Will: O'Leary, William December 19, 1843

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File contributed by: Rosalind Dunning 
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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: December 19, 1843
Recorded: March 5, 2018

In the Name of God Amen I William O'Leary of Glin in the 
County of Limerick being now thank God in sound mind memory 
and understanding altho' not having my worldly affairs and 
dealings so wound up as I that I could make as exact a 
distribution of my property and effects as I would wish 
still lest the Lord may call me from this world before I 
could do so I hereby make this my last Will and Testament 
revoking and annulling all or any former Will or Wills I 
might have made I resign my Soul to Almighty God and trust 
to his mercy for the forgiveness of my manifold sins In the 
disposal of my worldly effects for the reasons above 
mentioned I will and bequeath unto my beloved wife Bridget 
O'Leary to my beloved daughter Juliet O'Leary and my beloved 
son John O'Leary all and singular my Goods and Chattels Real 
and Personal Property freehold and otherwise of whatsoever 
kind that I now have or hereafter may become possessed of 
for their several uses after paying my lawful debts to be 
equally divided share and share alike between them during 
the lifetime of my beloved Wife and at her demise the one 
third share (now reserved by me for her use during her 
lifetime) to be divided equally between my dear children 
Julia and John already named from the high opinion I have of 
my dearly beloved Wife's good sense and attachment to our 
dearly loved children (having known and loved her since my 
boyhood) I hereby constitute and appoint her sole Guardian 
to my children and Executrix to this my last Will and 
Testament to be managed by her for the purposes already 
stated until my dearly loved children shall respectively 
attain the age of twenty one years I hope if health and 
opportunity permit to be more explicit but as before stated 
lest I should not I hereby subscribe this as my last Will 
and Testament Given under my hand and seal the 19th day of 
December 1843 three William O'Leary seal In presence of us 
Bernard McMahon _ Danl Leahy _ James Browne
Proved 13 July 1847
Proved at London 11 October 1848
PCC Prob11/2082