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File contributed by: Mary Heaphy


Simon Strong Mullafin, Meath, Gent.
Took the Oath before James Brabazon, Dec. 15th 1775.

Baronies of Upper and Lower Duleek, 11th Dec. 1775.

Richard Aylmer, PP of Stan-Mullin and Vicar General of the
Diocese of Meath, residing therein.
William Coleman, Ballytray, Farmer.
James Mackey, of Ninch, Farmer.
Ignatius Farrell, Ballyboy, Farmer.
George Ennis, Clarestown, Farmer.
John Murphy, Rogerstown, Farmer.
John Tuite, Minittstown, Farmer.
Richard Callaghan, Smithstown, Farmer.
William Boylan, Legdoorey, Farmer.
Cornelius Dempsey, Stanmullen, farmer.
Nicholas Pentony, Gormanstown, Farmer.
Pat. Caulfield, Demanestown, Farmer.
Nicholas Rafferty, Millmurderry, Farmer.
Thomas Caulief, Demanestown, Farmer.
Brian McEnally, Brierlays, Farmer.
Patrick McEnally, Sarsfieldstown, Farmer.

Given under my hand this 11th day of December, 1775.
James Brabazon.

The Honorable Joseph Barnwall.
Const. Geoghegan, Kells, Doctor of Physic.
Con. O'Neill, Rathcarron, Gent.
John Dease Reilly, Athboy, Merchant.
Mat. Duffy, Athboy, Merchant.
John Reilly, Athboy, Gent.
James Brackan, Athboy, Innholder.
Philip O'Reilly, Athboy. Chandler.
Thomas Barry, Athboy, Farmer.
Nicholas O'Flinn, Athboy, Grocer.
Peter Hughes, Athboy, Linen Merchant.
Jos. Beg. Athboy, Merchant.
James Hart, Williamstown, Gent.
Bryan Hart, Clonmore, Gent.
Jos. Dowdall, Athboy, Gent.
Sil. Byrne, Athboy, Gent.
John Moore, Higginstown, Gent.
Owen Connell, Athboy. Tobacconist.
James Flynn, PP, Athboy.
Will. Piers, Castletown, Gent.
George Weldon, Athboy, Shoemaker.
James Weldon, Athboy Distiller.
James Taylor, Frain Castle, Gent.
Philip Kennedy, Athboy, Farrier.

I, Joseph Higgins, of Higgins-Brook, in the County of
Meath, Esq. certify that the several persons whose names
appear here, took and subscribed the Oath of Allegiance, on
the 23rd of Nov. last in the town of Athboy in said County.
Joseph Higgins.

Anthony Cruise, of Spiddal,}
Francis Cruise, Rathhood,  } Both in said County, Esqrs.

Sworn before me the 19th Dec. 1775.
John Fleming.

Richard Mooney, Grangeboyn

I Joseph Higgins, of Higginsbrook, County Meath, one of
the Justices of the Peace for said County, certify the above
person took the Oath of Allegiance 20th day of Dec. 1775.
Jos. Higgins.

Joseph Cruise, Cruistown, Esq.
Robert Balf, Gregg, Gent.
Peter Cruise, Moydorah, gent.
John Balf, Cloghreah, Gent.
Christopher Balf. Cloghreah, Gent.

I certify that the above named persons came before me the
16th day of Dec. 1775, and voluntarily took the oath of
allegiance. John Fleming, Justice of the Peace.

Nicholas Purfield,(Pursield)? Ardcath, Meath.
W. Dillon, Menanstown, Esq.
John Gargan, Milltown, Farmer.
James Ennis, Fennner, Farmer,
Bartle Ennis, Fenner, Farmer.
Peter Dillon, Mananstown, Distiller.
C. Curtis, Harmontown.

Sworn before me this 20th day of Dec. 1775
J.A. Somerville.

Christopher Murphy, Ballinlough, Gent.
Walker Brady, Patrickstown.
Charles Reilly, Ballinrink.
Christopher O'Reilly, Old Castle, Gent.
Edward Reilly, Old Castle, MD.
George Hanover Murphy, Old Castle, Gent.

The above is an Account of such persons as have, before
me, one of the Justices of the Peace for the Counties of
Meath and Westmeath, taken the Oath of Allegiance the 20th
Dec. 1775.
James O'Reilly.

William Allen, PP, Trim.
James Hughes, Trim, Merchant.
Philip Reilly, Trim, Brewer.
John Allen, Tullyard, Gent.
Robert Russell, Trim, Baker.

I Joseph Higgins, of Higginsbrook, Esq. One of his
Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County of Meath, do
certify that the above named persons, professing the Popish
Religion, did take the Oath of Allegiance before me in the
Town of Trim, on the 26th Day of December. 1775.
Jos. Higgins.