Church: Templemichael and Ballymacormick Deaths 1816-June 1817

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File contributed by: John Warther, Michael McCue & C. Hunt


The Catholic parish Templemichael and Ballymacormick is 
currently called Longford. It covers parts of the civil 
parishes of Templemichael & Ballymacormick. The Cathedral 
Church of St. Mel in the town of Longford is in the parish. 
Also the chapels of St. Michael Archangel in Ballymacormick 
and St. Anne's in Templemichael.

juvenis = youth   puella=girl     senex=old uxor=wife
unupta=unmarried  mulier=woman    vidua=widow *=Latin name
mater = mother    alias = maiden name  domina=lady
*English version of Latin names used to aid in searching.


2   Elizabeth KENNEDY, alias MOHER, of Ferefadd
7   Joanna CLINCH, of Stonepark
10  Michael HOPKINS, of Cooleeny
20  Patrick WARD, Whiterock
21  Joseph CRUISE, of Longford

9   John HERVEY, Juvenis, of Lisduff
16  Charles WOODS, of Ferefadd
20  Catharine KELLY, of Longford
27  Edward FLINN (?), of Augharagh (Aghareagh?)
29  Eleonora PIDGEON, alias COONEY (?), of Brickeens

1   Hugo McKINNA, of Longford
3   Rose FLANNIGAN, of Lisduff
4   Anna McKENNA, alias FINN, of Longford
    Alice CULLEN, of Longford
13  Mariella (Muriel) GAYNOR, alias McCORMICK, of Farnagh
    Elizabeth TIERNAN, alas LITLE, of Lisnamuck
14  Brigid McNAMARA, alias HART, of Cooleeny
16  Catharine McDONOUGH, alias FANNIN, of Cartron
20  John BIERNE, of Longford
    Thomas SHAVELIN, of Cloonbalt
21  Brigid LEAVY, alias MULROONY, of Cooleeny
29  John KELLY, Juvenis, of Longford
30  Anna HUGHES, of Stonepark
31  Anna McANNIFF, alias CONRY, of Cloonbalt
    Thomas GODFRY, Juvenis, of Longford

2   Sara McKIERNAN, alias O HARA, of Farnagh
9   Eleanor CORLESS?, of Whiterock
15  Daniel KING, of Cloonrallagh
18  Patrick GAYNOR, of Cartron
29  Anna CAHILL, of Clooneeny

5   Brigida MALLIN, of Longford
7   Gerald FERRALL, of Aughereagh (Aghareagh?)
11  Catharine McGINNIS, alias FOALY, of Allinagh (Aleenagh)
24  John  GOOLRICK, of Cloontirm
    Vidua (Widow) DUNNE, of Knocklaughlin

6   James NOWLAN, of Longford
14  Anne MULLANNIFF, of Longford
17  Michael GREALY, of Farnagh
    Brigid EGAN, of Brickeens
18  Jame CAHILL, of Longford
30  Brigid COX, alias KING of Longford

1   Catharine KILHOOLY, of Aughereagh (Aghareagh?)
2   Brigid POWER, alias MAGUIRE, of Longford
5   John Mc Cormack, of Farnagh
    Catherine HEALY, alias DOWD, of Cartronlebagh
6   Honor DOWD, alias BARDEN of Carrigggean
10  Richard GRADY, of Longford
31  Rose FANNIN, alias DUGGAN of Mulloughovoreen 

9   Brigid FERRALL, alias BRENNAN of Longford
16  John MULLOY, of Lisduff
19  Elizabeth IRELAND, of Longford
    Anne FALLON, alias GERAUGHTY of Ferefadd
26  Tullins (?) CONNOLLY, of Longford
27  Mary Mc DONOUGH, alias KEARNY of Longford

2   John Mc CABE, of Cloonrallagh
4   Catherine NOWLAN, alias FERRALL, of Longford
7   Mary DONNELLY, of Longford
13  Elizabeth HEALY, of Cartron
14  Thomas BARRETT, of Longford
22  John COX, of Cooleeny

6   John CONNELLY, of Cloonbalt
14  Brigid KENNEDY, of Whiterock
16  Thomas MALLIN, of Farnagh
18  Catherine BURNS, alias HEOY, of Longford
21  Patrick DOONER, of Crosskeys

2   Robert MULLEDY, of Freehalmon
4   Patrick COLLEGAN, of Mullaghvorneen
6   Patrick Dungannon, of Longford
7   Mary CALLAGHAN, alias DOORIS of Longford
    Anne HEAVY, of Corrloggan (Corlagan?)
8   Dorothy McHUGH, alias DEGNAN, of Carickglass 
13  James FERRALL, of Cloonkeen
14  Hugo COX, of Farnagh
    William HANLY, of Longford
28  Anne MAHEDY, of Longford
    Francis KELLY, of Cloonrallagh

