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File contributed by: Mary Heaphy

From A Book Called "Emigration From Ireland"
"Mr. Tuke'S Fund".

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Report of the Committee.

In concluding their first Report, more than a year ago, the 
Executive Committee of the above Fund expressed a hope that 
the Government might see their way to grant a sum of money 
to assist in carrying on the work of Emigration from the 
congested districts in the West of Ireland ; the Committee 
being " convinced that a vast amount of such work remained 
to be done, but that the necessary outlay would be beyond 
the means of any private society.

This hope was fortunately realised by the insertion in the 
Arrears Act of 1882, of a clause whereby a grant of £100,000 
was made to the Irish Executive for Emigration purposes. On 
the passing of that Act, the Committee were requested by the 
Lord Lieutenant to undertake the charge of certain districts 
in the West of Ireland ; and more than a quarter of the 
whole grant was placed at their disposal.

It will therefore suffice here to summarise the principles 
of action, namely : -

1. That the Emigration should be *' family " as distinct 
from " individual " emigration.

2. That no pressure of any sort should be put on the people 
to induce them to emigrate.

8. *That where they could afford it, the emigrants should be 
asked to contribute something towards the cost.*

4. That those only should be sent to the States who could 
produce recent letters from friends willing and anxious to 
receive them out there.

5. That the rest - where suitable - should be sent to 
Canada, either to the Government agents, or to the friends 
with whom the Committee were in communication ; and who had 
most kindly undertaken to receive some of the emigrants.

6. That each family should be booked through to their 
destination ; should receive a sum for landing money on 
arrival at the port ; and should be supplied with proper 
clothing and outfit.

The emigrants were nearly all sent by the steamers of the 
Glasgow " Allan " Line ; those from Oughterard and Clifden 
were embarked at Galway, and the Mayo emigrants at Blacksod 
Bay, near Belmullet, - and were landed at Boston or Quebec.

* Owing to the poverty of the people this was found almost 
impossible, and only about £320 was received from the Mayo, 
and about £50 from the Galway emigrants.

Belmullet E.D.				        
Townsland of Tallagh. 
Name					Disposal of Holding.
George Coleman,				Thomas Doherty, Landholder, S.T.
Edward Sherin,				Given to Landlord.
Frank Fleming,  			Taken by daughter.
Pat. Murphy,				Evicted.
Anthony Mills,				Evicted.
Bryant Shenlane				Evicted.	
Mick Caulfield.				Given to Landlord.
John Toole.				Given to Landlord.
Margaret Jennings.			Given to Landlord.
James Meenaghan.			Given to Landlord.
Pat Ginnelly				Given to Landlord.
Pat. Monaghan.				Given to Landlord.
Anthony Lavelle,			Given to Landlord.
Bridget Geraghty.			Given to Landlord.
Pat Gaynard.				To Richard Gaynard, Son.
Frank Cooney.				Given to Landlord.
James Caul.				Ned. O'Boyle, New Tenant.
Simon McNeila.				Given to Landlord.
Pat Cawley.				Given to Landlord.
Anne Gallagher.				Waste Land.
Patrick Moanghan.			O'Donohoe, Landowner. Given to Father-in-Law.

Townsland of Morahan.
Domnick Duggan.				Pat Reilly, Landholder.
Denis Ginnelly.				Possession given to Landlord.

Townsland of Aughaghassen.
Frank Logher. 				Frank Dixon, Landholder.
Hugh Monaghan.				Waste Land.
John O'Malley				Given to Landlord.
Thos. Reilly.				Given to Landlord.
William Belle.				Peter Hart. Landholder.
Thos. Davis.				William Murphy, New tenant.
Pat Coyle,				Anthony Coyle, Landholder.
Catherine Reilly.			Given to Landlord.
Mick Lavelle.				Anthony Lavelle. Landholder.
James Coyle.				Anthony Coyle. Landholder.
James Murphy.				David Lavelle. Landholder.
Pat Barrett.				John Cormick. Landholder.
Peter Barrett.				Pat Barrett. Landholder.
Pat Loftus.				Frank Dixon, Landholder.
Mick Murray.				Frank Dixon. Landholder.
John Tougher.				Given to Landlord.

Townsland of Ballyglass.
James Dinnery.				Given to Landlord.
Mary welshe.				Given to Landlord.

