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     WESTPORT is a seaport and market town in the parish of 
OUGHAVAL, barony of Murrisk, county of Mayo, 161 miles w. 
from Dublin, 28 s. by w. from Ballina, 10 s.w. from 
Castlebar, and about 7 s. from Newport; situated at the 
south eastern extremity of Clew bay, and at the mouth of a 
small river, which falls into that part of it forming the 
harbour of Westport – a name derived from its situation on 
the western coast. The town, which is of modern date, and is 
lighted with gas and supplied with water, consists of 
several streets and a mall of neat houses. The approach from 
Castlebar is singularly beautiful, being enriched with the 
well-planted desmesne of the Marquess of Sligo (who is 
proprietor of the town), and commanding a fine view of Clew 
bay, studded with picturesque islands, and the lofty 
mountains of Nephin, Achill, Enis, and Croagh-Patrick - the 
latter might eminence celebrated as the annual resort of 
penitents. The trade of the port has declined considerably 
during the last few years. The exports comprise grain - 
principally oats, together with oatmeal and flour. The 
imports consist of timber, foreign wheat, wines, spirits, 
tea, sugar, and various goods of British production. A 
brewery, belonging to Mr. Livingstone; two branch banks (the 
Ulster, and Bank of Ireland), and an admirably-conducted 
hotel are the chief business establishments. The general 
sessions of the peace are held here in January, April, June 
& October, and petty sessions are every Thursday. These 
courts are held in the court house, a neat substantial stone 
building. The Protestant Episcopal church is a handsome 
stone structure, in the ancient Gothic style, erected at 
considerable cost, the nobleman previously mentioned being 
the city donor. On the Mall is a spacious Roman Catholic 
church in the Gothic style, erected by subscription in 1813. 
The Wesleyan Methodists have a chapel at this spot; and the 
Presbyterians have also a place of worship. The 
neighbourhood of Westport is the residence of many 
respectable families, and some of the mansions are placed in 
situations of great beauty, commanding extensive views of 
Clew bay, with its many Islands; the bay is a favourite 
resort for visitors in the summer season for bathing. The 
market, a wel lattended one for linen, corn, provisions, 
&c., is held on Thursday. Fairs: January 1st, March 21st, 
May 22nd, August 6th, September 22nd, and November 1st. In 
1861 the population of the parish was 8,802, and in 1871, 
7,906 (including the portion called Quay Town); at the 
latter date Westport numbered 4,417 inhabitants. NEWPORT, or 
Newport-Pratt, is a market and post town and seaport, in the 
parish and barony of BURRISHOOLE, county of Mayo, 169 miles 
w. from Dublin, 11 1/2 N.W. from Castlebar, and 7 N. from 
Westport, situated at the extremity of Clew bay, on the 
north bank of Newport river, whic, together with that of the 
Burrishoole, also flowing through the parish, abound with 
salmon. The first-named river is crossed by a good stone 
bridge, and there are weirs constructed on both streams for 
the purposes of the fishery, which is pursued here 
advantageously and the produce, after supplying the 
neighbourhood, contributes largely to the Dublin and inland 
markets. The exports consist chiefly of grain and oatmeal; 
for the latter there is a considerable mill contiguous to 
the town. The imports, since the removeal of the 
custom-house to WEstport, have become inconsiderable. The 
channel here is deemed perfectly safe, being unobstructed by 
 bars or sand-banks, and vessels of 250 tons burthen can 
come up the quay. It is also admirably adapted for sea 
bathing, and it becomes the resort of families of 
distinction during the season, Sir George O'Donnell, Bart., 
who is proprietor of the town, has greatly improved it, as 
well as the land in the neighbourhood, which naturally is 
remarkably productive. The same gentleman, in connection 
with some of the merchants here, erected the pier. The town, 
though small, has a very neat and clean appearance. The 
houses in the principal street are uniformly lofty, and 
substantially built, and its shops are well stored with all 
local requisites. There is an hotel and posting house. In a 
small court house petty sessions are held every alternate 
Tuesday. The places of worship are a Protestant Episcopal 
church, a Roman Catholic church, a church for Presbyterians 
and a Wesleyan Methodist chapel. The church, situated in the 
highest part of the town, is a modern structure, the 
interior neatly fitted and furnished with a gallery, in 
whcih there is a small organ. There are two National 
schools. Newport House, the residence of Sir George 
O'Donnell, Bart., J.P., D.L., is contiguous to the town. 
About a mile to the south-east is Carrickaneady, one of the 
castles said to have been built by the Burkes. About two 
miles from the town is the extensive and beautiful ruin of 
Burrishoole Abbey; and three miles distance, on the 
sea-shore, is Rockfleet Castle, a small square fortress, 
said to have been erected by Grana-Uile, better known as 
Grace O'Malley, and celebrated for her maritime exploits. 
The surrounding scenery is of the most picturesque 
character. There is an uninterrupted view of the Clew Bay 
island, said to be 365 in number. The mountains abound with 
game, and seal shooting along the coast is much pursued. The 
market, an exceedingly well attended one, is held on 
Tuesday. Fairs: June 8th, August 1st, November 11th, and 
December 20th. The parish of Burrishoole contained in 1861, 
6,318 and in 1871, 6,100 inhabitants, of which number the 
town contained 851.

