Cemetery: Assylinn Cemetery, Boyle

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Situated left at the Bridge at the end of the town this 
cemetery sits on a hill over looking the River Boyle.

Total records 359.

Best, Marion, d 19 Jun 1966, age: 42yr, Daughter of Rosie and Timothy.
Best, Rosie, d. 18 Feb 1967, age: 54yr, Wife of Timothy.
Best, Timothy, d. 28 Apr 1989, age: 80yr, Husband of Rosie.
Brennan, Bridget (Suffin), d. 4 May 1902, age: 42yr.
Brennan, Bridget, d. Apr 1934 and Spa.
Brennan, Catherine, d. 24 Sep 1899, age: 90yr, Wife of John.
Brennan, Catherine, d. 28 Apr 1977, age: 78yr, Wife of Peter.
Brennan, Darby, d 19 Jun 1916, age: 84yr, Husband of Winifred.
Brennan, Dominic, d. 25 Dec 1931, Headstone erected by Mary K. Brennan.
Brennan, Elizabeth, d. 4 Apr 1899, age: 30yr.
Brennan, Hanoria, d. 1 Aug 1922, age: 79yr, "Mother of Mary A, John and Michael".
Brennan, Jane, d. 10 Sep 1915, age: 60yr, Daughter in law of John and Catherine.
Brennan, John, d. 11 Nov 1963, Grandson of John and Catherine.
Brennan, John, d. 13 Oct 1885, age: 79yr, Husband of Catherine.
Brennan, John, d. 29 Jan 1906, age: 23yr, Son of Hanoria.
Brennan, John, d. May 1973 and Spa.
Brennan, Margaret Ellen, d. 23 Nov 1915, age: 21yr, Grandaughter of John and
Brennan, Mary (Dwyer), d. 6 Jun 1979, Sister of Peter.
Brennan, Mary, d. 14 Mar 1930, age: 76yr.
Brennan, Mary, d. 17 Jun 1951, Wife of Pat.
Brennan, Mary, d. May 1956 and Spa.
Brennan, Michael, d. 1 Sep 1928, age: 38yr, Son of Hanoria.
Brennan, Michael, d. 5 Mar 1930, age: 83yr, Son of John and Catherine, He erected the
Brennan, Owen, d. 16 Jun 1914, age: 58yr.
Brennan, Pat, no dates, Husband of Mary.
Brennan, Patrick, d. Feb 1923, Son of Pat and Mary.
Brennan, Patrick, d. Oct 1981 and Spa, Headstone erected by Michael and Mary
Brennan, Peter, d. 5 Mar 1977, age: 79yr, Husband of Catherine.
Brennan, Rodger, d. May 1950 and Spa.
Brennan, Tom, d. May 1965 and Spa.
Brennan, Winifred, d. 1 Jan 1915, age: 84yr, Wife of Darby.
Brennan, Winifred, d. 18 Sep 1917, age: 40yr, Daughter of Darby and Winifred.
Callaghan, Eliza, d. 3 Dec 1891, Mother of John, Headstone erected by G.son John
Rice. U.S.A.
Callaghan, John, d. 13 Feb 1869, age: 65yr, Father of James.
Callaghan, John, d. 25 Aug 1919, Son of Eliza.
Callaghan, Mary Jane, d. 9 Nov 1931, Daughter of Eliza.
Callaghan, Robert, d. 10 Sep 1867, age: 49yr.
Callan, Frances, d. 10 Apr 1920, age: 50yr, Wife of Laurence.
Callan, Laurence, d. 20 Apr 1925, age: 68yr, Husband of Frances.
Callan, Lilly, d. 28 Jan 1966, Daughter of Frances and Laurence.
Carney, John, d. 26 May 1902, age: 52yr, Husband of Margaret.
Carney, Margaret, d. 1 Feb 1914, age: 66yr, Wife of John.
Caroll, Cormack, d. no dates, Husband of Bridget.
Carrick, Margaret, d. 20 Nov 1937, Wife of Patrick, Main St.
Carrick, Patrick J., d. 23 Jul 1929, Husband of Margaret, Main St.
Carroll, Bridget (Cryan), d. no dates, Wife of Cormack.
Casey, ELizabeth, d. 22 Dec 1962, Wife of John.
Casey, Ellen, d. 2 Feb 1937, Sister of John.
Casey, James, d. 6 Nov 1952, Son of John and Elizabeth.
