Cemetery: LONGFORD -  Rathmore Churchyard, Co. Longford, Ireland
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Location: RATHMORE CHURCHYARD, Co LONGFORD                     

Num:    1 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory
William Wiggins, Rathmore
died 1950
Olivia died 1955
John died 1964
William died 1980
James died 1941
Jesus Said; "Him that cometh to me
I will no wise cast out"

Num:    2 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of
Our dear son William Henry
who died 1st November 1946 aged 41 years
and our beloved father
Henry Noble
who died 9th November 1951
and our darling mother Euphemia
who died 6th February 1955
"Thy Will be Done"
Erected by his sorrowing Father, Mother, Sisters
and Son

Num:    3 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Sacred to the memory of
Margaret Ann Hall who died 18th
of Febry. 1870 aged 18 years
Also her sister Mary Jane Hall
who died 13th Oct. 1869 aged 13 years
Also their brother Noble Hall
who died [3/5]th Oct. 1869 aged 1 year
Erected by their loving father and mother
Mary Ann and Charles Hall of Cornadrung

Num:    4 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory
Sarah Hall
died 22nd July 1957
aged 76 years
Amelia Hall
died 4th Oct. 1951
aged 70 years
Anna E. Hall
died 7th Oct. 1959
aged 84 years
"Gone from us
but leaving memories
death can never take away
memories that will always linger
whilst upon this earth we stay"

Num:    5 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In ever loving memory
our darling mother
Elizabeth Hall who departed this life
28th Nov. 1927 aged 75 years
Also our darling father
John Hall
who departed 7th Jan. 1931
aged 87 years
"She sleeps in Jesus, free from pain
our loss though great to her is gain
beloved by all who knew her here
and to her family, none more dear"
Erected by her devoted husband and

Num:    6 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of
my beloved husband Ralph
who entered into rest on the 27th June 1928
aged 57 years
"What I do thou knowest not now
but thou shall know hereafter"

Num:    7 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

loving memory of
Father and Mother
Charles Hall
died 5th April 1901 aged 80 years
and his wife
Mary Anne Hall
died 13th Oct. 1904 aged 76 years
Their son William
died 30th April 1958 aged 89 years
And their son Richard
died 3rd April 1966 aged 64 years
"God is Love"

Num:    8 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

loving memory of
Mary Jane Carson, Glenmore
died 7th April 1960 aged 46 years
Her brother John died 8th May 1961
Her mother Susan died 11th March 1962
Her father Thomas died 16th August 1963
"Safe in the arms of Jesus"
Erected by her parents, brothers and sisters

Num:    9 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In lovimg memory of
John Joseph Hall
who died 22nd Oct. 1961 aged 73 years
his wife
Isabella Margaret
who died 16th August 1974
aged 83 years
"Safe in the arms of Jesus"

Num:   10 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of
Richard Norris
died 29th April 1917
aged 83 years
Also his wife Anne
died 14th July 1917 aged 73 years
and their daughter-in-law
died 1st February 1927
aged 49 years
Also her husband
Joseph Norris
died 9th April 1960
aged 80 years
their sons
Richard Henry
died 3rd May 1985
aged 76 years
Joseph William
died 11th June 1989
aged 71 years
"Thy will be done"

Num:   11 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of
Anna E. Reilly
died Dec. 1930
aged 82 years
John J. Stratton
died 15th August 1937 aged 64
Frances Stratton
died 10th April 1966 aged 92
John Robert Stratton
died 5th May 1980 aged 70
"Forever with the Lord"

Num:   12 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

loving memory
our dear parents
Robert Jones, Glenmore
who departed this life on 15th May
1915 aged 60 years
and Mary Ann his wife daughter of
Thomas and Margaret Anderson
Rathmore, who departed this life
23rd January 1938 aged 68 years
Robert Quartus Jones
died 28th July 1969 aged 63 years
his brother John William
died 1st April 1975 aged 66 years
Mary Ann wife of Robert
died 3rd May 1981 aged 72 years
"In my father's house are many mansions
I go to prepare a place for you
that where I am ye may be also"
Erected by their sons
Robert Quartus and John William

Num:   13 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory
The Job family
John Job died 1908
Margaret J. Job died 1941

Num:   14 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Erected by John Job of Rathmore
as a tribute of filial affection
to the memory of his grandfather
John Job who died on the 15th
of March 186[1/4] aged 89 years
and his father David Job who died
on the 4th of March 1867
in the [33rd/55th] year of his age

Num:   15 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

loving memory of
John James Anderson
fourth son of
Thomas and Margaret Anderson of Rathmore
who was called to rest 14th June 1893
aged 18 years
"To be with Christ which is far better"
Also Thomas Anderson
died March 1916 aged 89 years
Margaret Anderson
died march 1917 aged 81 years
"Blessed are the dead which died in the Lord"

Num:   16 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"
Sacred to the memory of
Jane Anderson
the beloved wife of
William Anderson
of Rathmore
who died 31st January 1891
aged 59 years
Also Eliza Jean
died 29th Oct. 1953 aged 52
and her husband Samuel
died 1st may 1962 aged 89
"Safe in the arms of Jesus
Safe on his gentle breast
There by his love o'ershadowed
Sweetly my soul shall rest"
Erected by her sorrowing
husband and children

Num:   17 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory
Annie Florence Bleakley
died 5th January 1982
aged 82 years
"Safe in the arms of Jesus"

Num:   18 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In fond memory of Mother
Anna Eliza Bleakley
who died on the 28th February 1956
aged 96 years
Erected by George and Florrie

Num:   19 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

loving memory
Albert Thomas Bleakley
died 31st October 1948 aged 55 years
and his beloved wife
Eliza Jane Bleakley
died 26th February 1960 aged 61 years
"Peace Perfect Peace"
Erected by his sorrowing wife and family

*APMDI = Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of 
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