Cemetery: Kilfian Old Graveyard, Ballina

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Most of the headstones in this graveyard gave worn and 
cannot be read. This is a list of some of the burials. There 
is also a new graveyard beside this one.

In loving memory of, Agnes Boland, Rathoma, Died 15th Jan. 
1961, her husband John, Died, 10th August 1961.

In Loving Memory of, James Caughan, Clenedach, Died, 14th 
April 1952, His wife, Mary, Died, 10th June 1978.

In loving Memory of , Annie Garvin, Cartron, Rathrob, Died, 
27-Jun. 1947, Her husband, John,  Died, 8-August 1974. 
Erected by their Family.

In loving memory of Celia Agnes Keane S.R.N., Kincon. who 
Died 24th May 1964, her husband Michael Keane, Died: 21st 
October 1946 Katie Keane, died 3rd August 1937, Patrick 
Keane, died 22nd September, 1939, R.I.P. Erected by her 
brother Bob.

In loving memory, of John McAndrew, Creevesmore, Died, 21- 
August 1940. Also His wife, Catherine, Died 31-Oct 1982, 
R.I.P. Erected by the McAndrews Family.

In Loving Memory, of Joseph McAndrews, Rathroe, Kincon, 
Died, 11th March 1967, His Parents , Bridget McAndrews, died 
Feb. 1934, John McAndrews, Died Nov. 1944. R.I.P. Erected by 
his loving wife and family.

In Loving Memory of, Bridget McGuire, Ballykinlettra, Died, 
9th Sep. 1966 aged 38, her husband, William, died 31-Oct. 
1995 aged 80, also baby Patrick, Died, 9-Apr 1955 aged 6 
weeks. R.I.P. Erected by loving Family

Pray for the Soul of Mrs. Elizabeth Munnelly, Breffa, 
Kilfian, who Died, 16h April 1916, aged 85 years, Her 
daughter, Lizzie, , Died, 1951, Her son Peter, Died, 1949, 
His wife, Katie, Died, 1966. Erected by her son, Peter 
Munnelly, Restored at the request of Breege and Michael 

Erected in Loving Memory of, Mrs. Kathleen Monnelly, Breffy, 
Died, Nov. 18th 1900 aged 37 years, Sarah T. Monnelly, died 
May 3rd 1917 aged 22 years, Philip J Monnelly, Died, Jan.9th 
1919, aged 62 years.

In loving memory of, Sabina Morris, Clydagh, Ballycastle, 
Died Jan. 1942, her husband, John, Died, 22-Aug 1985 aged 95