Cemetery: LONGFORD -  Ballymahon Churchyard, Co. Longford, Ireland
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Num: 1 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Crest:- Griffin passant
Arms :-
Motto:- "Post nubila Phoebus"

Sacred to the memory of
of Ballymulvie,
Born 1784 - Died 1846
and his eldest son JOHN SHULDHAM D.L.
Born 1825 - died 1891
Interred at East Molesey, Surrey.
Also of his sons
Born 1827 - Died 1876
POOLEY F. SHULDHAM, Late 73rd Regt.
Born 1832 - Died 1865
Born 1833 - Died 1870
This Tablet was Erected in 1894
of MOLYNEUX P. SHULDHAM, son of the above.
"Watchman, what of the night? "The Watch-
man said, "The morning cometh." Is. xxi,II.12

[Wall plaque inside church]

Num: 2 Source: APMDI                         

Here lieth the remains of MARGARET POYNTON, alias
who died in the Lord 9th April 1846
(Verse. John xi. v. 25)
This stone was erected by her loving husband JAMES
POYNTON of Derryveigh

Num: 3 Source: APMDI                         

Here lieth the remains of BERNARD McLAUGHREY who
departed this life 3rd of July 1833, aged 67

Num: 4 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Here lieth the remains of Thos.
Morton late of Toome, who departed this
life 22nd May 1811 aged 47 years
his daughter Ann Morton who departed this
life 26th June 1811 aged 21 years
His wife Jane depd. this life 20th
Feb. 1846 aged 70 years
his son John Morton who depd. this
life 11th Feb. 1864 aged 56 years

Num: 5 Source: APMDI/JIMMY LENNON            

Crest:- A lion rampant
Arms :- A demi-lion bearing a pole surmounted by a
Motto:- "Vincit qui patitur"

lyeth the body of
Mr John Lee, he
died 22nd of Nov.
1798 aged 49 years
Erected by his wife
Susanna Lee of Ballymahon

Num: 6 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Crest:- A falcon standing on a heron
Arms :- Or, a wall broken in sundry places. On a
chief sable three
escallops of the field (resembles that of
Graham, of Drynie,
Motto:- "Ne oublier"

To the memory
of James Rich. Graham, deceased
30 March 1823, aged 2 years
and of Elizabeth Grace Graham
deceased 9th April 1823 aged 4 years
Rescued by pitying Heaven from
the evil to come, they winged their
early flight to the bosom of that
Saviour who invited the little children
to come unto him
Their parents
Capt. Richd. and Catherine Graham
hearts stricken, yet not without hope
through the hope in Jesus Christ
of rejoining their dear children
in endless bliss.

 Num: 7 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Here lyeth the bo-
-dy of John Armstrong
who departed this
life June 1774 aged
60 years, also his wife
Mary Armstrong (alias)
McGan Dec. 1795 aged
70 years  Erected by their
grandson Archibald
"May they rest in peace"

Num: 8 Source: APMDI                         

Crest:- A Talbot's head
Arms :- Argent, two bars wavy azure. On a chief of
the last, an
etoile between two escallops, or.
Motto:- "Triumpho morte tam vita"

Here lieth the remains of SUSSANNA ALLEN, who died
May 1807, aged 21 years; also her son JOHN ALLEN,
9th July 1822, aged 21 years. This Stone is
Erected by
her Son DAVID ALLEN, Ballymahon.

 Num: 9 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Underneath this stone are deposited
the mortal remains of John
Ahmuty who departed this
transitory life on the 3rd day of
April 18[4]7 aged 21 years. Also his brother
James Ahmuty aged five
years. Both of which died in the
glorious hope of a blessed
immortality through the atone-
-ments of a crucified Redeemer.
Also their beloved mother
Mary Ahmuty (alias) Wilson who
departed this life 11th August 1834 aged
52 years. Also her husband
James Ahmuty who departed this life
the 7th of Sept. 1859 aged 69 years

Num:   10 Source: APMDI(1906)/JIMMY LENNON(1997)

Here lyeth the rems. of
John Ahmuty of Toom
who departed this life on the
3rd of Febry. 1813 aged 52 yrs
Also his beloved son Thoms.
26th June 1811 aged 27 years
This monument was erected
by his loving mother
Jane Ahmuty in memry.
Of their posterity
Also their son John
Ahmuty 9th Janry. 1817
aged 26 years.

