Church: Templemichael and Ballymacormick Deaths 1811-1815

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The Catholic parish Templemichael and Ballymacormick is 
currently called Longford. It covers parts of the civil 
parishes of Templemichael & Ballymacormick. The Cathedral 
Church of St. Mel in the town of Longford is in the parish. 
Also the chapels of St. Michael Archangel in Ballymacormick 
and St. Anne's in Templemichael.

juvenis = youth   puella=girl     senex=old uxor=wife
unupta=unmarried  mulier=woman    vidua=widow *=Latin name
mater = mother    alias = maiden name  domina=lady

*English version of Latin names used to aid in searching.


1   Brigid RATTIGAN, alias DONNELLY of Cooleeny
3?  Mary FOX alias MEACHAN of Cooleeny (date might be 9th)
5   Mary Anna DINNIN of Longford
    Laughlin MULVEY of Cloonbalt
6   Gislena McWEENEY, Vagabond    
7   Laurence DINNEGAN of Farnagh
8   Bernard KELLY of Longford
17  Mary Ferrall of Lissanurlin
19  Ann McLEWAIN (?) alias DRUM of Longford
20  Mother, Francis CAULFIELD of Longford
    Winifred McGEOY alias FERRALL (FARRELL) of Cooleeny
23  Margaret McDONOUGH alias DRUM of Longford
    Judith McCORk (McCORMICK?) alias CAHILL of Longford
24  James KENNY Jun. of Lisduff
29  John CONNELLY of Farnagh

7   Margaret KEENA alias COFFY of Cloonaghard (?)
9   Elizabeth CARROLL alias McLAUGHLIN of Cloonaghard
11  Judith NANNERY alias KENNEDY of Knocka__ (?)
12  Patrick MORAN of Farnagh
    Edmund ASH of Longford
15  Ann CARIGGY alias FERRALL (FARRELL) of Knochahaw
17  Nora FOALY (FOLEY?) alias CONNOR of Longford
19  Margaret GAFFENY alias CONNELL of Longford
23  John FLAHARTY of Longford
27  James HOGAN of Derryharra

2   Thomas MAHON abjured heresy, Longford
4   Mary LEE alias HIDWIN (HEDEWIN?) of Cloonanny 
28  Peter McLAUGHLIN of Lissfarrell
    Mary DUFFY alias STOKES of Churchland
31  Michael FERRALL (FARRELL) of Corrabaun

7   Margaret FERRALL (FARRELL) alias ROSEEN of Lissnamuck
19  John KELLY of Longford
    Edmund FLAHARTY of Cartron Little
23  Edmund CORCORAN of Longford
25  John FERRALL (FARRELL) of Longford
27  Edmund FEELY of Craan(e)
30  Mary KENNY alias FEELY of Cooleeny

3   William FERRALL of Cloonrallagh
8   Catharine WHITE alias HOPKINS of Cloonrallagh
17  Catharine FERRALL of Stonepark
19  Catharine HEROY (HEOY?) of Toorfinne
21  Mary DEAN alias FORD of Longford

11  William KENNY of Lisduff
12  Thomas MURTAGH of Dunbeggin
    Brigid KENNEDY of Longford
12  James MILNOMO of Dloonaghard
29  Mary McDANIEL alias KENNEDY of Farnagh
30  Philip MEECHAN of Aughareagh
    Michael KEEGAN of Freehalman

1   Catharine DYER alias YOUNG OF Knock___
11  James HERVY (?) of Coolnahinch
25  William DOGHERTY of Longford
31  Catharine FLANNIGAN alias DONEVAN of Longford

3   Brigid McDANIEL alias CONNOR of Longford
21  Brigid FERRALL alias CALLIGHAN of Ferifadd
30  Bernard McGRATH abjured heresy Longford

5   Mary BRENNAN alias NICHOLS of Crosskeys
10  Patrick FOX of Cooleny
26  Edmund KEARNEY of Glack

2   Andrew McCOPPEN abjured heresy
14  Patrick McHUGH of Ballagh
16  James HEOY of Gurteenboy (Gorteenboy)
17  Loughlin MORAN of Cooleeny
20  Catherine ST. JOHN alias KEEGAN of Cloonaugh__ 
29  James WARD of Churchland

