Cemetery: LONGFORD - Kilglass Churchyard, Co. Longford, Ireland
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Num: 1 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In ever loving memory of Robert Payne Miller who
died 28th of July 1921 and his wife Anna died 16th
of Dec. 1944.

Num: 2 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of William John Miller of
Lissawarriff who died 5th of Feb. 1955 aged 75
years and his wife Anne Elizabeth Gladys died 24th
of June 1973 aged 54 years and their son John
Frederick died 4th of Nov. 1968 aged 16 years.
"Peace perfect Peace"

Num: 3 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of Primrose Miller, Tully who
died 17th of April 1949 aged 25 years also her
sister Georgina died 10th of Nov. 1923 aged 8
years. William Miller died 14th of March 1960 aged
81 years. Erected by their parents William and
Catherine Miller.

Num: 4 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Jeannette Brabazon Burns dearly beloved wife of
Arthur Burns J.P. of Mohill Co. Leitrim died July
19th 1900 aged 33 years. Also Arthur Joseph Burns
who died 18th of Dec. 1936 aged 70 years.

Num: 5 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of Thomas Burns of Screebogue who
entered into rest 20th of April 1918. Erected by
his loving wife. Also his wife Georgina Burns died
11th of August 1947 also his sister Anne H Burns
died 11th of Feb. 1952.

Num: 6 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of John Frederick Burns 3rd. son
of John and Matilda Burns of Richmount died 2nd of
July 1926 aged 34  John Burns died 7th of Oct.
1937 aged 82 years. Matilda Burns 26th of Nov.
1953. Elsie Anne Burns M.D. died 22nd of April
1982 aged 87 years. George C. Burns 26th of July
1951. Ethel Marguerita Burns died 25th of Nov.
1983 aged 93. Arthur Strong Burns died 5th June
1984 aged 87 years.

Num: 7 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In Loving memory of Joseph Fee (Garrycam) died
19th of Nov. 1929 and also that of Frances
Anderson died 8th of August 1931  Margaret Lucinda
Anderson died 9th of Sept 1965 aged 79 years.
Erected by their wife Margaret Anderson.

Num: 8 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

(small wooden cross no inscription)

Num: 9 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of Thomas Fee of Longford died
28th of Feb. 1901 aged 59 years. His wife Mary Fee
died 3rd of May 1928 aged 72 years and their son
Earnest Wesley Fee died 20th of Oct. 1852 aged one
and a half years.

Num:   10 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of Charles Fee of Deerpark died
25th of Feb. 1922 aged 72 years also his grandson
Charles Burnett died 16th of May 1951 aged 37
years. Archibald Burnett died 6th of March 1954
Ruth McCord died 31st of Jan. 1977. Sarah A.
Burnett died 10th of May 1977.
Erected by his daughter Sarah A. Burnett.

Num:   11 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of John Greene of Kenagh died 2nd
of March 1890 aged 87 years. Also his wife Hannah
Greene died 28th of Feb. 1902 aged 98 years.

Num:   12 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of Mary E. Shaw of Shawbrook.
Called home Saint Patrick's day 1928. Also her
husband Thomas P. Shaw passed away 10th of Dec.

Num:   13 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In memory of Moses Barnett who died June the 8th
1850 aged 70 years. Margaret B. Barnett who died
aged 84 years and Mary Barnett who died 4th of
Nov. 1863 aged 44 years. Samuel Barnett July 14th
1894 aged 25 years.

Num:   14 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of Jane Miller of Killeen, her
brother John and her brother George. Erected by
their nephew John Trimble.

Num:   15 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Sacred to the memory of John Morgan (farmer) of
the parish of Legan who depd. this life 20th of
Jan. 1842 aged 38 years. This monument was erected
by his widow in remembrance of a kind and
affectionate husband.

Num:   16 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In ever loving memory of Edward Banks Coady of
Colehill who was called home 10th of Nov. 1922
also his wife Sarah who died 19th of Sept. 1959.

Num:   17 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Annette wife of Stephen Reynolds of Tully in the
parish of Kilglass was buried here on the 12th of
May 1833. Her affectionate husband placed this
stone to mark the spot. They had lived 18 years
together in love.

Num:   18 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of John Trimble of Kinard died
the 11th of Nov. 1914 and his wife Sarah died 26th
of Nov. 1933. Also George died 17th of March 1957,
Margaret died 14th of July 1957, Ester died 30th
of August 1965, William died 10th of Sept. 1969,
Ellen died 16th of July 1972.

Num:   19 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of Robert Carson-Dawson of
Shawbrook died 30th of April 1977 aged 63 years,
his mother Jane Elizabeth died 3rd of May 1961
aged 85 years.