POST OFFICE, High Street, WESTPORT, William Hildebrand, Post 
Master - Letters from Dublin, England, &c., arrive at 
forty-five minutes past three morning and ten minutes past 
four afternoon, and are despatched thereto at nine morning 
and thirty minutes past eight evening.

Letters are despatched to Galway and Sligo (via Mullingar) 
at two afternoon. Money Order and Telegraph Office and 
Savings Bank.

POST OFFICE, NEWPORT - Letters arrive from all parts (from 
Westport) at seven morning and are despatched thereto at 
seven evening. Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings 


Atkinson Captain ____, Mulranny, Newport
Allman Mr. Thomas, James st
Barber Mr. William, Doolough House
Bland Mr. William, High st
Barne Captain Philip, Melcombe House
Bellingham Sir Allen, Sheeanmore, Newport
Browne Right Hon. Lord John T., Westport
Browne Mr. Thomas, The Quay
Buchanan Robert, Esq., J.P. (and barrister-at-law), Prospect
Burke John, Esq, Octagon
Burton Dr Thomas, Rosbeg
Callaghan Mr. Cornelius, Newport
Carleton Major W.H. Rochfleet
Carr John, Esq, Meelan, Achill
Cather Venerable John, Archdecon of Tuam, The Glebe
Caulfield Rev. Patrick, South mall
Cavan The Right Hon. The Earl of, Tontavally, Achill
Clive Colonel ____, Claggan House, Newport
Davies Hugh, Esq., Newport
Davies Mr. James, Newport
Dennison Mr. William, Castlebar st
Dickens Charles S.S., Esq, J.P. Currane House, Newport
Douglas Rev. Francis, South mall
Egan Mr. John, Wood cottage
Garvey Mr. Francis C. Murrisk Abbey
Garvey James, Esq. Tully
Gibbons Stephen, Esq., J.P. South mall
Hodgson Henry, Esq., Newport
Johnston Rev. Samuel, Newport
Johnstone Alexander, Esq., M.D. North mall
Keegan Rev. George S, Newport
Kelly John William, Esq., J.P., St. Helen's
Kennedy Victor C. Esq., J.P. Burreshoole House, Newport
Laprimandays Captain Charles H, Treenlaur
Livingstone William, Esq., The Lodge
Lynch Mr. Eustace, James st
M'Cormack Rev. Francis, South mall
M'Donnell James C., Esq. (sub-sheriff for Mayo), Clunar Lodge
M'Hale Rev. John, c.c. Newport
M'Kinstray Rev. Joseph, Cstlebar st
Malley Alexander E, Esq. Srahnamanragh, Newport
Muir George Alexander J, Esq, harbour House, The Quay
Mulock George C, Esq. Altymount st
Nixon Claudius Esq, Kilbride
O'Donell Sir George, Bart, Newport House
Osborne Mr. John G., North mall
Owen Henry Lindsay, Esq. Rosbeg
Peaton Mrs. Anne, North mall
Pike William, Esq., J.P. Glenderry, Achill
Pim Jonathan, Esq. Russenrubble
Prendergast Rev. Richard, P.P. Newport
Prince Stephen F., Esq. Cloggan, Newport
Scott Mr. Matthew, Greenhills
Simes Nathaniel C, Esq, J.P., Raigh, Newport
Sligo the Most Noble the Marquess of, Westport House
Smith John Sydney, Esq. Cloghan pk
Smithwick Robert H, Esq, Newport
Stoney Robert Vesey, Esq. J.P. Rostura Castle, Newport
Stuart Mr. Andrew, North mall
Weldon Rev. George, Keen, Newport
Wilbraham Hugh, Esq. J.P. Oldhead House
Wyse Major Arthur, R.M. Military Barrack