1   Brigid ALLEN alias MULLEDY of Ferefadd
8   Catharine WARD alias CONNELL of Longford
    Mary McCORMICK alias HAND OF Carigeen
9   Margaret MURTAGH of Williamstown
10  Maria HOWARD alias WARD of Ballymichael?
14  Brigid MORGAN of Lissnamuck
19  Thomas DAYLEY (?) of Garvagher (?)
21  Hugo REILY of Longford
    Ann McGUIRE alias THOMPSON of Kiltereher (?)
23  Bernard McKIERNAN of Longford
24  James KELLY of Longford
28  Marcella MURPHY alias FLANNIGAN of Lisduff
30  Mary ROGERS of Lisduff

19  Rebecca HUTCHISON abjured, Cooleny
26  Charles WALSH of Knochahaw


2   Joanna (Joan) McHUGH, alias DOWD, Cloonbalt
4   Eugene KENNY, of Cartron minori (Cartron little)
9   Eleanor FERRALL (FARRELL), of Corradooher (Corradooey?)
"   James CAHILL of Gowlann
13  Ann PENDER of Allenagh
17  Margaret KENNY alias McGEOY, of Ferefadd
19  Elizabeth LAMB alias KANE of Longford
24  Ann FARRELL of Cloonaghard (Cloonahard?)
25  Ann CONLIN, of Longford
30  Sara MURTAGH alias KANE of Longford
"   Catharine TOBIN of Knockachaha (Knochahaw?)

2   Patrick GILL, of Dunbeggin
4   Patrick FLANNIGAN, of Cartron
5?  James FARRELL of Abbey Cartron 
16  Anne Hervy, alias QUINN of Coolnahinch
18  Michael MURRAY of Longford
21  James KENNY of Whiterock
26  Catharine KENNY, alias DOWD of Cloonturke (Cloonturk)
28  Peter BIERNE of Longford

9   William WRIGHT of Longford
10  Edmund GERAUGHTY (GERATY) of Cloonanny
11  Patrick MURPHY, of Derryha???
29  Brigid DOWD, alias SHANLY of Cloonrallagh

4   Dorothy FEENY, alias McAULY, of Longford
6   Elizabeth BRACKEN alias CAHILL of Longford
16  Marcella CARROLL, alias FERRALL (FARRELL) of 
Cloonaughard (Cloonahard?)
22  John DUNICAN, of Longford
26  John CUFFE, of Longford
28  Brigid CASEY alias FERRALL (FARRELL) of Stonepark

1   John PENDER, of Allenagh
4   Mary ROCK, alias BRENNAN, of Longford
7   James MONAGHAN of Knockachaha (Knochahaw?)
15  Mary KELLY, alias LYONS, of Ballymakeegan
18  Silvester MALLIN, of Longford
27  Cecilia CONRY, alias FALLON, of Stonepark

5   Brigid CRUISE, alias McDERMOTT uxor
    Domini Joseph CRUISE of Longford
22  Mary CONNELLY, of Glack
27  Ann CONWAY, alias JUDGE of Clooncouse (Clooncoose?)
29  Bernard MURTAGH of Lisduff

18  Cath. CALLAGHAN, alias REILY, of Longford
19  John KING, of Cloonbalt
20  Patrick FERRALL (FARRELL), of Cloonnaanny
26  James DOONER, of Brickeens
27  Mary FERRALL (FARRELL), alias GRIGG, of Ferefadd
30  Andrew DEECHAN??, of Crosskeys

2   Eleanor CREEGAN of Krosskeys
3   Judith DOOLING alias, Mc____? of Longford
16  Esther McMAHON of Cloonbalt
23  Thomas NOWLAN, of Cloonaghard

1   Catharine NERNY, alias FALLON of Longford
2   Sara KENNEDY, alias BRENNAN, of Longford

2   John COWEN of Lisduff
14  Catharine CULLIAN of Longford
20  Ann COYLE, alias HALFPENNY of Cloonbalt
23  Timothy FLANNIGAN, of Lisduff
30  James KELLY, Senior, of Ballymakeegan

8   Thomas QUINN, of Knoghlaughlin
13  Ellenor KEENA, alias CUFF of Longford
"   John KEENY, of Longford
30  Bernard McDONAUGH of Longford

5   Roger FERRALL (FARRELL) of Knocklaughlin
6   James CARROLL of Longford
8   vidua MULLIN of Knockacaha (Knochahaw?)
11  Eleanor RIELY of Longford
12  Mary CODY alias PEYTON, of Longford
14  Elizabeth FERRALL (FARRELL) alias STEVENS of 
20  Michael FERRALL (FARRELL) of Corragarrow 
22  Cath. CLABBY alias CONWAY of Knockachaha (Knochahaw?)
29  Thomas GRIFFEN, pauper of Longford


