Church: Birth Records From Kilgarvan Parish 1870-1900 (LOFTUS)

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Date Name Parents Witnesses Location

5/Mar Mary Dom Loftus/Bridget Cunny John McGamane/Judy 
Harmon Saltfield?

9/Mar Michael James Loftus/Catherine Lavell William 
Loftus/Mary Lavell Kilgarvin**

18/Mar Pat Dom Loftus/Bridget McKensy Michael Loftus/*Siby 
Connor Carrablin Lower

(*Or Boficlo? Perhaps Liby-not Siby Connor)

18/Mar Michael James Loftus/Catherine Lavell William 
Loftus/Mary Lavelle Rubbil**

18/Mar Mary William Loftus/Bridget Walsh John Durkan/Sally 
Brett Glenree

18/Mar? Farell Martin Rouane/Bridget McNulty Farell Anne 
McNulty Glenree

13/Apr Martin/John Thomas Loftus/Bridget Laughtin? ? 

14/Apr Michael Michael Gallagher/Mary Loftus Pat Catherine 
Kelly Rathreedane

16/Apr Catherine Mark Loftus/Ellen McGinna? John 
Gilligan/Mary Dempsey Carralaban

10/Jul Michael Antny Rouane/Mary Quinn Michael Bridget Quinn 

(Or Drumsheen?) (**Note same couple/child/witnesses, but 
different dates and locations)

15/Jul Thomas Michael McGloughlin/Catherine Loftus John 
McGloughlin/Mary Loftus Carralaban Upper

23/Jul Margaret Pat Greevy/ Mary Dempsey Michael Harman/Mary 
Loftus Kilgarvin

2/Aug Michael Martin Loftus/Mary Ganly Michael Ganly ?

3/Dec Martin* Martin Dempsey/Betty Judge John Catherine 
Judge Whitestream

(*I am sure this is the same Martin Demsey who married 
grandfather's sister Bridget in 1905-he would have been 
about 35)

2/Oct Catherine Pat Durcan/Catherine Kilceellege? Mark 
Loftus/Mary O'Hara Glenree

2/Oct Mary Thomas Durcan/Catherine Goldrick James 
Loftus/Mary O'Hara Glenree

4/Dec John Thomas Loftus/Liby Ferguson Thomas Ann Ferguson 

Birth Records From Kilgarvan Parish


Date Name Parents Witnesses Location

8/Jan Pat John Rouane/Bridget Loftus John Durcan/Ellen 
Barrett Carrownaglogh

(Before Glenree became a townland the residents were counted 
as part of Carrownaglogh)

20/Jan Michael  Michael Loftus/Mary McKensy Antny 
Loftus/Sarah Rouane Cloonta?

2/Feb Pat  Pat Loftus/Sabina Durcan Thomas & Mary Durcan 

17/Feb John  John Loftus/Catherine McHale John Oliver/Winny 
Henry Chaffhill?
26/Feb Peter  John Loftus/Mary Ray Peter Ray/Mary Walsh 

10/Mar Thomas  Thomas Muldowney/Mary Loftus Catherine Loftus 

12/Mar Winny  James Loftus/Barbara Hannon John 
Loftus/Margaret Couracote Ellemountain

12/Mar Mary  James Loftus/Catherine Lavell Antny Bridget 
Lavell Rubill?

14/Mar Pat  Pat Loftus/Mary Green Pat Bridget Green 

19/Mar Bridget  Pat Loftus/Bridget Mullarkey James 
Mullarkey/Martin Kennedy Glenree

26/Mar Mary  John/Catherine Loftus Pat Loftus/Mary Greham 

2/Apr James  James Loftus/Catherine Cunny Mark Cunny/Bridget 
Egan Glenree

15/Apr Mary  Thomas Loftus/Mary Egan James Loftus/Anne Egan 

20/Apr John  John Rouane/Mary Durcan Michael Rouane/Celia 
Cunney? ?

27/May Martin  Thomas Rouane/Mary Lavell William 
Rouane/Ellen Lavell Carrownaglogh

31/May John  John Lavell/Mary Loftus John Rouane/Mary Mullen 

17/Jun Sarah  Michael Loftus/Sarah Crean Michael 
Loftus/Sarah Rice Bofield

14/Jul Elly  Terrence Keue/Winny Loftus ? Ellemountain

26/Aug Michael  Thomas Garvin/Bridget Loftus Thomas 
Muldowney/Anne Gentry Ellemountain

29/Aug Mary  Pat Loftus/Mary Grenham William Rouane/Mary 
Gilligan Tawpletigge?

