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BALLINROBE is a neat market town and parish, in the barony 
of Kilmaine, county of Mayo, 147 miles w. of Dublin, 38 s of 
Ballina, 26 ½ S.E. of Newport, and 19 S.E. of Westport; 
pleasantly situated upon a considerable eminence, commanding 
extensive views of a delightful and richly varied country. 
Ballinrobe possesses great claims to antiquity, and was 
formerly considered of much more importance than it now is. 
An Augustinian friary was founded here in the early part of 
the fourteenth century, and is mentioned in the registry of 
the Dominican friary of Athenry under the name of the 
Monastery de Roba. The barracks (once the residence of Lord 
Tyrawly) stand unequalled for their beautiful healthy, 
convenient and romantic situation on the banks of the Robe, 
from which river the town derives its name. The market and 
court house is a plain stone building, in which are held 
general and petty sessions – the latter every Monday. A 
bridewell and a union workhouse are the other public 
buildings, besides the places of worship. The Protestant 
Episcopal church is a plain neat edifice, situated on the 
south side of Market street. The Roman Catholic church, 
which stands a short distance from the town, on the road to 
Castlebar, is well and substantially built. It is in the 
Gothic style of architecture, with a large east window; the 
interior contains eighteen marble pillars. The site and 
grounds were given by Colonel Knox, the liberal proprietor 
of the town, who also gave the site of the Sisters of Mercy 
convent. Both plots are in trust to his Grace the Archbishop 
of Tuam. A large number of girls are gratuitously instructed 
by the ladies of the convent. The market, held on Monday, is 
generally well attended. Fairs, Whit- Monday and December 
5th. In 1861 the population of the parish was 7,614 and in 
1871, 6,848, of which number the town contained 2,408.

HOLLYMOUNT, is a neat but small post town in the parish of 
KILCOMMON, barony of Kilmaine, county of Mayo, situated four 
miles N.E. from Ballinrobe, on the road to Claremorris, 
which is a station on the Midland Great Western railway. 
There are a few very handsome residences in the 
neighbourhood, which add much to the beauty of the place. 
There is a parish church, a Roman Catholic church, and a 
chapel for Presbyterians and schools for children of the 
latter denominations. Population in 1861, 416, and in 1871, 

POST OFFICE, Market Street, BALLINROBE, Jane Armstrong, Post 
Mistress. – Letters from Dublin, England, Scotland, &c. 
arrive at half-past six morning and six evening, and are 
dispatched thereto at eight and ten night. Money Order and 
Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.

POST OFFICE, HOLLYMOUNT, Ann Sharp, Post Mistress. – Letters 
from Ballinrobe at eight morning, and are dispatched thereto 
at half-past seven evening. Money order and Telegraph Office 
and Savings Bank.

NOBILITY, GENTRY & CLERGY                                  BANKS                                                GLASS & CHINA DEALERS

