Will: Brannan, John January 2, 1805

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: January 2, 1805
Recorded: September 24, 1811

In the Name of God Amen I John Brannan born in the Parish of 
Clones in the County of Monaghan in the United Kingdom of 
Ireland Seaman belonging to his Majesty's Ship Trident 
Thomas Surridge Esq Commander during the last part of my 
Servitude on board lying now dangerously Ill in the Navy 
Hospital Madras but being of sound & disposing memory do for 
avoiding controversies after my decease make publish & 
declare this to be my last Will & Testament in manner & form 
following vizt principally & first of all I recommend my 
Soul unto Almighty God who gave it me & my body I commit to 
the Earth or Water as the Lord shall so order it in hopes of 
a joyful resurrection at the last day & as for & concerning 
my Worldly Estate & Effects I give & bequeath to William & 
Teague Rork also to Margaret Rorke & to Mary Boyle in the 
Parish of Boyle & County of Roscommon in the United Kingdom 
of Ireland aforesaid all my pay or Wages Prize Money Smart 
Money short allowance money that is or may be hereafter due 
& owing to me from his Majesty's Ship Trident upon this 
positive condition the above named William Rork first paying 
to Edward Greyden my Ship Mate & who now attends me in the 
Navy Hospital Madras the sum of twenty Pounds Sterling for 
his kind & friendly treatment to me I also give & bequeath 
to Edward Greyden aforesaid all my Clothes Wearing Apparel 
Bed & Bedding & other Property that may be found about me at 
the time of my decease & the said Edward Greyden to take & 
convert the same to his own use I also give & bequeath to 
the said Edward Greyden my share of Prize Money for HMS Ship 
Rattlesnake            Cramer Esq Commander for the Capture 
of a French Brig sometime Captured about the latter end of 
September 1803 in the India Seas I hereby nominate & appoint 
the aforesaid William Rork & Edward Greyden my joint Exors 
of this my last Will and Testament revoking all former Wills 
by me made ratifying and confirming this & no other to be my 
last Will & Testament In testimony of which I have hereunto 
set & put my hand & seal in the Navy Hospital Madras this 
second day of January one thousand eight hundred & five the 
mark of John Brannan
(Attestation Clause)
J Veitche _ John Underwood Surgeon
Proved at London 27th September 1811 by the Oath of Edward 
Greyden power reserved to other Executor
PCC Prob11/1525