17/Sept Michael  William Loftus/Bridget Walsh John 
Towey?/Mary Mulligan Glenree

30/Sept Mary  John Loftus/Mary Finlin Lawrence Cecilia 
Finlin Tannpletigan

22/Oct Bridget  Dom Loftus/Bridget Cunny Pat 
O'Hara/Catherine Loftus Galnnablin?

19/Nov Mary  Michael/Winifred Loftus John Catherine Loftus 

8/Dec Bridget  Michael Loftus/Sarah Durcan James 
McGloughlin/Mary Leonard Carralabin

20/Dec Michael  Michael Cunny/Bridget McKenzie Pat Honor 
McAndrew Rathreedane


13/Jan Bridget  Thomas Kelly/Mary Connor John Kelly/Mary 
Loftus Templetgan?

28/Jan Bridget  Pat Kelly/Bridget Loftus Pat 
Gallagher/Catherine Kelly Templetgan

15/Feb Sarah  Pat Loftus/Mary Sweeney ? Rathreedane

26/Feb Catherine  Thomas Loftus/Bridget Newcomb Thomas 
McManus/Bridget Kilgallan Prebbane

12/Mar Ellen  Mark Loftus/Ellen MacNamara Pat Loftus 

6/Jul Catherine  Thomas Loftus/Mary Egan Pat Egan/Catherine 
Loftus Pebbane

11/Aug Bridget  James Loftus/Ellen Rogan/Rojan Michael Mary 
Kelly Carra

11/Aug Michael  Pat Loftus/Bridget Mullarkey James 
Mullarkey/Bridget Egan Glenree

11/Aug John  James Loftus/Bab Hamman* John Mary Loftus 

25/Aug John  James Loftus/Barbara Hannan* John Mary Loftus 

(*These are probably the same)

8/Sept Hugh?  John Nary/Anne Loftus Bridget Loftus & Hugh 
Loftus? Prebbane

14/Dec Oliver*  Martin Loftus/Mary Gilly ___Loftus from 
Kilmactiege Ellemountain

(*Or Owen?)


1/Jan Bridget  John Rouane/Bridget Loftus James 
McGloughlin/Bridget Loftus Carrownaglogh

1/Feb Anthony  James McGowne/Bridget Gallagher Pat 
Hunt/Bridget Loftus Newton

12/Feb Pat Ned  Walsh/Margaret Loftus Thomas Loftus/Mary 
McHale Sattafield

Birth Records From Kilgarvan Parish


Date Name Parents Witnesses Location

16/Feb Martin  James Loftus/Catherine Lavell John 
Loftus/Ellen Lavell Bofield

26/Feb Bridget  John Loftus/Catherine McHale Pat Mary Loftus 

9/Mar Mary  James Loftus/Catherine McKinsey Pat 
Loftus/Catherine Gallagher Rathreedane

30/Mar Owen  Michael Gallagher/Mary Loftus Sarah Loftus 

4/Apr Mary  James Loftus/Catherine Quinn ? Glenree

16/Apr Michael  John/Catherine Loftus Dan Honor Connor 

29/Apr Thomas  Thomas Loftus/Bridget Newcomb ? Glenree

13/Jul Antny  Michael Loftus/Mary McKensie Antny 
Loftus/Bridget McKensie Carrownaglogh

9/Aug Anne  Anthony Rouane/Margaret Quinn John Fleming/Anne 
Rouane Orwnislieen?

16/Sep Margaret  Dom Loftus/Bridget Cunny Pat 
O'Hara/Catherine Loftus Rathreedane

16/Sep Atty  John Loftus/Mary Timlin John & Mary Kelly 

19/Sep Anne  James Loftus/Ellen Rogan James & Mary Melvin 

21/Sep Anne  James Loftus/Ellen Rogan James & Mary Melvin 

11/Oct Bridget  John Lavell/Mary Loftus Martin 
Rouane/Bridget Loftus Ellemore

12/Oct Bridget  Pat Loftus/Mary Greham Pat Greham/Mary 
Rouane Rubbil

14/Nov Frank  Thady Kilinartine/Sarah Loftus ? Rathreedane 


22/Feb Mary  Anthony Ray/Ellen Loftus Michael Mary McAndrew 

5/Mar Pat  Thomas Loftus/Mary Kilmartin John Mary Kilmartin 

19/Apr Michael  John Clarke/Mary Loftus Thomas Loftus/Ellen 
Clarke Prebbane

9/May Joseph  Mark Loftus/Ellen McTima? Pat Loftus 

8/Aug Catherine  Michael Loftus/Sarah Duncan Mark 
Loftus/Bridget Jordan Prebbane