Ardilaun Lord, Ashford, Long                               BANK OF IRELAND (Branch) - draws on the              Butler John, Abbey st
Balke Henry, Esq, Springvile                               Bank of England, London - Richard Jones, manager     Donnellon John O'Neill, Market st
Blake Joseph S Esq, J.P. Garraclon                         ULSTER BANK (Branch), Market st-                     Fergus Patrick, Market st
Bourke William, Esq, J.P. Cong                             draws on London & Westminster Bank, and on
Brown Rev. A Hollymount                                    Prescott, Grote & Co. London - Charles James, managerGROCERS
Browne George Esq, J.P., M.P. Ballinrobe                                                                        See also Shopkeepers
Daly Patrick, J.B. Esq, Glebe st                           BLACKSMITHS
Dawson Edward J.G. Esq, J.P. Hounswood, Cong                                                                    Ackland Sydney (wholesale), Market st
Egan Mr. William, Abbey st                                 Hill Martin, Hollymount                              Armstrong Mary, Market st
Elwood Ormsby, Esq, J.P. Lackerfinna, Cong                 Hill Patrick, Hollymount                             Birmingham Alfred, High st
Fair Mrs. Ruttledge, Cornfield, Ballinrobe                 Malley Patrick, Bridge st                            Butler Peter, Hollymount
Fair Robert R Esq, J.P., Bloomfield, Ballinrobe            Molloy Patrick, The Common                           Donnellon John, Market st
Gildea Anthony, Esq, J.P. Clooncormack House, Hollymount   Walsh Martin, Castlebar rd                           Donnellon Stephen, Market st
James Charles, Esq, Ulster Bank, Market st                                                                      Faragher Denis, High st
Jenings C.B. Esq, J.P. Mount Jennings Hollymount           BOOT & SHOE MAKERS                                   Fergus Patrick, Market st
Kenny Stanhope W.F. Esq, J.P. Blakehill, Cong                                                                   Gibbons Martin, Bridge st
Kilmaine Right Hon. Lord, Neal park, Ballinrobe            Colloron John, High st                               Greaney Daniel, Market st
King Rev Joseph, P.P. Hollymount                           Fair James, Hollymount                               Hughes Michael, Abbey st
Knox Charles H Esq, J.P. D.L. Creagh, Ballinrobe           Fair John, Hollymount                                M'Dermott John, Market st
Lindsay Mrs. Spencer, Hollymount                           Fair Robert, Hollymount                              M'Dermott Myles, Market st
Lynch Lieut-General R.P. J.P. Partry, Ballinrobe           Faulkner Robert, High st                             Malone Martin, Glebe st
M'Sheehy John T, Esw, R.M. Togher House, Hollymount        Hart Henry, Hollymount                               May Mary, Moorgate st
Tighe Thomas, Esq, J.P. The Heath, Ballindine              Jennings Francis, Glebe st                           Monahan Patrick J, Market st
Walsh Wilson, Esq, Garristown                              Jennings John, The Common                            Morris M.J., Market st
                                                           Kullinan Patrick, Glebe st                           O'Malley Patrick J, Market st
SCHOOLS                                                    Lydon George, Glebe st                               Sherridan John, Glebe st
                                                           Tierney James, The Common                            Taylor John, Hollymount
CHRISTIAN BROTHERS' SCHOOL, Market st-                                                                          Waters Patrick, High st
Christian Brothers, teachers                               BUTCHERS                                             Willis Thomas, Hollymount
Louisa Crawford, mistress                                  Bourke John, Glebe st                                HOTELS
PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL, Hollymount -                          Geraghty Richard, Glebe st                           See also Public Houses
Kate Ward, mistress                                        Jennings Michael, Abbey st
ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL,Hollymount                           Moran Matthew, Bridge st                             Monahan Patrick J, (commerical and posting house,
Henry Looskan, master                                      Rowland Martin, Hollymount                           Market st
SISTERS of MERCY SCHOOL, Glebe st-                         Rowland Patrick, Hollymount                          Valkenburg Peter (and post house), Market st
Sisters of Mercy, mistresses                               Sherridan Michael, Glebe st
                                                           Walsh Mary (pork), Market st                         IRONMONGERS & HARDWAREMEN
                                                           CARPENTERS                                           Donnellan John O'Neill, Market st
Burke & Darley (land), Bridge st                                                                                Fergus Patrick, Market st
Donellon John O'Neill (for W. & A. Gilbey's                Bourke Andrew, Hollymount
wine & spirits), Market st                                 Conder James, High st                                LEATHER SELLERS
                                                           Connor John & Son, Hollymount
BAKERS                                                     Flanerhy John, Glebe st                              Donnellan Stephen, Market st
                                                                                                                Fahy Francis, Abbey st
Armstrong Mary, Market st                                  COOPERS                                              Monahan Patrick, Market st
Birmingham Alfred, High st
Faragher Denis, High st                                    Burns Charles, New st                                LINEN & WOOLLEN DRAPERS & HABERDASHERS
Larkin Martin, Hollymount                                  Lally James, High st
Shaughnessy Mary, Abbey st                                                                                      Bartley Peter, Main st
Walsh James, Hollymount                                    FARMERS                                              Brown Henry, Glebe st
                                                           In Ballinrobe Parish                                 Cunnane William, Market st
                                                                                                                Hearn & Son, Market st
                                                           Browne John  ;  M'Grath Michael                      M'Dermott Luke, Bridge st
                                                           Carney John  ; Mallot John                           Macken Patrick, Market st
                                                           Cathcart Joseph  ;  Mallott Patrick                  Regan William, Market st
                                                           Daly Bernard  ;   Mayne Isaac                        Willis Thomas, Hollymount
                                                           Ferrick David  ;  Mylotte Michael
                                                           Joyce William  ; Sarsfield Thomas                    MILLERS