Num:   20 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of Francis Dimond who died 8th of
March 1939, his wife Lizzie died 25th of Jan.
1932, also their daughter Anne died 13th of Jan.
1903, Alice 1st of May 1941 and their son Bertie
Killed in action 31st of July 1917. Evelyn Frances
Whyte died 9th of August 1970. Erected by their
daughter Eva.

Num:   21 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of John William Miller of "Mill
View" died 29th of Nov. 1949 and his wife Maud
Alice Miller died 8th of Jan. 1949.

Num:   22 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In memory of Henry Doran died April 12th 1902 and
his wife Margaret died June the 2nd. 1902 also
their daughter Henrietta Margaret Sept. 22nd. 1927
and Sarah Jane died May 3rd. 1938.

Num:   23 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of Elizabeth Dorcas Flower,
Sunfield, Lenamore, called home 21st of April 1947
aged 77 years. Her sons Albert Cecil Flower called
home 15th of Feb. 1974 aged 71 years. Francis
Flower called home 22nd. of March 1975 aged 64
years. Her daughter Frances Flower called home
20th of Dec. 1979 aged 80 years.

Num:   24 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Erected by their sons in affectionate remembrance
of Charles Fee who died 12th of July 1913 aged 85
years, also his wife Sarah died 23rd of Nov. 1925
aged 86 years.

Num:   25 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of Thomas H. Miller 1872-1941
Carrickbawn, Ballinacaragy. His wife Anne Ebbles
1871-1961. Her brother Robert Miller 1883-1961.
His wife Mary Frances 1892-1965.

Num:   26 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

To the Memory of David Duff late Capt. in the
Dublin Co. Militia and R.M. who died at Hermitage
Co. Longford 2nd of May 1846 aged 43 years.
To the memory of George Duff late of Hermitage who
died 22nd of March 1846 aged 41 years. He is
deeply and deservedly regretted he was a kind and
affectionate husband and father and possessed
every amiable quality that could adorn the
Christian and Gentleman.

Num:   27 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Sacred to the memory of 2 beloved children Mary
and Anna Maria Haggarty who dept. this life in the
hope of a blissful eternity. Sarah Haggarty died
May 20th 1880  Robert died in Feb. 1884.

Num:   28 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Died at Drumbawn - Henry Dobson Esq. 29th of Jan.
1869 aged 60 years.

Num:   29 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Maria the beloved wife of William Shaw (Legan
Lodge) who died Jan. 19th 1890  William Shaw died
Feb. 27th 1893 aged 76 years. Jessie Murial infant
daughter of James and Maggie Shaw born Feb. 14th
1891 - died Feb. 28th 1891
"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"

Num:   30 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Under this stone lie the mortal remains of John
Miller who depd. this life 8th of Jan. 1840 in the
24th year of his age after a tedious illness which
he bore with Christian fortitiude, looking unto
Jesus the author and finisher of his faith.
Erected to his memory by his affectionate father
Robert Miller of Kenard.

Num:   31 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Here lie the mortal remains of Robert Miller of
Kenard who depd. this life 17th of July 1841 aged
74 years, who finished his course with joy through
faith in Christ Jesus. Also his beloved wife
Margaret who dept. this life 1st. of June 1846 in
the 66th year of her age.

Num:   32 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of Andrew Miller of Cluntymullen
in this parish who died 12th of Sept. 1856 aged 52
years. Also his wife Anne Miller died 12th of Dec.
1899 aged 86 years and little Jane. John A. Miller
1844-1930. Susan Miller 1845-1939 and their
children Susan 1881-1883 Frederick 1887-1905 Maria

Num:   33 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of George Miller of Kenard who
died 18th of March 1901 age 79 years. Also his
children; Maggie died 17th of Dec. 1891 aged 24
years and Annie died 26th of April 1895 aged 33

Num:   34 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of our dear parents John Fee of
Garrycam who died 9th of August 1886 aged 59 years
his beloved wife Mary 2nd of August 1906 aged 77
years. Their daughter Harriett Ann died 29th of
June 1918.

Num:   35 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In memory of John Miller died 1872. Charles Miller
died 1881. Elizabeth Miller 1883. James R. Miller

Num:   36 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Erected to the memory of John Miller of Tully born
18th of Jan. 1800 died 13th of Nov. 1872.

Num:   37 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Sacred to the memory of John Christie died 23rd of
June 180( ) aged 21 years
(corner of stone bearing last digit of year

Num:   38 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Here lye the mortal remains of Elizabeth Burns who
dept. this life 7th of Feb. 1835 aged 61 years
also her beloved husband William who depd. this
life 22nd of March 1835 aged 67 years.