Meath - Wills: Maher, Thomas November 2, 1854

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File contributed by: Rosalind Dunning September 20, 2017, 2:30 pm


Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: November 2, 1854
Recorded: September 20, 2017

In the Name of God Amen I Thomas Maher of Clownstown in the
Coy of Meath do make and publish this my last Will and
Testament in manner following hereby revoking all former
Wills by me at any time heretofore made I give & devise to
my Wife Emily Maher an annuity yearly rent charge or annual
sum of sixty five pounds the same to be paid and payable to
her during the term of her life by two equal half yearly
payments on every first day of May and first day of November
in each year the first half yearly payment thereof to be
made on whichever of said days shall first happen after my
decease the said annuity or yearly ... charge to be free of
legacy duty income tax and all other charges and to be
charged upon and payable out of the lands at Rathcarren in
the County of Meath held by me in fee simple I make this
demise to my said dear Wife in lieu of any provision made by
me for her by any Settlement executed on our intermarriage I
declare that in case the said Emily Maher shall for any time
reside with any of my Sons at Clownstown the said annuity
shall not be paid or payable during such residence I give
and devise all my estate and interest in the said land at
Rathcarren subject to the payment of the said annuity and
all other real and freehold property I may die possessed of
or entitled to unto my Nephews Edward Cullen of Garrardstown
and Garrett Cullen of Tara both in the County of Meath and
to the survivor of them and to the heirs and assigns of such
survivor and I also give and bequeath unto the said Edward
Cullen & Garrett Cullen and the survivor of them and the
executors and administrators of such survivor All my
Personal Property including my interests in lands held for
terms of years or from year to year or at will Upon Trust
however as to all said properties real freehold & Personal
Interest for my four sons in such shares & proportions and
subject to such restrictions & limitations as the said
Edward Cullen and Garrett Cullen or the survivor of them
shall by ay deed or instrument in writing with or without
power of revocation to be by them or him sealed in the
presence of one or more credible witness or witnesses or as
the said survivor shall by his last Will and Testament
direct & appoint and for want of such direction then the
whole of such freehold real & personal property to my four
Sons or the survivors or survivor of them or at the death of
the survivor of the said Edward Cullen and Garrett Cullen in
equal shares & proportions I nominate and appoint the said
Edward Cullen and Garrett Cullen Trustees and Executors of
this my last Will and Testament and Guardians of my minor
children In Testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my
name this 2nd Novr in the year of our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and fifty four _ Thomas Maher
(Attestation Clause)
Patrick O'Connor _ John Kelly
Proved 8 September 1855 to Edward Cullen of Gerrardstown
Dunshaughlin and Garrett Cullen of Tara Hall Tara both in
Proved at London 4 February 1856
PCC Prob11/2227