Will: O'Donnell, Ignatius Patrick December 4, 1837

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: December 4, 1837
Recorded: September 13, 2017

Extracted from the Registry of Her Majesty's Court of 
Prerogative in Ireland

In the Name of God Amen I Ignatius P O'Donnell of sound mind 
and understanding do make this my last Will and Testament I 
bequeath my property share and share alike between my two 
sons Edward & William I bequeath to my daughter Eliza three 
hundred pounds which is to be paid by both my sons in equal 
proportions I entered those three hundred pounds as her 
marriage portion this to be paid in half yearly payments of 
ten pounds by each of my sons to commence the first day of 
March next to be vested in trustees hereafter to be 
mentioned for her use and benefit to be lodged in the 
Savings Bank for her and I further bequeath her the sum of 
twenty pounds a year for her support until the three pounds 
a foresaid be paid up I bequeath to Mary O'Brien should she 
outlive my Mother the benefit of the lease which my Mother 
now enjoys Mary O'Brien is to enjoy this during her own life 
after which it is to revert to my two sons & their heirs in 
equal proportions I bequeath to my daughter Elenor O'Donnell 
the sum of fifty pounds to be paid by my two sons Edward & 
William in equal proportions of twenty five pounds each this 
to be paid by Instalments of ten pounds a year for five 
years I bequeath to my brother Edward and his heirs that 
part of the farm of fayners which my father left him at the 
same rent and on the same terms which he held it under my 
father's will I bequeath to Mrs Carroll during her life the 
same annuity left her by my father this to revert in equal 
proportions to my two sons in case either of my two sons dye 
without issue I bequeath it to the surviving brother the 
entire of the farm should both dye without issue I bequeath 
the entire to my daughter Eliza should she also dye without 
issue I bequeath the entire to be divided I bequeath the 
entire to be divided between my brothers Andrew & Red & 
their heirs if they also dye without issue I bequeath the 
entire to my relation Revd John Coghlan I leave the money 
due to me by Mathew Coleman to be appropriated to the use of 
my children I appoint Mathew Coleman and the Revd John 
Coghlan my Executors and Guardians to my children I appoint 
those to collect all sums that may be due to me and to pay 
all my debts according as my means will allow them I P 
Signed sealed & delivered in our presence this fourth day of 
December one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven witness 
present _ John Bourke _ Patrick Heny _ Pat Berry
28 September 1841 Administration with Will annexed of the 
Goods Chattels and Credits of Ignatius Patrick O'Donnell 
late of Fahans in the County of Mayo in the Kingdom of 
Ireland to Edward O'Donnell the son Executors having 
PCC Prob11/1951