Will: O'Grady, De Courcy January 17, 1812

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Source: National Archives London
Written: January 17, 1812
Recorded: November 15, 1814

I De Courcy O'Grady of Killyballyowen in the County of 
Limerick being of sound mind but weak in body o hereby make 
this my last Will & Testament whereas I am entitled to 
certain Estates in England & to a personal Estate property I 
do hereby devise & bequeath all my Lands Tenements & 
heredits in England and all my personal fortune to my dear 
Wife Elizabeth O'Grady for and during her natural life with 
power to appoint the same to and amongst our younger 
Children in such proportions & shares & with such 
limitations as she shall think proper either by her Will or 
by any writing in her life and I do hereby appoint her 
Executrix of this my Will Given under my hand this 17th day 
of January 1812 twelve De Courcy O'Grady 
(Attestation Clause)
D O'Callaghan _ Thos D O'Grady _ ? Crampton
Proved at London 15 November 1814
PCC Prob11/1562