Will: O'Reagan, John March 31, 1832

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: March 31, 1832
Recorded: December 10, 2017

In the Name of God Amen I John O'Reagan of the Town of Adare 
innkeeper being of sound state of mind and health and 
wishing to have my property disposed of as follows doth make 
this my last Will and testament first I bequeath my Soul to 
the care of my Creator hoping in his mercy to forgive me my 
sins I do request of the Earl of Dunraven Mr Thomas Quinlan 
Coach Maker of the City of Limerick and Mr Thomas Potter of 
farm Lodge to act as Executors to this my last Will revoking 
all others made previous to this date I wish that everything 
belonging to me in the way of farming viz. the following 
Articles horses Coaches Carrs Gigs all descriptions of 
farming Stock and Produce farming Utensils Timber Twigs 
Hoops Rods should be sold by Publick Cant (?) one month 
after my death the receipt of such sale I request of the 
Earl Dunraven to invest in the Government funds for the 
benefit of my children first all lawful debts due by me to 
be paid also any rent due by me to the Earl Dunraven I 
bequeath to my dear Wife all the Grocery in my possession at 
the time of my decease also all the household furniture 
belonging to me with the shop and the Parlour adjoining same 
the present Kitchen the room over the Parlour our own 
Bedroom the Nursery and as much of the Kitchen Garden as 
will range with the Kitchen fireplace back to the Wall that 
bounds Parson Fitzgerald and I free from any rent I also 
wish that the remaining part of the Inn and premises should 
be let to a proper tenant which premises consist of the 
present Hall Passage Bar Bed room over same But Parlour and 
two bedrooms with the large room and the rooms beneath I 
wish my Wife should receive the rents of my houses and the 
Inn for the education of my children and also the yearly 
rent of said houses due to Earl Dunraven to be paid by her I 
also wish that she should receive the yearly vallue of Mr 
Rose's Sallow Bed to enable her to pay yearly the Insurance 
of the life of Mrs Fitzpatrick's to enable her to pay yearly 
the Insurance of the life of Mrs Fitzpatrick's and also the 
Insurance of 700 on my houses in Adare I wish it should be 
understood that in case my Wife wishes not to reside in 
Adare or that she should marry she shall not be entitled to 
the foregoing receipts of rent or other property but shall 
resighn all and every part of my property and receive for 
her own use one hundred pounds And my children to be 
supported and educated as my Executors shall think fit I 
also wish that in case my Wife and Mother should not wish to 
live together that my Wife should pay yearly to my Mother 
during her lifetime ten shillings each month for her support 
I also wish that my Executors should not pay the above one 
hundred pounds to my Wife if she does not reside in Adare 
five years unmarried after my death as I think that the 
Grocery left her quite enough I wish that when any of my 
daughters should marry with the consent of my executors she 
shall receive five hundred pounds and after her first child 
being one week old she shall receive what other portion she 
may be entitled to in cash the death of any of my children 
her share to go to her surviving sisters and in case of the 
death of my Wife what property she may have in right of me 
to go to my children and in case my children should die 
without issue my property to go to my brother James and my 
brother William or their heirs or assigns I also wish that 
my brother James should have any land belonging to me and 
that my brother William should have all my Sallow Beds both 
paying the yearly rents due of same and that each of them 
should pay my brother Thomas seven shillings per week during 
his lifetime the annuity of forty pounds Irish Currency 
which I receive out of the lands of Kirrimpien to be yearly 
invested in the Government funds for my children I also 
request that my Gold Watch given me by my late friend Major 
Edward O'Brien would be carefully given to my daughter Ellen 
and kept by her as a loving token of mine and at her death 
it be given to one of her sisters Mrs Roses Sallow Beds not 
included for my brother William Dated this 31st day of March 
1832 and thirty two J O'Reagan Witness John Spearing _ 
George Spearin _ John Harman
Proved in Common Form 24 October 1835
14 March 1851 Administration with Will annexed to Elizabeth 
Anne O'Reagan Spinster the daughter Executors having 
survived the Deceased without having proved the Will Anne 
O'Reagan Widow having died without taking upon her Letters 
of Administration
PCC Prob11/2129