1   Charles Mc GLINN, of Mullallagher
5   Catherine FEENY, alias WINNE of Longford
10  Catharine CAMPBELL, alias DUNGAN of Longford
11  Mary LANE, alias M_LEHEERAN (MULHERAN?) of Ballintempan
12  John KENNY, of Lisduff
13  Roger McGUIRE, of Longford
20  Patrick CORRIGAN, of Kilte_her? (Kiltyreher?)
25  John CALLAGHAN, of Longford
26  Brigid COX, alias McGURRILL (?) of Trilick
30  Anne SHARKEY, inupta (unmarried) of Garvagh
31  William HUGHES, of Cloonaghard


1   Anne MULVANEY of Longford	
5   Catharine CLINCH of Stonepark
8   Brigid CONNELLY of Farnagh
8   John BRACKEN of Boglane (Bog lane?)
11  Robert SLEVIN of Kiltereher 
13  Bartholemew DINNEGAN of Church Lane  
14  Anne KELLY, alias FERALL?, of Ballymakeegan
16  Margaret CULLEN, alias BESTICK Of Longford
20  Nicholas SMITH of Longford
24  Margaret MULHEARN, alias CALLAGHAN, of Cloontirm
27  Mary VAUGHAN, alias  MITCHEL (MITCHELL?) Of Derryhana
30  Bernard QUINN of Knoghlaughlin
5   Margaret FOX, alias CALLERAN of Longford
7   Thomas HOWARD of Ballymichael (Ballymichan?)
10  Margaret EDGWORTH (EDGEWORTH?), alias GAVAN? of Longford
14  Honor MCANNALLY, alias FERRALL, of Lissnurlin 
    Patrick HOWARD of Mullanagh
18  Eugene CALDWELL of Knockaterry
19  Mary FERRALL, widow of Ferrefadd
21  Charles FERRALL of Balnamore (Ballinamore?)
23  Edward FERRALL of Ballymacormack
25  John HANLY of Longford
    Matthew MCGEE of Cloonrallagh
26  Elizabeth FEELY, alias CONWAY of Stonepark

7   Mary FERRALL, alias DUFFY of Longford
9   Mary FEEENY, alias MCGARRY, of Longford
11  Patrick FLINN, of Cloonbalt
12  Laurence COFFEY of Coonaghard
14  Margaret ASH, alias HAND of Longford
15  Anna MCGUIRE, alias NOONAN of Stonepark
21  James GOOLRICK of Aurghanragh
23  Edward MCGUIRE of Longford
25  Bernard EGAN of Brickeens
28  Catherine EGAN, alias MURRAY of Brickeens
29  Elizabeth FERRALL (FARRELL) of Longford
30  Thomas YORKE of Cooleeny
30  Anne KILLIAN, alias McGeoy of Ballagh

3   Mary HOWARD of Mullaugh (Mullagh?)
4   Eleanor CURRAN of Lisduff
10  Mary KEARNY, alias NICHOLS  of Glack Lane (Longford 
12  Anne DUNGANNON  of Longford
14  Patrick CALLAGHAN of Ballintempan  
    Michael CALLAGHAN of Ballintempan 
17  Michael CORRIGAN Of  Mulaughwoo...? (Mullaghavorneen?)
18  Henry  NANGLE  of Aughareagh
23  James GAFFENY (GAFFNEY?), child of Ballymacormack
24  Christopher NOWLAN of Whiterock
24  Catharine NOWLAN  of Freehalmon
30  Mary FERRALL (FARRELL), alias DOWD, of Corry
30  Mary BRACKEN, unmarried of Lisnamuck

1   Anna TULLY of Crosskeys
4   Anna BRACKEN, alias KELLY of Lisnamuck
5   Winifrid MCCAFFERY of Cooleeny
7   Mary CARROLL, alias CONNELL of Longford
8   James NEWMAN of Ferefadd
20  Matthew MULEHEERAN (MULHEERIN?) of Aughareagh
23  Michael WHITE of Cloonrallagh	      
26  Catherine CUNCANNON (CONCANNON?), alias KANE  of 
29  Honora MCHUGH, alias FERRALL (FARRELL) of Ferefadd

4   Peter McGOWAN, pauper of Longford
5   James DOONER, of Longford
8   Peter McCAULY, of Corry
    Thomas FERRALL, of Aughareagh
    Catherine HUGHES, alias GINTY of Cloonbalt
9   Thomas CONNOR of Lisduff  

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Source: FHL # 0926028