Townsland of Knockshambo.
Pat Dunleavy.				John Monaghan, Landholder.
Pat Sullivan.				John Sullivan, Landholder.

Townsland of Tourglass.
William Gallagher.			Anth. Murphy. Landholder.
Anthony Duggan.				Given to Landlord.
Michael Gaughan.			John Gaughan, Landholder.
Henry Gaughan.				Fred Carery, Landholder.
Thomas Rowan.				Fred Sheridan, Landholder.
John Tighe.				Given to Landlord.
John McEwan.				Ned. Gilbons?, Landholder.

Townsland of Corclough.
Ned Carey.				Honor Tighe. Landholder.
John Keane.				Pat Tighe. Landholder.
Peter Murphy.				James Gibbons, new tenant.
John Roach.				Patrick Gibbons, new tenant.

Townsland of Belmullet.
Edward Buttler.				Given to Landlord.
James Buttler.				Michael Manning. Landholder.
Bridget Dixon.				Mr. Rotchford. Landholder.

Townsland of Atchecunaun.
William Hopkins.			McNulty, Landlord.

North and South Binghamstown. E.D.
Townland of Ardmore.
Name					Disposal of Holding.
Julia Madden.				Given to Landlord.
Mick Kearns.				Given to Landlord.
John Padden.				Given to Landlord.
Mary Kearns.				Given to Landlord.
Thomas Barry.				Pat Lynch, Landholder.
Bridget Coloran.			Wm. Monaghan, Landholder.
Julia Geraghty.				John O'Boyle, Landholder.
John Tougher.				Given to Landlord.
Mary Joyce.				Martin Loughen, Landholder.
Pat Gaughan.				Martin Loughen, Landholder.

Townland of Carae.
Michael Costello.			John Costello, Landholder.
Mary Cafferty.				Anth. Heraghty. Landholder.
Martin Murray.	         		Waste Land.
John Barrett.				Waste Land.
Sarah Monaghan.	        		Given to Landlord.
Anthony Monaghan.			Owen McDonnell, Landholder.

Townland of Corroughhoy.
Edward Geraghty.	                J. Lavelle, Landholder.

Townland of Gladdery.
James Gilboy.				Evicted.

Townland of Emily Beg.
Charles Dunleavy.			Evicted.
John Gilboy.				Evicted.

Townland of Tarmon.
Mary McHale.				Given to Landlord.
Jack Keane.				Given to Landlord.
John Lavelle.				Given to Landlord.
John Phillips				Given to Landlord.

Townland of Elly. B. 
Pat Barrett.				Anthony Reilly, New Tenant.
Pat. Barrett, Anth.                     John Barrett, Landholder.
David McGorman.	                        Anth. Geraghty. Landholder.

Townland of Cross.
John Gallagher.				Anthony Rowan, Landholder.
Edward Gaughan.				Patrick Geraghty. Landholder.
Anthony Ginnelly.			Patrick Geraghty. Landholder.
James Wilson.				James Wilson, Landholder.
Anthony Kennedy.			Martin Kennedy. Landholder.
Domnick Gallagher.			Tom Barrett, Landholder.

Townland of Inishkea.
John Stephens.	                        John Lavelle, Landholder.
James Barrett.				Martin Walshe, Landholder.
John Barrett.				Waste Land.
John Meenaghan,	                        Waste Land.

Townland of Barnagh.
Alice Duggan.				Given to Landlord.
James Manning.	        		Given to Landlord.
Pat Lynche.				Given to Landlord.

Townland of Fllmore.
Owen Lavelle.		                Michael Lavelle. Landholder.

Townland of Devlane.
Pat. Lavelle.		                J. Gaughan, Landholder.

Townland of Innishgloria.
Mick Gilboy.				Waste Land.
Anthony Gaughan.			Waste Land.

Townland of Bitown North.
Peter Lavelle.				J. Linskey. Landholder.
Thomas Lavelle.	        		Given to Landlord.
Pat Barrett				Given to Landlord.
Mick Barrett.				Evicted.
Pat Dixon.				Evicted.

Townland of Mullagheoe.
Thomas Geraghty.	                Evicted.

Townland of Drum.
Anne Geraghty.	                        William Lougher, Landholder.

Townland of Monroughery.
Charles Keane.				Connor Keane. Landholder.
Winifred Connor				Waste Land.

