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January 7th 1792.

To his Excellency, John ,Earl of Westmoreland.

We, The Undernamed, His Majesty'S Most Dutiful And Loyal 
Subjects, Roman Catholics Of The County Of Mayo, Desirous At 
All Times To Declare Our Sentiments Of Loyalty To Our Most 
Gracious Sovereign, And Out Attachment To The Constitution.

Resolve, that firmly attached to our most gracious Sovereign 
and the Constitution of the Kingdom, and anxiously desirous 
to promote tranquillity and subjection to the laws, we will 
studiously avoid all measures which can either directly or 
indirectly tend to disturb or impede same, and will rely on 
the wisdom and benevolence of the Legislature, as a source 
from which we desire to obtain a further relaxation of the 
abovementioned laws. (Repeal of the laws affecting Roman 
Catholics in Ireland.)


BOURKE, Charles, Cloghangerah.

BOURKE, Edmond, Cloghangerah.

BOURKE, Gregory, Carrowkeel.

BOURKE, James, Castle-Bourke.

BOURKE, Joseph, Carrowkeel.

BOURKE, Michael, Ballyhaunis.

BOURKE, Patrick, Cloghangerah.

BOURKE, Richard, Ballyhaunis.

BOURKE, Thomas, Mayfield.

BROWN, Michael, Woodstock.

BROWNE, A.N. Breafy.

BROWNE, Denis, Lakeview.

BROWNE, George, Brownstown.

BROWNE, George, Jnr. Brownstown.

BROWNE, John, Brownstown.

BURKE, Francis, Becan.

BURKE, Joseph, Becan.

CANNON, James, Newportprat.

COGHLAN, Charles, Ballindangan.

COGHLAN, John, Brize.

COGHLAN, William, Brize.

CREANE, Augustine, Ballenvilla.

DALTON, Garret, Hawksted.

DALTON, Michael, Hawksted.

DILLON, Charles, Bohalus.

DILLON, John, Lung and Coogue.

DILLON, Richard, Ballaghderren.

DILLON, Thomas, Lessone.

DILLON, Thomas, Lung.

FITZGERALD, Ed. Castlebar.

FITZMAURICE, Mark Pat, Lagaturn.

FRENCH, Andrew, Rockfield.

FRENCH, Barth, Rockfield.

FRENCH, Francis, Bailentass?.

FRENCH, Francis, Cullane.

GARVEY, Michael, Cape of Good Hope.

GIBBONS, Jonathan, Newportprat.

GIBBONS, Pat, Newportprat.

GRADY, Michael, Carrobeg.

GRADY, Richard, Carrobeg.

GRADY, Richard, Tawrane.

HIGGINS, Charles, Westport.

HUGHES, Christopher, Ballaghderren.

HUGHES, Christopher, Ballyhaunis.

HUGHES, James, Ballaghderren.

JORDAN, James, Litinsker?.

JOYES, John, Oxford.

KELLY, Walter, Spotfield.

KELLY, William, Spotfield.

LYNCH, James, Cullen.

LYNCH, P. Clogher.

LYNCH, Peter, Moat.

McDONAGH, Charles, Huntsfield.

McDONNELl, Charles, Newportprat.

McDONNELl, Francis, Newportprat.

McDONNELL, Henry, Kitleen.

McDONNELL, John, Canannoun.

McDONNELL, Jos. Canannoun.

MADDEN, Andrew, Churchfield.

MADDEN, Henry, Churchfield.

MADDEN, Patrick, Churchfield.

MARTIN, Dominick, Westport.

MOORE, Henry, Ballintaff.

MORRIS, Edmond, Banada.

NOLAN, J, Logboy.

NOLAN, Patrick, Redhill.

NOLAN, William, Tulrahan.

O'MALLEY, Owen, Burrishool.

PHILLIPS, Edward, Clonmore.

PHILLIPS, Phil. Clonmore.

PHILLIPS, Thomas, Clonmore.

PLUNKETT, Walter, Ballaghderren.

PLUNKETT, Walter, Castlemore.

SWAILE, Eneas, Castlebar.

TAAFFE, Christopher, Woodfield.

TAAFFE, Edmond, Woodfield.

TAAFFE, Francis, Killedan.

TAAFFE, Henry, Killedan.

TAAFFE, James, Brook Lawn.

TAAFFE, Pat, Killedan.

TYRRELL, Christopher, Annagh.

*BURKE, John.

BOURKE, Peter.

BOURKE, Edmond.





SHERRIDAN, Michael, Jnr.

JENNINGS, Michael. All from Castlebar. *

24-1-1792. Hibernian Journal.

Note: "Mc" names transcribed from "M'" for ease in searching