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     A market and post town in the parish of Kilmoremoy, 
barony of Tyrawley, county of Mayo, 151 miles S.W. from 
Dublin, 20 N. from Castlebar, and 30 1/2 N. by E. from 
Westport, finely situated on the banks of the river Moy, 
which here separates the county of Mayo from that of Sligo. 
The river, which is crossed by two handsome stone bridges, 
is navigable from the sea about six miles distant, to within 
a mile and a half of the town. Not far from the town are the 
fine ruins of Roserk or Roserick Abbey, built by one of the 
Joices, a family of much consequence in England and Ireland 
in the fourteenth century. On the 26th August, 1798, this 
town was seized by the French under General Humbert, 
immediately after landing at Killala, where the rebels 
committed many atrocities, until the surrender of the French 
at Ballynamuck. Ballina is a thriving place, and 
improvements of some magnitude have been completed in new 
roads, buildings &c. while others are further contemplated. 
A quay, some time since, was constructed, about a mile down 
the river, and the cutting of a canal from it to communicate 
withthe town was commenced by government, but after 
expending £1,000, the work was abandoned, with however, a 
probability of its being resumed and ultimately 
accomplished. The trade in corn is considerable, and is the 
principal article of export, the salmon fishery is also of 
importance. There are extensive corn mills, two breweries, a 
foundry, two branch banking establishments, and the like 
number of principal inns-of the latter, the Royal Mail 
Hotel, in Knox-street, is an admirably conducted house. In a 
convenient court-house, general sessions are held in January 
and July, and petty sessions every Tuesday. A subscription 
news room is well supported in the town, and liberally 
supplied with the principal journals of the day and the best 
magazine periodicals. The places of worship are the parish 
church, and chapels for Roman Catholics, Baptists and 
Methodists. The church, which is situated in the suburb of 
Ardnaree, is a well-built but plain structure, with a tower 
and a spire. The Roman Catholic place of worship is the 
Cathedral Church of the See of Killala, and is a handsome  
modern edifice, in the later English style, ornamented with 
minarets. It was completed in 1827 at the expense of more 
than £11,000. It is situated on the same side of the river 
as the church, and furnishes a great ornament to that 
locality. The country gaol, a dispensary, a fever hospital, 
and a union workhouse, are the other principal 
establishments. The workhouse has accommodations for twelve 
hundred inmates; in February, 1815, the number of 
recipientswas three hundred and fifty. The market, which is 
one of the best in the county, particularly for corn and 
horses, is held on Monday. Fairs May 12th, June 3d, and 
12th, August 12th, and December 13th. The parish of 
Kilmoremoy contained, in 1811, 13,129 inhabitants, and the 
town of Ballina 5,313; the population of the village or 
suburb of Ardnaree is 2,482, which may, with propriety, be 
added to that of Ballina, when the population thereof will 
amount to nearly 8,000.     

POST OFFICE, Knox street, Mr. Annesley Kox, Post Master.- 
Letters from Dublin, Sligo and the North arrive every 
afternoon at twenty-five minutes past two, and are 
despatched thereto every morning at twenty-five minutes 
before eleven.- Letters from Castlebar and the West and 
South arrive every morning at twenty minutes past ten and 
evening at half past five, and are despatched thereto every 
morning at half past seven and afternoon at twenty minutes 
before three. Letters from Swineford, Foxford, Crossmolina, 
Bangor, Belmullett, Killala & Ballycastle arrive every 
morning at a quarter before ten, and are despatched thereto 
every afternoon at twenty minutes before three.