Casey, John, d. 16 Sep 1986, Son of John and Elizabeth.
Casey, John, d. 17 May 1922, Husband of Elizabeth.
Casey, John, d. 28 Jun 1994, Son of John.
Casey, Mary, d. 11 Dec 1933, Sister of John.
Casey, Mary, d. 24 Jul 1937, Daughter of John and Elizabeth.
Casey, Norah, d. 18 Oct 1934, Daughter of John and Elizabeth.
Casey, Patrick J., d. 8 Apr 1911, Son of John and Elizabeth.
Casey, Sarah, d. 14 Dec 1934, Daughter of John and Elizabeth.
Casserly, Henry, d 19 Mar 1955, Husband of Jenny.
Casserly, James, d. 9 Sep 1989, Husband of Maureen.
Casserly, Jenny, d. 18 May 1969, Wife of Henry.
Casserly, Maureen, d. 22 Sep 1994, Wife of James.
Christie, Lewis H, d. 1 Mar 1975, Son of Peter and Sara.
Christie, Peter, d. 12 Mar 1902, Husband of Sara.
Christie, Sara, d. 6 Mar 1934, Wife of Peter.
Christie, Sarah Teresa, d. 22 May 1930, Daughter of Peter and Sara.
Coen, Laurence, d. 2 Dec 1950, age: 85yr.
Coen, Michael, d. 18 Jul 1970, Brother of Laurence, U.S.A.
Coen, Mrs, d. Mar 1976, Mother of Laurence and Michael.
Coen, Patrick, d. 4 Mar 1988.
Coen, Rev. Laurence, d. 3 Jun 1973, Brother of Michael, U.S.A.
Cox, Bridget, d. 21 Jul 1962, Wife of Cormac.
Cox, Cormac, d. 25 Feb 1927, Husband of Bridget.
Cox, Eamon, d. 27 Feb 1988, Son of Cormac and Bridget.
Cox, Ethna, d. 14 Oct 1949, Daughter of Cormack and Bridget.
Cox, Jack, d. 20 Nov 1944, Son of Cormac and Bridget.
Cox, Tom, d. 2 Aug 1944, Son of Cormac and Bridget.
Cunningham, B, d. 8 Aug 1917, Mother of Eliza.
Cunningham, Barbara (McGowan), d. 2 Jan 1955, Daughter of John and Bridget.
Cunningham, Bridget, d. 9 Jun. 1864, age: 47yr, Wife of James.
Cunningham, Eliza, d. 16 Nov 1916, Sister of Ernest.
Cunningham, Ernest, d. 21 Oct 1905, age: 29yr, Grandson of James and Bridget.
Cunningham, James, d. 26 Aug. 1860, age: 44yr, Husband of Bridget.
Cunningham, Michael, d. 6 May 1920, age: 78yr.
Downes, Ellen, d. 27 Jul 1939, Sister of James.
Downes, James, d. 30 Dec 1964, Husband of Mary Kate.
Downes, Mary Kate, d. 21 Sep 1977, Wife of James.
Drury, Hugh, d. 18 Jan. 1891, age: 70yr, Husband of Margaret.
Drury, Margaret, d. 21 Apr 1911, Wife of Hugh.
Drury, Martin, d. 23 Jun. 1876, age: 18yr, Son of Pat.
Drury, Michael, d. 12 Jan 1928, Son of Hugh and Margaret.
Drury, Pat, d. 18 Mar. 1892, age: 84yr, Father of Martin.
Dwyer, Bridget, d. Mar 1933, Wife of Patrick.
Dwyer, James, d. 10 Dec 1966.
Dwyer, Jim, d. 28 May 1979, Manchester.
Dwyer, John, d. 14 Nov 1973, Grandson of Winifred and John McDonagh.
Dwyer, Patrick, d. Jun 1917, Husband of Bridget.
Dwyer, Peter, d. 17 Jan 1973, Brother of Mary Brennan.
Dwyer, Thomas, d. 7 Jan 1963.
Feely, Bridget, d. 24 Jul. 1899, age: 72yr, Wife of Nicholas.
Feely, Elizabeth, b. 1879, d. 1952.
Feely, Eva, d. 7 Feb 1968, Wife of James E, Great Meadow.
Feely, James E, b. 1916, d. 3 Jun 1965, Husband of Eva, Great Meadow, Comdt. Boyle
Batt. I.R.A 1916-1921.
