Cemetery: Saint Colman's Cemetery, Claremorris

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File contributed by: Anna Ryan 


This cemetery is on the main road from Castlebar to 
Claremorris. The name is over the entrance and it can be 
seen from the roadway. This is not a complete listing of 

Total records = 74.

Bilello, Charles J., d. 24 Dec 1973,
Boyle, Delia Mary, d. 23 Aug 1975, Wife of
James, Drumkeen, 
Boyle, James, d. ?, Husband of Delia Mary,
Casey, Jane, d. 26 Feb 1982, age: 47yr,
Daughter of Joe and Kate, Ardroe, 
Casey, Joe, d. 18 Oct 1977, Husband of Kate, 
Casey, Kate, d. 28 Jul 1998, Wife of Joe, 
Casey, Sean, d. 13 Jul 1990, Son of Joe and
Coffey, Annie, d. 6 Apr 1993, Claremorris, 
Connolly (Maloney), Theresa, b. 21 Dec 1900, d.
8 Dec 1994, Wife of Thomas J, 
Connolly, Thomas J., b. 10 Aug 1900, d. 5 Nov
1980, Husband ot Theresa, 
Dorey, Ethna, d. 29 Aug 1975, age: 30yr,
Duggan, James, d. 3 Jun 1978, Husband of Ellen,
Convent Rd. Claremorris, 
Farragher, Ellen, d. 24 Dec 1994, Wife of John
Joe, Claremorris, 
Farragher, John, d. 20 May 1977, Husband of
Ellen, Claremorris, 
Forde, James, d. 9 Mar 1976, age: 71yr, Convent
Rd. Claremorris, 
Healy, Joseph, d. 23 Nov 1963, Husband of Nora,
Healy, Nora, d. 11 Jan 1998, Wife of Joseph,
Healy, Richard, d. 23 Jul 1964, Brother of
Joseph, Claremorris, 
Jordan, Joseph, d. 21 Mar 1962, infant son of
Jordan, William, d. 12 Dec 1971, age: 54yr,
Father of Joseph, 
Keane, Harry, d. 14 Sep 1998, age: 91yr,
Kilcallon, Annie, d. 15 Aug 1993, Sister of
Gertrude Kitching, 
Kitching, George, d. 26 Nov 1977, Husband of
Kitching, Gertrude, d. 1 Sep 1978, Wife of
Lenord, Frank, d. 13 Apr 1976, Claremorris, 
Loftus, Michael (Junior), d. 28 Mar 1998, Son
of Michael and Winifred, 
Loftus, Michael, d. 15 Aug 1962, Husband of
Winifred, Ballinkinave, 
Loftus, Winifred, d. 22 Dec 1980, Wife of
Michael, Ballinkinave, 
Long, Nora, d. 23 Feb 1990, Wife of Patrick,
Long, Patrick, d. 3 Jan 1964, age: 65yr,
Husband of Nora, Claremorris, 
Maloney, Martin, d. 1 Apr 1998, Claremorris, 
Maloney, Michael, d. 21 Nov 1975, age: 58yr,
Mount St. Claremorris, 
Mannion, James, d. 11 Feb 1966, age: 54yr,
Husband of Margaret, Cloonconnor, 
Mannion, Margaret, d. 1 Jun 1991, Wife of
McGreal, John, d. 2 Jul 1977, age: 69yr,
Mellet, Mary, d. 5 Apr 1978, age: 61yr, Wife of
Patrick, Balla Rd, 
Mellet, Patrick, d. 17 Dec 1971, Husband of
Mary Delia, Balla Rd, 
Molloy, Delia, d. 7 Feb 1983, Wife of James,
Aughervilla Claremorris, 
Molloy, James, d. 28 Jul 1962, Husband of
Delia, Aughervilla Claremorris, 
Mulee, Agnes, d. 8 Nov 1983, Wife of Thomas,
Mulee, Michael, d. 13 Oct 1975, Son of Thomas
and Agnes, Steamstown, 
Mulee, Thomas, d. 3 Oct 1962, Husband of Agnes,
Nally, Peter, d. 2 Jul 1989, age: 72yr,
Naughtan, Denis, d. 11 Oct 1977, Husband of
Nora, Cloondroon, 
Naughtan, Nora, d. 3 Mar 1978, Wife of Denis,
O'Keeffe, Harold, b. 6 May 1915, d. 8 Jan 1991,
Cloonconnor, h/o Nora (ne.
Sullivan), bro/o Breege (Reilly), s/o William
and Annie, 
O'Keeffe, Mary Delia, d. 14 Apr 1964, age:
62yr, Wife of William T, Convent Rd.
O'Keeffe, William T., d. 9 Feb 1974, age: 74yr,
Husband of Mary Delia, Convent
Rd. Claremorris, 
O'Sullivan, Eugene, d. 25 May 1975, Husband of
May, Convent Rd. Claremorris, 
O'Sullivan, May, d. 2 Jun 1990, age: 79yr, Wife
of Eugene, Convent Rd.
Prendergast, Ellen, d. 22 Dec 1998, age: 73yr,
Wife of James, Belfield, 
Prendergast, James, d. 3 Jun 1974, Husband of
Ellen, Belfield, 
Prendergast, John, d. 16 Mar 1956, Husband of
Nellie, Claremorris, 
Prendergast, Martin, d. 30 Mar 1964, age: 86yr,
Prendergast, Michael, d. 10 May 1975, Belfield, 
Prendergast, Nellie, d. 23 Jun 1994, Wife of
John Joe, Claremorris, 
Prendergast, Richard, d. 20 May 1982, Husband
of Una, Castlebar, 
Prendergast, Una, d. 23 Aug 1975, Wife of
Richard, Castlebar, 
Sloyan, James, d. 25 Nov 1960, Brother of
Julia, Drimineen, 
Sloyan, Julia, d. 5 Feb 1959, Sister of James,
Sloyan, Kate, d. 13 Apr 1984, Drimineen, 
Sloyan, Lena, d. 23 Jun 1972, Drimineen, 
Sloyan, Pat, d. 11 Feb 1993, Drimineen, 
Sloyan, Tom, d. 25 Feb 1964, Drimineen, 
Solan, John P., d. 28 Apr 1974, Cloonboy, 
Stapleton, Annie, d. 1 Feb 1961, Wife of Tim,
Stapleton, Tim, d. 10 Nov 1990, Claremorris, 
Stapleton, Tim, d. 24 Dec 1960, Husband of
Annie, Claremorris, 
Staunton, James, d. 17 May 1975, age: 78yr,
Husband of Norah, Lisduff, 
Staunton, Nora, d. 13 Dec 1977, Wife of James,
Walsh, Agnes, d. 27 Feb 1984, Wife of Michael,
Walsh, Aoife Agnes, d. 2 Sep 1996, age: 18yr,
Daughter of Michael and Agnes,
Walsh, Michael, d. 17 Jul 1973, Husband of
Agnes, Kilbeg, 
Walsh, Michael, d. 3 Feb 1991, Son of Edward
and Agnes, Kilbeg,