3   Joanna (Joan) FETHERSTONE of Derryharra
10  Robert ALLEN, of Ferefadd
11  Honora FOALY, of Longford
15  Mary O'DONNELL, alias HIGGINS, Longford
17  Cath. McKENNA alias MULLERVY of Longford
"   Margaret McGIFF, alias O'DONNELL, Brickeens
24  Eugene LEE of Clooncaun (?)
25  Morgan LEAVY, of Cloonaghard
"   Peter KENNY of Longford

4   Martin FOALY, of Longford
"   Ann EGAN, alias CAHILL of Ballintampan (Ballintempan)
6   Thomas REILY, of Lissduff
9   Francis WHEELAN of Lissduff
22  Honora FERRALL (FARRELL) of Longford
24  Michael COSGRAVE, pauper of Longford
26  John WHEELAN, of Lisduff
"   Eugene GREEN, pauper of Longford

16  Winifred FEENY, alias DONNILLY, of Cloonbalt
20  John HOURICAN of Ferefadd

6   Elenor CLINE, alias CONNOR, of Crosskeys
25  Eugene KING, of Longford
30  Gislina GRIFFIN, alias MORLEY of Longford

6   Catherine FERRALL (FARRELL) alias McLAUGHLIN of Ferefadd
21  Vidua WARD of Water Street, Longford
23  John FERRALL (FARRELL) cohortis Limricensa (of the 
Limrick regiment) Longford  
25  Eugene QUIGLEY, of Cooleeny
27  Anna (Ann) McCANN, alias HAGAN of Mullo__?
30  Anna CONNOLLY of Ballymakeegan

6   Peter TIERNAN of Stoneypark
7   Patrick DUFFY of Mullaghwornin (Mullaghwornia or 
18  Ann DONNELLY, alias GREALY, of Longford
28  Honora CLARK alias FERRALL (FARRELL) of Longford
"   Mary FALLON, of Longford
30  Margaret HEALY, alias CORREEN/CANEEN (?) of Longford

2   John DILLON of Crosskeys
"   Isabella EISTER (?) of Corlaggan (Corlagan?)
4   Mary HANLON, alias VAUGHAN of Derryharro (Derryharrow?)
12  Daniel MURPHY, pauper of Longford
18  Mary McCLEAN of Longford

6   Patrick McANNIFF (McINIFF?) of Longford
7   Michael FURY of Cloonbalt
14  Bartholomew FALLON of Nocklanny (?)

21  Edmund HEOY of Longford

12  Thomas LEAVEY, of Cooleeny
13  John FLINN of Calonagh (?)
15  Matthew BARTLY of Ferafadd
"   Patrick RICHARDSON of Ballymichael
20  Thomas GERAUGHTY (GERAGHTY) of Cloonaghard (Cloonahard)
"   Michael REILY, pauper of Ballymichael

7   Catherine TUITE alias, CORRIGAN of Longford
"   John MULLIN, of Cloonrallagh
8   Catherine HART, vidua, of Corlaggan (Corlagan?)
14  Honora McGARRY, alias DEVIN (??) of Longford
18  Margaret DERWAN, alias MORAN, of Longford
"   John CORRIGAN of Farnagh
23  Ann KEARNEY, alias MULLANY of Cloonbalt
24  Margaret McCOY, of Longford
29  Mary KEVNAY/KEANAY (?) alias FERRALL (FARRELL) of Cooleeny

3   Ann CAHILL, alias KILLIMADE of Ferrafadd
17  Elizabeth MALLIN, alias FALLON of Longford
22  Thomas FALLON of Longford
26  Sarah McCOPPEN, alias MULEHEERAN (MULHERAN) of Longford 
31  Thomas RHAUL of Cooleeny


