Church: Marriages - Roman Catholic Parish of Moyvore 1834 - 1880

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File contributed by: Kevin Patrick Flood


DATE	        GROOM	         BRIDE	            WITNESS	        WITNESS
1834 OCT 1	Peter Flood	 Mary Connors	    John Connors	Bridget Flood
1833 JUN 9	Thomas Flood	 Bridget McGowran*  Michael Lee	        Elizabeth Shanly
1835 SEP 8	Patrick Clyns?	 Elizabeth Coughlin Thomas Flood	Catherine Flynn
1837 JAN 10	Andrew Meehan	 Cary Flood	    Edw Dillon	        Bridget Wise
1837 NOV 9	John Keegan	 Mary Flood	    Bryan Callahan	Anne McGowran
1840 FEB 22	John Flood	 Marcella Manny	    Edw Manny	        Mary ?
1842 ?	        Michael Lee	 Honora Corcoran    Peter Flood	        Anne Fox
1846 FEB 14	John Flood	 Marcella Lasy?	    John Flood	        Biddy Fallon
1858 FEB 8	Peter Flood	 Margaret Kenny	    ? Connor	        Margaret Flood
1862 SEP 20	James Flood	 Catherine Burke    Thomas Flood	Mary Murphy
1865 OCT 7	James Flood	 Catherine Dunne    John Ward	        Margaret Ward
1867 OCT 10	Peter Flood	 Anne Keegan	    Thomas Oadlunn	Kate McGee
1871 FEB 21	Pat Flattery	 Mary Flood	    Thomas Carrole	Bridget McCormick
1872 JAN 10	Edward Green	 Eliza Flattery	    Pat Flattery	Eliza Flood
1872 NOV 13	James Flood	 Marcella Atkinson  William Atkinson	Mary Atkinson
1873 JUL 28	Patrick Flattery Elizabeth Leavy    Thomas Flood	Catherine McDonnell
1880 JUL 10	William Lloyd	 Mary Cos?	    James Flood	        Christina Connor

* Note: The spelling of McGowran is as it appears from the handwritten records, I could 
be wrong, it could be McGauran