Num:   11 Source: APMDI/JIMMY LENNON            

Crest : A hawk killing a heron
Arms  : In the upper portion three escallop
shells. In the lower a number
of round balls (? roses) [resembles that
of Duke of Montrose]
Motto : Ne oublie

Beneath this Stone is laid
the mortal remains of Richd. Graham
Esq. An affectionate son, a fond
and faithful husband and father, who
having served his country with
credit for twenty years as
Captain in the 7th Regt. Retired 1817
He died April 23rd 1837 aged 58 years.
This Monumental Tablet has been
placed here as the last tribute of
affectionate remembrance by his bereaved
widow Frances Graham.
He entered the Army at the age of 18
on his return to his native country
was appointed a Magistrate, in which situation
his widow and children can fondly say to
each other that no one can allege a harsh unjust
unkind act; the friendless and unfortunate in him
a friend. He bore with patience & resignation 4
of pain; O may that merciful God that is over us
grant him now peace and happiness
 Num:   12 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Within this vault lie the remains of
Molyneux William Shuldham
Born 1784 - Died 25th December 1846
Hellan Shuldham
his wife who died October 1875
Also their sons
Alexander Shuldham
Born 2nd July 1827 - Died 25th March 1876
Robert Shuldham
Born 6th October 1833 - Died 1870

Num:   13 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Sacred to the memory of
Isaac Bracken M.D. who departed
on the 21st day of March 186[3/8]
aged 59 years
Erected by his Widow

Num:   14 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

"Thy Will be Done"
In loving memory
John P. Shaw J.P.
who entered into rest
20th April 1911 aged 53 years
Also his beloved wife
Ethel Shaw
Died 28th August 1965
aged 90 years
Born 14th October 1875
"Blessed are the pure in heart"
John C.
Middleton Shaw
D.Sc. (Dub.) D.D.S. (Rand)
Died 6th Jan. 1961
at Durban S.A.
second son of John P. Shaw

Num:   15 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

"To those we hold most dear"
In memory of our departed brothers
Richard William Shaw
M.B. T.C.D. F.F.A.
"Ardandra" Rathfarnham Road Dublin
1896 / 1971
John C. Shaw
D.Sc. M.A. T.C.D. F.R.S.A.A.
Dean Dental School
Witwaterstrand University
Johannesburg S. Africa
1901 / 1961

 Num:   16 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

In loving memory of
Isabella (nee) Palmer
wife of
Richard Shaw, Ballymahon
Died 12th April 1890
aged 61 years
"31 Proverbs 27,28,29"

Num:   17 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

In memory of
Richard Shaw J.P.
Antly, Ballymahon
who departed this life
8th December 1899
aged 73 years

Num:   18 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

In loving memory
Jessie A. Vance
who died 13th Febry.
aged 35 years
Also her husband James
died 20th Jan. 1966
aged 87 years
His wife Caroline
died 22nd Nov. 1966
aged 86 years
"Peace Perfect Peace"
Erected by her husband

Num:   19 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

In loving memory of
Hannah Frances Vance
died 16th Feb. 1981
Her husband George
died 2nd April 1985
"Abide with me"

Num:   20 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

sad and loving
memory of
Frances Eleanor
beloved daughter
F.W. Smartt M.D.
who fell asleep
16th March 1898
"Blessed are the pure in heart
for they shall see God"

In loving memory of Hetta
died 6th March 1886
aged 13 years
"He shall gather the lambs with his arms"
Also Matilda Alice
died 7th July 1888
"The master is come and calleth for thee"
beloved daughter of
F.W. Smartt M.D.

Num:   21 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

to the memory of
Hunter Bradford Esq.
Lieut. in the Royal North Down Militia
who departed this life
1st June 1841 aged 87 years
This stone was erected by his Daughter-in-Law
Margaret Catherine Bradford
daughter of the late Rev. James Moffett
Rector of Forgney
[Verse illegible]

Num:   22 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

In memory
of Margaret McCord
who died January 22nd
1898 aged 65 years
"May she rest in peace"

Num:   23 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

In memory of
James Armstrong who died
May 21st 1869 aged 78 years
Also of Rosanna his wife
who died Nov. 28th 1868
aged 87 years
Also Henry S. Burd, son-in-law
who died Jany. 30th 1880 aged 79 years
Also Rosanna wife of Henry S. Burd
died June 21st 1891