Browne Olive (ladies'), Castlebar st
Christian Brothers' School, Castlebar st
Industrial School, Fair green - The Sisters of Mercy, supers.
Newport road - Francis Kirkpatrick, master
Fair green - The Sisters of Mercy
The Quay (St. Patrick's)- Maria Mullin, mistress
Newport - John Kelly, master
Newport - J. M'Manus, master

Bland William (to Lord John T. Browne), High st
Duffy Michael (emigration), Bridge st
Edge Robert (for J. Pullar & Sons, dyers, Perth), Bridge st
Fergus William (emigration), Bridge st
Harvey John T (for Middleton & Pollexfen, Sligo), Peter st
Hastings Dominick (emigration), Bridge st
M'Donnell J.C. (for Lloyd's), Newport st
Malley Alexander E (for Colonel Clive), Newport
Middleton & Pollexfen (emigration), Church st
Smith John Sydney (to Marquess of Sligo), Cloghan park
Smithwick Robert H (for Sir Allen Bellingham), Newport


Burns John, Bridge st
Henaghan Anthony, Bridge st
Keane Manus, High st
Kirkpatrick Celia, Bridge st
Landers Joseph, Mill st
Lavelle Peter, Bridge st
Livingstone William, Bridge st and North mall
Moran James, Bridge st
O'Malley A & Sons, Bridge st
Walsh John, Bridge st


BANK OF IRELAND, North mall - draws on the Bank of England - 
John G. Osborne, agent
ULSTER BANK - North mall - draws on Prescott, Cave & Co, 
London - Andrew Stuart, manager


Breheny Thomas, Castlebar st
Byrne Thomas, Fair green
Higgins John, High st
Hoban Timothy, Newport
O'Malley Thomas, Castlebar st
O'Malley Thomas, jun. Castlebar st
Quigley Patrick, Fair green


Carey Martin (dealer), Newport
Collins John, James st
Corrigan Luke, James st
Dever Hugh (dealer), Newport
Gibbons Christopher, Bridge st
Graven James, Newport
Joyce Ellen, Octagon
Lennon Lawrence, Bridge st
Lennon Thomas, Bridge st
Loftis John, James st
M'Pherson Thomas (dealer), Bridge st
Moran Patrick, Newport
Murray Patrick, High st
O'Malley A & Son (dealers), Bridge st
O'Malley John, sen. Bridge st
Slowey John, Peter st
Slowey Thomas, Peter st
Smith John, Tober hill
Staunton Hubert, Mill st


Livingstone William (& malter), North mall


Coyne Anthony, Peter st
Durkin Patrick, Bridge st
M'Greal James, Bridge st
M'Greal John, Bridge st
M'Greal Patrick, Bridge st
Reilly John, Quay rd
Riley Stephen, Peter st
Stone Andrew, Bridge st
Waldron John, Bridge st


Clampett John, South mall
Conway John, Bridge st
Daly Charles, James st
Kelly William, Fair green
O'Malley Michael, Castlebar st


Breheny Thomas (coach maker), Castlebar
Caine Thomas (car maker), Castlebar st
Caine Thomas, Fair green
Casey John (cabinet maker), James st
M'Donnell Patrick (& car builder), North mall
Machin Joseph, Peter st
Monaghan Matthew (cart maker), Castlebar st
Moran James & Son (& boat builders), The Quay
Navin Thomas, Fish shambles
O'Malley Roger (& boat builder), The Stanton Peter, Peter st


Brennan John, Shop st
Conway Anthony, Newport
Flanagan Thomas, Shop st
Landers Richard, Newport
Malloy Mary & Sons, Shop st
Nolan John, Bridge st
O'Boyle Anthony, Shop st
Toole Patrick, Shop st


Egan John (for English & foreign courts, also for taking 
acknowledgements of deeds by married women), Wood Cottage 
Talbot Robert, Shop st


