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Owner Name			Owner Residence-1873-75
McArdle, Eliza			xxxx				xxxx
McArdle, James			Commons				Navan
McArdle, John			Commons				Navan
McCabe, Bryan J.		Doghty				Ratoath
McCabe, Felix			xxxx				Kingstown, co. Dublin
McCann, James			Castlemartin			Navan
McCann, John			Beaumont			Duleek
McCann, Joseph			Herberton			Blackrock, co. dublin
McCartney, George..[Reps.Of]	Lisnanore Castle		co. Antrim
McCartney, Margaret		Balrath				Drumconrath
McCausland, Rev. Marcus		Birr, Parsontown		King's County
McConkey, Robert		Stagreenan			Drogheda
McCourt, John			Boolies				Duleek
McCullen, John			xxxx				Painestown
McCullin, James			Benbeg				Drogheda
McCullin, James			Duleek-st.			Drogheda
McDermott, Thos...[Reps.Of]	xxxx				Wicklow
McDonnell, Francis		Dunfierth			Enfield, co. Kildare
McDonnell, Jane			Gaskintown			Duleek
McDonnell, Richard		Gaskintown			Duleek
McDougall, William		xxxx				xxxx
McDougall, William		xxxx				xxxx
McEvoy, Edward			Tobertynan			Rathmoylan
McEvoy, Maria			Stagreenan			Drogheda
McEvoy, Peter..[Reps.Of]	xxxx				Drogheda
McEvoy, Thomas			Balmarino			Drogheda
McGrath, C. B.			49 Denzille-st.			Dublin
McGrath, Edward			Drakerath, Carlanstown		Kells
McGrath, John			Kilmainham			Kells
McKay, William			14 Stephen's-green, North	Dublin
McKeever, Jane			Stephenstown			Navan
McKenna, Arthur H.		xxxx				Dieppe, France
McLaughlin, Dr.			Sydney Parade			Dublin
McMahon, Patrick		Cormeen				Bailieborough
McManus, James			xxxx				xxxx
McManus, Marcus..[Reps.Of]	xxxx				xxxx
McNally, James			Tullaghmedan, Dunsany		Navan
McVeigh, Ferdinand		Drewstown			Athboy
Madden, John T.			Ninch				Balbriggan
Madden, Nicholas		Branganstown			Summerhill
Magan, Mrs. E. G.		Killyon, Hill of Down		co. Westmeath
Magennis, Charles		Commons				Navan
Magennis, Michael		Commons				Navan
Magill, James, McGillicuddy	Beaufort			Killarney, co. Kerry
Magrane, Patrick		Commons				Duleek
Maguire, A. R.			xxxx				Dublin
Maguire, James			Commons				Duleek
Maguire, Lieut.-Colonel John	Newgrange			Drogheda
Maguire, Patrick		Fowlerstown			Bellewstown
Maher, James			Roestown			Dunshaughlin
Maher, John			Ballinkeel			Enniscorthy, co. Wexford
Maher, Patrick			Clownstown, Tara		Navan
Maher, William			1 St. John's-terace		North Circular-road
Mahon, James			Kilmainham			Kells
Mahon, Michael			Red Bog				Dunshaughlin
Mahon, Philip			Kilmainham			Kells
Maley, Michael			4 Fitzwilliam-sq., East		Dublin
Malone, Eliza			Fosterstown			Trim
Malone, Patrick			xxxx				Trim
Malton, Isabella		16 Great Cumberland-st.		Hyde Park, London, W.C.
