Cemetery: Bekan Cemetery. Bekan Village

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File contributed by:  Anna Ryan


Galway, Sligo Rd. after Claremorris and 4 miles to Knock 
Village the road is signposted to Bekan Village. After 
church and school turn left and left again. The cemetery is 
not signposted from the roadway.

Total records = 142.

 I walked and surveyed this burial place in July of 2001.
 - Anna Ryan

Brady, Maria, d. 12 Dec 1980, Wife of Roderick

Brady, Roderick, d. 28 Sep 1960, Husband of Maria

Burke, Kate, d. 27 Aug 1981, Wife of Martin, Bekan

Burke, Margaret, d. 27 Oct 1952, Wife of Peter

Burke, Martin, d. 1 Sep 1939, Husband of Kate, Bekan

Burke, Peter, d. 9 Apr 1972, Husband of Margaret

Caulfield, Edward, d. 25 Oct 1942, Husband of Ellen, Bekan

Caulfield, Ellen, d. 7 May 1978, Wife of Edward, Bekan

Caulfield, James, d. 6 Jan 1980, Son of Edward and Ellen, 

Cavanagh, Bridget, d. 27 Jan 1908, age: 73yr, Wife of Peter, 

Cavanagh, John, d. Jun 1903, age: 78yr, Brother of Peter, 

Cavanagh, Peter, d. 30 Oct 1879, age: 62yr, Husband of 
Bridget, Bekan

Conry, Patrick F, d. 28 Jun 1944, age: 14yr, Grandson of 
Thomas and Mary Henry,


Cunnane, Delia, d. 29 May 1991, Wife of Philip

Cunnane, John, d. 2 Nov 1973, Son of Mary, Bekan

Cunnane, Mary, d. 23 Sep 1941, Mother of John, Bekan

Cunnane, Philip, d. 21 Mar 1974, Husband of Delia, 

Dolan, Bridget, d. 5 Jan 1960, Wife of James, Cloontumper

Dolan, James, d. 29 Jan 1959, Husband of Bridget, 

Duggan, Bridget, d. 12 Mar 1884, age: 56yr, Wife of Martin, 

Duggan, Martin, d. 25 Aug 1873, age: 44yr, Husband of 
Bridget, Lisaniska

Duggan, Thomas, d. ?, age: 21yr, Son of Martin and Bridget, 

Duggan, William, d. ?, age: 10yr, Son of Martin and Bridget, 

Durkan, Margaret, d. 24 Jan 1977, age: 80yr, Wife of Patrick 
and Margaret,


Durkan, Patrick, d. 11 May 1960, age: yr, Husband of 
Margaret, Cloonlara

Durkan, Stanley, d. 15 Jul 1944, age: 25yr, Son of Patrick 
and Margaret, Cloonlara

Feeney, John, d. 4 Jul 1962, Husband of Mary, Erriff

Feeney, Mary, d. 7 Oct 1970, Wife of Mary, Erriff

Finn, Catherine M, d. 14 Oct 1938, Husband of Daniel, 

Finn, Daniel, d. 1 Feb 1967, Husband of Catherine M., 

Finn, Elizabeth, d. 4 Oct 1999, Wife of Tom, Drimaderra

Finn, Tom, d. 18 Jun 1997, Son of Daniel and Catherine M, 

Finnegan, Denis, d. 18 Mar 1922, age: 75yr

Finnegan, Mary Ann, d. 15 Feb 1895, age: 12yr, Daughter of 
Michael and Mary Ann

Finnegan, Mary, d. Sep 1886, age: 38yr

Finnegan, Michael, d. 22 Jun 1923, age: 68yr, Husband of 

Finnegan, Nora, d. 29 Sep 1926, age: 70yr, Wife of Michael

Finnigan, Michael, d. 29 Feb 1972, Husband of Nora, 

Fitzmaurice, Andrew, d. 12 Feb 1996, Son of Martin and 
Catherine, Greenwood

Fitzmaurice, Bridget Mary, d. 18 Jun 1934, Daughter of 
Martin and Catherine, Greenwood

