Will: Creagh, John February 21, 1704

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Source: National Archives Kew England
Written: February 21, 1704
Recorded: September 8, 2017

In the Name of God Amen I John Creagh Fitzpierce of the City 
of Limerick Merchant being sick in Body but of perfect sense 
and memory doe make this my last Will and Testament in 
manner and form following (that is to say) I bequeath my 
Soul to God Almighty and my Body to be buried in Christian 
like manner as to my loving Wife Clara Creagh shall be 
thought meet and since I have no substance but a few 
Trumpery being of no great Value I bequeath all to my said 
Wife Item I bequeath seven pounds sterling to my Son in Law 
Nicholas Stritch to be paid to him by my said Wife out of 
the money due of Stephen Stritch of London when the Debt is 
recovered of him Item I bequeath unto the said Nicholas 
Stritch his Children the Sum of Three hundred Pounds 
Sterling to be paid by my Wife to the said Nicholas for 
their Use out of the Debett that I had in the late King 
James's time (if ever recovered) and the remaining part of 
the said Debet to herself And whereas my Cousin John Sexton 
(being Coexecutor with me of the last Will and Testament of 
my Son in Law Patrick Sexton) challenges about a small 
broken gold Jewell worth about Seven Shillings Sterling and 
about two ounces of Amber being of the Children's Property 
being all that I had of their Effects in my hands both which 
said broken gold Jewell and two Ounces of Amber are still in 
being And I do declare that there is fifty Shillings due to 
me on Account of the Children And I doe further declare that 
there are Eight dozen of Plate Buttons weighing about Eight 
Ounces belonging to the Children in the hands of John Sexton 
aforesaid which I lent him Item it is my will that if the 
said Seven Pounds be paid to the said Nicholas Stritch that 
then he shall nothing to do with the Distilling Pott that is 
in my possession Item it is my Will that my Wife Clara 
Creagh shall see me decently buried though I have no 
Substance to leave her not yet to defray my funerall 
Expences as Witness my hand and Seal the 21st February 1704 
John Creagh being present at the signing sealing and 
declaring hereof Thomas Stretch John Arthur And I the within 
Testator John Creagh doe further declare that I owed Stephen 
Creagh of Limerick late Clerk or Attorney the Sum of 
Thirteen Pounds Sterling and that I paid Twenty Pounds in 
his behalf to Mrs Whittamore and that he owed me Eleven 
Pounds in Debt by Booke Account and that I had Two and 
twenty pounds Abatement from the Corporation about 
Corcancanzee which the said Stephen Creagh and Mr Patrick 
Nichol received witness my hand the day and year within 
written John Creagh being present Thomas Stretch John Arthur
31 October 1712 Administration with Will annexed to Clara 
Creagh Widow
PCC Prob11/529