Carey Martin, Newport
Livingstone William, North mall
Middleton & Pollexfen, Church st & Sligo - John T. Harvey, 
Monaghan Matthew, Castlebar st
O'Dowd Patrick, James st
O'Malley Arthur, The Quay


Chambers Francis, Newport
Garvin Daniel, Newport
Joyce Edward, Peter st
M'Laughlin Hugh, Peter st
Molony Martin, Octagon
Sweeney Myles, Bridge st


Aitkin Andrew, Newport
Bland William, High st
Browne James, Newport
Dennison William, Castlebar st
Dick James, Newport
Gibbons Stephen, Esq. J.P. South mall
Mairs William, Newport
O'Donnell Hugh, Newport
O'Malley Middleton, High st
Rose Henry, Newport


ACCIDENT - Andw. Stuart, Ulster Bank
BRITISH & FOREIGN MARINE - Andrew Stuart, Ulster Bank
CALEDONIAN - J. Carr, Achill
ENGLISH & SCOTTISH LAW (Life) - John Egan, Wood Cottage
GUARDIAN - Andw. Stuart, Ulster Bank
IMPERIAL (fire)- John G. Osborne, North mall
LIFE ASSOC. OF SCOTLAND - Claudius Nixon, Kilbride; John T. 
Harvey, Peter st; and James C. M'Donnell, Clunar Lodge
NATIONAL OF IRELAND - James Berry, Bridge st
NORTH BRITISH & MERCANTILE - James O'Malley, Court House
PHOENIX (fire)- John Egan, Wood Cottage
SCOTTISH ACCIDENT - John G. Osborne, North mall & John Egan,
Wood Cottage
SCOTTISH WIDOWS' FUND (life)- John G. Osborne, North mall
STANDARD (life)- A. Stuart, Ulster Bank

FLOUR DEALERS (See also Bakers)

Cannon Luke, Bridge st
Duffy Bridget, Mill st
Murphy John, South mall
Nilind James, Peter st
O'Malley John P. Bridge st

Marked thus * are Grocers only

Burns John, Bridge st
Carey Martin, Newport
Carey Patrick, Newport
Chambers Francis, Newport
Conway Anthony, Newport
Daly James, Newport
Dever Hugh, Newport
Duffy John, High st
Duffy Michael, Bridge st
* Flanagan Thomas, Shop st
Gallagher Patrick, Bridge st
Gavin Dominick, Newport
Gibbons Patrick, Newport
Gill Bridget, The Quay
Gill Joseph, High st
* Gorman Thaddeus, Bridge st
Hastings Dominick, Bridge st
Henahan Walter, Fair Green
Heraty Patrick, High st
Kelly Peter J, Octagon
* Kirkpatrick Celia, Bridge
* Landers Joseph, Mill st
Landers Richard, Newport
Lavelle Peter, Bridge st
M'Bride Honoria, The Quay
* M'Cormack Bridget, Bridge st
* M'Ging Austin, High st
M'Hale Patrick J, Shop st
M'Nally Michael, Castlebar
Mahoney William, Newport
* Moran Edward, Bridge st
Moran James, Bridge st
* Mulloy Mary & Sons, Shop st
* Murray Ann, Bridge st
Murray Thomas, Bridge st
* Nalis Robert, James st
O'Boyle Anthony, Shop st
O'Boyle Thomas, Newport
O'Malley A. & Sons, Bridge st
O'Malley Joseph, Newport
* O'Malley Michael, High st
O'Malley Owen, Shop st
* Pallis Anne, Bridge st
Quinn John, Newport
Quinn Mary, Bridge st
* Regan Patrick, Shop st
Stanton Patrick, Bridge st
Staunton Myles, Bridge st
* Toole Patrick, Shop st
* Walsh James, Shop st
Walsh John, Bridge st
* Walsh John, Shop st
Ward John P, James st
Whelan Richard, Castlebar st

See Linen and Woollen Drapers

See also Public Houses

Deverell Samuel, Newport
Railway, Fanny M. Gibbons, North mall


Brennan John, Shop st
Carey Martin, Newport
Daly James, Newport
Dever Hugh, Newport
Gibbons Patrick, Newport
Mulloy Mary & Sons, Shop st
Quinn John, Newport
Regan Patrick, Shop st
Toole Patrick, Shop st
Tunney Peter, Bridge st
Walsh John, Shop st


