Church: Marriages Catholic Parish of Balla - 1863

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File contributed by: C. Hunt, typed by Kathleen Snowberger



Jan 18 - A certificate to James Walsh, Deerpark
Jan 18 - Thomas Reilly to Bridget Kerrigan, Present Owen Reilly
Jan 26 - A certificate to John Mahon, Prison
Jan 29 - Pat Igo to Ellen Henaghan, Present John Connor & Mary Kelly
              A certificate to William Devanny, Caranahan
Feb 04 - Pat Mannion to Anne Colgan, Present Tom Mannion & Mary Colgan
Feb 10 - A certificate to Pat Prendergast, Cloonduane
Feb 12 - Thomas Mullen to Catherine McNicholas, Present Martin Hughes, __Rafferty?
Feb 12 - Pat Byrne to Catherine (Connor or) O'Connor, Present Thos. Byrne & Mary Mulley
Feb 13 - A certificate to Thomas Madden, Lisaniska
Feb 15 - Thomas Burke to Winny Stanton, Present Thady Cunningham & Ellen Burke
Feb 15 - James Dempsy to Celia Conry, Present Jas. Dempsy & Mary Henaghan
Mar 02 - James Connolly to Catherine Walsh, Present John McDonnell & Bridget Brennen
 Settled the foregoing with the Archbishop through the Rev. J Waldron, on the 2 of March, E.G..

Mar 09 - Michael Roach to Catherine Shiernann (?), Present Pat Stanton & Mary O'Donnell
Apr 12 - James Gawley to Ellen Connolly - Widow Mulchrone
               Present Michael Gawley, Honor McDonnell
Apr 15 - John Ward to Winny Carney, Present John Walsh & Jul'a Ward
May 28 - Thomas Grealy to Mary Byrne, Present Brien Cunnane & Anne Costello
                John, Archbishop of Tuam ?
Jul 12 - John Reilly to Margaret Carr, Present William Staid & Mary McEllinn
Jul 27 - Pat Durkan to Katy Kelly, Present Michael O'Donnell, Catherine Moran & others
Aug 04 - Charles Mac Donnell to Bab. McEllinn, Present John McEllinn, Maryanne Lavan
Aug 15 - Mick Commons to Siby Jennings, Present Martin Ruardan, Margaret Caufield
Aug 30 - David MacHale to Mary Madden, Present Thomas Thomas & Sarah MacHale
Sep 10 - Michael McDonough to Bridget Brennan, Present Edward Burke & Honor Brennan
Oct 29 - William Burke to Margaret McHugh, Present Thomas Glynn & Celia Killeen
Nov 23 - John Tuffy to Mary Blouk, Present Thomas Tuffy & Anne Blouk
Nov 29 - Anthony McCann to Winny Costello, Present William McCann & Bridget McEllinn
Nov 30 - Pat Jennings to Mary Hyland, Present Thomas Murphy & Peggy Caufield
Nov 30 - John McDonough to Ellen Staunton, Present Austin Staunton & Maria Flynn
Dec 12 - Pat Salmon to Kate Fadion, Present Tom Ryder & Bridget Staunton
Dec 26 - Edward Colgan to Bridget McHugh, Present Thomas Colgan & Margaret McHugh

Source: FHL #1279209