              NOBILITY, GENTRY AND CLERGY              Ormsby Arthur, Esq., J.P., May View                                   BLACKSMITHS
Anderson James, Esq., Wood Park                        Ormsby Duke, Esq., Kilena Lodge                         Casey Edward, Knox st
Armstrong Robert, Esq. J.P. Oughill House              Pagett James, Esq., J.P., Kinneard                      Massey William, Ardnaree
Atkinson Captain John, Moy Mall
Bates Rev John (baptist) John st                       Palmer Thos., Esq., J.P., Summer hill                   Sheridan Denis, John st
                                                       Perkins Arthur Saunders, Esq.,                          Walsh Maurice, Ardnaree
Bourke John, Esq. J.P. Knox st                         Perkins John, Esq., J.P., Ballina
Bourke Thos. Esq. J.P. Carrow Keel                     Pratt Mervin, Esq., J.P., Enniscoe
Burke Mrs. Margaret, New Garden st                     Read Rev. George, A.B., Castle road                                BOOT & SHOE MAKER
Burrows Rev. Jas. (rector) Killanley                   Rogers Mrs. Mary, Knox st                               Crane Patrick, King st
Bury Thomas, Esq. Ardnaree                             Scott Henry A. Esq, Glenmore                            Hale James, Knox st
Costello, the Very Rev. Bartholomew                    Short Mrs. Isabella, Knox st                            Keane James, Cockle st
     (R.C. vicar-general &c) Knox st                   Smith Captain John, New Garden st                       Layng John, Knox st
Cruise Daniel, Esq. (stipendary
     magistrate), Knockglass                           Strogen Samuel Esq., (adjuntant of                      O'Hara Peter, King st
Cuffe Captain St. George, Esq. Dell                         the North Mayo Militia, Ardnaree
     Castle                                            Symes John, Esq., Moy Mall                              Stewart James, John st
Culkin William Esq. Wood Lodge
D'Arcy John Saml. Esq. Crofton Park                    Verscoyle Rev. Joseph, the Glebe
Feeney Right Rev. Thomas (R.C.                         Waldron Thomas, Esq. Farra                                              BREWERS
     Bishop), Riverdale                                Walsh John E., Esq., Castle hill                        Fair John (and maltster), Ardnaree
Fenton George, Esq. Carra
Gallagher Andrew Esq. Arran st                         Winkfield Hon. Col. J.P. Scurmore                       Hendry John, Mill st
Gallagher, Chas, Esq. Millview Cottage
Gardiner William Esq, J.P. Cloonagh                                     ACADEMIES AND SCHOOLS                                  BUTCHERS
                                                       Infant's School, Knox street-                           Brogan Anthony, Ardnaree
Gore Colonel Arthur Francis Knox,                           Margaret Layng, Mistress
     J.P. (and lord-lieutenant for the                 Joynt Diana, New Garden st                              Curry Anthony, King st
     county of Sligo), Beleek Manor
Hillman Mrs. Emily, Knox st
                                                       Parochial Schools, Ardnaree-                            Curry Martin, King st
                                                            William Bourns, master; Ann
Howley Edward Esq., J.P. (& deputy                          Creag, mistress
     lieutenant), Beleek Castle                        Stephens Ann, New Garden st                             Gallagher Michael, Ardnaree
Howley Thomas, Esq. Beleek Castle
Jackson George Humphrey, Esq.                          Sullivan Bartholomew, New Garden st                     Hefferan William, Ardnaree
     Fortland                                          West Eliza (boarding&day), Ardnaree                     Kennedy Patrick, Ardnaree
Jackson Geo. Vaughan, J.P. (& deputy
     lieutenant), Carramore                                                                                    Loftus Stephen, Bridge st
Jackson James Vaughan, J.P. Croy
     Lodge                                                                   APOTHECARIES                      Mouchan John, Mill st
Jackson Oliver, Esq. J.P. Foney st
Johnson Mrs. Jane, New Garden st                       Atkinson Robert, Knox st
Jones Robert, Esq., J.P. Fortland                      M'Naler James, King st                                               CABINET-MAKERS
Jones Thomas Esq J.P. Castletown                                                                               Masterson Charles, New Garden st
Joyner Joseph S, Esq. Knox st                                                 ATTORNEYS                        Masterson Edward, New Guinea st
Kennedy James, Esq. Knox st                            Bourke Isadore, Francis st                              Scott & Baird, John st
Kinkead Rev. Francis, A.B. Ardnare                     Bourke Robert Paget, Knox st
Knox Annesley, Esq. J.P. Rappa                         Jackson Geo. Humphrey, Fortland                                      CALICO DEALERS
     Castle                                            Jordan Charles Burke, John st                           Campbell John, Bridge st
Knox Francis, Esq., Ballanabull
Knox Capt. Francis, New Garden st                      Kelly Peter, Castle road                                Conway Bridget, Bridge st
Knox Miss Hannah, Ardnaree                             M'Andrew Thomas, Knox st                                Grose Evans Brisbane, Ardnaree
Knox Henry Esq. Arthur st                                                                                      Little Richard, Knox st
