Directory: Inhabitants of Birr - 1823

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Earl of Rosse, Birr Castle.

Lord Oxmantown, M.P. for the County, Birr Castle.

Antisell, Thos., Esq., Sraduff.

Barnes, Rev.Joseph, Derrinlough

Bayly, John, Esq., New Grove.

Berry, Chas., Esq., Dove Grove.

Borrough, Col., Oxmantown PL

Cassidy, John, Esq.,Streamstown

Cassin, John, Esq., Oxmantown Place.

Chadwick, Capt. Jas., Cumberland Square.

Chadwick, Lieut. Peter, H. P., Tipperary Militia, Cumberland 

Collins, Capt. Graves C., Cumberland Square.

Collins, Major, Cumberland Sq.

Crawley, Lieutenant Thomas, H. P., 59th, Townsend St.

Crotty, Rev. Michael, Main St.

Curtin, Rev. Peter, Main Street.

Devoy, Thomas, Esq., Cumberland Square.

Downes, Rev. Abraham, Rector, Castle Street.

Drought, Fran., Esq., Croghan House. -

Drought, John, Esq., Whigsborough.

Fernyhough, Robert, Esq., OxmantownPlace.

Groom Charles, Esq. Cumberland Square.

Hackett Simpson, Esq. Riverstown.

Hackett, Wm., Esq., Prospect.

Heenan, Wm.. Esq., William St.

Hobbs, Henry, Esq., Millbrook.

Holmes, Major George W., Oxmantown Place.

Kearney, Michael, Esq., Kearneyville.

Kearney, Richard, Esq., Cumberland Square.

Meagher, Rev. Phillip, Connaught Street.

Mellsop, John, Esq., Seneschal of the Manor Court, Townsend 

Minchin, Falkiner, Esq., Oxmantown Place.

Mitchell, Captain, Andrew.

Mitchell, Lieutenant Robert, H. P., 28th, Compton's Row.

Molloy, Mrs., Oxmantown Place.

Palmer, John, Esq., Springfield.

Palmer, Mrs., Cumberland St.

Parsons, Rev. Wm., Tullanisky Park.

Parsons, Thomas C., Esq., Barrister, Tullanisky Park.

Richardson, Captain Arthur, H.P., Cumberland Square.

Robinson, Arthur, Esq., Cumberland Square.

Smith, John, Esq., High Park.

Smith, Miss, Cumberland Street.

Stoney George, Esq. Oakly Park.

Synge Edward, Esq. Syngefield

Synge. Rev. Francis, Syngefield.

Walsh Jonathan, Esq. Walsh Park.

Warburton, B. B., Esq., Birrview.

Wetherelt, John, Esq., Cumberland Street.

White, Mrs., The Green.

Woods, Captain Richard, William Street.

Woods, Thomas, Esq., Mount Erin.

Wray, Major, Wray Mount.




Kelly, Patrick (English), Castle Street.

M'Dono, Laurence (Classical), William Street.

Nevin, Patrick (English), Connaught Street.

Shields, John (English), Castle Street.


Read, John, Main Street.

Usher, Noble L., Main Street.

Woods, Thomas (to Fever Hospital

and Dispensary), Duke Street.


Abbott, John, Cumberland St.

Cooke, Thos. L., Cumberland St.

Hobart, W. L., Walcott.

Little, George, Cumberland St.

Mitchell, George, The Green.


Connolly, James, Main Street.

Hemsworth, Denton, Cumberland Street.

Shannon, Daniel, Bridge Street.


Bergin, Wm., Main Street.

Coates, John, Main Street.

Dignan, Christopher, Castle St.

Miller, Thos., Main Street.

Boot and Shoe Makers.

Compton, John, Moorpark St.

Treacy, Simon, Main Street.

Brewers and Distillers.

Hackett, Michael, Moorpark St.

Hackett, Robert, Moorpark St.

Robinson, Robert, Castle Street.

Robinson, Arthur, Castle Street.

Carpenters and Builders.

Ryan, William, The Green.

Walsh, George, The Green.

Walsh, John, The Green.

Warren, Edward, Castle Street.


Coghlan, William.


M'Cumley, Catherine, Main St.

Murphy, Mary, Main Street.

Sylvester, Anne, Duke Street.

Sylvester, Thomas, Main Street.


Hawksley, John, Connaught St.

