Cemetery: LONGFORD - Ardagh Old Churchyard, Co. Longford, Ireland
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Num:    1 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

In Memory
George Brett
Constable R.I.C.
who died at Ardagh
August 14th 1881
aged 30 yrs
Erected as a mark of esteem
by his late comrades in Co. Longford

 Num:    2 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

To the memory of
John Quinn, Bohermore
died 22nd of January 1883
aged 82 years
Also his wife
Sarah Quinn
died 21st of November 1893
aged 91 years

Num:    3 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Underneath are deposited in accord
-ance to the will of him who said dust
thou art and unto dust thou shall return.
The mortal remains of Francis Kenny who
departed this life on the 17th day of June
1835 aged 37 years
Also his son Francis who died young
This stone is erected as a small tribute
to that affection due to the memory of
the best of husbands by his much
beloved and deeply afflicted widow
Jane Kenny

 Num:    4 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

To the memory of
Sir George Ralph Fetherston
of Ardagh in this County
died 12th of July 1853
aged 69 years
"Sorrow not as those who have no hope" 1 Tess.
"I go to my father and your father
my God and your God"
John 20.
Also Francis Elizabeth his wife
born in London 12th of Sept. 1800
died in London 24th of March 1863
interred at St. Mary's Walthamstove, Essex.
"It is expedient for you that I go" John 16.
"Yet am I with you in spirit" Col. 25
Beneath are also interred
his parents
Sir Thomas 2nd Baronet died 1819
and Catherine his wife
died 1804
(Wall plaque inside ruined church)

 Num:    5 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

This tablet is erected to the
memory of Ellen Lindsay who
departed this life 11th of October
1830 aged 17 years
By her afflicted mother Martha Lindsay
"Her early call her mouldering dust
Proclaim to you this warning word
They say repent in Jesus trust.
Your only Saviour Priest and Lord"

 Num:    6 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Crest: Floral shield with raised arm, baton in

Erected by William Kenny C.E.
In memory of his father
William Kenny of Lismagoonen
who died at Cartronmarke in this County
12th of October 1871
aged 77

 Num:    7 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Crest: Raised arm, dagger in hand, above two
star-type emblems, one above
the other, and flanked on either side by a
seashell-type emblem
Motto: Appears!

Thirty First Allen

Here lyeth the body of Chars.
Allen who departed this life
the 16th of October 1743
aged 63 years and likewise
The body of Mary Allen wife
to the said Charles who died the
24th day of July 1760 aged
74 years.
Also four of their children namely;
Charles, Jams. and Elizabeth

 Num:    8 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

O Lord have mercy on the soul of
Mrs. Mary Plunkett (alias) Ferrall of
Longford who depd. this life on the
22nd of May 1849 aged 74 yrs.
This tomb was erected by her nephew Patrick
Ferrall of Longford

Num:    9 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

In memory of
Alexr. Dudgeon Esq.
Late Lieut in the Monaghan Militia
who died 24th of Oct. 1845 aged 65 years.
Also his wife Ellen
died 24th of May 1826 aged 40 years.
Also his grand-children
Ralph Fredk. and Wm. Edwd. Dudgeon
who died 23rd and the 25th of Oct. 1874
aged 8 yrs and 10 days.
Also Sarah Montgomery Dudgeon
who died 3rd of August 1875
aged 9 years and 3 months.
Also Julia Ellen Dudgeon
who died 1st of Feb. 1879 aged 2 and a half months
This tablet was erected by
the father of the three children
C.S. Dudgeon Esq. J.P. of Rhynmount Co. Longford

 Num:   10 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Here sleepeth awaiting the
resurrection of the just
the body of Ester Stephenson (Alias) Barbor who
departed this life August the 2nd 1778
aged 61 yrs.
Together with her children namely;
Margaret, Arabel.. Margaret, Las. Jno Lane
In memory of whom this tomb was erected by
her loving husband Jno. Stephenson
of Dalystown

 Num:   11 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

In memory
of Barber Stephenson
died June 21st 1871
aged 52 years
also his wife Margaret Caroline died August 1862
aged 34
James son of the above
died De. 13th 1883 aged 56 yrs.
The undermentioned
Allen died Nov. 1st 1890 aged 40 yrs
Erected by Allen
to the memory of
his mother and brother
 Num:   12 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Here lyeth the remains of
... Barbor (alias) Stephenson who
depd. this life the 23rd of June
1773 aged 62 years.
In memory of whom
this monument was erected
by her son in law John Stephenson of Ardagh
Likewise Elizabeth
Stephenson otherwise Barbor
depd. this life 21st of Jan. 1803 aged 58 yrs.
Also four of her children namely;
Anna, Jams. Eliza,
Maria she depd 20th of May 1805 aged 24 years