Feely, Nicholas, no dates, Husband of Bridget.
Feely, Patrick C, b. 17 Oct 1945, d. 14 Mar 1993.
Feely, Richard, d. 27 Sep. 1883, age: 84yr.
Flaherty, Bridget, d. 13 Sep 1908, Wife of Robert.
Flaherty, Edward, d 19 May 1946, Son of Robert and Bridget.
Flaherty, Kathleen, d. 30 Sep 1964, Daughter of Robert and Bridget.
Flaherty, Robert, d. 3 Aug 1917, Husband of Bridget.
Ford, Patrick, d. 21 Apr. 1859, age: 44yr, Milmount.
Fox, Margaret (Carney), d. 18 Apr 1959, Daughter of John and Margaret.
Gallagher, Annie, d. 20 Jun 1976, Husband of John.
Gallagher, Cormac, d. 28 Dec 1978, Brother of John, Headstone erected by Michael and
Mary Gallagher.
Gallagher, Jane, d 1972, Wife of William, Sheegora.
Gallagher, John Peter, no dates, Son of William and Mary, Sheegora.
Gallagher, John, d. 16 Apr 1954, Brother of Kathleen.
Gallagher, Kathleen, d. 15 Jun 1976, Sister of Kathleen.
Gallagher, Mary (Cait), d 1991, Daughter of William and Jane, Sheegora.
Gallagher, Mary, d 1937, Wife of William, Sheegora.
Gallagher, Michael, no dates, Son of William and Mary, Sheegora.
Gallagher, Peter, d 1984, Son of William and Jane, Sheegora.
Gallagher, William, d 1903, Husband of Mary, Sheegora.
Gallagher, William, d 1961, Husband of Jane, Sheegora.
Gallagher, Winifred, d. 14 Dec 1948, Daughter of William and Mary, Sheegora, She
erected the Headstone.
Gavican, Jane, no dates, Sister of Michael.
Gavican, Margaret, d. 28 Dec 1996, Wife of Michael.
Gavican, Michael, d. 22 Jun 1959, Husband of Margaret.
Gavican, Richard, no dates, Father of Michael.
Gavican, Sarah, no dates, Mother of Michael.
Gordan, Dolly, d. 20 May 1944, age: 28yr, Wife of Tom.
Gordan, Florance, d. 15 Feb 1935, age: 3Mthsyr, Daughter of Dolly and Tom.
Gordan, Helen, d. 9 Feb 1939, age: 6 Mthsyr, Daughter of Dolly and Tom.
Gordan, Tom, d. 4 Dec 1947, age: 41yr, Husband of Dolly.
Gorman, Henry J.B, b. 15 Sep 1906, d. 9 Mar 1989.
Gorman, Henry, d 1945.
Gorman, Mary E, d 1950, Wife of Henry J.B.
Gorman, Mary, d 1908.
Griffin, Mary Ann, d. 1 ? 1865, age: 22yr.
Halton, Eleanor (Keaveney), d. 7 Oct 1988, Wife of Thomas, Mockmoylne.
Harrington, Annie (Brennan), d. 9 Mar 1983, Daughter of Pat and Mary.
Harrington, Elizabeth, d. 30 Mar 1957, Wife of Luke.
Harrington, Luke, d 19 May 1947, Husband of Elizabeth.
Harrington, Patrick, d. 26 Apr 1990, Son of Luke and Elizabeth.
Higgins, Anne, d. 1867, Wife of Francis.
Higgins, Francis, d. 1872, Husband of Annie.
Higgins, James, d. 21 Jan 1951, Husband of Mary E.
Higgins, Kathleen, d. 22 Oct 1992, age: 79yr.
Higgins, Mary E. (Carney), d. 25 Oct 1957, Daughter of John and Margaret.
Hopkins, Bridget, d. 7 Apr 1970, Wife of Patrick.
Hopkins, Patrick, d. 17 Dec 1943, Husband of Bridget.
Hopkins, Peter, d. 17 Mar 1991, Son of Patrick and Bridget.
Horan, Mary Josephine, d. 28 Aug 1987, age: 65yr.
Johnston, Helen, d. Dec. 1899, Daughter of Margaret Florance and William.
Johnston, John A. V, d. Feb 1933, Son of Margaret Florance and William.
Johnston, Kesia F, d. Nov 1997, Wife of Nelson R.
Johnston, Margaret Florance, d. Oct 1941, age: 77yr, Wife of William.