Knox Henry Wm., Esq., Netley Park                                            AUCTIONEERS                       Merrick William, Knox st
Knox Jas. Annesley, Esq. CrossPatrick                  Higgins James, (& notary), Knox st
Knox John, Esq., J.P. Greenwood                        Walsh Patrick, Bridge st                                               CARPENTERS
     Park                                                                                                      Canning Arthur, Arran st
Knox John, Esq. Broadlands
Knox John Frederick, Esq. J.P. (and                                             BAKERS                         Foley Michael, Bridge st
     deputy-lieutenant), Mount Falcon                  Brodrick Henry, Arran st                                Grace Patrick, King st
M'Hugh Mrs. Ann, Knox st
Mally Wm., Esq. J.P. Francis st                        Chambers Francis, Bridge st
                                                       Cloona Mills Bakery, Knox st-                                         COACH MAKERS
Mally William, jun. Esq., Francis st                        Matthias MacDonnell, proprietor
Manly Winslow, Esq. Arthur st                          Daly James, Arran st                                    Egan Michael, New Garden st
                                                       Duffy James, King st                                    M'Donnell James and Peter, New
Meehan, Rev. James, Mullyfarry                                                                                      Garden st
O'Dell Capt Robert Deane, Ardnaree                     Foley Michael, Bridge st
O'Dowda Thadeus, Esq. O'Dowdas                         Hamilton Eliza, Arran st                                             CONFECTIONERS
     Town                                              Jennings Michael, Bridge st                             Coen John, Knox st
Orme Edward, Esq., J.P. Ballycorroon
                                                       O'Loughlin Richard (and spirit dealer),                 Gardiner James, Arran st
Orme Robert, Esq., J.P. Gurtnarrabey                        Ardnaree
Orme William, Esq., J.P. Belville                      Ward Thomas, Bridge st
                                                       Wilson Robert, Knox st                                               CORN MERCHANTS
                                                                                                               Atkinson John, Ardnaree
                                                                                BANKS                          Boyd Charles, King st
                                                       National Bank of Ireland, Knox st-                      Crean Patrick, Bridge st
                                                            (draws on Hartnetts' House and
                                                            Co., London) Mr. James Kennedy,
                                                       Provincial Bank of Ireland, Knox st-                    Fair John, Ardnaree
                                                            (draws on Spooner, Atwoods' &
                                                            Co., London) - Mr. Joseph Joyner,
                                                                                                               Gallagher Hugh & Co, Arran street
                                                                                                               Howley Michael, Ardnaree
                                                                                                               Jones Robert, New Garden st
                                                                                                               Mahon James (& timber), Bridge st
                                                                                                               Mally William, jun, Francis st
                                                                                                               Mangan Richard, King st
                                                                                                               Sweeney Martin, Archer st
                                                                                                               West George, Arran st

                 FIRE & OFFICE AGENTS
Alliance, Jos. S. Joyner, Knox st                                              MILLERS                             TALLOW CHANDLERS AND SOAP MAKERS
British Commercial (life), Winslow                     Fair John, Ardnaree                                     Coolican James, Knox st
     Manley, Francis street                            Gallagher Hugh & Co, Arran st                           Gallagher Andrew, King st
Scottish Union, William Mally, jun.,
     Francis street                                    Hendry John, Mill st                                    Gallagher John, Bridge st
Sun, John M'Culloch, Knox street
                                                                                                               Gallagher John, King st
                        GROCERS                                               NEWSPAPER
                                                       Tyrawley Herald (Thursday), office,                                 TIMBER MERCHANTS
                                                            Arthur st- Thomas Ham & William
Bredin Simon, Ardnaree                                      Richey, proprietors.