Deever Hugh, Newport
Lennon Thomas, Bridge st
O'Malley A. & Sons, Bridge st
Sullivan John, Bridge st


Berry James, Bridge st
Carey Martin, Newport
Edge Robert, Bridge st
Finigan John, Shop st
Heraty Thomas, Shop st
Landers Richard, Newport
M'Garry Anthony, Newport
M'Pherson Thomas, Bridge st
Quinn John, Newport
Scott William, Shop st
Talbot Robert, Shop st


Livingstone William, North mall
Swaine Joseph, Newport


Berry James, Bridge st
Edge Robert, Bridge st
Talbot Robert, Shop st


Guff Edward, Peter st
Hoban Thomas, Ballykeale
Hynes James, Tober hill
M'Greal John, Ballykeale


Durkin Patrick, Mill st
M'Coy Robert, James st
Ross, Murray & Co (Dublin), Bridge st - Wm Burns manager


M'Hale Martin J, James st
O'Malley John, Newport
Rowan Ann, Octagon


Allman Thomas, James st
Davies James, Newport
Johnstone Alexander, North mall


Beckett Matthew, Fair green
Biggins Patrick, Bridge st
Burns William, Bridge st
Cain John, Newport
Carthy Martin, Peter st
Conway John, Castlebar st
Davit Laurence, Newport
Davit Patrick, Newport
Feighan Hugh, James st
Ferris Robert, Newport
Flynn Michael, Bridge st
Gibbons Andrew, Newport
Gibbons Honoria, Peter st
Gibbons William, Bridge st
Greene William, Newport
Halloran William, Mill st
Hawkshaw James, Bridge st
Henaghan Anthony, Bridge st
Higgins John, Mill st
Horsburgh James, Bridge st
Joyce James, James st
Kelly Austin, The Quay
Kelly Daniel, Newport
M'Ging Patrick, High st
M'Greal Margaret, Octagon
M'Loughlin Hugh, Peter st
Malone Mary, North mall
Moore Mary, James st
Moran Michel, The Quay
Moran Michael, Bridge st
Moran Patrick, Newport
O'Malley John, Bridge st
O'Malley John, jun, Bridge st
O'Malley John, Newport
O'Malley Michael, Castlebar st
Ryan John, Newport
Staunton Martin, Castlebar st
Walsh Richard J, Newport


Bermingham Edward, North mall
Conway John, Bridge


O'Malley A.M. The Quay

See also Grocres, & c.

Anderson Isabella, Peter st
Conway Patrick, Newport
Fitzgerald Edward, Newport
Graven James, Newport
Hobson Thomas, Peter st
Hynes Martin, Mill st
Langan Michael, Bridge st
M'Ging Phillip, High st
Mahon Monies, Mill st
Mahony John, Newport
Moran Bridget, Newport
O'Malley Patrick, Mill st
O'Malley Thomas, Castlebar
O'Reilly Thomas, Peter st
Quinn Catherine, Bridge st
Stone Patrick, Bridge st
Sweeney Myles, Bridge st

See Physicians & Surgeons


Berry James, Bridge st
Edge Robert, Bridge st
Henaghan Matthew, Mill st
M'Greal John, Bridge st
M'Loughlin Thomas, Mill st
O'Donnell Michael, James st
O'Neill Daniel, Peter st
O'Neill John, Peter st


French Julia, Bridge st
Gallagher Patrick, Bridge st


Carey Martin, Newport
Goff John, James st
Mulloy Mary & Sons, Shop st


Gorman Thaddeus, Bridge st
Pallis Anne, Bridge st
Walsh John, Shop st


Gill Joseph, High st
Hastings Dominick, Bridge st
Landers Joseph (wine), Mill st
Lavelle Peter, Bridge st
O'Dowd Patrick, James st

See Linen and Woollen Drapers


Burns William, confectioner, Bridge st
Casey John, auctioneer, James st
Cassidy Wm, tin-plate worker, Bridge st
Cummins Joseph, bill poster, Bridge st
Dennison William, farmer, Castlebar st
Egan John, notary public, Wood Cottage
Fergus William, bookseller & stationer, Bridge st