Townland of Aughadoon.
Thomas Murphy.				Wm. Lavelle. Landholder.
Mick O'Boyle.				Wm. Lavelle. Landholder.

Townland of Clooneen.
Thomas Ruddy.				Evicted.
David Donohoe.				Evicted.
Mary Wills.				Evicted.
Charles Wills				Evicted.

Townland of Corclough.
John Monaghan.		                Alice McDonnell, Landholder.

Glencastle E.D.
Townland of Bunawillan.
John McCabe.				Evicted.
Ned Barrett.				Evicted.
John McAndrew.				Given by Landlord to John Gaughan. New Tenant.
Richard Gaughan.			Evicted.
John Carey.				Evicted.
Laurence Doocy.				Waste Land.

Townland of Glencastle.
Peter McAndrew.				Evicted.
John Mullowny.				Evicted.

Townland of Muingmore.
Patrick Cafferky.			Anth. Lenaghan. Landholder.
Patrick J. Reilly.			Anth. Lenaghan. Landholder.

Townland of Alt.
Domnick Barrett.		        Richard Barrett.

Townland of Shragh.
John Gaughan.				James Gaughan. Landholder.
Thomas McIntyre.			James Mullowny, New tenant.
Thomas Bourke.				Evicted.
Manus Cooney.				Evicted.
Mary Lally.				Waste Land.
Pat Mills.				Waste Land.
Peter Gaughan.				Given by Landlord to Pat. Gaughan.
Michael McGrath.			Henry Carty, new tenant.
Anthony Barrett.			Evicted.
Anthony Bourke.				Evicted.

Townland of Bunahouna.
Pat Hart.				Evicted.
Bridget Barrett.			Evicted.
Mary Deane.				Waste Land.
Patrick M'Manmon.			Evicted.

Townland of Derrycorrib.
Ned Gaughan.				Mick Carolin. Landholder.
Stephen Loughney.			Anth. David, Landholder.
Bridget Barrett.			Evicted.
Cath. Gaughan.				Pat Dixon, New Tenant.

Rath-Hill E.D.
Townland of Doolough.
Michael Padden				Given to Landlord.
Mary Divers.				Given to Landlord.
Michael Crane.				Henry Barrett, Landholder.
James Jordan.				Frank McNamara, Landholder.
John Gaughan.				Peter O'Malley, Landholder.
Anne M'Intyre.				Given to Landlord.
Mary Jordan.				Peter O'Malley, Landholder.
John Gaughan.				Martin henaghan, landholder.
John Cosgrave.				Pat Cosgrave. Landholder.
Phillip Heveran.			Given to Landlord.
Terry Sheerin    Roy.			Pat Galvey. Landholder. (Not sure if Roy is a towns land.)
Myles Lally.	 Carter. 		Pay Coyle, Landholder. (Not sure if Carter is a towns land.)

Townland of Geesala.
Cath. McGuire.				Evicted.

Townland of Dooyork.
Anthony Keane.				Michael Gruddy. Landholder.
Pat Mangan.				Evicted.
Richard Barrett.			Pay Coyle, Landholder.
Michael Sweeny				Pat Gallagher, Roy.
Ellen Walshe.				Evicted.

Townsland of Inver.
Domnick M'Intyre.			Anthony Monaghan, Landholder.
Ned Lavelle.				Thos. McGrath, Landholder.
John Cuffe (A)				Pat Cuffe, Landholder.
John Cuffe.				Anth. Noon. Lndholder.

Townland of Glengad.
Peter Murray.				Anthony O'Donnell, Landowner.

Townland of Knocknalower.
Bridget King.			        Evicted

Townland of Gortmellia.
Margaret Coyle.				In Landlord's possession.
Mary Cafferty.				Pat Cafferty, Landholder.
Anthony Curley.				In Landlord's possession.

Townland of  Burnaculla.
Martin Boylan.				Martin Boylan. Landholder.
Margaret Davite.			Domnic Monaghan, Landholder.
Michael Mills.				Mich. M'Donnell, Landholder.

Townland of Gortbrack.
Ned. Munnelly.				Terence Cormick. Landholder.
Thomas McGuire.				John Dooey, or Doocy, Landholder.
Michael Monaghan.			Ned McDonagh. Landholder. Inver.
Mick McDonagh.				Anth. Noon, Landholder, Inver.

