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Take a right turn at the post office in Elphin. Travel for 
about 2 miles. This cemetery is at a crossroad and though 
not signposted can be seen from the road.

According to locals this was the original cemetery used for 
Elphin. Old Shankill Cemetery is very old. Some of the 
stones are only stumps and cannot be read.

I surveyed this cemetery, reading all readable headstones in 
July of 2001.

- Anna Ryan

See part 2 for full headstone readings for many of the 
stones in Part 1.

Part 1

??, Peter, d. 11 Nov 1938, age: 80yr, Brother of Elizabeth 
Beirne, Anne, b. 1899, d. 1991, (Baby), Cullen East
Beirne, Bee, d. Mar 1926, Daughter of Michael and Bridget
Beirne, Bridget, d. Nov 1929, Wife of Michael
Beirne, Catherine, d. 25 Feb 1958
Beirne, Conor, d. 3 Feb 1959, age: 85yr, Son of Thomas and 
Margaret, Athroe
Beirne, Delia (Reynolds), b. 1873, d. 1950, Wife of Patrick, 
Cullen East
Beirne, Elizabeth, d. 1901, Wife of Patrick, Kilmaryal
Beirne, Ellen, d. 8 Feb 1933, age: 97yr, Wife of John, Kilmaryal
Beirne, Ellen, d. Feb 1884, Daughter of Michael and Bridget
Beirne, John, d. 17 Mar 1930, age: 93yr, Son of Patrick and 
Elizabeth, Kilmaryal
Beirne, John, d. 18 Mar 1958
Beirne, Luke, d. Dec 1931
Beirne, Margaret, d. 22 May 1932, Wife of Thomas, Athroe
Beirne, Margaret, d. 3 Feb 1940
Beirne, Michael, d. Mar 1909, Husband of Bridget
Beirne, Nora, d. Jun 1937
Beirne, Patrick, b. 1866, d. 1940, Husband of Delia, Cullen 
East, Interred in Aughrim,
Beirne, Patrick, d. 1884, Husband of Elizabeth, Kilmaryal
Beirne, Thomas, d. 1 Feb 1930, Husband of Margaret, Athroe
Brady, John, d. 9 Mar 1869, age: 30yr, Son of Peter and Rose
Brady, Mary (Flanagan), d. 16 Mar 1848, age: 45yr, Wife of 
John, Mantua, Erected
by sons Peter and Rodger St. Louis. U.S.A.
Brady, Peter, d. 19 May 1884, age: 86yr, Husband of Rose
Brady, Rose, d. 13 Mar 1885, age: 77yr, Wife of Peter
Brown, Eleanor, d. 28 Mar 1899, age: 92yr, Mother of Bridget
Cardon, James, d. 12 Jun 1955
Cardon, John, d. Sep 1895, Husband of Mary
Cardon, Kate, d. Apr 1950, Daughter of John and Mary
Cardon, Martin, d. 1917, Son of John and Mary
Cardon, Mary, d. Sep 1900, Wife of John
Clancy, Jane, d. 19 May 1993, Wife of Patrick, The Palace, 
Clancy, Patrick, d. 12 Aug 1947, Husband of Jane, The 
Palace, Elphin
Cordon, John, d. Sep.1895, age: 56yr, Husband of Mary
Cordon, Mary, d. 5 Sep 1906, age: 63yr, Wife of John
Devanny, Patrick, d. 27 Jan 1944, Husband of Catherine, 
Devenny, Catherine, d. 21 Dec 1934, Wife of Patrick, Tulsk
Dore, Patrick J., d. 31 Jan 1932, Husband of Teresa, Mantua
Dore, Teresa, d. 19 Jul 1950, Wife of Patrick J, Mantua
Dorr , Elizabeth, d. 9 Feb 1961, Wife of Elizabeth, Ballagh 
Hill St
Dorr, Annie, d. 28 Feb 1947, Crith, Elphin
Dorr, Brian, d. 25 Dec 1943, Son of James and Elizabeth, 
Ballagh Hill St