Crean Anthony, Bridge st                                                                                       Mahon James, Bridge st
Dillon Thomas (wholesale), Ardnaree                                      PAINTERS & GLAZIERS                   Wilson Benjamin, Knox st
     and Ballaghaderin                                 Corcoran Matthew, Arran st
Gallagher Hugh & Co (wholesale &
     tobacco manufacturers), Arran st                  Curran James, New Garden st                                     WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANTS
Higgins George (wholesale), Knox st
Irwin Gustavus J, Knox st                              Duffy James, Hill st                                    Gallagher Hugh & Co, Arran st
M'Nulty John, Bridge st                                Gibson Robert, Arran st                                 Higgins George, Knox st
Robertson & Donlop, Knox st                            Read John, Hill st
                                                                                                                           WOOLLEN DRAPERS
Watts Andrew, Bridge st                                                                                             See Linen and Woollen Drapers
Whyte Eccles, King st                                                   PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS
Wilson Benjamin (and timber merch-                     Devlin Charles, M.D., King st                                        MISCELLANEOUS
     ant), Knox street                                 Faussett Richard, M.D., Knox st                         Atkinson John, coroner, Castle road
Wilson Robert, Knox street
                                                       Smyth Henry, M.D., Knox st                              Burns William, hatter, Arran st
                                                       Whittaker William, M.D., Ardnaree                       Ferguson John, clock and watch maker,
                       GUNSMITHS                                                                                    Arran street
Armstrong John, Arran st                                                                                       Forbes Patrick, cloth dresser, Ardnaree
                                                                          PROVISION MERCHANT                   Goodwin James, inspector of weights
Stewart Archibald, John st                                                                                          and measures, castle road
                                                       Hutchinson Robert Rankin, New                           Jackson John, sub-collector of the port,
                                                            Garden street                                           Castle road
                     HABERDASHERS                                                                              Maxwell John, tin-plate worker, Arran st
           See Linen Drapers & Haberdashers                                 PUBLIC HOUSES                      Sievin Dora, milliner, Knox st

                    INNS AND HOTELS                    Burke Patrick, Ardnaree
                See also Public Houses                 Cosgrave Edward, King st                                           PLACES OF WORSHIP
Royal Mail, Thos Anderson, Knox st                                                                                       And their Ministers
                                                       Crean Patrick, Bridge st                                Parish Church, Ardnaree-Reverend
                                                                                                                    Joseph Verscoyle, rector, the Glebe
                                                                                                                    Rev. Francis Kinkead, Ardnaree,
                                                                                                                    and Rev. George Read, Castle road,
Wellington, Ann Atkinson, Hill st                                                                                   curates
                                                       Culkin William, Mill st                                 Roman Catholic Cathedral- Right Rev.
                                                                                                                    Thomas Feeney, bishop, Riversdale;
                                                                                                                    Rev. Bartholomew Costello, vicar ge
                                                                                                                    and administrator, Knox street; Rev
                                                                                                                    Andrew M'Namara, and Rev. Hugh
                                                                                                                    Conway, curates-Ardnaree.
                                                       Dixon James, Bridge st                                  Baptist Chapel, John st-Rev. John Bates,
                IRON AND BRASS FOUNDER                                                                              minister, John street.
                                                       Egan Patrick, New Garden st                             Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Hill street-
Ham William (and stove grate and                                                                                    Ministers various.
     and farming implement manufact-                   Ekins Frederick, King st
     urer), Ardnaree

             IRONMONGERS AND HARDWAREMEN.              Fay Patrick, Arran st                                           PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS, &C.
                                                       Gillespie Patrick, Arran st                             Consistorial Office (for the diocess of
                                                                                                                     Killala and Achonry), Francis stre
Crean Anthony, Bridge st                                                                                            Frederick and Samuel Stock, registr
                                                       Gordon Patrick, Bridge st                               Constabulary Bank Co. Knox street- Willi
Dillon Thomas, Ardnaree and Ballaghaderin                                                                          Caldwell, sub-insepector.