Gill Joseph, bonded warehouse keeper, The Quay
Goff John, lime burner, James st
Hobson Thomas, summons server, Peter st
M'Donnell James C, Swedish vice-consul, Westport
Monaghan William, stonemason, Fishambles
Muir George Alexander J Government veterinary inspector,
   Harbour House, The Quay
Murphy Michael, clothes dealer, Shop st
Nealis Hugh & Son, potato fish and Irish moss dealers, Market hall
O'Dowd Patrick, guano merchant, James st
Ralph John, watchmaker and jeweller, Bridge st
Stone Patrick, cattle dealer, Bridge st

Cather, Archdeacon of Tuam, rector
ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, South mall - Rev. Patrick
Caulfield, adm
ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, Newport - Rev. Richard Prendergast,
P.P.; Rev. John M'Hale, curate
PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH - Castlebar st, Rev. Joseph M'Kinstray
PRESBYTERIAN CHURCh, Newport - Rev. George S. Keegan
METHODIST (Wesleyan) CHAPEL, South mall - Rev. 
Francis Douglas
METHODIST (Wesleyan) CHAPEL, Westport

Workhouse, Quay Road

Chairman - Lord John R. Browne, Westport House
Vice-Chairman - James C. M'Donnell, Esq., Clunar Lodge
Deputy Vice-Chairman - Hugh Wilbraham, Esq. J.P.,
Oldhead House
Treasurers - Bank of Ireland
Master - James Walsh
Matron - Theresa Walsh
Schoolmaster - Stephen Lennon
Schoolmistress - Catherine Heraty
Protestant Chaplain - Venerable Archdeacon Cather
Roman Catholic Chaplain - Rev. Patrick Caulfield
Medical Attendant - Alexander Johnstone, M.D.
Clerk to the Board of Guardians - John Egan
Relieving Officers - George Atkinson, John Fitzpatrick, and
John Moran
Rate Collectors - William G. O'Malley, and Francis Mulholland

Of Births, Deaths and Marriages, and Dispensary Medical Officers

Superintendent Registrar, Westport - John Egan, Workhouse
Superintendent Registrar, Newport - Cornelius Callaghan
For Achill - Thomas H. Croly, M.D.
For Ansleigh - Patrick J. Hart, M.D.
For Islandeady - Thomas Allman
For Louisburgh - Thomas Griffin
For Newport - H.A. Davies, M.D.
For Westport - Alexander Johnstone


Master - Henry Mahony
Matron - Maria Barry
Visiting Physician - Hugh A Davies
Schoolmistress - Mary Riordan
Protestant Chaplain - Rev. Samuel Johnston
Roman Catholic Chaplain - Rev. Richard Prendergast
Clerk - Cornelius Callaghan
Rate Collectors - Peter Lavelle and Richard Walsh
Relieving Officers - Peter Lavelle, James Corrigan and John Corrigan

Collector and Receiver of Wrecks - William M'Cord
Harbour Master and Clerk to the Harbour Commissioners - 
John Reed

Barrack (Constabulary), Shop st- George C. Mulock, sub-inspector;
Thomas Hunt, head constable
Barrack (Constabulary), The Quay, John Kerwin, constable
Barrack (Constabulary), Newport - Hugh Davies, sub-inspector; 
Patrick Fogarty, head constable
Barrack (Infantry), Barrack hill - Thomas Carroll, barrack sergeant
Barrack (South Mayo Rifles), Mill st
Baths, Roman island - Robert M'Coy, lessee
Convent, Altymount st
Court House, Castlebar st -James O'Malley, keeper and clerk
of the petty sessions
Court House, Newport - Patrick Gibbons, clerk of the petty 
Fire Station, North mall - Robert M'Coy, engineer
Gas Works, Fair green - J. Edmondson & Co, lessees; James
O'Brien, clerk
Inland Revenue Office, South mall - John Beaton, supervisor
Market Hall, Octagon - Hugh Neale, keeper
Reading Room, North mall - John Egan secretary
Stamp Office, Bridge st - Thomas M'Pherson, sub-distributor
Town Commissioners' Office, Westport - John Egan, clerk & 

To Newport & Achill - a Car at six every morning; a Car returns
from the Post Office to Westport every evening at seven

On the Midland Great Western Line
Station, FAIR GREEN, about 1/2 mile from the town - Thomas
Lynch, station master

West Coast and Clew Bay Steam Navigation Co. Limited,
The Quay, John Egan, secretary.