Dorr, James, d. 15 Feb 1921, Husband of Elizabeth, Ballagh 
Hill St
Dorr, Joseph M., d. 4 Jan 1928, age: 59yr, Husband of Mary, 
Dorr, Mary, d. 12 Aug 1940, Wife of Joseph M, Clogher
Dowd, George, d. 19 Oct 1841, age: 66yr
Doyle, Annie, d. 8 Jan 1890, age: 84yr, Wife of Owen
Doyle, Owen, d. 23 Jan 1870, age: 75yr, Husband of Annie
Drury, Anne, d. 25 Nov 1896, The Palace, Elphin
Drury, Michael, d. 1 May 1909, The Palace, Elphin
Fagan, Agnes (Moran), d. 28 Aug 1922, age: 25yr, Daughter of 
Francis and Bridget, Kilmaryal
Feely, Anne (Shannon), d. 30 Mar 1920, age: 73yr, Wife of 
Feely, James, d. 1 Mar 1857, age: 38yr, Husband of Anne
Feely, Joseph, d. 1 Apr 1938, age: 80yr, Son of James and 
Feeney, Catherine, d. 9 Oct 1918, Wife of James
Feeney, James, d. 14 Dec 1889, Husband of Catherine
Flanagan, Catherine, d. 9 Jan 1965, age: 86yr, Wife of 
Michael, Kilmacumsey
Flanagan, John, no dates, Brother of Michael, Kilmacumsey
Flanagan, Luke A., d. 19 Oct 1969, Son of Michael, 
Flanagan, Maria, no dates, Sister of Michael, Kilmacumsey
Flanagan, Michael, d. 1 Mar 1947, age: 82yr, Husband of 
Catherine, Kilmacumsey
Flanagan, Patrick, no dates, Brother of Michael, Kilmacumsey
Hanson, Bridie, d. 5 Jun 1943, Wife of James
Hanson, James, d. 1 Feb 1942, Husband of Bridie
Hanson, James, d. 4 Apr 1990, Son of James and Bridie
Hanson, Thomas, d. 3 May 1968, Son of James and Bridie
Higgins, Ellen, d. 24 Jul 1906, Wife of Farrell
Higgins, Farrell, d. 11 Oct 1893, Husband of Ellen
Higgins, Joseph, d. 12 Mar 1950, Son of Farrell and Ellen
Higgins, Mary E., d. 24 Apr 1891, Daughter of Farrell and 
Higgins, Mary, d. 6 Jul 1929, age: 36yr, Wife of Patrick, 
Chanterland. Elphin
Higgins, Patrick, d. 7 Jul 1972, age: 88yr, Husband of Mary, 
Chanterland. Elphin
Keenan, Anne (Shannon), d. 22 Jan 1943, Sister of Michael
Kelly, Anne, d. 11 Nov 1875, age: 18yr, Daughter of Thomas 
and Hanoria, Ballyoughter
Kelly, Anne, d. 27 Apr 1900, age: 67yr, Wife of John, 
Kelly, Gerard, d. 26 Jun 1976, Kilmaryal
Kelly, Gretta, d. 12 Sep 1934, age: 25yr, Wife of William, 
Kelly, Hanoria, d. 20 Nov 1875, age: 40yr, Wife of Thomas, 
Kelly, John, d. 18 May 1913, age: 92yr, Husband of Anne, 
Kelly, Joseph, d. 14 Oct 1953, Husband of Kate, Main St. 
Kelly, Kate (Reynolds), d. 2 Aug 1951, Wife of Joseph, Main 
St. Elphin
Kelly, Luke, d. Mar 1940, Brother in law of Kate Kelly
Kelly, Patrick, d. 23 Dec 1921, age: 62yr, Son of Thomas and 
Hanoria, Ballyoughter
Kelly, Thomas Joseph, d. 12 May 1992, Son of Kate and 
Joseph, Main St. Elphin
Kelly, Thomas, d. 30 Dec 1899, age: 77yr, Husband of 
Hanoria, Ballyoughter
Kelly, William, b. 1902, d. 1995, Husband of Gretta, 
Ballyoughter, Interred in Knockbridge. Co. Louth.
Keogh, Bernard, d. 21 Feb 1927, Son of Patrick and 
Elizabeth, Grange Tulsk
Keogh, Elizabeth, d. 11 Apr 1924, age: 77yr, Wife of Patrick
Keogh, Elizabeth, d. 20 Sep 1988, Wife of Patrick, Grange 