Fitzmaurice, Catherine, d. 25 Jul 1968, Wife of Martin, 

Fitzmaurice, Johnny, d. 8 Aug 1965, Son of Martin and 
Catherine, Greenwood

Fitzmaurice, Margaret Mary, d. 1 May 1940, Greenwood

Fitzmaurice, Martin, d. 22 Jun 1961, Husband of Catherine, 

Forde, Helen, d. Jan 1950, Wife of William, Cloonfauchna

Forde, James, d. Feb 1961, Brother of William, Cloonfauchna

Forde, William, d. 25 Jul 1942, age: 63yr, Husband of Helen, 

Glynn, Ann Lyons, d. 2 Apr 1944, aged: 64 yrs, w/o Michael

Glynn, Michael, d. 3 Mar 1948, aged: 66 yrs, h/o Ann 
(Lyons), Treenveagh, Bekan

Guilfoyle, John, d. 1 Jan 1980

Guilfoyle, Mary, d. 15 Aug 1951, Wife of Patrick, Greenwood

Guilfoyle, Patrick, d. 17 Mar 1927, Husband of Mary, 

Henry, Mary, d. 25 May 1951, Wife of Thomas, Bekan

Henry, Thomas, d. 21 Sep 1942, age: 81yr, Husband of Mary, 

Higgins, Mary, d. 1937, Wife of Patrick, Clooncurry

Higgins, Patrick, d. Aug 1960, Husband of Mary E., 

Horley, Dominick, d. 12 Mar 1985, Husband of Mary E., 

Horley, Mary E, d. 17 Jan 1957, Wife of Dominick, Lisaniskea

Hunt, John, d. 13 Jun 1909, age: 70yr, Husband of Mary

Hunt, Margaret, d. 10 Jan 1970, Cloonfaughna

Hunt, Mary, d. 5 Feb 1917, age: 65yr, Wife of John

Hunt, Patrick, d. 18 Apr 1916, age: 40yr

Johnston, Bridget, d. ?, Daughter of James and Nora, Erriffy

Johnston, Bridget, d. 8 Oct 1893, Wife of Thomas, Reisk

Johnston, Catherine, d. ?, Daughter of James and Nora, 

Johnston, Delia, d. 1948, Daughter of Bridget and Thomas, 

Johnston, James, d. 27 Dec 1892, Husband of Nora, Erriffy

Johnston, Nora, d. 14 Oct 1904, age: 86yr, Wife of James

Johnston, Patrick, d. ?, Son of James and Nora, Erriffy

Johnston, Thomas, d. 1916, Husband of Bridget, Reisk

Jordan, Aggie, d. 10 Nov 19?