10   Peter HANLY of Lisduff
11   Mary NOWLAND alisa KELLY of Cloonaghard
12   Michael CALLAGHAN of Longford
13   John BAY of Allenagh
     Judith FORD alias BRODER of Longford
     Mary CONRY alias FLANNIGAN of Cloonallagh
16   John HERVY of Longford
18   Catherine ROGERS alias MULLIGAN of Longford
     Edmund MORAN of Brickeens
19   Catherine RIELY (?) alias KELLY of Longford     
20   N. ? Brian alias ?ara of Cloonbalt
     Joanna (Joan) DYORAN/DEGORAN(?) alias FITGERALD OF 
21   Judith REYNOLDS pauper of Longford
22   Catherine CALLAGHAN of Ballintampan (Ballintempan)
23   Catherine McDANIEL alias HANLY of Longford
     Peter MILLS of Longford
     Brigid ALLEN alias NOWLAN of Augharagh (Aghareagh?)
     Catherine HOPKINS of Ferafadd (Feraghfad)
24   Mary McGEOY alias FERRALL of Allenagh
     Ann McKEON alias REILY of Longford
     Judith MEEHAN alias FERRALL of Cooleeny
27   Nablia McGrath of Longford
     Honora FERRALL of Ballymacormack
     Ann FEELY(?) (FEEHILY?) of Craan
28   Mary KEEGAN alias KIERNAN of Cartron
     Patrick KILLIAN of Longford
     Edward KELLY of Longford
30   James NEWMAN of Cloonrallagh
2    Thomas LEAVY of Coolnahinch
5    Judith SHEALS alias CASSELLS
7    Mary ROGERS alias WINNE OF Farnagh (?)
8    Eleanor MULLIN alias FERRALL of Longford
11   Thomas FEELY of Lisduff
12   Mary WHEELAN alias McDONALD of Ferafadd
15   Peter NARY of Mullaugh
     Alice McCORMACK alias POWER of Cartron
17   Ann MOLLAGHAN alias BIERNE of Konekiva (?)
18   Eugene Mc Cormack of Cartron
20   Judith FERRALL alias BESTICK of Longford

6    John NARY of Mullaugh
7    Ann McCORMACK of (Kiltybegs?)
     Brigid LANE of Ballintampan (Ballintempan)
13   Margaret McANNIFFE (McANIFF) alis LYONS of Longford
15   Elizabeth ROWLY alias DAILY (?) of Longford
17   Elizabeth RIELY alias LACY of Longford
18   Francis LANE of Knackane
19   Mary MC NAMA alias BIERNE of Longford
20   Margaret YORK alias KINERY/KENERY (?) of Cooleeny
     Bernard DONNELON of Trillick
30   Peter DOUGHERTY of Longford
     William PEYTON of Longford

1    James DOONER of Corry (Curry?)
2    Margaret HENRY alias MULLIN of Longford    
6    Margaret McGee alias MORAN of Cloonrallagh     
13   Mary McHUGH alias ROGERS of Cloonbalt
19   Ann GUNNING alias RIELY of Longford
28   Mary DINAIN alias KILLAMADE (?) of Cross Keys
9    Patrick McCORMACK of Longford
12   Brigid DERMODY of Cloonaghard
16   Felix SHAUGHNASSY of Balnamore (Ballinamore?)
21   Judith NOWLAN alias McHUGH of Freehalmon
23   Hugo LEAVY juvenis, of Cooleeny
29   Patrick HEOY of Longford

2    John CANEEN of Longford
5    Edmund KILLAMADY of Longford
12   John MURRAY of Cross Keys
14   James VALENTINE of Cloonbalt
15   John FORD of Cloonbalt
17   Catherine FLOOD alias DALY of Cornadoohy
19   Mary GREGG? of Longford
25   Brigid MARTIN of Caldragh... (Caldraghmore?)
29   Charles McCOY of Longford

19   Patrick QUINN of Cloonkeen
23   Catherine EGAN alias CASEY of Brickeens
25   Bartholomew O'NEIL of Cloonbalt
     Mary DALY alias ACHMOOTY of Longford
27   Margaret GORMLY alias ARMSTRONG of Longford
29   Thomas MURRAY of Longford

8    Joanna (Joan) ARTHURS alias QUINN of Longford
9    Eleanora JESSOP of Stonepark
10   Margaret SMITH of Mulla...?
25?  Ann CUFF alias CAHILL of Longford

6    John JUDGE pauper of Longford
27   James DONNELLY of Cross Keys

5    Ann MALLIN alias GATELY of Longford
7    Hugo RAMSEY of Cloonbalt
12   Robert SHEVLIN of Cloonbalt
13   Henry SMITH of Knockachaha (Knochahaw) 
23   Brigid TIERNAN/FIERNAN (?) alias NELING of Longford
25   Mary GRADY alias CUNNINGHAM of Longford

22   John McGEOY of Cooleeny

1    Rose HICKEY of Ballintempan
8    James DININNGAN (?) of Cloonturk
12   Catherine DOONER alias McGIFF of Corry
13   Daniel KENNEDY of Longford
18   Sara YOUNG of Longford
     Judith LEAVY alias MEEHAN of Cooleeny
21   Ann DUFFY alias McLAUGHIN of Aughantraugh  
24   Ann RIELY vidua of Longford
29   Mary NOWLAN alias McKENNA of Longford