20/Aug Luke  John Vary/Anne Loftus Martin Connor/Mary Vary 

25/Sep Bridget  Thomas Loftus/Mary Egan Pat Egan Prebbane

30/Sep Eliza  Michael Loftus/Sarah Crean Thomas Honoria 
Crean Carralabin

(The children's names might have been John and Emma or John 
and Eliza)

11/Oct Michael Michael/Winny Loftus John Loftus/Mary Hever 

25/Oct John/Thomas Thomas Garvin?/Bridget Loftus ? 

8/Nov Michael  Ned Walsh/Mary Loftus John Lavell/Mary Loftus 

22/Nov John  Michael Loftus/Atty Igoe ? Rathreedane

6/Dec John  James Loftus/Bab Hanmon* John Loftus/Bridget 
Connor Kinso.....?

12/Dec Thomas  James Loftus/Barbara Hannan* John Loftus 

(*These could be the same couple)


3/Jan Margaret  John Rouane/Bridget Loftus Ned Mary Rouane 

23/Mar Mary  James Loftus/Catherine McKinsy Pat Loftus 
Catherine Gallagher Glenree

6/Jun Anne  James Loftus/Catherine Cunny James Loftus/Ellen 
McLouglin Glenree

26/Jun Sarah  John Loftus/Mary Ray Peter Mary Ray Knockrey

4/Jul Margaret  John Carroll/Anne Curley Mary Curley 

8/Jul John  Thomas Duncan/Mary Rouane James Rouane/Anne 
Jordan Bonniconlon

14/Jul Martin  William Loftus/Bridget Walsh James 
Mullarkey/Anne Walsh Prebanne

8/Aug Catherine  James Loftus/Ellen Rogan/Rojan Michael 
Rogan/Anne McCandrew Carra*

(Or Ampletyan?)

14/Aug Mary  Thomas Loftus/Ellen Clarke Tom Clarke/Ellen 
Loftus Cloonta

22/Aug John  Tony Rouane/Mary Quinn Pat Mary Rouane 

10/Oct Pat  Thomas Loftus/Mary Egan Michael Anne McDonnel 

Birth Records From Kilgarvan Parish


Date Name Parents Witnesses Location

24/Oct James  Tony Ray/Ellen Loftus Tony Loftus/Mary 
McKensie Newton

7/Nov Martin  Dom Loftus/Bridget Cunny Pat Mary Loftus 

20/Nov Tony  John Nary/Anne Loftus Micahel Loftus/Mary Nary 

7/Dec Margaret  John Loftus/Mary Finline Michael Loftus/Anne 
O'Donnel Kiolbride


9/Jan Oliver  Pat Loftus/Mary Grehan John Grehan Kilgarvan

23/Jan John  Thomas Loftus/Mary Kilivarun John 
Rouane/Bridget Loftus Wood?

10/Feb Margaret  Pat Loftus/Bridget Mullarkey John & Julia 
Mullarkey Prebbane

17/Feb Michael  Harry Melvin/Bridget Loftus Michael 
Loftus/Bridget Lavell Rathreedane

15/Apr ? John  Lavell/Mary Loftus Ned Walsh/Mary Kilmartine 

7/May Margaret  John Loftus/MaryRelly/Reiley? ? Carra

12/May John  John Clarke/Mary Loftus Mary Clarke Rathreedane

22/May Thomas  Michael Loftus/Atty Igoe John Loftus/Mary 
O'Donnel Carrareagh

30/Aug Bridget  Mark Loftus/Ellen MacNamara John 
Gilligan/Mary Condon Prebbane

12/Nov Michael*  Michael Loftus/Bridget Lavell Anthony & 
Catherine Lavell Carrownaglogh

(*Or William)

26/Nov Anthony  John Loftus/Catherine McHale ? Kiolbride

10/Dec Bridget  Thomas Loftus/Mary Egan John Loftus/Bridget 
Forde Currigane

10/Dec Michael  John Neary/Anne Loftus John Loftus/Bridget 
Rouane Bonniconlon


7/Jan Antny  Thomas Loftus/Ellen Clarke Michael Clarke/Mary 
Loftus Glenree

21/Jan Sarah  Michael Loftus/Sarah Duncan Mark Mary Loftus 

21/Jan Bab  James Loftus/Bridget Newcomb Pat Newcomb 

*(Or Prebbane)