Johnston, Nelson R, d. May 1958, Husband of Kesia F.
Johnston, Olive W. E, d. May 1958, Daughter of Margaret Florance and William.
Johnston, William, d. Jan 1945, age: 92yr, Husband of Margaret Florance.
Kearns, Ellen, d. 18 Aug 1941, age: 84yr, Wife of John.
Kearns, Francis, d. 14 Feb 1974, Son of John.
Kearns, Irene, d. 4 Apr 1996, Wife of Francis.
Kearns, John, d. 23 Jun 1917, age: 63yr, Father of Francis.
Kearns, Kathleen, d. 26 Apr 1981, Wife of Patrick.
Kearns, Patrick, d. 6 Jan 1976, Husband of Kathleen.
Keaveney, Kate, d 1908.
Keaveney, Margaret, d 1909, age: 71yr.
Keaveney, Michael, d. 28 May 1986.
Keaveney, Michael, d. Dec 1911, age: 77yr, Husband of Margaret.
Keilty, Kathleen, d. 23 Feb 1982, Daughter of Michael and Lena.
Keilty, Lena, d. 30 Nov 1978, Wife of Michael.
Keilty, Mary Ellen, d 1907, Mother of Michael.
Keilty, Michael, d. 22 Jan 1944, Son of Mary Ellen.
Kennedy, Mary, d. 29 Apr 1982, age: 66yr, Wife of Peter.
Kennedy, Peter, d. 31 Jan 1983, age: 78yr, Husband of Mary.
Kennedy, Thomas, d. 23 Oct 1937.
Keville, Agnes, d. 1 Sep 1997, Wife of Patrick William.
Keville, Jane, d. 4 Mar 1958, Wife of Michael.
Keville, Margaret, d. 16 Apr 1960, Wife of Pat, Carrow.
Keville, Michael, d. 1 Jan 1939, Husband of Jane.
Keville, Pat, d. Sep 1927, Husband of Margaret, Carrow.
Keville, Patrick William, d. 4 Jan 1986, Son of Michael and Jane.
Keville, Rita, d. 12 Jun 1951, Daughter of Pat and Margaret, Carrow.
Killelea, Mary, d. 28 Oct 1903, age: 76yr.
King, Annie, d. 10 Jan 1931, age: 63yr, Wife of Michael.
King, Christina, d. 13 Jan 1908, age: 91yr, Daughter of Michael and Annie.
King, Michael, d. 10 May 1931, age: 69yr, Husband of Annie.
Kirkpatrick, Cecilia, d. Feb 1910, age: 95yr, Mother of Margaret Florance Johnston.
Knott, Winifred, d. Feb. 1856, age: 46yr, Wife of James.
Lavin, Bridget Agnes, d. 30 Jan 1935, age: 68yr, Wife of Thomas.
Lavin, Thomas, d. 20 Jan 1955, age: 91yr, Husband of Bridget Agnes.
Ledford, Catherine, d. Jun 1932, infant daughter of William and Kate.
Ledford, Kate, d. 11 Feb 1961, age: 69yr, Wife of William.
Ledford, Robert, d. 28 Apr 1993, age: 72yr.
Ledford, William, d. 17 Oct 1956, age: 74yr, Husband of Kate.
Lewis, Ann, d. 4 Mar 1907, Wife of Harry.
Lewis, Harry, d. 14 Jul. 1896, Husband of Ann.
Lewis, Kate, d. 27 May. 1896, Daughter of Harry and Ann.
Leyden, Frank, d. 9 Jan 1987, Son of Joseph and Johanna, Drum.
Leyden, Johanna, d. 21 Apr 1945, Wife of Joseph, Drum.
Leyden, John, d. 18 Nov 1940, Son of Joseph and Johanna, Drum.
Leyden, Joseph, d. 28 Jan 1935, Husband of Johanna, Drum.
Leyden, Maureen, d. 11 Feb 1934, Neice of Joseph and Johanna.
Loomen, Mary, d. 12 Nov 1912, Sister in Law of Harry Lewis.
Marren, Bridget, d. Nov 1907, age: 71yr.
Marren, James, d. Aug 1906, age: 90yr, Husband of Bridget.
Masterson, Austin, d. 26 Mar 1921, age: 9yr, Son of Harry and Mary Ann.
Masterson, Betty, d 1975, Wife of Jack.
Masterson, Harry, d. 12 Dec 1934, age: 54yr, Husband of Mary Ann.
