Directory: Inhabitants of Tullamore - 1823

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YEAR 1823.


Acres, Capt. Thos., Tullamore House.

Armstrong, Miss, Castle View.

Banks, Rev. Robt., Church St.

Bayly, Thos. Lieut., H. P., 1st Regt. of Foot, Crow Street.

Berry, Francis, Esq., Charleville Street.

Bidulph, Fran. H., Esq., Annamore.

Billing, Capt., "Windmill Street.

Bridge, Wm., Esq., High St.

Briscoe, Wm. N., Esq., Bury Qy.

Briscoe, Wm. T.,Esq., Screggan.

Charleville, Earl, Charleville Forest.

Cocks, Wm., Esq., High Street.

Conroy, Edw., Esq., Barrack St.

Conroy, John, Esq., Killiegh.

Crawford, Jas., Esq., High St.

Crows, Misses, Crow Street.

Curtis, Robt., Esq., Barrack St.

Curtis, William, Esq., Cluna.

Drought, John, Esq., Charleville Street.

Edwards, Mrs., High Street.

Freer, Thomas, Lieut., H. P.,Church Street.

Fuller, Abraham, Esq., Charleville Street.

Gouldsbury, Rev. Ponsonby, St. Catherine's.

Green, Saml., Esq., Church St.

Grier, Abraham, Esq., Commissioner for taking Affidavits, Barrack Street.

Hamilton, Rev. Andrew, Church Street.

Hamilton, J., Esq., Church St.

Handy, Fleming, Esq., Crow St.

Handy, Wm. Orm, Ormston.

Hemsworth, Christopher, Lieut.H.P. Limerick Militia, Market Square.

Hutchinson, John, Esq., Surveyor of Excise, Store Street.

Judge, John Chapman, Esq.,High Street.

Killaly, Mrs., High Street.

Killett, Francis, Esq., Store St.

King, John, Esq., Market Sq.

King, Thomas, Esq., High St.

Locke, Mrs., High Street.

Loftus, Ed., Esq., Charleville St.

Loftus, Mrs., Charleville Street.

Malone, Richard, Esq., Palace Park.

Meredith, Rev. Jos., Barrack St.

Mulock, Wm., Esq., Charleville Street.

Newton, Capt., Bury Quay.

O'Brien, Miss, Rahan Lodge.

O'Connor, Mrs., Mount Pleasant.

0'Flanagan, Andrew, Esq.,Windmill Street.

O'Flanagan, James, Esq., Market Square.

O'Rafferty, Rev. J., P.P., Chapel House.

Pilkington, Edw., Esq., High St.

St. Leger, Rev. Robt., Tullabeg.

Slater, Mrs., High Street.

Slater, Robt. B., Esq., Market Square.

Smith, Sir W. 0. (Judge) Newtown.

Stackpoole, Capt. John, Windmill Street.

Stewart, Jas., Esq., Bury Quay.

Tarleton, Capt., Fentor Lodge.

Tarleton, J. W., Esq., Killiegh.

Tullamore, Lord, Charleville Forest.

Turpin, Rev.Wm. B., Brookville.

Vaughan, Mrs., High Street.

Walby, Samuel, Lieut., H.P.,

Royal Waggon Train, Crow Street.

Wallace, William, Esq., Charleville Street.

Wilson, Mrs., High Street.



Fitzgerald, T. and J. (Classical),High Street.

Hutchinson, Wm. (Classical),.High Street.

M'Donald, Mrs. (Ladies Boarding),Charleville Street.

Noland, Miss (Ladies Boarding),High Street.


Dunn, Laverock S., Barrack St.

Leech, Adam, Pound Street.


Kennedy, George, Barrack St.

Pierce, George, Market Square.


Campbell, Peter, Church Street.

Forbes, John Wm., Pound St.

Hughes, Richard, Church St.


Connolly, John, Chapel Lane.

Doyle, William, High Street.

Duggan, Thomas, High Street.

O'Neille, Wm., Pound Street.

Parsons, Charles, High Street.

Whitehead, Mary, Barrack St.

Boot and Shoe Makers.

Duggan, Edward, Harbour St.

M'Cormick, Bernard, Barrack St.

Ryan, John, Barrack Street.

