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File contributed by: Kevin Patrick Flood


Includes all Floods or McGaurans - even if sponsor
1831- 1880
DATE	        CHILD'S NAME        FATHER	          MOTHER	           SPONSOR	        SPONSOR
1831 SEP 10	Honora	    	    John Connor      	  Mary Cormick	  	   Bernard Flood  	Eliza Cormick
1831 SEP 11	Michael	    	    Patt Meehan      	  Mary Flood	  	   Patt Flood	  	Eliza Flood
1832 JAN 13	Lawrence    	    Mamiou ?	     	  Anne Kelly	  	   Thomas Flood	  	Catherine Cormick
1832 SEP 15	Marcella    	    Michael Lee      	  Mary Casey	  	   Garret Fox	  	Catherine Flood
1832 DEC 16	Thomas	    	    James Flood      	  Lillian Magouran	   John Magouran	Rose Harvey
1833 FEB 6	Patrick     	    Daniel Murray    	  Catherine Farrell	   Patrick Flood	Anne Farrell
1833 MAR 28	Patrick	    	    John Kinny	     	  Mary Maxwell	           Peter Flood	  	Rose Conlon
1834 MAR 17	Thomas	    	    Thomas Flood     	  Bridget McGowran	   *Andrew Meehan	Elizabeth Shanly
1834 MAY 3	Margaret    	    Thomas Finnan    	  Mary Flood	           James Ward	  	Anne Plunkett
1834 JUL 21	Patrick	    	    Patrick Flood    	  Eleanor Meehan	   Peter Flood	  	Mary Flood
1835 APR 19	Catherine   	    Patrick Farrell  	  Anne Flood	           Patrick Finnan	Anne Shanly
1835 APR 27	Thomas	    	    Michael Meehan   	  Catherine Flood	   Andrew Meehan	Winnefred Flynne
1835 MAY 5	James	    	    Garret Fox	     	  Hanora Casey	           Patrick Flood	Bridget Fox
1835 JUN 29	Catherine   	    Michael Sheridan 	  Rose Conlon	           John McGowran	Jean McCormick
1835 NOV 1	Judith	    	    Thomas Finnan    	  Mary Flood		   Michael Ward	  	Anne Ward
1836 FEB 6	William	    	    James Cormick    	  Mary Nugent		   Peter Flood	  	Anne Gafney
1836 FEB 15	Peter	    	    Patt Flood	     	  Eleanor Flood		   Peter Flood	  	Catherine Eagan
1836 JUL 16	William	    	    Patt Reynolds    	  Judith Moran		   John Flood	  	Rose Smith
1836 SEP 4	Patrick     	    Patrick Meehan   	  Mary Flood		   John Ward	  	Catherine Matthews
1837 JAN 20	Mary	    	    Edw Colwell      	  Mary Colwell		   Thomas Flood	  	Margaret Finnan
1837 FEB 14	Peter	    	    ?  Flood	     	  ?  Meehan		   ?   Flood	  	?
1837 SEP 9	John 	    	    Peter Maher      	  Elizabeth Flood	   James Quin	  	Frances Flood
1837 SEP 22	Saragh	    	    Peter Downs      	  Anne Flood	           Thomas Connor	Margaret Cox
1837 OCT 1	Daniel	    	    Daniel Murray    	  Catherine Farrell        Peter Flood	  	Margaret Finnan
1837 NOV 9	Bridget	    	    Michael Meehan   	  Catherine Flood	   Patrick Flynn	Ann Meehan
1838 JAN 26	Michael	    	    Andrew Meehan    	  Mary Flood	           Peter Flood	  	Bridget Flynne
1838 APR 22	Elizabeth   	    Patrick Hanly    	  Honor Flood	           Joseph Woods	  	Anne Hanly
1839 JAN 25	Michael	    	    Patt Flood	     	  C Meehan	 	   Lawrence Meehan	Catherine ?
1840 JAN 29	George	    	    George Byrnes    	  Mary Flood		   Patt Hopkins	  	Bridget Burrows
1840 APR 8	Patt	    	    Thomas Finnan    	  Mary Flood		   John Kugan	  	Mary Kugan
1840 AUG 12	Andrew	    	    Andrew Meehan    	  Mary Flood		   Martin ?	  	Catherine Meehan
1840 AUG 16	Andrew	    	    Patt Meehan      	  Mary Flood		   John Hopkins  	Bridget Brennan
1840 SEP 6	Peter	    	    John Gugan	     	  Mary Flood		   John Collins	  	Biddy Flood
1840 OCT 19	Peter	    	    Michael Muharry? 	  Catherine Flood	   Patt Lynn	  	Bridget Flynne
1840 NOV 9	Bernard	    	    Brian McGowran   	  Biddy Gilligan	   ?             	Biddy Egan
1841 OCT 27	Mary	    	    Thomas Flood     	  Bridget McGowran*	   John Lee	  	Mary Lee
1843 FEB 6	Margaret    	    Pat Flood	     	  Ellen Meighan	           Peter Meighan	Margaret Meighan
1843 JUN 26	Thomas	    	    Michael Nally    	  Rose Lennon		   James Lee	  	Catherine Flood
1843 NOV 7	Catherine   	    Michael Meighan  	  Catherine Flood	   John Keegan		Catherine Flood
1843 DEC 9	Bryan	    	    John Keegan      	  Mary Flood		   Michael Fury		Mary Callahan
1844 APR 8	Anne	    	    Peter Flood      	  Catherine Rooney	   Patt Lynch		Biddy Flynne
1846 NOV 20	Margaret    	    James Flood      	  Maggy Leany	           James Flood		Biddy Fallon
1846 DEC 10`	John	    	    James Kenny      	  Catherine Igo	           Thomas Flood		Betty Keegan