 Num:   13 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Sacred to the memory of
John Timms of Cartrongarrow.
Employed at the Deanery of Ardagh
from childhood
to the last day of his earthly life.
Trusting for heavenly life
to the Saviour Jesus Christ
he died April 2nd 1887
aged 55 years

 Num:   14 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Here lie the body of
Michael Roe Esq. who departd. this life
the 2nd of May 1802 and was lamented
by all who knew him, also Elizabeth
Roe daughter to Michl.
Roe who departed this life 22 of
August 1810 who was aged 8 years
and was loved and regretted by all
her acquaintances. She was a good
and pious child and gone to receive
a shure reward in heaven

 Num:   15 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Died 7th of March 1847
Alexander Trimble
65 yrs.
"Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord"
Also his son Thomas died
5th of July 1848 aged 27 years
"Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way
By taking heed thereto according to the word"
Also his daughter Matilda who died young 1835.
Asleep with Jesus
George Trimble died 9th of May 1868
aged 52 yrs.
Erected by his sons George and Alexr. July 31st

 Num:   16 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Here lyeth the body of
Margaret Trimble who
depd. this life Febraury
20th 1793 aged 84 yrs.
Erected by her son Andrew Trimble

 Num:   17 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

O Lord have mercy on the soul
of John Connell
of Aughintample
who died 2nd of August 1856
aged 63 years.
Also his wife Margaret Connell (alias) Trimble
died 19th of May 1884 aged 89 yrs.
Also her sister Bridget Trimble
who died young
Erected by their son John Connell of Granard

 Num:   18 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

In loving memory of
John Connell
who died 17th of May 1891
"On his soul sweet Jesus have mercy"
Erected by his wife Margaret Connell

 Num:   19 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

to the memory of
Revd. Francis T. Gregg D.D.
died July 24th 1890
aged 85 years.
His wife
Henrietta Gregg
died June 24th 1884 *
aged 77 years
and their daughter
Sophia H. Gregg
died Jan. 3rd 1856
aged 22 years
Who lie together buried here.
They died at peace
with God through Christ
Trusting for atonement in him alone

(* Plaque in church reads June 27th 1884)

 Num:   20 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Here lyeth the body of Thomas
Gregg who departed this life
26th of April in the year of our Lord
1798 aged 62

 Num:   21 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Here sleepeth
awaiting the resurrection of the
just the body of Elizabeth Gregg
who was a most dutiful child
a loving wife, and affectionate
and tender mother.
She depd this life 31st day
of July 1775 in the 42nd year of her
 Num:   22 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

In fond memory
of Jessia Gregg
born Feb. 5th 1844
died Sept 1st. 1881
and her beloved child
Thornton Huband Gregg born June 25th 1875
died Oct. 3rd 1875
"The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away
Even so Father for so it seemed
good in thy sight"

Num:   23 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

In the full assurance of hope
resting in the perfect atonement
Thro Our Lord Jesus Christ
The Revd. Thomas Gregg
passed from time to eternity
on the 22nd of April 1846
in his 47th year
For three and twenty years he was
the devoted minister of the everlasting gospel
and was made the honoured instrument
leading many to seek pardon and peace
through the blood of the cross
His earthly tabernacle rests
beneath this stone awaiting the glorious time when
death shall be swallowed up in

 Num:   24 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

(Gregg enclosure - Collapsed memorial, face down)

 Num:   25 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

God be merciful
to the soul of Nicholas
McCormack who dyed
Janury. 23rd 1793
aged 84 yrs.
Erected by Edmond Killemade

 Num:   26 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

Have mercy O Lord on the soul of
Thomas Kilmaid late of Ferefad
who depd. on the 20th of October 1859
aged 80 years Also his son James died
on 27th of Dec. 1857 aged 40 yrs

 Num:   27 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

God be merciful to the
soul of Nancy Doyle
of Cross
who departed this life 26th day of
December 1821
This stone was erected by
her son John Fetherston

 Num:   28 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

(Collapsed memorial - inscription face down)

 Num:   29 Source: JIMMY LENNON (1997)           

(Collapsed memorial - inscription face down)