Masterson, Jack, d 1973, age: 56yr, Husband of Betty.
Masterson, Kevin, d. 22 Aug 1942, age: 20yr, Son of Harry and Mary Ann.
Masterson, Mary Ann, d. 21 Jul 1957, age: 74yr, Wife of Harry.
Masterson, Rita, d. 22 Nov 1942, age: 22yr, Daughter of Harry and Mary Ann.
McDermott, Thomas, d. 4 Mar 1910, age: 63yr, Husband of Winifred.
McDermott, Winifred, d. 21 Dec 1911, age: 55yr, Wife of Thomas.
McDermottroe, Bridget, d. 15 Mar. 1896, age: 61yr, Mother of James, Felton.
McDermottroe, Edward, d. 22 Mar 1942, Husband of Margaret, Copse.
McDermottroe, Elizabeth, d. 15 Jan 1975, age: 77yr, Felton.
McDermottroe, James, d. 15 Aug. 1876, age: 10yr, Son of Bridget, Felton.
McDermottroe, Lucy, d. 5 Sep 1989, Daughter of Edward and Margaret, Copse.
McDermottroe, Mary Ellen (McKeon), d. 25 Apr 1926, age: 54yr, Wife of Michael,
McDermottroe, Michael, d. 28 Mar 1944, age: 85yr, Husband of Mary Ellen, Felton.
McDermottroe, Paddy, d. 25 May 1944, age: 15 Mthsyr, Grandson of Mary Ellen and
Michael, Felton.
McDermottroe, Patrick, d. 22 Jun 1950, age: 51yr, Felton.
McDermottroe, Rose (Conlon), d. 22 Sep 1937, age: 37yr, Felton.
McDonagh, Anne, d. May. 1892, age: 23yr, Daughter of Winifred and John.
McDonagh, John, d. 26 Feb 1931, Husband of Winifred.
McDonagh, Winifred, d. Sep 1904, age: 70yr, Wife of John.
McElroy, Daniel, d 19 Mar 1915, age: 30yr, Son of Richard and Mary.
McElroy, Mary, d. 21 May 1926, age: 83yr, Wife of Richard.
McElroy, Richard, d. 9 Aug 1918, age: 82yr, Husband of Mary.
McGowan, Bridget, d. 25 Jul 1993, Wife of John.
McGowan, John, d. Nov 1947, Died in New York U.S.A, Husband of Bridget.
McLoughlin, Ann, no dates, age: 42yr, Wife of John.
McLoughlin, Ann, no dates, age: 72yr, Wife of John.
McLoughlin, John, no dates, age: 82yr, Son of John and Ann.
McLoughlin, John, no dates, age: 93yr, Husband of Ann.
McLoughlin, Maisie, no dates, age: 8yr, Daughter of John and Ann.
McLoughlin, Mary A. (Brennan), d. 4 Jan 1920, age: 34yr, Daughter of Hanoria.
McLoughlin, Patrick, d 19 Dec 1996, age: 72yr.
McManus, Bridget, d. 11 Dec 1943, Wife of Patrick.
McManus, James, d. 18 Sep 1968, Son of Patrick and Bridget.
McManus, Joseph, d. 27 Apr 1987, Son of Patrick and Bridget.
McManus, Kathleen, d. 10 Oct 1996, Daughter of Patrick and Bridget.
McManus, Patrick, d. 26 May 1963, Son of Patrick and Bridget.
McManus, Patrick, d. 26 Sep 1950, Husband of Bridget.
McRan, Laurence, d. 1889, Husband of Mary.
McRan, Mary, d. 15 May. 1870, age: 50yr, Wife of Laurence.
McRan, Patrick, d. 6 Feb 1982, Son of Thomas and Sarah.
McRan, Sarah, d. 21 Oct 1980, Wife of Thomas.
McRan, Thomas, d. 2 Nov 1999, Son of Thomas and Sarah.
McRan, Thomas, d. 8 Aug 1948, Husband of Sarah.
McTouker, Annie, d. 4 Oct. 1887, age: 70yr, Sister of Dr. Andrew.
McTouker, Dr. Andrew, d. 1868, age: 56yr, Brother of Annie.
Moraghan, Charles T, d. 18 Jan 1970, age: 77yr, Son of James and Susan.
Moraghan, James, d. 12 Aug 1915, age: 66yr, Husband of Susan, Ex.Colour Sergt.
