Will: McKenna, Philip April 1, 1826

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: April 1, 1826
Recorded: March 29, 2018

Willville Monaghan Aprl 1st 1826
I Philip McKenna being of perfect mind and health do make 
this my last Will and Testament 1st I leave my Brother 
William McKenna six hundred pounds Stir with the £440 he 
owes me and my Gold Watch 2nd I leave my Sister Ellen 
McKenna six hundred pounds Stir with the farm Stock House & 
funrniture during her life and at her death And at her death 
to my Nephew Philip McKenna of Drogheda in case of his death 
to his brother Wm McKenna 3rd I leave my Sister Mary Stanley 
five hundred pounds Stir to be kept at Interest during her 
life and at her death to her Daughter Mary Anne should she 
die without Issue to her Sister Eliza's Children & do 
appoint Willm McKenna & Charles Higgins to act for her as 
Trustees 4 I leave my Sister Anne McClean five hundred 
pounds Stir 5th I leave my Nephews Philip McKenna five 
hundred pounds & to his brother Willm McKenna three hundred 
pounds & to my Nieces Mary & Ellen McKenna three hundred 
pounds each (all of Drogheda) I do appoint Willm McKenna & 
Charles Higgins to act as Trustees and to pay them when they 
think proper or when fit to receive it 6th I leave my 
Brother Jas McKinna's Children One hundred pounds Stir each 
for their Education and do appoint W McKenna & Chs Higgins 
Trustees to pay them the Interest & the principal when 
proper 7th I leave my Niece Mary Anne Stanley two hundred 
pounds Stir to Cancel a Bond due to her by my late Brother 
Francis 8th I leave my natural Son James McKenna one 
thousand pounds Stir my Cloaths and Writing Desk & desire 
five hundred pounds of it be kept in the funds for his use 
untill it appears proper for his Trustees to give him the 
whole sum & do appoint Wm McKenna & Charls Higgins to act as 
Trustees 9th I leave my natural Daughter Ellen McKenna of 
Tobago the use of five Negroes during her life & their Issue 
& at her death to her Children equally & if she died without 
Issue the said five Negroes with their Issue & increase to 
return to me and my heirs Viz. Allick Mary Louis Daphney 
Kitty Mary & Ellinor the woman Elberner I leave to Miss 
Maryan for her long attention to my Daughter I leave my 
Daughter two hundred pounds to be paid her at my death and 
do appoint as Trustees for her Ebenr Duncan M.D. Jas 
Aitcheson and her brother Jas McKenna 10th I leave my Nephew 
Ch Higgins £50 Stir to buy a Watch 11th I leave the Interest 
two hundred pounds Stir in the funds for ever for the 
education of the Poor of the Parish of Monaghan & do appoint 
the Catholick Bishop & parish priest for the time being as 
Trustees for said purpose I do appoint Wm McKenna Doctor 
McClean Jas Stanley and Chares Higgins to be my Lawfull & 
true Executors to this my last Will and Testament given 
under my hand & seal this first day of April 1826 Witness 
Jas McArdle Codicil I hereby expressly desire that should my 
property not amount as well as I wish from bad debts or 
otherwise that my two natural Children within mentioned be 
paid their Legacies in full and the other Legatees in 
proportion to the principal Philip McKenna
(Personal Appearance by Christopher Allen of Lower Sloane 
Street Chelsea Gentleman and George Smith Cundell of Great 
Winchester Street London Gentleman who knew Philip McKenna 
formerly of the Island of Tobago and late of Willville in 
the County of Monaghan but of the City of Dublin some years 
before and down to the time of his death 22 September 1829) 
Proved at London with a Codicil 25 September 1829
PCC Prob11/1760