Read, Hiram, Main Street.

Earthenware Dealers.

Blake, Peter, Main Street.

D'Arcy, William, Main Street.

Simmons, John, Main Street.


D'Arcy, William, Main Street.

Egan, John, Main Street.

Kennedy, Rody, Main Street.

Kingston, John, Main Street.

Miller, Thomas, Main Street.

O'Brien, James, Main Street.

Smith, Mary, Castle Street.

Wallis, William, Main Street.


Coghlan, James, Parson's Arms,Main Street.

Dooley, George, King's Arms,Cumberland Square.


Corcoran, Jeremiah, Main Street.

Fayle, William, Main Street.

Linen Drapers.

Anglesey, Thomas, Main Street.

Carroll, Patrick, Main Street.

Crawley, George, Main Street.

Crawley, Joseph, Main Street.

Davis, Thomas, Main Street.

Egan, John, Main Street.

Fitzpatrick, Catherine, Main St.

Kennedy, Rody, Main Street.

Kingston, John, Main Street.

Meade, Rebecca and Son, Main Street.

Reynolds, Patrick, Main Street.

Woods, Richard, Duke Street. ,

Woods, Robert and Stephen,Duke Street.


Heenan, John, M.D., William Street.

Kelly, Hubert, M.D., Cumberland Street.

Printer and Stationer.

Legge, Thomas, Duke Street.


Brown, Robert, The Bridge.

Brown, William (Cherry Tree),The Green.

Carey, Edw. (Crown & Anchor),Main Street.

Coghlan, Joseph, The Bridge.

Coghlan, Patk. (Cars & Horses),Main Street.

Dennison, Edward, Main Street.

Dunne, Daniel, Market Square.

Egan, P. (Red Cow), The Green.

Egan, Thomas, Main Street.

Finlay, Mich. (Swan), Main St.

Forster, John, Main Street.

Howard, Robert, Main Street.

Kilkeary, Edward (Fighting Cocks), The Bridge.

Lantry, Patrick, Main Street.

Larkin, Patrick (Plough), Main Street.

Lee, William, Main Street.

Lester, John, Market Square.

Mannion, Charles, Main Street.

Martin, Thomas (Red Cow),The Green.

Molloy, Michael (Plough), Connaught Street.

Morgan, Frances (Red Lion),Main Street.

Murray, Anne, Main Street.

O'Reilly, Edward, Main Street.

Parnell, Thomas, Connaught St.

Read, John (Black Lion), Duke Street.

Read, Robert (Duke of York),Townsend Street.

Sharpe, George, Market Square.

Waters, Patrick, Main Street.


Fallon, James, Main Street.

Hackett, James, Main Street.

Johnson, Charles, Duke Street.


Clifford, Wm. R. N., Cumberland Street-

Waters, Thomas, Oxmantown Place.

Wilkinson, Wm., Duke Street.


Bourke, Patrick, Graveyard St.

Brown, William, Back Lane.

Drew, Michael, Market Square.

Gallagher, James, Main Street.

M'Cormick, John, Church Lane.

Tallow Chandlers.

Blake, John, Market Square.

Miller, John, Main Street.


Hart, Edward, The Bridge.

Keenahan, Edward, The Bridge.

Watch and Clock Makers.

Banko, John, Cumberland St.

Lynn, Michael, Cumberland Sq.

Morgan, George, Main Street.

Ryall, George, Main Street.

Wool Combers.

Galvin, John, Main Street.

Hackett, Thomas, Graveyard St.

Madden, Wm., Market Square.


Ashfield, James, Gunsmith, Connaught Street.

Carroll, William, Silversmith,Castle Street.

Dooly, Patrick, Cabinet Maker,Duke Street.

Elliott, George, Dyer, Moorpark Street.

Legge, Thomas, Coroner, and Secretary to the Grand Jury.

Meade, Robert, Merchant, Cumberland Street.

Murphy, J., Haberdasher, Main Street.

Read, Wm., Timber Merchant, The Green.

Smallman, Thos., Hatter, Duke Street.

Winter, Robert, Leather Seller, Main Street.

The Early History - of the town of Birr, or Parsonstown the 
particulars of remarkable events there in more recent times. 
Also the towns of Nenagh, Roscrea, Banagher, Tullamore, 
Philipstown, Frankford, Shinrone, Kinnetty and Ballyboy.