 Num:   24 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

In memory of
Mary Jane
wife of John Auchmuty
who died 5th May 1908
"Till He come"
Also William beloved
husband of Ethel Auchmuty
who died 6th October 1937
and Maria his sister 22nd March 1936
Also William's wife Ethel
who died 16th June 1966
Also their granddaughter
Hilda Violet Moorhead
who died 26th April 1973
aged 4 years
"The Lord is my Shepherd"
and Hilda's father Alex
died 7th January 1992

 Num:   25 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Thomas Auchmuty
Born 23/10/1865 Died 28/7/1935
Elizabeth Jane Auchmuty
Born 8/8/1876 Died 26/2/1968
"In Heavenly love abiding"

Num:   26 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Loving memory of
Jane Auchmuty
who died Decr. 12th 1884
aged 2 years
Also her uncle Thomas
died Febry. 14th 1901 aged
70 years. Anna Maria
died April 13th 1911 aged 75
years  Also her father James
died Decr. 11th 1912 aged 79 years
"Whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never

 Num:   27 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Underneath lieth the body
of John Ogle who departed
this life the 21st day of August
1814 aged two years and three months
Son of Captain Ogle, Lay.
Master to the Armagh Regt.
of Militia

 Num:   28 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

To the memory
Margaret Ganly
died 10th Janry. 1873 aged 75 years
and of
Robrt. Ganly who died 30th Oct. 1880
aged 91 years
"They ate not dead, but sleepeth"
Erected by their affectionate
daughter Mary Anne Ganly
Num:   29 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

In loving memory of
Kathleen Hewitt
Branigan, Ballymahon
died 13th Feb. 1977
aged 75 years
Harman Hewitt
Died 21st May 1969
aged 89 years

Num:   30 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Lorenzo James Hewitt
River View, Ballymahon
1860 / 1960
his wife
Wilhelmina Sophia Hewitt
1875 / 1935
Daughter Delphine Wilhelmina Hewitt
1902 / 1923

Num:   31 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

to the memory of
Mary widow of the
late Revd. James
Harpur of Castle
Blaney Co. Monaghan
who departed this
life at Shrule Vicarage
Co. Longford Dec. 20
1878 in the 80th year of her age
"I know my Redeemer liveth"

Num:   32 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

to the memory of
Revd. Francis McGuire A.M.
Rector of Shrule during
36 years
who died 20th July 1844
aged 66 years

Num:   33 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

loving memory of
Sophia Nash
who died at Cartron
9th May 1968
aged 93 years

Num:   34 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

In memory of
Edward Lee
who died 15th Febry. 1895
aged 72 years
Elizabeth Anne his wife
who died 4th Nov. 1895
aged 65 years
and her mother
Anne Jones
who died Sept. 1882 aged 86 years

Num:   35 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Here lieth the body
of Francis McDonnel
son of Charl. McDonnel
of Newporty[]auil Esq.
And Eliza McDonnel
(als) Maxwill of Cork
departed 12th Nov.
1810 aged three years

Num:   36 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

In loving memory of
Molyneux William Shuldham
eldest son of
Major Alexander Shuldham D.L.
of Flowerfield, Co. Derry
Born 24th August 1870
Died at Ounavarra, Gorey, 12th Sept. 1916
and also of
Molyneux P. Shuldham
Born 18th July 1830
Died 29th July 1911
"The souls of the righteous are in
the hands of God"

[Wall plaque inside church]

 Num:   37 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

In memory of
Captain Charles James Clerk
D.L., J.P. of Castlecor, Ballymahon
Born 22nd July 1867
Died at San Remo
19th March 1929

[Wall plaque inside church]

Num:   38 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

In loving memory of
Captain C.K. Dawson, Donegal Artillery
Assistant Inspector Gold Coast Constabulary
eldest son of Major Dawson J.P. of
Naughaville, Westmeath, who died at Accra
on the 14th of April 1901, of fever
contracted in the field, aged 30 years
Erected by his sorrowing parents

[Wall plaque inside church]

Num:   39 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

In memory of
the men of this parish
who fell in The Great War
1914 - 1918
James Dunphy Wilson
Corporal 7th bn Leinster Regiment
died of wounds 27th June 1916
James Rutledge
Private 3rd bn Leinster Regiment
Killed in action August 1915

[Wall plaque inside church]

*APMDI = Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of 
the Dead in Ireland