Keogh, Lizzie Jane, d. 26 Aug 1934, Daughter of Patrick and 
Elizabeth, Grange Tulsk
Keogh, Patrick, d. 11 Jan 1948, Husband of Elizabeth, Grange 
Keogh, Patrick, d. 28 Feb 1900, age: 61yr, Husband of 
Keogh, Winifred, d. 4 Jun 1938, Daughter of Patrick and 
Elizabeth, Grange Tulsk
Moran, Catty, d. Apr 1797, age: 30yr, Daughter of John and 
Maira, Knockroe
Moran, Francis, d. 18 May 1921, age: 72yr, Husband of 
Bridget, Kilmaryal
Moran, John, d. 11 Apr 1779, age: 61yr, Husband of Maria, 
Moran, John, d. 23 Mar 1943, Brother of Michael, Knockroe
Moran, John, d. 27 Jul 1992, Son of Michael, Knockroe
Moran, Maria (Connor), d. May 1799, Wife of John, Knockroe
Moran, Mary Ellen, d. 12 Aug 1960, Wife of Michael, Knockroe
Moran, Mary, d. 7 May 1915, age: 74yr, Daughter in law of 
Moran, Michael, d. 4 Apr 1947, Husband of Nellie, Kilmaryal
Moran, Michael, d. 8 Dec 1939, Husband of Mary Ellen, 
Moran, Michael, d. Mar 1863, Father in law of Mary
Moran, Nellie, d. 8 Apr 1978, Wife of Michael, Kilmaryal
Morris, Margaret, d. 13 Mar 1920, Wife of Thomas, Ardagh
Morris, Thomas, d. 19 Feb 1959, Husband of Margaret, Ardagh
Murray, Eileen, d. 21 Mar 1944, Kilmaryal
Murray, Julia (Devenny), d. 3 Mar 1994, age: 90yr, Daughter 
of Patrick and Catherine, Shankill
Murray, Margaret (Butler), d. 27 Jan 1903, Wife of Michael, 
Murray, Michael, d. 12 Jan 1927, age: 77yr, Kye
Murray, Michael, d. 18 Mar 1897, Husband of Margaret, Kye
Murray, Thomas, d. 8 Nov 1930, age: 76yr, Kye
O'Connor, Elizabeth, d. 20 Dec 1956, age: 94yr, Wife of 
Stephen, Cloonroughan
O'Connor, Martn, d. 4 Aug 1881, age: 77yr, Husband of Mary
O'Connor, Mary (Clarke), d. Sep 1847, age: 46yr
O'Connor, Mary, d. 14 Dec 1922, age: 69yr, Clooneyberne
O'Connor, Patrick J., d. 27 Dec 1931, Son of Stephen and 
Elizabeth, Cloonroughan
O'Connor, Stephen, d. 19 Dec 1911, age: 59yr, Husband of 
Elizabeth, Cloonroughan
O'Loughlin, James, d. 15 Feb 1888, age: 88yr, Husband of 
Mary, Dooneen
O'Loughlin, Mary, d. 1 Aug 1870, age: 75yr, Wife of James, 
Pecan, Bridget (Brown), d. 29 Mar 1918, age: 83yr, Daughter 
of Eleanor
Reynolds, Bridget, d. 2 Aug 1861, age: 73yr, Cullen East
Reynolds, Matthew, d. 5 Feb 1905, Husband of Essie, Culleen 
Reynolds, Michael J., d. 29 Jan 1932, Son of Matthew and 
Essie, Culleen West, Erected by Kate Kelly
Reynolds, Michael, d. Jan 1932, Brother of Kate
Rynolds, Essie, d. 27 Mar 1921, Wife of Matthew, Culleen 
Shannon, Florance, d. 31 Jun 1975
Shannon, John, d. 29 Jul 1946, Husband of Kate, Dooneen
Shannon, Kate, d. 9 Apr 1949, Wife of John, Dooneen
Shannon, Martin Joseph, d. 28 Jan 1983, Husband of Mary, 
Shannon, Mary, d. 28 Apr 1954, age: 90yr, Wife of Peter
Shannon, Mary, d. 29 Jun 1984, age: 74yr, Wife of Martin 
Joseph, Dooneen
Shannon, Michael, d. 26 Aug 1920, age: 87yr, Brother of Anne
Shannon, Peter, d. 9 Jun 1931, age: 67yr, Husband of Mary