                                                       Hopkins John, Bridge st                                 Court House and Bridewell, Francis stree
Hymes Jacob Edward, Knox st                                                                                         Richard Flynn, clerk
                                                       Hughes Thomas, New Garden st                            Fever Hospital and Dispensary, Knox stre
                                                                                                                    William Whittaker, Esq., M.D., and
Loftus Francis, Bridge st                                                                                           F.R.C.S.I., medical attendant
                                                       Keane Matthew, Bridge st                                Loan Fund Office, Arthur street - Rev. F
Wilson Benjamin (and stationer),                                                                                    Kinkead, manager
     Knox st                                           Matthews James, Ardnaree                                Moy Fishery Office, Ardnaree - Edward
                                                                                                                    Atkinson, agent
                                                       Melvin Andrew, Hill st                                  Stamp Office, Knox street - James Higgin
                      LAND AGENTS                                                                                   distributor
                                                       Naughtin Patrick, Bridge st                             Subscription News Room, Knox st - James
Gore James Knox, Arthur st                                                                                          Higgins, proprietor.
                                                       Ormsby Paul, Hill st                                    Union Workhouse, Gore street- Mr. Thomas
                                                                                                                    Hart, master; Mrs Winifred Hart, ma
Howley Thomas, Belleek Castle                                                                                       Alexander M'Munn, clerk.
Jackson Oliver, Francis st                             Reidy James, Arran st
Manly Winslow, Arthur st                               Rogan John, Mill st                                                 COACHES AND CARS
Symes John, Moy Mall                                   Shannon Mary, Hill st                                   To BELLMULLET, Bianconi's Car from Bridg
                                                       Smyth Patrick, King st                                  To CASTLEBAR, the Royal Mail, every morn
                    LAND SURVEYORS                     Timlin James, New Garden st                             To CROSSMOLINA and KILLALA, Mail Cars ev
Joynt Henry, Arthur st                                 Tolan John, Knox st                                     To LONGFORD, Bianconi's Car, every morni
Joynt William, Arthur st                                                                                       To SLIGO, the Royal Mail (from Castlebar
                                                                     ROPE AND TWINE MANUFACTURER               To SWINEFORD, A Mail Car, every afternoo
                    LEATHER SELLERS                    Ham William, Ardnaree
Crean Anthony, Bridge st
Gallagher Hugh, King st                                              SADDLERS AND HARNESS MAKERS
Irwin Gustavus J, King st                              Burke Jeremiah Martin, King st
M'Nulty John, Bridge st                                Fleming Michael, Arran st
                                                       Wilson Robert, Knox st
Brennan Moran & Co., King st                                                 SHIP BROKER
                                                       M'Culloch John (and commission
Coffey Matthew, Knox st                                     agent), Knox street
Devitt Matthew, Knox st
M'Andrew John & Co, Knox st                                       SHOPKEEPERS & DEALERS IN SUNDRIES
Nealon Thomas William, King st                         Boyd William, Bridge st
Paton John & William, Knox st                          Crean Thomas, Bridge st
Scott William & Co., Arran st                          Cunningham John, Bridge st
Talbot Joseph, King st                                 Ellis William, King st
West William, Arran st                                 Foody Michael, King st
                                                       Henry Catherine, Bridget st
                       MERCHANTS                       Kenny Theady, Bridge st
(See also Merchants under their respective Heads)      Lochran Henry, New Garden st
Bredin Simon, Ardnaree
Dillon Thomas, Ardnaree and                            M'Kinna John, Bridge st
     Balhaghaderin                                     M'Munn Alexander, Bridge st
Gallagher Hugh & Co.(corn & general)
     Arran street                                      Mahon James, Bridge st
Higgins James (& agent to Lloyd's),
     Knox street                                       Rooney John, Bridge st

                                                       Sweeney John, Bridge st

                                                                     See Physicians and Surgeons

                                                       Broderick William, King st
                                                       Dowling John, Knox st