Cemetery: LONGFORD - Rathcline Old Churchyard, Co. Longford, Ireland
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Contributed by Simon de Montfort

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Num:    1 Source: 

Here lyes Interred the
body of Anna Forbes
Alis Aghmouty with her
three Children novemr.
the 23d. 1696
And Alsoe the body of
the Reverd. Artur Forbes
Aged 70 and vicar
of this parish for forty
yeares who departed
this Life the 23d. day of
Auguest Anno Domni.

Num:    2 Source: FRANK O'FARRELL

Here Lyeth body of
Mrs Judith Forbes als
May wife of the late Revered
Artur Forbes who
departed this life ye 3d.
of May 1734

Num:    3 Source: FRANK O'FARRELL

Pray for the Soul of Edmond Banan
who dyed 19 of Aprill 1690

Num:    4 Source: FRANK O'FARRELL

Sacred to the memory of
James O'Connor who died
on the 25th August 1798 aged 25 years
And his Father & Mother Charles O'Connor
& Mary O'Connor alias Troy.
He died 6th Feb 1819 aged 96 years
& she died 10th Feb 1813 aged 70 years
Edgeworth O'Connor MD who died
23rd. July 1839 aged 38 years
and his sisters Ellen & Eleanor
who died young & their
maternal grand mother Mary
Edgeworth alias Whelan who
died 6th Feb 1816 aged 70 years

[James O'Connor was killed on the battle-field of
Ballinamuck and his body carried to Lanesboro'.
Date of death not given as date of battle to save
relatives from prosecution.]

Num:    5 Source: FRANK O'FARRELL

Pray for the soul of Patrick Egan
late of Cloonfore who departed
this life May 1st. 1744 in the
78th year of his age & Elizabeth
Egan alias McDermot his
consort who departed Feb 28, 1739
in the 50th. year of her age
and Darby Egan their son
who departed Feb 24th. in the
34th year of his age & the
Reverd Mr James Egan
Parish Priest of Rathcline
who caused this monument
to be erected in memory of
Requiescant in Pace

[Darby Egan who owned Mill in Clonfower bought
a horse at Fair of Lanesboro'. Unknown to Egan horse
was a stolen one and he was hanged in Roscommon
Jail. Real reason for hanging was because he had
brother a priest]

Num:    6 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Here lyeth the body of
Ann Vance Als. Fetherston
Wife of Mr. William Vance of
Blenavoher who departed
this life 21 of Jan. 1729 and
in ye 33 year of her age and
her sons and daughter.

Num:    7 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Here lyeth the body of Thomas
Carson who departd.
This life 1731 aged
54 Erected by his
wife Elizabeth
Carson in 1758.

Num:    8 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Here lyeth the bo[dy of]
James Ferrall and El[ ]
his wife who died [ ]
year 1717 also Mary
likewise Frances Fer[rall]
Late of Lanesboroug w[ho]
departed this life on
first day of December
whose conso[ ]
ment erected in me[ ]
of him