Cemetery: LONGFORD - Ballymahon Churchyard, Parish of Shrule
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Contributed by Christina Hunt


Ballymahon Churchyard, Parish of Shrule

[From the Rev. Purefoy Poe.]


583	Longford

Within the Church of Ballymahon is a large carved slab of 
white marble, with an edge of black marble.  It bears the following
inscription :-

Sacred to the Memory of Molyneux, W.
Shuldham, D.L. of Ballymulvie,
born 1784, ded 1846,
And his eldest son John Shuldham D.L.
born 1825, died 1891, interred at East
Molesey, Surrey.


584	Longford

Also of his sons Alexander Shuldham,
Late 6th Regt. born 1827, died 1876.  Pooley
F. Shuldham, late 73rd Regt. born 1832,
died 1865.  And Robert Shuldham, born
1833, died 1870.

This Tablet was erected in 1894 by Molyneux
W. Shuldham, grandson, and Molyneux P.
Shuldham, son of the above.
"Watchman, what of the night?" The Watchman
said, "The morning cometh."  Is. xxi, 11. 12.

This slab bears a coat of arms.  The crest is a Griffin 
passant.  Motto - "Post nubila Phoebus".


In the churchyard :
Here lieth the remains of Sussanna Allen, who dies 9th
May 1807, aged 21 years; also her son John Allen, died
9th July 1822, aged 21 years.  This stone is erected by
her don David Allen, Ballymahon.

On the stone is graven a coat of arms, viz :
Argent, two bars wavy azue.  On a chie of the last, an
etoile between two escallops, or.

Crest :  A Talbot's head
Motto : Triumpho morie tam vita.


Here lieth the remains of Bernard McLaughrey who
departed this life 3rd of July 1833, aged 67 years.


To the memory of James Richard Graham deceased 
5 March 1823, aged two years.  And of Elizabeth Grace
Graham, deceased 9th April 1823 aged 14 years.
Rescued by pitying Heaven from the evil to come, they
winged their early flight to the bosom of that Saviour,
who invited the dear children to come unto him.

On the tombstone is carved a coat of arms resembling that
of the Grahams, of Drynie, in scotland, viz :

Or, a wall broken in sundry places.  On a chief sable three
escallops of the field.

Crest:  A falcon standing on a heron.
Motto:  No oublier.


585	Longford

Here lieth the remains of Margaret Poynton, alias Cody,
who died in the Lord 9th April 1846.
[Verse. John xi. v. 25]
This stone was erected by her loving husband James
Poynton of Derryveigh.


Here lieth the body of Mr John Lee he died 22nd
of November 1798 aged 49 years.  Erected by his wife
Susanna Lee of Ballymahon.

This tombstone bears a coat of arms: A lion rampant.

Crest: A demi-lion bearing a pole surmounted by a crown.
Motto: Vincit qui patitur.


Here lieth the remains of Thomas Morton, late of 
Toome, who departed this life 22 May 1811, aged 47
years.  Also his daughter Anne Morton departed this
life 26th June 1811 aged 21 years.  Als his wife Jane
departed this life20th February 1846 aged 70 years.
Also his son John Morton who departed this life 11th
February 1861 aged 56 years.


Here lieth the body of Tom Armstrong who departed
this life June 1774 aged 60 years.  Also his wife Mary
Armstrong, alias McGan, departed this life December
1793, aged 70 years.  Erected by their grandson 
Archibald Armstrong.


Underneath this Stone is deposited the mortal remains
of John Ahmuty who departed this life on the third day of
April 1817 aged 21 years.  Also his brother James
Ahmuty aged 5 years, both of which died in the glorious
hope of a blessed immortality through the merits of a
Crucified Redeemer.
Also their beloved Mother Mary Ahmuty, alias Wilson,
who departed this life 11 August 1854 aged 52 years.  Also
her husband James Ahmuty who departed this life 7 September
1852 aged 49 years.


Here lieth the remains of John Ahmuty of Toom who
departed this life on the 3 February 1813 aged 52 years.
Also his beloved son Tom who died 26th June 1811
aged 27 years. This Stone was erected by his beloved
mother Jane Ahmuty in memory of their son.  Also
their son John Ahmuty, 9 January 1817 aged 26 years.


Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the Memorials 
of the Dead in Ireland:  1894 - FHL # 1279285