Cemetery: Saint Joseph Cemetery, Ballindine

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Total records = 116.

This is an old cemetery, in the Village of Ballindine.

Bourke, Peter, d. 1884, age: 63yr, f/o Mary Julia, 

Brady, Martin, d. 1893, age: 4yr 6mo, Carrowbeg

Brogan, Catherine, d. 1918, age: 49yr, w/o James, 

Brogan, James, d. 1924, age: 73yr, h/o Catherine, 

Carey, Thomas, d. 1931, age: 74yr, f/o Michael

Carey, William, d. 1927, h/o Catherine

Corcoran Nolan), Annie, d. 1954, d/o Letitia and Thomas.

Corcoran, Letitia, d. 1942, age: 67yr, w/o thomas

Corcoran, Thomas, d. 1952, h/o Letitia

Cummins, Mary, d. 1957, age: 61yr, w/o Patrick

Cummins, Patrick, d. 1965, age: 18yr, s/o Mary and Patrick

Cummins, Patrick, no dates, h/o Mary

Cunningham, ?, d. ?, f/o Frances

Cunningham, Frances, no dates, Grand/o John and Marion 

Cunningham, Marion (McQuillan), no date, d/o John and 
Marion, Ballindine

Fahy, Margaret, d. 10 Feb 1894, w/o Thomas

Fahy, Thomas, d. 1 Jan 1953, h/o Margaret

Finn, Mary, d. 10 May 1888, age: 17, d/o Richard and 
Catherine, Levase

Finn, Richard, d. 10 Oct 1934, s/o Richard and Catherine, 

Fitzgerald, Bridget, d. 11 Feb 1945, age: 35yr, w/o Patrick

Fitzgerald, James, d. 11 Jun 1925, age: 7yr, s/o Patrick and 

Fitzgerald, Katie (Griffith), d. 12 Jan 1902, age: 27yr, d/o 
James H.

Fitzgerald, Patrick, d. 11 Feb 1886, h/o Bridget

Fitzgerald, William, d. 12 Apr 1923, age: 27yr, s/o Patrick 
and Bridget

Flattery, Catherine, b. 1926, d. 13 Feb 1897

Flattery, Celia, d. 13 Jan 1903, m/o Michael and Jane

Flattery, Jane, d. 13 Oct 1899, d/o Celia

Flattery, John, b. 1868, d. 13 Feb 1946

Flattery, Mary, b. 1800, d. 12 Nov 1900

Flattery, Michael, d. 13 Oct 1886, s/o Celia

Flynn, Edward, d. 14 Feb 1968, age: 19yr, s/o Margaret

Flynn, Kate, d. 14 Feb 1891, age: 18yr, d/o Margaret

Flynn, Margaret, d. 13 Oct 1899, age: 55yr, m/o Kate and 

French, Bridget M., d. 15 Jan 1912

French, Charles, d. 15 Apr 1970

French, Rachel Anna, d. 15 Aug 1933

Gibbons, Bridget, d. 15 Mar 1897, age: 56yr, w/o David, 

Gibbons, David, d. 15 Jul 1875, age: 87yr, h/o Bridget, 

Gibbons, Margaret, d. 16 Dec 1925, Grand/o David and 
Bridget, Carranorlare

Griffith, Delia, d. 16 Jan 1917, age: 22yr, d/o James H.