Mangan, Michael			xxxx				xxxx
Mapas, Talbot			xxxx				England
Marsh, George			xxxx				Moate, co. Westmeath
Martin, Catherine		Commons				Duleek
Martin, John			Gardiner-st.			Dublin
Martin, Rev. Thomas		xxxx				Trim
Martin, Thomas			Flemingtown			Ratoath
Marthy, William			xxxx				xxxx
Massereene, Lord		Oriel Temple			Collon
Masterson, Hanna J.		1 Capel-street (Office)		Dublin
Mathews, James			Mount Hanover Ho.		Drogheda
Mathews, John			Mount Hanover Ho.		Drogheda
Mathews, Rev. Thomas		James-st.			Drogheda
Mathews, Thomas			xxxx				Annagor
Matthews, Patrick		Annagon				Drogheda
Maunsell, Geo. Woods		10 Merrion-sq.,	South		Dublin
Maxwell, J. W.			xxxx				Downpatrick
Maxwell, Robert P.		xxxx				Downpatrick
Mayne, Miss Mary		9 Belvidere-pl.			Dublin
Mayne, Rev. Wm. J.		xxxx				Dublin
Mayo, Earl of			Hayes				Navan
Meade, John			Rooskey				Drumconrath
Mealia, Nicholas		Fodeen, Tara			Navan
Meath, Lord Bishop  of 		Ardbraccan House		Navan
Meldon, Charles H.		25 Rutland-sq., North		Dublin
Metge, Peter Ponsonby		Athlumney			Navan
Metge, Rev. William		xxxx				Banbridge, co. Down
Michell, Mrs.			xxxx				Pultney, Bath, England
Miller, W. R.			3 Ashford-ter.			Ball's-bridgen Dublin
Mollan, John, [M.D.]		Fitzwilliam-sq.			Dublin
Molloy, Richard			xxxx				Trim
Moloney, William		xxxx				Thurles, co. Tipperary
Monaghan, Patrick		Commons				Navan
Montgomery, Alex. S.		Kilmore House, Balliver		Kells
Montgomery, John		xxxx				xxxx
Moore, Emily..[Reps.Of]		xxxx				Naas, co. Kildare
Moore, Rev. Henry		xxxx				Julianstown
Moore, James C.			xxxx				Carlow, co. Carlow
Moran, James			Fowlerstown			Bellewstown
Moran, John..[Reps.Of]		Fowlerstown			Bellewstown
Moran, Patrick			xxxx				Julianstown
Morgan, Patrick			Commons				Navan
Morgan, William			Flowerhill			Navan
Mountford, Archibald		xxxx				Dublin
Mullen, Catherine		Druncondra			Dublin
Mullen, Michael			Gaskintown			Duleek
Mulvey, Margaret		Red Bog				Dunshaughlin
Munkettrell, Anne		57 Percy-pl.			Dublin
Murland, William J.		Fitzwilliam-sq.			Dublin
Murphy, Mrs. Anne		xxxx				Banbridge
Murphy, Christopher		xxxx				Dunshaughlin
Murphy, Francis			Kilcairne			Navan
Murphy, George F.		The Grange, Dunsany		Navan
Murphy, James			xxxx				xxxx
Murphy, J. S. 			xxxx				Cork
Murphy, O'C. S.			Braymount			Laracor
Murphy, Patrick			Gaskintown			Duleek
Murphy, Richard			Trevet Grange			Dunshaughlin
Murphy, Thomas			xxxx				Dunshaughlin
Murphy, William			Mount Merrion			Stillorgan, co. Dublin
Murphy, William			xxxx				Dunshaughlin
Murray, Arthur G.		Ashfield			Slane
Murray, Captain			Cookstown			Enniskerry
Murray, Christopher		Commons				Navan
Murray, Rev. F. A.		xxxx				London
Murray, Richard			Commons				Navan
Murray, Thomas			xxxx				Tanderagee, Rathmoylon
Murray, William			xxxx				Dundalk
Murray, William			Dalystown			Trim
Murtagh, Bernard		Knockumber			Navan
Murtagh, Judith			Knockumber			Navan
Murtagh, Mary			Knockumber			Navan

Note: "Mc" names tramscribed from "M'" for ease in search

Extracted from - Return of Owners of Land In Ireland: A Summary for each Province
& For All Ireland. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of the Queen
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