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File contributed by: C. Hunt

    [Kindly sent in by Miss P. Knox.] 

'An eighteenth-century cross-head was dug up some years ago 
in making a grave in this churchyard, and has been put up 
among the Lindsay graves. It bears the VESEY coat-of-arms, 
and part of the motto, " sub hoc signo vinces." It is broken 
off just below the "sub hoc." Part of the left arm and left 
side of the top are damaged. The date, 1706, may denote date 
of building this church in Archbishop Vesey's time, and have 
been a slab in wall of the old church which was repaired in 
1816. Archbishop VESEY died in 1716.' 

In Hollymount Churchyard, a large high tomb over a vault':-

Sacred to the memory of | ELIZABETH | Wife of ROBERT 
RUTTLEDGE of | Bloomfield Esqre and | Daughter of 
FRANCIS KNOX of | Rappa Castle Esqre | Who died on the 
2nd December 1824 and | Whose Remains are underneath 
deposited | Her engaging mildness unceasing human- | 
ity and warm affection endeared her to all her | acquain- 
tance and her uniform and unobtru- | sive piety together 
with the unremitting firm- | ness with which she 
performed all her duties | during a life of 56 years 
afforded them the con- | soling and confident hope that 
her soul fled to | that place where the spirits of the just 
are | made perfect. | 

'A very large high tomb over a vault ':-

Beneath | Are mingled in their kindred dust with those 
of her beloved parent | The Right Honorable JOHN LORD 
BARON CLANMORRIS | The Ashes of | The Honorable 
exalted purity of mind, personal charms | and vigorous 
and Cultivated understanding | rendered her at once a 
Delight and Ornament to her Family. | On the 20th day 
of April 1821 she was called to | a better world | At 
the early age of 15 years | there to receive the reward 
due to | Innocence and Virtue. 

Table-tomb ':-

Beneath this stone Rest 
The Mortal Remains of the 
Late FRANCIS BOWEN of Hollymount 
Who departed this life on the 
5 day of December 1802 
aged 44 years 
the remains of 
his wife who died Jany 20th 1853 
aged 94 years. 


Here lieth the body of | OLIVER BOWEN | who died on 
the | 17th day of September 1831 | aged 44 years | also 
that of | HANNAH BOWEN | his wife who died June 1875 | 
aged 74 years. 

Flat stone':-

Here lies the Body of | JANE FAIR of Fortville | who 
departed this life | on the 4th day of January | 1830 in 
the 68th year | of her age. | 

On a table-slab ':-

Sacred to the memory of | ROBERT FAIR of Bushfield 
Esqr | who departed this life | on the 26th day of 
September 1856 | in the 65 th year of his age | This 
monument | is erected to his memory | by his dearly 
beloved child | as a token of her | sincere affection for 
him, | and deep sorrow for his loss.  

A large high tomb over a vault ':-

Sacred to the memory of The Right Honorable JOHN 
morris of Newbrook in the County of Mayo | A Noble- 
man distinguished for the possession of those many 
eminent virtues which adorn life | whether we consider 
him in the Character of | a husband, father, Landlord 
or friend. | The language of panegyric is too often 
unworthily displayed in the unornamental inscription | 
But the sincere and universal regret which still accom- 
panies the recollection | of this estimable nobleman | 
sufficiently testifies how fully he discharged his duties 
both to God and man. His Lordship died on the 10th 
May 1821 in the 56th year of his age | and this monu- 
ment is erected by his affectionate and sorrowful Widow 
ANNA BARONESS CLANMORRIS | as a memorial of conjugal 

'On the east wall of north transept -- coat-of-arms above, 
slab with the Good Samaritan in relief. Under it ':-


Sacred to the Memory of | THOMAS RUTTLEDGE of 
Bloomfield Esqr | Who died A.D. 1805 in the 90 th 
year of his age | he was a dutiful son, an affectionate 
Husband | A sincere Friend, and the best of Fathers, | 
and a Man | like the Good Samaritan | of | universal 
Benevolence | Humani nihil a se alienum | Putavit. |

A mural tablet in Hollymount Church ':-
Sacred to the Memory 
Hollymount Esqr. who departed this 
Life in the year 1812 aged 95 years 
And to 
his Wife who died in the year 1762 
Aged 32 years. 
This small tribute is dedicated to their memory 
by their affectionate daughter 

On east wall of south transept ':-

This small tribute is dedicated to the memory of | 
ARTHUR KNOX Esqr. of Bushfield in this county | By his 
affectionate wife and daughter | He departed this life 

on the 18th December 1830 | in the 45 year of his age | 
with an humble confidence | in the merits of his 
Saviour | 

His remains and those of his Infant Son | are deposited 
in Mr RUTTLEDGE of Bloomfields Vault | in this Church 
yard | 


Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the 
Memorials of the Dead in Ireland.  Vol vii, FHL# 1279254