Part 2

Old Shankill Cemetery, Elphin, County Roscommon, |Ireland

In loving memory of, Stephen O'Connor, Cloomroughan, who 
died, 19th December 1911, aged, 59 years, also his wife, 
Eliza, who died, 20th December 1955, aged, 94 years, their 
son, Patrick J., died, 27th December 1931.

In loving memory of, Patrick J.Dore, Mantura, who died, 31st 
January 1932, his wife, Teresa, died, 19th July 1950.

In loving memory of, Joseph M.Dorr, Clogher, who died, 4th 
January 1928, aged 59 years, his wife, Mary, who died, 12th 
August 1940.

In loving memory of, Mary O'Connor, Clooneyberne, who died, 
14th December 1922, aged, 69 years.

In loving memory of, Eleanor Brown, who died, 28th March 
1899, aged, 92 years, her daughter, Bridget Pecan, died, 
29th March 1918, aged, 83 years.

In loving memory of, Patrick Keogh, 28th February 1900, 
aged, 61 years, also his wife, Eliza, who died, 11th April 
1924, aged, 77 years, her brother, Peter Keogh, died, 11th 
November 1938, aged, 80 years, Patrick Keogh, Grange, Tulsk, 
died, 11th January 1948, his wife, Elizabeth, died, 20th 
September 1988, their daughter, Lizzie, died, 26th August 
1934, their daughter, Winifred, died, 4th June 1938, their 
son, Brendan, died, 21st February 1937.

In loving memory of, George Dowd, who died, 19th October 
1841, aged, 66 years.

In loving memory of, Connor Beirne, Athroe, who died, 3rd 
February 1959, aged, 85 years, his father, Thomas, died, 1st 
February 1930, his mother, Margaret, died, 22nd may 1932.

In loving memory of, Owen Doyle, who died, January 23rd 
1870, aged, 75 years, his wife, Anne, who died, January 8th 
1890, aged, 84 years.

In loving memory of, John Kelly, Kilmarval, who died, May 
18th 1913, aged, 92 years, also his wife, Anne, who died, 
April 27th 1913, aged,  67 years, Gerard Kelly, died, 26th 
June 1976.

In loving memory of, Patrick Beirne, Kilmaryl, who died, 
1884, his wife, Eliza, died, 1901, their son, John, died, 
17th March 1930, aged, 93 years, his wife, Ellen, died, 
February 8th 1933, aged, 97 years.

In loving memory of, Michael Flanagan, Kilmacumsey, who 
died, March 1st 1947, aged, 82 years, his wife, Catherine, 
died, January 9th 1965, aged, 86 years, his brothers, 
Patrick and John, his sister, Maria, his son, Luke A., died, 
October 19th 1969.

In loving memory of, John Travers, Kilmaryal, who died, 
November 7th 1944, his wife, Winifred, died December 12th 
1939, their son, John, died, May 7th 1946.

In loving memory of, James Beirne, Ballyroddy, who died, 
February 11th 1940, his wife, Margaret, died, July 2nd 1947, 
their son, Paddy, died, December 11th 1918.

In loving memory of, Michael Beirne, who died, March 1909, 
his wife, Bridget, died, November 1929, their daughter, 
Ellen, died, February 1926, Luke, died, December 1931, 
Margaret, died, February 3rd 1940, John, died, March 18th 
1958, Catherine, died, February 25th 1958.

In loving memory of, Francis Moran, Kilmaryal, who died, May 
18th 1921, aged 72 years, their daughter, Agmes Fagan, died, 
August 28th 1922, aged, 35 years, Michael Moran, died, April 
4th 1947, his wife, Nellie, died, April 8th 1978, Eileen 
Murray, died, March 21st 1944. Erected by, his loving wife, 

In loving memory of, Patrick Devenny, Tulsk, who died, 
January 1st 1944, also his wife, Catherine, died, December 
21st 1934, their children, Kathleen, Bridie, Theresa, 
Thomas, Paddy and Bertie, their daughter, Julia Murray, 
Shankhill, died, March 3rd 1994, aged, 90 years.

In loving memory of, John Moran, who died, April 11th 1779, 
aged, 61 years, also his wife, Marie (nee Connor) died, May 
1799, their daughter, Catty Moran, died, April 1797, aged, 
30 years, Michael Moran, Knockroe, died, December 8th 1939, 
also his wife, Mary Ellen, died, August 12th 1960, his 
brother, John, died March 23rd 1943, his son, John, died, 
July 27th 1992.

