Misc: Poll Money Ordinance of 1660/1661

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County Mayo  Sir Oliver S. George, Arthur Gore, James Cuff, 
Arthur Swanwick, Owen Vaughan, Henry Webb Esqs., Edward 
Hill, Anthony Harrisson, Joseph Bond, Francis Brent Gent, 
Francis Knight Esq; Henry Waddington High Sheriff.

Every person above age 15, according to status paid from 12 
pence to 8 pounds (Marquess paying highest)


An ordinance for the speedy raising of money for his 
Majesties Service March the I 1660 Ordered, that this 
Ordinance be forthwith Printed & Published.

Mat.[thew] Barry Clerk of the General Convention of Ireland

That Every Baronet shall pay six Pounds sterl.
That Every Knight shall pay four Pounds sterl.
That Every Esquire shall pay forty shillings sterl.
That Every Gentleman shall pay one Pound four shillings  sterl.
That Every Yeoman or chief farmer shall pay fourteen shillings sterl.
That Every Husbandman or petty farmer shall pay six shillings sterl.  ... (other
statuses were addressed)

For the county of Mayo the High Sherif, Sir Oliver S. 
George, Lt. Col. Arthur Gore, Cap. Arthur Swanwick, Sir 
Francis Jackson, Cap. Lewis Winkfield, Cornet John Crofton, 
Mr. Francis Knight, Mr. Robert Palmer, Cap. Joseph Bond, 
Cap. Henry Waddington, Philip Gullature, Thomas Knight, 
James Cuff, Esqs., Francis Brent, Cornet Robert Miller, 
Foulk Hughes, Cor. Philip Ormsby, John Ormsby.

Source: "Census of Ireland 1659" held at the Mesa Family 
History Center in Arizona