skeagh, who died, 16th 
August 1965, his mother, Ellen, died, 26th June 1983, aged, 
90 years.

In loving memory of, Dermot Meehan P.C., Boheroe, died, 27th 
May 1965, his sister, Delia, died, 20th June 1965, Margaret, 
died, 7th September 1967, Mary A. Meehan, died, 14th July 
1967, his brother, Patrick, died, 12th December 1965, his 
wife, Mary Ann,  died, 29th September 1982, their son, 
Thomas, died, 23rd July 1992.

In loving memory of, Stephen O'Connor, 1902-1965, Winifred, 
1890-1982, Maria, 1889- 1984, Mable, 1913-1987.

In loving memory of, Mary E. Murray, (nee Healy, 
Carrantougher, died, 4th December 1959.

In loving memory of, Patrick Crann, Kilmaryal, died, 9th 
December 1977, Delia, died, 9th March 1940, her daughter, 
Teresa, died, 24th March 1945, her husband, Michael Crann, 
died, 1st April 1965.

In loving memory of, Emma Fox, Ryefield, Elphin, died, 6th 
May 1971, her husband, Jack, died, 19th August 1991, their 
daughter, Carmel, died, 13th November 1979, aged, 16 years.

In loving memory of, Susan Dockery, Main St., died, 4th July 
1979, her husband, Charles, died, 27th September 1984, their 
son, Des, P.P. Harold's Cross, Dublin, died, 21st February 

In loving memory of, Margaret Wolfgarten (Lyster) died, 7th 
April 2001, Cregga, Stokestown.

In loving memory of, Joseph Lyster, died, 7th May 2001,

In loving memory of, Tom Regan, died, 3rd June 2001, Elphin.

In loving memory of, Michael Cunningham, Middlechaple, 
Coothill, died, 15th June 2001.