Will: Maunsell, Mary June 23, 1789

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: June 23, 1789
Recorded: June 23, 2018

I Mary Maunsell of the City of Limerick Spinster being in 
sound mind and memory for which and all his unbounded 
goodness and unmeritted mercies to me a most ungratefull 
sinner I humbly thank my God do make this my last Will and 
Testament in manner following whereas my ever Dear and most 
deservedly beloved Mother settled on me and gave me Power to 
dispose of at my death four hundred pounds the said four 
hundred pounds I do give and bequeath to my said dearest 
Mother as also six hundred pounds left my by my dear 
father's last Will and Testament both on my brother Thomas 
Cecill Maunsell's estate I give and bequeath to my Dr Sister 
Ann five hundred pounds to my brother William Maunsell I do 
give and bequeath three hundred pounds I shall I believe 
leave sufficient in my Black Chest at the very bottom to pay 
the expences of my Illness and Funeral the latter I would 
have as private as can be and out of what remains I would 
have given to my beloved Mother's servants whatever she my 
dearest Mother shall think Proper I always did mean and in 
former wills did leave one hundred pounds to Charitable uses 
not to be given in a shewy way as a legacy from me but in 
such a manner as occasion offers but short would not direct 
but leave it to those dear friends who are better Judges 
than I whether it is best to give it all or in what manner 
as I know it is much wanting to some of my family And I also 
know that have All feeling Charitable hearts and are much 
better Judges than I am On thing I request that my Brother 
William will get somebody else to have me laid under the 
vestry Room with my two beloved sisters and my two dear 
Cousins are already laid but it is my Request that my 
brother William may not attend for he has had a great deal 
too much of that Melancholly work this I declare to be my 
last Will and Testament in case my ever much loved and 
respected Mother survive me Witness my hand this 30: day of 
April 1786 Mary Maunsell a true copy which I attest this 23 
day of June 1789 nine Lanc: Hill Regr of the Diocese of 
Limerick and Nott: Pub:
(Appearance by Anne Wilson and Deborah Maunsell Spinsters of 
the City of Limerick as to manner and character of 
handwriting of deceased 24 June1789) 15 July 1789 
Administration with Will annexed to William Maunsell the 
Brother the Mother of the Deceased Anne Maunsell having died 
without taking on Execution of the Will
PCC Prob11/1181