Will: Quin, Elinor March 27, 1837

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: March 27, 1837
Recorded: April 1, 2018

In the Name of God Amen I Ellen Quin of Old Francis Street 
in the City of Limerick Widow being weak in body but of 
sound mind memory and understanding do make and publish this 
my last Will and Testament in writing hereby revoking and 
annulling any Will or Wills heretofore made or spoken and 
declaring this and no other to be my last Will and Testament 
first I order and direct that my remains shall be interred 
in my family burial Place in the Church Yard of Saint John & 
City of Limerick and that my just debts and funeral Expences 
shall be paid by my Executor hereinafter named out of any 
property which I may die seized or possessed of or in any 
manner entitled unto and with respect to any property which 
I may die seized or possessed of I give devise and bequeath 
as follows that is to say the Sum of ten pounds Str to my 
Grandson Joseph Quin to be paid by my Exors hereinafter 
named for the purpose of having him the said Joseph Quin 
Apprenticed or bound to a trade as soon as my said Executors 
shall think proper and the further Sum of four pounds 
Sterling I give devise and bequeath unto my Grand daughter 
Anne Quin and with respect to any other property after 
paying the bequests aforesaid I give devise and bequeath the 
same and every part thereof together with my household 
furniture unto my daughter Mary Quin otherwise O'Keeffe to 
be disposed of as she thinks proper without the controul of 
her husband Patk Keeffe and to be paid to the said Mary Quin 
quarterly by my said Executors at the rate of ten pounds Str 
quarterly and on her demise to leave and bequeath the same 
to any person or persons she may think proper In Witness 
whereof I have hereunto put my hand and Seal this 27th day 
of March 1837 Elinor Quin
(Attestation Clause)
Danl McNamara _ Francs Fahy _David Cussen
(Codicil executed on same date appoints James White and  
James Clampett Executors)
(Further Codicil appoints Harrison Lee of Mungrett Gate City 
of Limerick Whitesmith Executor dated 20 April 1837 
Witnesses Anthony O'Laughlin William Smyth)
Proved at London with 2 Codicils 25 June 1838
PCC Prob11/1897