Miscellaneous: Return of Outrages, 1845-1846
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Return of the Names of Persons, Places and Nature of 
Outrages, reported to the Constabulary Office, as occurring 
within the Barony of Owneybeg, in the County of Limerick, 
from the 1st Day of January 1845 to the Termination of the 
Spring Assizes in 1846, both inclusive.



3rd. Jan.    Turagh.       DUGHY, David. Firing at the person.

6th. Jan.    Cappanahana.  	CREAGH, Laurence. Robbery of arms.

7th. Jan.    Coolinhila.   	MOLONY, Martin. House attack.

7th. Jan.    Onintulla.    	MAHONY, Denis. Demand of arms.

7th. Jan.    Ashron.       	FRANE, Daniel. Robbery of arms.

7th.. Jan.   Buffonoka.    	MOLONY, Denis. Cattle killing.

13th. Jan.   Coolinhila.   	BLACKWELL, John. Robbery of arms.

13th. Jan.   Coolinhila.   	DOOGAN, Michael. Robbery of arms.

28th Jan.    Cappamore.    	FITZGERALD, John. Threatening notice.

7th. Feb.    Ashron.       	SHEA. Philip. Robbery of arms.

9th. Feb.    Mintulla.     	MAHONY, Denis. Robbery of arms.

9th. Feb.    Cappanahana.  	RYAN, William. House attack.

20th. March. Coolestrim.   	HEWSON, Mr. R. Threatening notice.

20th. March. Portuard.     	CANE, Connor. Cattle stealing.

30th. March. Cullina.      	BURKE, Michael. Threatening notice.

6th. April.  Boremanshill. 	WIXSTEAD, John. Threatening notice.

17th. April. Vocluse.      	SKEAHAN, Pat. Maiming cattle.

17th. May.   Fartnane.     	CLARKE, Bridget. Rape.

11th. July.  Coolbrideen.  	HICKEY, Mary. Aggravated Assault.

11th. July.  Coolbrideen.  	MOORE, James. Assault endangering life.

26th. July.  Cappamore.    	NOLAN, James. Homicide.

17th. August.Glenstall.    	DAVERN, Pat. Demand of arms.

17th. August.Glenstall.    	DAVERN, James. Demand of arms.

30th. Aug.   Belvidere.    	KERR, James. Incendiary fire.

22nd. Sept.  Fartnane.     	CLARKE, Thomas. Threatening notice.

22nd. Sept.  Cappanahana.  	RYAN, Patrick. Threatening notice.

28th. Sept.  Forkeal.      	CARY, Martin. Fired into dwelling.

3rd. Nov.    Coolinhila.   	WHEELER, Mr. Threatening notice.

16th. Nov.   Dromalty.     	DE BURGE, Sir R. Two threatening notices.

17th. Nov.   Annah.        	RYAN, Darby. Robbery of arms.

19th. Nov.   Tower Hill.   	___ O'MALY. Threatening notice.

19th. Nov.   Tower Hill.   	___ M'GRATH. Threatening notice.

3rd. Dec.    Ashron.       	SHEA, Philip. Cattle killing.

16th. Dec.   Cappanuke.    	KENNEDY, Rev. Mr. Threatening notice.

27th. Dec.   Knocknagurteeny.   HICKEY, Michael. Being in arms.
                                COFFEY, Widow. Throwing stones at door.


3rd. Jan.    Wilton.            M'CORMICK. J. Being in arms.

8th. Jan.    Mintulla.        	MAHONY, Denis. Demand of arms.

8th. Jan.    Knocknagurteeny. 	HOURIGAN, Widow. Demand of arms.

8th Jan.     Knocknagurteeny. 	BARRY, Daniel. Fired into dwelling.

9th. Jan.    Monfune.         	BOYLE, James. House attack.

9th. Jan.    Abington.        	GORMAN, John. House attack.

18th. Jan.   Cappanahana.     	CREAGH, Laurence. Robbery of arms.

18th. Jan.   Cappanahana.     	CREAGH, Mrs. Administering an unlawful oath.

26th. Jan.   Knocknagurteeny. 	SAGE, Mary. Rape.

29th. Jan.   Glenstall.       	KERR, Thomas. Fired into dwelling.

29th. Jan.   Glenstall.       	KERR, Thomas. Threatening notice.

2nd. Feb.    Annah.           	RYAN, Darby. Fired into dwelling.

3rd. Feb.    Barman's Hill.   	BOURKE, James. Fired into dwelling.

4th. Feb.    Mintulla.        	MAHONY, Denis. Fired into dwelling.

*6th. Feb.   Cappercullen. SIMMS, Patrick.
             An armed party came to SIMM's house, demanded his arms, and
             gave him a severe cut on the head.

Constabulary Office, Dublin Castle.
14th May 1846.

(All spellings as per book.)