1849 FEB 9	Mary	    	    Peter Flood      	  Catherine Rooney	   Js Flood	  	Biddy Rooney
1850 SEP 22	Eliza	    	    Tom Flood	     	  Biddy McGowran*	   John Lee 	  	Mary Lee
1851 SEP 5	John	    	    Peter Flood      	  Catherine Rooney	   Pat Flood      	Biddy Lynch
1853 MAR 22	Mary	    	    ? Flood	     	  Bridget Lacey	           ?		  	?
1854 JUN 1	Bridget	    	    Peter Flood      	  Catherine Meighan        Peter Rooney	  	Mary Meighan
1856 JUN 22	Bridget	    	    Thomas Flood     	  Bridget McGowran*	   Pat Cloyne	  	Catherine Flood
1857 JUN 5	Margaret    	    Thomas Flood     	  Catherine Rooney	   Thomas Flood	  	Mary Connor
1859 JAN 23	Patrick	    	    Patrick Flood    	  Margaret Kenough	   Edw Connor	  	Bridget Michaels
1861 SEP 3	William	    	    Michael Egan     	  ? Maynes	           ?	          	Margaret Flood
1862 APR 20`	Catherine   	    Patt Flood	     	  Margaret Kenny	   Patt Flood	  	Margaret Flood
1862 JUL 4	Peter	    	    Peter Farrell    	  Catherine Jordan	   Thomas Flood		Bridget Jordan
1862 JUL 8	James	    	    Jan Mullally     	  Mary McCormick	   John Flood		Catherine McCormick
1863 JAN 11	Anne	    	    John Ward	     	  Margaret Killinard       Patt Flood		Mary Killinard
1863 MAY 24	Anne	    	    Mick Lee	     	  Anne O'Neill	           Patt Flood		Mary Murphy
1863 NOV 26	Anne	    	    Paddy Clynes     	  Anne Brien	           Patt Flood		Catherine Brien
1864 JUN 30	John	    	    Patt Flood	     	  Mary Kenny	           James Kenny		Anne Kenny
1864 SEP 11	Bernard	    	    Peter Farrell    	  Catherine Jordan	   Thomas Flood		Eliza Flood
1866 JUN 10	Catherine   	    Thomas Eivers    	  Judith Finnan	           John Flood		Catherine Eivers
1866 JUL 3>     Mary	    	    James Lee	     	  Begs? Brien	           Joseph Moran		Margaret Flood
1866 JUL 3>     Bridget	     	    James Lee	          Begs? Brien		   Patrick Flood	Mary Flood
1867 AUG 10	Peter	    	    Pat Flood	     	  Margaret Kenny	   Peter Flood		Eliza Flood
1868 AUG 2	Mary	    	    Peter Flood      	  Anne Keegan	           Thomas Oadlunn	Catherine Farrell
1868 SEP 15	Edward	    	    Pat Farrell      	  Mary Connor	           John Flood	  	Mary Flood
1869 JAN 14	Edward	    	    William Coughlan 	  Mary Ann Coffey	   James Irvine		Mary Flood
1869 MAR 18	Patrick	    	    Patrick Mullen   	  Marcella Connor	   John Flood		Mary Flood
1869 JUL 8	Margaret	    John Ward        	  Margaret Killinard	   Owen Smith		Mary Flood
1870 MAR 27	Pat	    	    Peter Flood      	  Anne Keegan	           Stephen Keegan	Mary Flood
1870 MAY 26	Mary	    	    Pat Flood	     	  Margaret Kenny	   John Egan     	Anne Mullen
1871 OCT 27	Mary	    	    Patrick Flattery 	  Mary Flood	           Thomas Flood	  	Anne Flood
1872 FEB 14	Wm	    	    Peter Flood      	  Anne Keegan	           Edward Shaule	Catherine McGee
1873 MAY 3	Michael	    	    Michael Conner   	  Mary Egan	           James Flood	  	Ellen Ward
1873 JUN 22	Peter	    	    Peter Flood      	  Anne Keegan	           Patt Flood     	Margaret Flood
1873 AUG 23	John 	    	    James Flood      	  Marcella Atkinson        Peter Flood		Mary Atkinson
1874 NOV 6	Patrick	    	    James Flood      	  Marcella Atkinson        Thomas Flood		Teresa Atkinson
1874 DEC 9	Thomas	    	    Patrick Flattery 	  Bridget Levy	           Thomas Flood		Bridget Flood
1875 MAY 23	Ellen	    	    Peter Flood      	  Anne Keegan	           Michael Magee	Catherine Flood
1875 SEP 19	Anne	    	    Patrick Flood    	  Margaret Kenny	   Peter Flood	  	Anne Flood
1876 APR 23	Margaret Anne       James Flood	          Marcella Atkinson	   Christopher Flood	Julia Farrell
1877 JAN 28	Bernard	    	    Bernard Kenny    	  Bridget Coates	   Thomas Coates	Catherine Flood
1877 MAY 31	William	    	    Patrick Flood    	  Margaret Kenny	   James Flood	  	Eliza Flood
1878 APR 29	James	    	    James Flood      	  Marcella Atkinson	   Joseph Atkinson	Philomena Keegan
1879 DEC 7	Mary	    	    James Flood      	  Marcella Atkinson	   ?              	?
1880 FEB 22	Anne	    	    Peter Flood      	  Anne Keegan	           Peter Flood	  	Mary Flood

* Note: The spelling of McGowran is as it appears from the handwritten records – I could be wrong, it could be 
McGauran KPF