Keane, Mary, d. 13 Jun 1950, Cloontumper

Keane, Thomas, d. 12 Mar 1968, Lisinskea

Kelly (Canavan), Hanora, d. 13 Dec 1885, age: 41yr, Wife of 

Kelly (Mulaney), Nora, d. Nov 1959, age: 64yr, Wife of 
Malachy, Lisaniska,

Interred in Brooklands

Kelly, Delia, d. 26 Apr 1993, Wife of Thomas

Kelly, Malachy, d. 2 Mar 1942, age: 62yr, Son in law of 
Patrick and Catherine

Mulaney., Lisaniska

Kelly, Patrick, d. 12 Dec 1908, age: 65yr, Husband of Hanora

Kelly, Thomas, d. 19 Feb 1973, Husband of Delia, Cloonaulban

Kirrane, Margaret, d. 7 Jul 1997, Wife of William, Lisinskea

Kirrane, William, d. 1 Jan 1967, Husband of Margaret, 

Lyons, Anthony, d. 17 Oct.1967, age: 90yr, Knocknafolia

Lyons, Bridget, d. 10 Apr 1966, Wife of James, Erriff

Lyons, Bridget, d. 11 Jun 1923, age: 80yr, Wife of Malachy

Lyons, Catherine, d. 22 Jan 1956, Wife of Thomas, Greenwood

Lyons, Delia, d. 17 Jul 1886, age: 15yr, Daughter of Malachy 
and Bridget

Lyons, Ellen, d. 8 Jan 1965, age: 80yr, Knocknafolia

Lyons, James, d. 13 Jan 1941, Husband of Bridget, Erriff

Lyons, Joseph, d. 7 Oct 1918, age: 20yr, Son of Malachy and 

Lyons, Malachy, d. May 1903, age: 75yr

Lyons, Mary, d. 14 Feb 1982, age: 94yr, Wife of Michael, 

Lyons, Mary, d. 9 Jan 1919, age: 24yr, Daughter in law of 
Malachy and Bridget

Lyons, Michael, d. 28 Mar 1957, age: 80yr, Husband of Mary, 

Lyons, Patrick, d. 14 Apr 1999, age: 82yr, Son of Michael 
and Mary

Lyons, Patrick, d. 18 Dec 1991

Lyons, Thomas, d. 10 Feb 1947, age: 79yr, Husband of 
Catherine, Greenwood

Lyons, Thomas, d. 8 Oct 1967, Son of Thomas and Catherine, 

Maloney, Ellen, d. 4 Dec 1963, Wife of John, Cloonfaughna

Maloney, John, d. 16 Dec.1961, Husband of Ellen, 

Maloney, Mary, d. 27 Feb 1962, Daughter in law of John and 
Ellen, Cloonfaughna

Maloney, Mary, d. 30 Jun 1989, Cloonfaughna

Maloney, Patrick, d. 14 Apr 1995

McGrath, John, d. 29 Feb 1972, Husband of Margaret, 

McGrath, Margaret, d. 8 Oct 1972, Wife of John, Greenwood

McLoughlin, Etta, d. 1927, Grandaughter of Bridget and 
Thomas Johnston, Reisk

Middleton, Martin, d. 4 May 1967, Blackpool, Cloonbullisa

Moloney, Catherine, d. 8 Sep 1883, age: 74yr, Wife of James

Moloney, James, d. 15 Apr.1890, age: 90yr, Husband of 

Morley, Anthony, d. 25 Jun 1948, Son of Richard and Mary, 

Morley, Ellen, d. 10 Sep 1901

Morley, Luke, d. 12 Jan 1912

Morley, Mary, d. 17 Apr 1976, Wife of Richard, Delisher

Morley, Richard, d. 11 Dec 1949, Husband of Mary, Delisher

Morley, Richard, d. 20 Aug 1990, Son of Richard and Mary

Morley, Thomas, d. 23 Apr 1880, age: 60yr, Lisaniska

Morris, Margaret, d. 25 Apr 1978, age: 27yr, Urnston. 

Mulaney, Catherine, d. 14 Sep 1920, age: 58yr, Wife if 
Patrick, Lisaniska

Mulaney, Patrick, d. 19 Dec 1919, age: 59yr, Husband of 
Catherine, Lisaniska

Mulkeen, Catherine, d. 24 Mar 1974, Wife of William, 

Mulkeen, Patrick, d. 22 Sep 1989, Cloncurry

Mulkeen, William, d. 15 Jun 1953, Husband of Catherine, 

Murphy, Kate, d. 15 Mar 1924, Wife of Patrick, Greenwood

Murphy, Patrick, d. 28 Jul 1937, Husband of Kate, Greenwood

Murray, Daniel, d. Feb 1920, age: 79yr, Lisaniska

Murray, Ellen, d. Feb 1928, Wife of Luke, Lisaniska

Murray, Luke, d. 7 Feb 1966, Husband of Ellen, Lisaniska

Nolan, Josephine, d. 14 Jul 1941, Daughter of Michael and 
Nora., Cloontumper

Nolan, Michael, d. 2 Feb 1966, Hsband of Nora, Cloontumper

Nolan, Nora, d. 16 Jan 1987, Wife of Michael, Cloontumper

Prendergast, Mary, d. Apr 1939, age: 65yr, Greenwood

Prendergast, Richard, d. 12 Dec 1922, age: 21Yrs.6Mths., Son 
of Richard, Bekan

Prendergast, Richard, d. 16 Nov 1927, age: 73yr, Father of 
Richard, Bekan

Reilly, Ellen, d. 22 Feb 1972, Wife of John, Carrowcur

Reilly, John, d. 4 May 1958, age: 71yr, Husband of Ellen, 

Reilly, Mary, d. 1 Dec 1965, Daughter of John and Ellen, 

Tapey, James, d. 7 Mar 1898

Tapey, Michael, d. 22 Apr 1910

Tarpey, Anne, d. 14 May 1890, age: 20yr

Tarpey, Bridget, d. 15 Feb 1885

Tarpey, Hanoria, d. Mar 1897

Tarpey, Martin, d. Jun 1898

Waldron, James, d. 13 Dec 1887