Cemetery: LONGFORD - Cashel Churchyard, Co. Longford, Ireland
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Location: CASHEL CHURCHYARD, Co LONGFORD                

Num: 1 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In memory of Henry Newcomen Esq. of Cashel Lodge
Died 14th of Oct. 1871 aged 55 years
"As for man his days are grass as a flower of the
so he flourisheth for the wind passeth over it and
it is gone,
the place thereof shall know it no more"
This tomb was erected by his nephew
Arthur Newcomen Esq of Kirkleatham Hall,
Yorkshire, England.

Num: 2 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

"Life is but a momemnt, death that moment ends,
Happy are they who wisely that moment spends"
Anne Miller A.D. 1872
Holdbrook Miller 1875

Num: 3 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Sacred to the memory of
Rebecca Sophia Rollins of Greenhall
who died 27th of Feb. 1896 aged 39 years
Erected by her sorrowing Husband and Children
"The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away
Blessed be the name of the Lord"

Num: 4 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of Lucy Browne who died at Cashel
Vicarage on All Saints Day 1902 aged 2 years and 4

Num: 5 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Erected by Richard Rollins of Greenhall in memory
of his brother William who died 24th of Dec. 1884
aged 83 years.

Num: 6 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Sacred to the memory of George Rollins who died
March 2nd. 1870 aged 62 years. Elizabeth Rollins
died Dec. 30th 1864 aged 52 years
Erected by their son John Rollins
Also James Mills died 8th of Oct. 1874

Num: 7 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

John Mills of Greenhall died Nov. 1919 and his
wife Mary died No. 1908 and their sons George died
March 1945 Richard died May 1965
Erected by the Ryder family of Ballinahinch.

Num: 8 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of May Ryder of Ballinahinch died
May 1921 aged 31 years. Her infant son Richard and
her daughter Pauline aged 2 years. Her son Matthew
died March 1965 aged 48 years. Also her husband
John died 14th of Jan. 1969 aged 81 years. Also
her son Joe died 6th of Jan 1977 aged 59 years.

Num: 9 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of Annie Rollins of Ballinahinch
who died 7th of March 1935 aged 75 years and her
son James who died 14th of June 1964 aged 82
years. Her son John died 14th of April 1977. Her
daughter Frances died 12th of June 1981.

Num:   10 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of James and Eliza Ryder and
their four daughters Annie, Mary, Jane, Frances
and Elizabeth
Erected by their cousin E.L. Ryder.

Num:   11 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

This stone was erected by Charles Willm. Whiteacre
in memory of his dearly beloved wife Harriette
Emily Whiteacre died Dec. 19th A.D. 1867 aged 35

Num:   12 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Sacred to the memory of Charles Loftus Bushe Fox
Born Nov. 28th 1862
died Sept. 18th 1866
and William Charles Bushe Fox
Born Dec. 24th 1867
died April 28th 1869
"First fruits unto God and to the Lamb"

Num:   13 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

In loving memory of John Brandon who depd. this
life 19th of Jan. 1911 aged 85 years and his wife
Eliza. Also their son John Rudduck called to rest
7th of July 1947 aged 78 years.
Erected by his sorrowing wife.

Num:   14 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Here lieth the remains of John Ryder of
Ballinahinch who died 12th Sept. 1866 aged 42
Erected by his affectionate and sorrowing wife.
Also his son John Tyder who died 28th of May 1937
aged 80 years and his wife Mary who died the 20th
of May 1937. Also his daughter Jennie died Feb.
1st 1896. Also his daughter Alice died Jan. 19th
1915 and his wife Mary Anne Ryder died 27th of
Jan. 1918 aged 83 years.
Elizabeth died 28th of May 1954 and Sarah died 8th
of Feb. 1947

Num:   15 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Sacred to the memory of Charles Fearns late of
Fearnsbrook who depd. this life 25th of March 1829
aged 68 years. He was a kind parent amd a warm
friend universally regretted by his acquaintances
Erected by his daughter Catherine Willemena Fearns
as an act of filial duty.

Num:   16 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

To the memory of Margaret Martin (alias) Fearns
who depd. this life the 29th of March 1819 full in
the hope of a blessed resurrection aged 50 years.
Also her husband Thomas Martin Esq. of Strokestown
died 20th of Dec. 1822 aged 64 years. He was an
affectionate husband and dear parent, a faithful
friend. In him the poor lost a generous

Num:   17 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

This monument was erected by Mrs. Margaret Martin
of Strokestown to perpetuate the memory of her
dearly beloved mother Mrs. Margaret Fearns (alias)
Adamson who died 19th day of January 1816 in the
88th year of her age and lies interred here on the
left side of her husband Mr. John Fearns.

Num:   18 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Sacred to the memory of James Rollins late of
Greenhall who died 14th of Feb. 1850 aged 76
years. His wife Catherine died 26th of December
1848 aged 72 years. Their son James Rollins died
28th of March 1855 aged 30 years.

Num:   19 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Here lie the remains of Michael Rawlins late of
Morneen who depd. this life 18th of April 1846
aged 68 years. Also his father Hugh Rawlins who
depd. this March 11th 1827 aged 80 years. Also his
wife Catherine who depd. this life 8th of April
1824 aged 76 years.
This stone was erected by his wife Jane Rawlins of

Num:   20 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Here lyeth the body of Robert Bray late of
Portenure who died 19th of May 1747 aged 72 years
This stone was erected here by order of Samuel
Fforth of Longford and Denis Kelly of Kellybrook
Esq. sons-in-law to the deceased in regard to his

Num:   21 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)

Sacred to the memory of James Rollins late of
Coolategal died 8th of Nov. 1847 aged 72 years.
Also his wife Mary Rollins (alias) Sworden died
29th of August 1847 aged 69 years. Mary Rollins
died 19th of Oct. 1879 aged 69 years.