Boat Proprietors.

Berry, Sterling and Francis,Canal Harbour.


Deverell, Wm. (and Tanner),High Street.

Manley, Joseph, Market Square.

Coach Makers.

Morgan, Andrew, CanalHarbour

Shaddick, John, Store Street.

Earthenware Dealers.

Geoghegan, Eleanor, High St.

Heeny, Bryan, High Street.

Smith, Esther, Pound Street.


Burgess, John (and Linen Draper), Harbour Street.

Carroll, John, High Street.

Clegg, John, Church Street.

Deverell, Wm., Barrack Street.

Hall, Wm., High Street.

Jackson, Joseph (and Wine and Spirit Merchant), Pound St.

Molloy, M. & A. (and Wine and Spirit Merchant), High St.

Ryan, William (and Wine and Spirit Merchant), High St.

Ryan, James, High Street.

Sterling, James, Church Street.

Wade, Wm., Barrack Street.

Hardware Dealers.

Bryne, Michael (and Iron Founder),

Pound Street.

Molloy, Mary, High Street.

Ridley, Francis, Pound Street.


Morgan, Andrew (Grand CanalHotel), Canal Harbour.

Ridley, John (Charleville Arms),'Pound Street.

Leather Sellers.

Disney, James, Pound Street.

Mulready, Michael, Barrack St.

Rothery, Joseph, Pound Street.

Linen Drapers.

Cantwell, Edward, Pound St.

Carroll, John, Pound Street.

Nugent, James & Co., Pound St.

Nugent, William, Harbour St.

Wilson, Margaret, High Street.


Belton, S. & A., High Street.

Elcoate, Eliza (and Haberdasher) High Street.


Boyce, Robert (and Surgeon),Market Square.

Brereton, Joshua, High Street.

Printer and Stationer.

Willis, Richard, High Street.


Brien, John, Pound Street.

Brien, Mary Ann, Pound Street.

Byrne, Patrick, Pound Street.

Condron, Timothy, Pound St.

Daly, John, Pound Street.

Daly, Peter, Pound Street.

Dooley, John, High Street.

Dunn, Patrick, Barrack Street.

Gray, Richard, Pound Street.

Lane, Michael, High Street.

M'Cormick, Peter, High Street.

Melvin, John, Harbour Street.

Noud, Wm., Harbour St.

Quin, Patrick, Harbour Street.

Roberts, James, High Street.

Scully, Edward, Harbour Street.

Stephens, John, Barrack Street.

Walker, John, Pound Street.

Whelahan, Richard, Harbour Street.


Hynes, Wm., Church Street.

M'Loughlin, David, Market Sq.

Tallow Chandlers.

Deverell, Wm., Barrack Street.

M'Mullen, John, High Street.

Waters, Francis, Pound Street.

Watch and Clock Makers.

Benbow, Thos., Church Street.

Coffey, Wm., Barrack Street.

Woollen Drapers.

Dillon, Edward, High Street.

Gundy, William, Pound Street.

Malone, Francis, Harbour St.


Brunskill, Thomas, Brickmaker,High Street.

Cunningham, Richard, Saddlerand Harness Maker, Barrack Street.

Deane, John, Painter & Glazier,High Street.

Fallon, John, Tobacco Manufacturer,High Street.

Forster, Rich., Cutler, Church Street.

Haslam, Robt., Hatter, Church Street.

M'Cord, Samuel, Gun Maker,Barrack Street.

Manley, Thos., Tanner, High St.

Manley, Winslow, Starch Manufacturer,Church Street.

M'Mullen, Robt., Builder, High Street.

Murphy, Wm., Haberdasher,Barrack Street.

Pentland, Henry, Distiller,Church Street.

Pierce, Geo., Surgeon to the County Infirmary, Market Sq.

Robinson, Wm., Builder, Charleville Street.

Sinnott, John, Silk Manufacturer, Store Street.

Woods, Christopher, Agent,Windmill Street.

The Early History - of the town of Birr, or Parsonstown the 
particulars of remarkable events there in more recent times. 
Also the towns of Nenagh, Roscrea, Banagher, Tullamore, 
Philipstown, Frankford, Shinrone, Kinnetty and Ballyboy.