                                                           In Kilcommon Parish                                  Levingston William (& corn merchant), Bridge st
                                                           Costello Martin  ;  M'Donnell Myles                  Mayne Isaac, Springvale
                                                           Garrett Nally  ;  M'Evilly Augustus
                                                           Hession James  ; Simpson James
                                                           Kyne Anthony  ;  Willis Thomas


NAIL MAKERS                                                Rush Bridget, Glebe st                               POOR LAW UNION
                                                           Sears David, Glebe st                                Workhouse, Knockferin
Gill John, Glebe st                                        Walsh Catherine, Abbey st
Gill William, Glebe st                                     Waters Patrick, Bridge st                            Chairman - Capt. Charles H. Knox,
                                                                                                                J.P.D.L. Creagh, Ballinrobe
NEWSPAPER                                                  SOLICITOR                                            Vice-Chairman - Alexander Martyn, Esq.
                                                                                                                Esq. J.P. Curraghmore, Ballinrobe
BALLINROBE CHRONICLE & MAYO ADVERTISER                     Daly Patrick J.B., Glebe st                          Deputy-Chairman, William E. Ruttledge,
(published on Saturday) - Gore Kelly, proprietor                                                                Esq., Hollymount
                                                           SPIRIT DEALERS                                       Master - John W. Cunningham
PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS                                                                                           Maton - Mary Fahy
                                                           Birmingham Alfred, High st                           Schoolmaster - Michael Concannon
Hawkins J.S., Hollymount                                   M'Dermott Myles, Market st                           Schoolmistress - Louisa Lewis
Kelly James Dillon, Market st                              Monahan Patrick, Market st                           Protestant Chaplain - Rev. D. Brodie
O'Rorke Charles T.J., Market st                            Willis Thomas, Hollymount                            Roman Catholic Chaplain - Rev. James
PUBLIC HOUSES                                              SURGEONS                                             Apothecary - Nicholas Mahon, Market
                                                           See Physicians and Surgeons                          Clerk to the Board and Returning Officer -
Ackland Sidney, Market st                                                                                       Thomas May
Ansbro Patrick J, Hollymount                               TAILORS                                              Medical Assistant - Jas. Dillon Kelly
Armstrong Mary, Market st                                                                                       Relieving Officers - Thomas Sullivan, Roundford;
Biggins Denis, Market st                                   Conry Michael, Hollymount                            John Kely, jun, Ballinrobe; & John Heveron,
Birmingham Alfred, High st                                 M'Cann Patrick, Creagh rd                            Cappaghduff
Butler John, Abbey st                                      Mulloy John, Glebe st
Cunningham Ann, Bridge st                                                                                       REGISTRARS
Cunningham Constantine, Barrack st                         WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANTS                              Superintendent Registrar of Births, Deaths,
Daly Patrick, Moorgate st                                                                                       and Marriages - Thos. May, Union workhouse
Donnellon John O'Neill, Market st                          Ackland Sidney, Market st                            Deputy Registrar - Thomas May, jun,
Faragher Denis, High st                                    Donnellon John O'Neill, Market st                    Union workhouse