3   Mary FERRAL, alias FEELY, of Cooleeny
6   James CESSNAN (?) of Longford
9   Peter JENNINGS of Crosskeys
13  Henry O NIEL of Balnamore
22  Catharine ROWLEY of Bog lane (Longford Town)

2   Catherine MURPHY, alias HICKEY of Lisduff
10  John NICHOLS, pauper of Longford
    Mary GINTY, vagabond of Longford
16  Mary McCOY, of Longford
19  Mary MURRAY, de Cooleeny
22  Luke MAHONY (?) of Longford 
24  Mary SCHEFFINTON (SHEFFINGTON ?) of Longford
25  Peter CONLIN, of Cloonbalt

1   Peter KELLY, of Longford
5   Catherine CLINE, alias McCORMACK, of Brickeens
14  Marcella Ferrall, alias WARD of Brickeens
18  Elizabeth ACHMOOTY, alias FEALY, of Cloona...y (?)
19  Eleanor MANNION, alias, SPOLLAN (SPALLIN SPOLLEN) of Bog 
lane (Longford Town)
26  William McCORMACK, of Freehalman
31  Thadeus MULLEN of Longford

2   Esther REILY, alias MALLIN of Farnagh
    Elizabeth CAHILL, alias FERRALL, of Ferafadd
11  Mary MURPHY, of Derryharra
12  Thomas HICKEY, of Brickeens
13  Christopher HICKEY, of Ballintempan
25  Mary LAUGHRIN (LAUGHRAN?) alias WARD of Longford
    Judith PLUNKITT, alias FERRALL of Cloonbalt
27  William TULLY, of Crosskeys
    Eleanor FERRALL, of Longford
1   Brigid CLINE, alias CONNOR of Longford
7   James CUNAN, of Conloggan
    Nilius (Cornelius?, Niall?) MURPHY, of Derryharra
12  Andrew SMITH, of Longford
18  James BECKETT, of Cloontirm
    Patrick FERRALL, of Crosskeys
    John LETHEL, of Longford
23  John DONNELLY, of Crosskeys

8   Grace ANDERSON, alias QUIGLEY of Cooleeny
9   Anne McCORMACK, alias CONNOR of Cloonkeen
14  Andrew KEENAN, of Longford

1   Laughlin GRADY, of Longford
16  Michael CURNEEN, of Longford 
    Francis KELLY, of Longford
17  Michael ROGERS, of Stonepark    
21  Laurence Ferrall, of Dunbeggin
31  Mary Ferrall, alias McDANIEL of Ballymacormack

12  Mary BEIRNE alias RODDY of Longford
    Joanna (Joan,Joanne, Jane etc) McGEOY of Carrickglass
13  Michael RYAN, of Terlick
20  John GANEN (GANNON?), of Longford
21  Cecilia MURTAGH, alias NOONAN of Dunbeggan
28  Mary YOUNG. of Brickeens
30  Thomas MURRAY, Cohortis Longfordiensis (of the Longford 
Regiment) Longford

5   Michael Ferrall, of Longford
8   Anne NUGENT, alias HUGHES of Longford
10  Catherine RATTIGAN, alias ADAMSON of Cooleeny
18  Thomas DINNIN, of Cooleeny
20  Margaret REILY, alias QUINN of Cloonbalt
23  James MURRAY, pauper, of Longford
28* Dominic NOWLAN, of Whiterock (*might be Sept 29th)

2   Margaret FALLON, of Gowlan
11  Francis BESTICK, of Farnagh
17  Patrick CONNELLY, of Longford
20  Andrew Mc DONOUGH, of Longford
21  Judith SHEERAN, alias GUNNING of Longford

12  Anne NOWLAN, alias FERRALL of Ferefadd
13  Catherine LESTER, alias FERRALL of Lisduff
25  Rose MAHER, alias CLABBY, of Ferefadd
29  James JESSOP, of Stonepark

3   Anne BLACK, of Longford
19  Rose CAREY, alias McCABE of Longford
23  Andrew FALLON, pauper of Longford
25  Anne McGEOY, of Cooleny
26  Patrick TANNY, of Knocklaughlin
27  Catherine RAFFTERY (RAFFERTY?), alias SHOVELIN 
(SHEVLIN?) of Cloonbalt
28  Michael KEARNEY, of Glack lane (Longford Town)
30  Margaret KELLY, alias WHITE of Cloonrallagh

end 1815

Source: FHL # 0926028