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Funeral Entries
KATHERIN daughter of Sr ROBERT NEWCOMEN Knt and Wife to the
right reverand Father in God ANTHONY Ld Bishop of Meath by
whome she had Issue 11 Sonns and 5 Daughters (viz ROBER
MARTYNE eldest son who dyed younge LANCELOTT the 2d Son
CHARLES 3d Son ANTHONY 4th Son JAMES 5th Son who died young.
 HENRY 6th Son, BENJAMYNE 7th Son both Twines which
BENJAMYNE died an Infant, THOMAS 8th Son, JAMES 9th Son
WILLIAM 10th Son & JOHN 11th Son who died young all as yet
unmarried, LETTICE Eldest Daughter married to LAWRENCE
DOWDALL Eldest Son of EDWARD DOWDALL of Mountaine in the
County of Meath Esqr ANN 2d Daughter who died young,
KATHERIN 3d Daughtr JUDITH 4th Daughter and JANE 5 daughr
all 4 as yet unmarried, Wch Sd first mentioned KATHRIN
departed this mortal Life at Dublin the 8th Day of March
1641 and Interr'd wth Scutcheons in St Katherins Church
Dublin, the tenth day.  The truth of the premisses is
testified by the Subscription of the said Rt Revd Father in
God ANTHONY Lord Bishop of Meath who hath recordd this
Certifficat into my Office to be there recordd by me THOMAS
PRESTON Esqr Ulvester King of Armes this 17th of March 1641.
                                 ANTH: MIDENSIS:

Charles T. Lamacraft, Association for the Preservation of the
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland, 1910