Feeruck John, Abbey st                                     M'Tigue Thomas, High st                              Registrars of Births, Marriages and
Flannery John, Glebe st                                    Monahan Patrick J, Market st                         Deaths - Charles T.J. O'Rorke, Ballinrobe;
Gibbons Martin, Bridge st                                                                                       Edward M'Guire, surgeon, Cong; J. Sneyd
Gildea Thomas, High st                                     MISCELLANEOUS                                        Hawkins, Hollymount
Hughes John, Hollymount                                                                                         Registrar of Marriages - John Hearn, Market st
Hughes Michael, Abbey st                                   Boyle John, car owner, Market st
Kenny Mary, Abbeyst                                        Conlon Timothy, coach maker, Glebe st                Bridewell, Galway rd - John Kelly, keeper
M'Dermott John, Market st                                  Egan Michael, lodgings, Bowgate st                   Constabulary Barack, Bridge st -
M'Dermott Myles, Market st                                 Fergus Patrick, guano & seed merchan, Market st      Daniel M'Ardle, Esq, sub inspector
M'Tigue Thomas, Bridge st                                  Geraghty Thomas, marine stores, Glebe st             Constabulary Barrack, Hollymount -
Mahoney Patrick, Hollymount                                Gildea Margaret, car owner, Market st                George Evans, constable
Malone Martin, Glebe st                                    Hearne John, clerk of petty sessions, Market st      Convent of the Sisters of Mercy, Glebe st-
Monahan Patrick, Market st                                 Hession Bridget, lodgings, Moorgate st               Mrs. ___ M'Nevin, superior
Moran Patrick, Abbey st                                    Hession Thos, watchmaker, Glebe st                   Dispensary, Market st - Charles T.J.
Morris M.J., Market st                                     Larner Bridget, lodgings, Moorgate st                O'Rorke, surgeon
Mulloy Peter, Abbey st                                     Larner James, stone cutter, Creagh rd                Infantry Barracks, Bridge st - John
Mylott James, Abbey st                                     Livingstone Wm, brewer, Bridge st                    Adams, barrack sergeant
Rush Bridget, Glebe st                                     M'Cann John, plasterer, High st                      Stamp Office, Market st - David Sear
Stanton John, Barrack st                                   Mayne Isaac, corn & flour dealer, Market st          distributor
Swords Michael, Moorgate st                                Nolan Patrick, slater, Hollymount
Taaffe John, Moorgate st                                   O'Connor John, game dealer and egg merchant, Glebe st CAR
Wilis Thomas, Hollymount                                                                                        To HOLLYMOUNT, a Mail Car,
                                                           PUBLIC BUILDINGS, OFFICES, &c.                       every evening at six & ten.
                                                           PLACES OF WORSHIP                                    RAILWAY
Bourke John, Abbey st                                      And Their Ministers                                  The nearest Station is at CLAREMORRIS,
Bourke Thomas, Market st                                                                                        on the Midland Great Western Line,
Reddington Francis & Patrick Ball Alley st                 PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCHES: -                     10 miles distant
                                                           Market st - Rev. David Brodie, incumbent
SHOPKEEPERS & DEALERS IN SUNDRIES                          Hollymount - Rev. James Nesbitt
See also Grocers                                           ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCHES: -
                                                           Market st - Rev. Jas. Ronayne, P.P.
Butler John, Abbey st                                      Hollymount - Rev. Joseph King, P.P.
Brannigan Martin, Moorgate st                              PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Hollymount -
Feeruck John, Abbey st                                     Rev. Andrew Brown
Garvey James, Glebe st
Gibbons Patrick, Abbey st
Joyce Michael, Glebe st
Keating Honor, Glebe st
Kenny Mary, Abbey st
Larner Michael, Abbey st
Monahan Patrick, Abbey st
Moran Patrick, Abbey st