News: News Items from the Freeman's Journal April 2, 1817

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Michael Macnally, and Henry Crofton, soldiers of the 12th 
Foot, were indicted for the murder of Patrick Irwin, of 
Lisamskey, near Clare, by firing at and wounding him on the 
29th Aug last, of which he died on the 1st. Sept. The jury 
in this case gave the most merciful interpretation to the 
Law, by returning a verdict of manslaughter against Macnally 
and acquitting Crofton. Baron Smith sentenced Macnally to be 
imprisoned 12 months and to be burned in the hand., and 
lamented that the law did not permit him to inflict a 
heavier punishment, as he was disposed to view the 
prisoner's offence in the light of a cold blooded murder.

The trial of the six Philip's for the alleged murder of 
Lawrence O'Hara, are postponed until the next assizes.

In the Record Court, some two or three experiments in the 
shape of actions for damages were laid before the Lord Chief 
Baron. In one case a man of the name of Conway of Westport, 
who had been set in the stocks of that town by Geo. 
Clendming, Esq. for turbulent and contemptuous conduct, 
sought 1000/. In another case Theobald Allen, who had been, 
we believe, a clerk in the Mail Coach Office, of Westport, 
required compensation in damages from Owen O'Malley, and 
Connell O'Donel, Esqrs. for alleged assaults. Major O'Malley 
took defence and there was a verdict in his favour also. Mr. 
O'Donel, who is out of the Kingdom, suffered Judgement to go 
by default, damages must, therefore, have been awarded 
against him, and the jury under the direction of the learned 
Judge, gave a 5d. piece.