Griffith, Delia, d. 16 Mar 1908, age: 69yr, w/o James, 

Griffith, James H, d. 16 Dec 1977, age: 60yr, f/o Katie and 

Griffith, James, d. 16 Jun 1948, age: 79yr, h/o Delia, 

Hannon, Bridget, d. 17 Feb 1905, age: 74yr, w/o Myles

Hannon, Myles, d. 16 Mar 1987, age: 73yr, h/o Bridget

Healy, Bridget, d. 18 Nov 1903, age: 71yr, w/o Patrick

Healy, Margaret, d. 17 Mar 1917, age: 32yr, w/o Patrick, 

Healy, Patrick, d. 18 Feb 1954, age: 90yr, h/o Margaret, 

Healy, Patrick, d. 18 Jul 1937, age: 68yr, h/o Bridget

Henneghan, John, d. 19 Feb 1957, age: 53yr, h/o Mary, Esker

Henneghan, Mary, d. 19 Jan 1953, age: 80yr, w/o John, Esker

Hynes, Mary, d. 19 Mar 1962, age: 47yr, w/o Pat. , 

Hynes, Patrick, d. 19 Nov 1936, h/o Mary, Hogausheen

Joyce, Michael, d. 2 Jan 1913, age: 93yr, f/o Thomas

Keane, Catherine, d. 20 Apr 1895, w/o Michael, Cullane

Keane, Michael, d. 2 May 1879, h/o Catherine, Cullane

Keane, Patrick, d. 20 Dec 1903, s/o Michael and Catherine, 

Kennedy, Daniel, d. 20 Feb 1945, age: 63yr, h/o Kate, 

Kennedy, Kate, d. 20 Jan 1982, age: 67yr, w/o Daniel, 

Kenny, Margaret, d. 20 Mar 1948

Kenny, Peter, d. 20 Mar 1903

Kerrane, Patrick, d. 20 May 1903, age: 74yr

Kilkenny, Catherine, d. 21 Oct 1977, w/o Martin, Cloonmore

Kilkenny, Honor, d. 22 Jun 1920, m/o Martin, Cloonmore

Kilkenny, John, d. 22 Nov 1924, Cloonmore

Kilkenny, Margaret, d. 21 Dec 1961, w/o Ned

Kilkenny, Martin, d. 21 Feb 1916, h/o Catherine, Cloonmore

Kilkenny, Mattie, d. 22 Mar 1932, Cloonmore

Kilkenny, Ned, d. 21 Apr 1954, h/o Margaret

Killeen, Hanoria (McHugh), d. 22 Oct 1922, d/o John and 
Mary, Brandaduff

McHugh, Alfred, d. 27 Apr 1959, Grands/o Michael and Nora

McHugh, Bridget, d. 24 Jun 1917, w/o John

McHugh, John, d. 23 Aug 1886, h/o Mary, Brandaduff

McHugh, John, d. 24 Apr 1917, h/o Sabina, Ballindine

McHugh, John, d. 24 Feb 1954, h/o Bridget

McHugh, Mary, d. 23 Dec 1910, w/o John, Brandaduff

McHugh, Michael, d. 26 Apr 1889, h/o Nora

McHugh, Nora, d. 26 Jul 1937, w/o Michael

McHugh, Patrick, d. 24 May 1920, age: 90yr, f/o Richard, 

McHugh, Richard, d. 25 Mar 1898, age: 38yr, s/o Patrick, 

McHugh, Roddy, d. 23 Feb 1927, s/o John and Mary, Brandaduff

McHugh, Sabina (O'Brien), d. 27 Feb 1995, w/o John, 

McHugh, Sean, d. 24 Dec 1913, s/o John and Sabina, 

McNamara, Frank, d. 27 Oct 1919, age: 84yr, h/o Mary, The 

McNamara, Mary, d. 28 Oct 1969, age: 89yr, w/o Frank, The 

McQuillan, John, d. 29 Jun 1945, h/o Marion, Ballindine

McQuillan, Marion, d. 29 May 1950, w/o John, Ballindine

Monagan, Sarah, d. 3 Jan 1905, w/o Stephen

Monagan, Stephen, d. 3 Jan 1904, h/o Sarah

Monagan, Thomas, d. 3 May 1893, s/o Stephen and Sarah

Moroney, Mary, d. 3 Sep 1914, age: 86yr, Ballindine

Mullen, Ellen, d. 4 Feb 1916, age: 52yr, w/o Michael, 

Mullen, John, d. 4 Nov 1969, age: 86yr, Woodstock

Mullen, Michael, d. 4 Dec 1950, age: 69yr, h/o Ellen, 

Mulreany, Bridget, d. 5 Jul 1915, age: 72yr, w/o Hubert

Mulreany, Hubert, d. 5 Apr 1887, age: 85yr, h/o Bridget

O'Brien, Sarah, d. 5 Mar 1904, w/o William, Woodstock

O'Brien, William, d. 5 Jun 1881, h/o Sarah, Woodstock

O'Reilly, Thomas, d. 5 May 1910, Newtown

Prendergast, Bridget, d. 6 Sep 1885, w/o Luke, Woodstock

Prendergast, Luke, d. 7 Aug 1919, h/o Bridget, Woodstock

Quinn, Juliana, d. 7 Oct 1923, age: 69yr, w/o thomas, 

Quinn, Thomas, d. 7 Jul 1925, age: 76yr, h/o Juliana, 

Rooney, Mary (French), d. 8 Jan 1937, age: 76yr, w/o 

Rooney, Maurice, d. 8 Apr 1912, age: 85yr, h/o Mary

Rush, Eliza, d. 8 May 1909, age: 69yr, Cullane

Rushe, Bridget, d. 8 Sep 1935

Rushe, Catherine, d. 9 Jul 1967

Rushe, Sara, d. Apr 1912

Sheridan, Bridget, d. Dec 1908, w/o Patrick, Cullane

Sheridan, Patrick, d. Aug 1918, h/o Bridget, Cullane

Smyth, Jane, d. Died young, w/o William, Poolmasillach

Smyth, William, d. Dec 1909, h/o Jane, Poolmasillach

Stevens, Bridget, d. Feb 1925, age: 83yr, w/o Patrick

Stevens, Patrick, no dates, age: 73yr, h/o Bridget

Tunny, Mary Julia (Burke), d. Nov 23 ?, d/o Peter,