Hants.Regt. Conn. Rangers.
Moraghan, Jim, d. 1 May 1997, age: 73yr, Son of Charles J. and Rachel.
Moraghan, Rachel, d. 12 Jan 1978, Wife of Charles J.
Moraghan, Susan, d. 25 Dec 1934, age: 84yr, Wife of James.
Moriarty, Dympna, d. 18 Sep 1982, age: 62yr, Bridge St.
Mulhall, John, d. 29 Oct. 1862, age: 86yr, Father of Joseph.
Mulhall, Joseph, d. 4 Jun. 1882, Son of John.
Mullany, John, d. 12 Jun. 2001, Tragically, Son of Moya and Pascal.
Mullhern, James, d. 24 Aug 1917, Son of Pat and Maria, Carrow.
Mullhern, Maria, d. 12 Apr 1939, Wife of Pat, Carrow.
Mullhern, Nora, d. 16 Apr 1923, Carrow.
Mullhern, Pat, d. 17 Apr 1976, Carrow.
Mullhern, Pat, d. 2 Dec 1946, Husband of Maria, Carrow.
Mullhern, Pat, d. 27 Jan 1985, Carrow.
Murray, Elizabeth, d. 22 Jun. 1864, Wife of John.
Murray, Esther (Leyden), d. 21 Dec. 2000, Wife of John.
Murray, John, d. 6 Jan 1979, Elphin St. Boyle.
Murray, Joseph, d. 20 Jan 1915, age: 50yr, He erected the Headstone.
Murray, Philip, d. 1881, Husband of Elizabeth.
Murray, Philip, d. 5 Jun. 1895, Son of Philip and Elizabeth.
Noone, John, d. 28 Jan. 1889, age: 89yr.
O'Gara, Anne E, d. 2 Jan 1995, Wife of Michael J, Interred in Boston. U.S.A.
O'Gara, Bridget, d. 7 Mar 1983, age: 76yr, Wife of James.
O'Gara, James Francis, d. 16 Nov 1937, age: 5 Weeks.yr, Son of James and Bridget.
O'Gara, James, d. 12 Sep 1959, age: 54yr, Brother of Michael.
O'Gara, Margaret, d. 15 Jan 1940, age: 76yr, Wife of Patrick.
O'Gara, Michael, d. 11 Jul 1961, Boston U.S.A, age: 64yr, Brother of James.
O'Gara, Nora, d. 18 Mar. 2000, age: 95yr, Wife of Patrick.
O'Gara, Patrick, d. 1 May 1952, age: 45yr, Husband of Nora.
O'Gara, Patrick, d. 4 Jul 1931, age: 68yr, Husband of Margaret.
O'Mara, Bridget, d. 6 Jul 1950, Townaskin.
O'Mara, Edward, d. 15 Jan 1979, Townaskin.
O'Sullivan, Ignatius J, d. 20 Mar 1971, Carrick Rd. Boyle.
Queenan, Ellie, b. 1894, d. 1929, Wife of Thomas.
Queenan, Mary, b. 1850, d. 1933, Wife of Thomas.
Queenan, Thomas, b. 1840, d. 1903, Husband of Mary.
Queenan, Thomas, b. 1889, d. 1980, Husband of Ellie.
Redigan, Delia, d. 18 Jan 1953, Wife of John, Church St.
Redigan, John, d. 23 Dec 1963, Husband of Delia, Church St.
Regan, Annie, d. 6 Feb 1942, Wife of Thomas, Breandrum.
Regan, Joseph, d. 10 Dec 1971, Son of Thomas and Annie, Breandrum.
Regan, Thomas, d. 21 Oct 1931, Husband of Annie, Breandrum.
Reynolds, Alice, d. 16 Dec 1967, age: 76yr, Wife of Sylvester.
Reynolds, John, d. 21 Jan 1981.
Reynolds, Mary (Gorman), d. 22 Feb 1983, age: 81yr, Wife of Patrick J.
Reynolds, Patrick J., d. 27 Jan 1966, age: 62yr, Husband of Mary.
Reynolds, Sylvester, d. 30 Mar 1969, age: 82yr, Husband of Alice.
Rice, Edward, d. 6 Apr 1916, Grandson of Eliza Callaghan.
Rock, Mary Rose, d. 25 Sep 1994, Wife of Patrick.
Rock, Patrick, d. 16 Mar 1981, Husband of Mary Rose.