Townland of Aughoose.
Michael McLane.				Terence Sheern, Landholder.
John McGarry.				Anth. McGarry, Landholder.

Townsland of Muings.	
Pat Lavelle.				Mary Dougherty.
Thomas Narey.				Waste Land.

Townsland of Runashunnagh.
John O'Hara.				Anth. Filhin.
Michael Cafferty. 			In Landlord's Hand.

Muingnaboe. E.D.
Townland of Rosport.
Martin Bourke.				Evicted.
James McDonnell.			Evicted.
Patrick Brogan.				Evicted.
John Gallagher.				Evicted.
John Hogan.				Evicted.
Owen Mulldowney.			Evicted.
Anne Corduff.				John McGrath. Landholder.

Townland of Portulin.
John Flannery.				Thos. McAndrew. Landholder.
Peter McAndrew.				Pat. McDonnelle. Landholder.

Townland of Muingnabo.
Pat Burke.				Pat Tighe. Landholder.

Knockadaff. E.D.
Townland of Carrownaghough.
Pat Garvin. 				Pat Mullowyn. Landholder.

Townland of Curranboy.
Walter J. Bourke.			Landlord.
James Hogan				Dominick Keane. New Tenant.
Denis Curley.				Pat Geaghty. Landholder.
William Judge.		                Anth. Gannon. Landholder.
Michael Cox.			        Peter McAndrew. Landholder.