In loving memory of, Michael Moran, who died, March 1863, 
his daughter in law, Mary Moran, died, May 7th 1915, aged, 
74 years.

In loving memory of, Michael Murray, Kyle, who died, March 
18th 1897, also his wife, Margaret (Nee Butler), died, 
January 27th 1903, Thomas Murray, died, November 8th 1930, 
aged, 76 years, Michael Murray, died, January 12th 1927, 
aged, 77 years.

In loving memory of, John Cordon, who died, Sept. 1895, also 
his wife, Mary Cardon, who died, Sept. 1900, their son, 
Martin, died, 1917, their daughter, Katie, died, April 1950, 
James Cordon, died, June 12th 1955.

In loving memory of, Martin O'Connor, who died, August 4th 
1881, aged, 77 years, also his wife, Mary O'Connor (nee 
Clarke) who died, September 1847, aged, 46 years, John 
Cordon, died, September 1895, aged, 56 years, his wife, 
Mary, died, September 5th 1906, aged, 63 years.

In loving memory of, Patrick Clancy, The Palace, Elphin, who 
died, April 17th 1947, also his wife, Jane who died, May 
19th 1993, Michael Drury, died, May 1st 1909, Anne Drury, 
died, November 25th 1896.

In loving memory of, James Feeney, who died, December 14th 
1889, also his wife, Catherine, died, October 9th 1918.

In loving memory of, Gretta Kelly, Ballyoughter, who died, 
September 12th 1934, aged, 25 years, also her husband , 
William,1902-1995, Interred in, Knockbridge, County Louth, 
Thomas Kelly, died, 30-12-1899, aged, 77 years, his wife, 
Hanoria, died, November 20th 1875, aged, 40 years their 
daughter, Annie, died, November 11th 1875, aged 18 years, 
their son, Patrick Kelly, died, December 12th 1921, aged, 62 

In loving memory of, Bridget Reynolds, Cullen East, who 
died, August 2nd 1861, aged, 73 years, Delia Beirne (nee 
Reynolds), 1873- 1940. Interred at Aughrim, baby Anne 
Beirne, Cullen East, 1899-1991.

In loving memory of, Matthew Reynolds, Cullen East, who 
died, February 5th 1905, also his wife , Essie, died, March 
27th 1921, their son, Michael J. died, January 1st 1932, 
Kate Kelly, Main St., Elphin, died, August 8th 1951, her 
husband, Joseph, died, October 14th 1953, her brother, 
Michael Reynolds, died, Jan. 1932, her brother in law, Luke 
Kelly, died, March 1940, her son, Thomas Joseph Kelly, died, 
May 12th 1992.

In loving memory of, Farrell Higgins, who died, October 11th 
 1893, his wife, Ellen, died, July 24th 1906, their 
children, Mary E. died, April 24th 1891, Joseph, died, March 
12th 1950, Patrick Higgins, Chanterland, Elphin, who died, 
July 7th 1972, aged, 88 years, his wife, Mary, who died, 
July 6th 1929, aged, 36 years.

In loving memory of, James Dorr, Ballagh, Hill St., who 
died, 25th February 1921, also his wife, Elizabeth, who 
died, 9th February 1961, their son, Brian, died, 25th 
December 1943, Annie Dorr, Crith, Elphin, 28th February1947.

In loving memory of, James Hanson, who died, February 1st 
1942, his wife, Bridie, died, June 5th 1943, their sons, 
Thomas, died, May 3rd 1968, their sons, James, died, April 
4th 1990.

In loving memory of, Thomas Morris, Ardagh, who died, 
February 19th 1959, his wife, Margaret, died, March 13th 

In loving memory of, Mary  O'Loughlin, who died, August 1st 
1870, aged, 75 years, her husband, James, of Dooneen, died, 
February 15th 1888, aged, 88 years, John Shannon, died, July 
29th 1946, his wife, Kate, died, April 9th 1949, Martin 
Joseph Shannon, died, June 29th 1984, aged, 74 years.

In loving memory of, Peter Brady, who died, 19th May 1884, 
aged, 86 years, his wife, Rose, died, March 3rd 1885, aged 
77 years, their son, John, died, March 9th 1869, aged 30, 
Mary Brady, (nee Flanagan), Mantura,wife of John, died, 
March 16th 1848, aged, 45 years.Erected by their sons , John 
and Rodger, St. Louis, U.S.A.