1/Apr Mary  Henry Melvin/Bridget Loftus James Loftus/Mary 
Melvin Carralabin

7/Apr John  John Rouane/Bridget Loftus John Bridget Rouane 

17/Jun John  Ned Walsh/Mary Loftus Michael Walsh Rathreedane

1/Jul Margaret  William Loftus/Mary Walsh John 
Mullarkey/Bridget Loftus Lislafin

30/Oct John  Michael/Winny Loftus James Loftus Colorta?

21/Oct Michael  James Loftus/Catherine Cunny Pat 
Durcan/Bridget Cunny Carralabin*


21/Oct Michael  John Loftus/Mary Finlan Michael Loftus/Atty 
Igoe Glenree

27/Oct Mary?  Dom Loftus/Bridget Cunny Pat Loftus 

11/Nov Ellen  Martin Loftus/Catherine Lavell Michael 
Loftus/Anne Ruddy Rubbil

25/Nov Mark  Thady KilaMartin/Sarah Loftus ? Bofield

20/Dec Mark  Thomas Loftus/Mary Kilmartin? John Lavell/Mary 
Loftus Rathreedane


13/Mar Winny  Pat Loftus/Mary Grenhan Andy Bridget Grenhan 

13/Mar Pat  Joseph Thomas Loftus/Mary Egan Pat Catherine 
Loftus Farnpletigan?

24/Mar James  Michael Loftus/Bridget Lavell Thomas 
Rouane/Mary Lavell Prebbane

7/Apr Matilda  Thomas Crean/Catherine Cunny ? Carralabin

29/Jun John  Pat Loftus/Bridget Mullaney James Anne Loftus 

7/Jul Ellen  Harry Melvin/Bridget Loftus Michael Bridget 
Lavell Glenree

14/Jul Margaret  John Neary/Anne Loftus Martin 
Conlon/Bridget Rouane Carrownaglogh

14/Jul Sarah  Pat Kelly/Bridget Loftus Mary Gallagher 

Birth Records From Kilgarvan Parish


Date Name Parents Witnesses Location

16/Jul Henry  Henry Cunningham/Mary Cunny ? Drimnisheen

20/Jul Mary?  Antny Ray/Ellen Loftus Antny Loftus/Bridget 
Duncan Innisheen

29/Sept Mary  Michael Loftus/Atty Igoe James Atty Igoe 

29/Sept James  James Loftus/Ellen Rogan* Mary McGloughlin 

5/Oct James  James Loftus/Ellen Rogan* Michael Mary 
McGlouglin Carra

(*These are probably the same despite the different dates 
and locations)

12/Oct Mary  John Loftus/Mary Kelly Pat Loftus/Sarah 
Gilliard Cloonta

1/Nov Mary  John Lavell/Mary Loftus John Rouane/Liby Durcan 

(Or maybe Carrownaglogh)

3/Nov ? Terrence Igoe/Winny Loftus ? Carralabin

(Or maybe Carrownaglogh)

1/Dec Mary  John Clarke/Mary Loftus Michael Clarke/Ellen 
Loftus Rathreedane


22/May Mary  Antny Loftus/Bridget Durcan Michael 
Durcan/Ellen Loftus Currigane

25/May Mary  Thomas Loftus/Ellen Clarke Antny Clarke Wood?

2/Aug ? William Loftus/Bridget Walsh Bridget Mullarkey 

24/Aug ? John Rouane/Mary Durcan Michael Libby Rouane 

5/Oct Nappy?  Harry Melvin/Bridget Loftus James Loftus 

12/Oct Anne  John Loftus/Mary Finlin Michael Loftus/Honor 
Finlin Kiolbride

16/Nov Margaret  Martin Loftus/Margaret Clarke Pat Durcan 


11/Jan Pat  James Loftus/Catherine Cunny John & Bridget 
McGowan Glenree*

(Or 10/Jan in *Newton?)