Townland of Kilgalligan.
Anthony Monaghan.		          Pat Geraghty. Ludhldr. Curranboy.
BAROOSKY. E.D.				  
Pat McDonnelle.	        Bunalty.	  John McDonnelle, New Tenant.
Julia Coyle.		Clenarevagh.	  Given to Landlord.
Thomas Moran.	        Shanaploye.	  Michael Moran. Landholder.
John Ruddy.		Lenerevagh.	  Pat. Doherty. Landholder.
Honor Doherty. 	        Poolboy.	  Thomas Doherty. Landholder.
GLENAMOY. E.D.                            
Pat Deane.		Muinginaune.	  Held by wife.
Pat Deane.		Glenamoy.	  Evicted.
Patrick Rowan.	        Bally-Gally South Terry Rorvan. Landholder.
COOLAMORE E.D.                            
James McIntyre.	Tristia.		  Thomas Donoughee.
BANGOR E.D.                               
Patrick Sweeney.	Atliwalla.	  Rev. J. Durcan. P.P.
NEWPORT UNION.                            
CONAUN E.D.                               
John Cathigan.	        Calnahardia.	  Given to Landlord.		
John Cooney.		Tonragee.	  Michael Cooney. Landlord.	
Harry Joyce.		Tonragee.	  Mich. M'Guinty, Landholder.	
Maud Joyce.		Tonragee.	  Pat Currigan, Landholder.	
Mary Gallagher.	        Knocknamoona.	  Given to Landlord.
Julia Cattigan.		Knocknamoona.	  Frank Sweeny. Landholder.
John Lavelle.		Knocknamoona.	  Rev. Mr. Fitzgerald. Landholder.
Pat Masterson.		Mewillan.	  Waste Land.
Maria Heaveran.	        Mewillan.	  Waste Land.	
Mary Cattigan.	        Mewillan.	  Owen Gallagher. Landholder.	
James Lyncheron.	Mewillan.	  Frank Sweeny.  Landholder.	
Bridget Masterson.	Mewillan.	  Peter Gallagher. Landholder.	
Pat. Caine.		Polranny.  S	  
James Gallagher.	Polranny.  S	  James Gallagher. Landholder.	
Frank Sweeny.		Polranny.  S	  J. Dixon. New Tenant.	
DOOEGA E.D.                               
Denis Gallagher.	Meelan.		  John Cafferty. Landholder.
Michael McGuinty.	Meelan.		  Waste Land.
Mick Kerrigan.	Draheens.		  Michael Kerrigan, Landholder.
Catherine McNeila.	Dereen.		  Hugh Patten, New tenant.
Thomas Corrigan.	Dereen.		  Anias Gallagher, New Tenant.
Pat McLoughlin.  	Dereen.		  Ned Sheridan, New Tenant.
Michael Masterson.	Dooega.		  Evicted.
Mary Kilbane.		Dooega.		  Bryan Kilbane, New Tenant.
Michael Lavelle.	Dooega.		  Michael Lavelle. New Tenant.
Eileen Cleary.		Dooega.		  Andrew Mullry. Landholder.
Michael Doogan.  	Gowlaun.	  Michael Kilbane. New Tenant.
Anthony Ginnelly.	Dooega.		  John Doogan, New Tenant.
ACHILL E.D.                               
Pat Gallagher.		Cashell		  Michael Gallagher. Landholder.
Michael Cafferty.	Cashell.	  John Cafferty. Landholder.
Mary Gallagher.	        Cashell.	  Michael Gallagher. Landholder.
Martin Campbell.	Saula.		  Edward Gallagher. Landholder.
SLIEVEMORE. E.D.                          
Bridget Graven.	        Keel.		  Michael Ruddy. Landholder.
John Barrett.		Dooagh.		  Anthony Grady.  Landholder.
John Lavelle.		Dooagh.		  Patrick Lavelle. Landholder.
Michael Grealis.	Doogort.	  Thomas Staunton. Landholder.
Owen Grealis.		Doogort.	  Given to Landlord.
John Maughan.	        Doogort.	  Given to Landlord.
Martin Gallagher.	Doonever.	  Martin O'Malley. Landholder.
Anthony McGuinty.	Doonever.	  Given to Landlord.
Owen Gallagher.	        Doonever.	  Pat Carton. Landholder.
Mich McGuinty.	        Doonever.	  Michael Lavelle. Landholder.
Catherine Gallagher.    Doonever.	  John Gannon, Landholder.
Bridget Mulloy.	        Doonever.	  Waste Land.
Nancy Lavelle.	        Keel.		  John Lavelle. Landholder.
Bryan Navin.		Innishbegle.	  Michael Grealis. Landholder.
Thomas Navin.	        Innishbegle.	  Mary Navin. Landholder.
Thomas Donnelly.	Innishbegle.	  A. O'Malley. Landholder.
Owen Doran.		Innishbegle.	  M. Langham. Landholder.
Mary Murphy, 	        Saula		  Owen Murphy. Landholder.
Townsland of Toneytonvally.               
Bryan McManmon.				  Given to Landlord.
Hugh McLoughlin.			  Dominick McLoughlin. Landholder. 
James Doogan				  Given to Landlord.
Michael English				  Given to Landlord.
John Coolichan.				  Given to Landlord.
James Henne.				  Given to Landlord.
Pat O'Boyle.				  Anth. McMammon, New Tenant.
Grace McMammon.				  Michael McMammon, New Tenant.
Honor Henne.				  Sibby Henne, Landholder.
Bridget McDonough.			  Given to Landlord.
NEWPORT WEST E.D.                         
Martin Kelly		Rostruck	  Given to Landlord.
John Kelly.		Rostruck.	  Given to Landlord.
Mick Grehan.		Derrycooldrin.	  Given to Landlord.
Pat Kerrigan.		Corrowsallagh.	  R.V. Stoney, Landlord.
William Chambers. 	Corrowsallagh.	  Bridget Noble. Landholder.
Mary Welsh.		Corrowsallagh.	  Pat Gallagher, Landholder.
Dominick Moran.	        Knockmanus.	  Michael Moran, Landholder.
William Chambers.	Knockbrega.	  Thomas O'Boyle, Landholder.
Thomas McLoughlin.	Roskeen.	  John Moran, Landholder.
Margaret Malley.	Newfield.	  Pat. Kain, Landholder.
Thomas Gravin.	        Sandhill.	  Pat McCann. Landholder.
Dan Conway.		Mobranny.	  John Moran. Landholder.
John Mulloy.		Mobranny.	  Neal O'Donnell, Landholder.
Thomas Masterson.	Mobranny.	  Given to Landlord.
Mick Farry.		Murrevagh.	  Michael Gorman, Landholder.
Pat Gorman. 		Murrevagh.	  Pat Carolan, Landholder.
Pat Masterson.		Murrevagh.	  Michael Carolan, Landholder.
Mick Mulloy.		Murrevagh.	  Given to Landlord.
Pat Malley.		Rosgallive.	  Given to Landlord.	
John Garvey.		Rosgallive.	  Given to Landlord.
Mick Mulloy.		Rosgallive.	  Given to Landlord.	
Mick Kaine.		Rosgallive.	  Given to Landlord.