Marriage: Webb, Elizabeth - Kilroe, Richard 1855

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File contributed by: Eileen Hansen October 
10, 2010, 6:01 pm


Clonaslee RC register from 1849-1881
Witnesses Laurence Fox and Eliza Dunne

Additional Comments:
Please note online Jane McCann has transcribed the bride's 
name on this record hrom the RC church in Clonaslee in error 
as Mella - It is Elizabeth Webb. I have looked at the 
original file and know this for a fact since it is my great 
grandparents. I wanted to let you know so you could correct 
the record on the site. Like Jane I was unable to make sense 
of the month when the marriage occurred. But the year looks 
like 1855. The writing was so faint on this record that a 
copy was unobtainable.