Mar ? Michael Henry/Mary Loftus ? Sattifield

2/Apr John  Thomas Loftus/Mary Egan James Igoe/Ann O'Donnel 

26/Apr Martin  Michael Loftus/Bridget Lavell Martin & Honor 
Lavell Glenree

22/May Bridget  Thomas Loftus/Mary Gilmartin William 
Lavell/Mary Loftus Rathreedane

20/Jun Anne  Dominick Loftus/Bridget Cunny* Pat & Catherine 
O'Hara Carralabin

20/Jun Ellen  Dominick Loftus/Bridget Cunny* Martin 
Cunny/Mary Crean Carralabin

20/Jun Mary  Dominick Loftus/Bridget Cunny* Pat 
O'Hara/Martin Cunny Carraragle?

(*These could not be the same couple on this same date as 
Anne and Ellen were twins I think--Dom and Bridget-the 
parents of Mary- must be a different couple)

26/Jun Mary  Michael Lolftus/Atty Igoe John Loftus/Atty Igoe 

1/Aug Luke  John Neary/Anne Loftus Martin Conlon/Bridget 
Rouane Bofield

15/Aug Michael*  William Melody/Catherine Crean Anthony & 
Bridget Melody Ellgagh

15/Aug Michael  Thomas Loftus/Bridget Killgallan Thomas & 
Catherine Loftus Carralabin

12/Sept Anne  Michael Loftus/Sarah Durcan John 
Durcan/Bridget Loftus Kilgarvan

19/Sept John  John Loftus/Mary Kelly Pat Kelly/Mary 
Gallagher Carra

21/Oct John  Anthony Loftus/Bridget Durcan John Loftus/Mary 
Reape Knockroe


9/Jan Bridget  Martin Cunny/Mary Jordan John Cunny/Bridget 
Jordan Bonnciconlon

13/Jan James  Terrence Igoe/Winny Loftus Thomas Loftus/Mary 
Igoe Carralabin

21/Feb Peter  Antny Ray/Ellen Loftus Antny Loftus/Bridget 
Durcan Bonniconlon

Birth Records From Kilgarvan Parish

Date Name Parents Witnesses Location


13/Mar Mary  Harry Melvin/Bridget Loftus John Loftus/Mary 
Bolon? Carra

17/Mar Catherine  Thomas Loftus/Ellen Clarke Michael 
Clarke/Catherine? Carralabin?

(Or Carrownaglogh?)


27/July Michael  Dom Loftus/Bridget Cunny Pat & Catherine 
O'Hara Carralabin

12/Nov Bridget  James Loftus/Catherine Cunny James 
Durcan/Bridget Loftus Glenree

(Bridget was the 3rd daughter, and was probably named for 
this Bridget, who was probably great-grandfather James 
Loftus's sister. Mary and Anne were the first two daughters 
and were probably named for their grandmothers)


27/Jan Catherine James Loftus/Catherine Cunny Pat & Anne 
Loftus Glenree


2/Jun Sarah  Dom Loftus/Bridget Cunny Pat & Mary Loftus 


4/Sept Ellen  James Loftus/Catherine Cunny Michael & Maria 
Loftus Glenree


? Mary  Ellen James Loftus/Ellen Brady John Dempsy/Onny 
Brady Carra


31/Dec Honor  James Loftus/Ellen Brady Pat Melvin/Bridget 
Brady Carra


17/Jun John  James James Loftus/Margaret Durcan Pat 
Harte/Anne McAndrew Bonniconlon


10/Mar Anne  James Loftus/Bridget McCann Michael 
Loftus/Bridget Payton Rathreedane*


11/Aug Mary Catherine  James Loftus/Margaret Durcan Edward 
Dougherty/Mary Loftus Bonniconlon

28/Sep Catherine  James Loftus/Bridget McCann James 
Conricote/Honor Rouanne Rathreedane


6/Sept Josephine  James Loftus/Margaret Durcan Michael 
Rafter/Catherine Moran Bonniconlon


3/Dec Margaret  James Loftus/Margaret Durcan James & Dorothy 
Gaughan Bonniconlon

26/Feb Pat  Eugene Loftus/Anne Mulrooney Michael 
Moloney/Winifred Igoe Ellaghmountain

Birth Records From Kilgarvan Parish

Date Name Parents Witnesses Location


3/Feb Mary  James Loftus/Bridget McCann Martin Loftus/Mary 
Ruane Rathreedane


5/Apr Peter  James Loftus/Margaret Durcan Peter Harte 

15/Nov Mary  Eugene Loftus/Anne Mulrooney Thomas Loftus/Mary 
Quinn Ellagh


11/Jun Mary  John Loftus/Margaret Diamond Mary Loftus Ellagh