Rush, Bridget, d. 14 Apr 1954, Wife of John.
Rush, John, d. 14 Jan 1971, Husband of Bridget.
Saunderson, Brian, d 1933, Townaskin.
Saunderson, Nial, d. 2 Feb 1938, Townaskin.
Scanlon, Gabrielle, d. 2 Apr 1951, Grandaughter of Matthew Sheerin.
Sheerin, Catherine, d. 1 Apr 1951, Wife of Matthew.
Sheerin, Joseph, d. 24 Jan 1902, age: 40yr.
Sheerin, Joseph, d. 30 Oct 1921, age: 24yr.
Sheerin, Mary K, d. 27 Sep 1937, Daughter of Matthew and Catherine.
Sheerin, Matthew, d. 3 Oct 1991, Grandfather of Gabrielle Scanlon.
Sheerin, Matthew, d. 4 Jun 1940, Husband of Catherine.
Slein, Ann, d. 14 Jan 1938, Mother of Owen.
Slein, Gertrude, d 19 Dec 1977, Wife of Owen.
Slein, James, d 1910, age: 61yr, Son of Owen.
Slein, Owen, d. 23 Apr. 1881, age: 63yr, Father of James.
Slein, Owen, d. 31 Jul 1976, Son of Ann.
Slein, Patrick, d. 4 Aug 1911, age: 20yr, Grandson of Owen.
Stokes, Anne, d. 21 Jan 1959, age: 81yr.
Stokes, Annie, d. 28 Jan 1978, Mother of Martin.
Stokes, John, d. 31 Jan 1973.
Stokes, John, d. 9 Mar 1964, Headstone erected by son Pat.
Stokes, Martin, d. 27 Jul 1975, age: 42yr, Son of Annie.
Stokes, Patrick, d. 30 Apr 1989.
Suffin, Cathleen, d. May 1953, Daughter of Mary and William.
Suffin, John, d. Apr 1936, Son of Mary and William.
Suffin, Mary, d. Mar 1925, Wife of William.
Suffin, Maureen, d. Mar 1925, Daughter of Mary and William.
Suffin, William, d. Mar 1945, Husband of Mary.
Sweeney, Rev. Michael, d. 2 May. 1847, R.C. Curate of the Parish of Boyle.
Tivenan, Agnes, d. 15 Feb 1997, age: 85yr, Wife or Edward.
Tivenan, Edward, d. 17 Oct 1977, age: 79yr, Husband of Agnes.
Tivenan, Mary Anne, d. 31 Oct 1974, age: 62yr, Sister of Edward.
Tivnan, Bridget (Carroll), d. Dec 1935, Wife of John.
Tivnan, Eileen, d. 21 Jul 1946, Grand-daughter of Bridget and John.
Tivnan, John, d. 11 Sep 1939, Husband of Bridget.
Toolan, Peter, d. May. 1865.
Ward, Margaret, d. 6 Dec 1967.
Waters, Bartholomew, d. 29 May 1978, Townaskin.
Waters, Bernard, d. 15 Dec 1954, Townaskin.
Waters, Bridget, d. 23 Jun 1925, Townaskin.
Waters, Catherine, d. 24 Jan 1955, Townaskin.
Waters, Eddie, d 19 Feb 1959, Townaskin.
Waters, James, d. 27 Jul 1918, age: 52yr, Townaskin.
Wynne, Anne, d. 14 May 1900, age: 55yr, Wife of Thomas.
Wynne, Bridget T, d. 30 May 1945, age: 74yr, Wife of James J.
Wynne, Cecelia, d. 10 Jun 1919, age: 37yr, Daughter of Thomas and Anne.
Wynne, Henry F, d. 25 Feb 1938, age: 24yr, Son of Bridget T. and James J.
Wynne, James J, d. 4 Jul 1959, age: 85yr, Husband of Bridget T.
Wynne, Joan, d. 3 Mar 1991, age: 81yr, Wife of John.
Wynne, John, d. 28 Feb 1964, age: 59yr, Husband of Joan.
Wynne, Lilly, d. 15 Aug 1990, age: 91yr, Wife of William T.
Wynne, Teresa, d. 26 Aug 1977, age: 30yr, Daughter in law of William T. and Lilly.
Wynne, Thomas, d. 17 Jun. 1895, age: 54yr, Husband of Anne.
Wynne, William T, d. 18 Jun 1937, age: 54yr, Husband of Lilly.