History: The Cromwellian Settlement of the County of Limerick

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By James Grene Barry, D.L. M.R.S.A.I.
                 PART THE FOURTH.
             CLANWILLIAM BARONY (1)
OLD PROPRIETOR                          TOWNLAND                  GRANTEE
Baron Castleconnell (2)
…                                       Castleconnell             Andrew Ram
…                                       Stradbally                Richard Peirce
…                                       Do.                       John Snow
…                                       Glebe                     Duke of York
…                                       Islands in the Shannon    Samuel Eames
…                                       Upper Portcrushy          Earl of Inchiquin
…                                       Do.                       Do.
…                                       Lower Portcrushy          Do.
…                                       Do.                       Do.
…                                       Boherquill                Humphrey Hartwell
…                                       Parke                     Do.
…                                       Bog in Common             Lord Inchiquin & H. Hartwell

  (1) Originally Aostrimaighe the territory of the clan 
O'Chomaine (?) (O'Gunnings). Their chief seat was 
Castleconnell (Caislean wi Chonaine). They were dispossessed 
by the O'Briens of Thomond, who in turn had to give place to 
the Bourkes. William de Burgh got a grant of Castleconnell 
and a large of Clanwilliam from King John. This barony and 
the barony of Clanwilliam in Tipperary, known as West and 
East Clanwilliam, got their names from William FitzAdelan de 
Burgh, who lived at Athassel and founded the Augustinian 
Abbey there, A.D. 1200.

  (2) This was William, sixth Lord Castleconnell. He joined 
the Confederate Catholics in 1642 and sat in the General 
Assembly in Kilkenny. He raised and commanded a regiment of 
horse against the Parliament, and when his estates were 
confiscated he joined King Charles in his exile, and served 
the Duke of York's regiment. On the restoration his 
attainder was reversed and his estates were restored in 
part. His grandson, the eighth Lord, cast in his lot with 
James II, was attainted, and lost all his estates. He died 
without issue in France, 1697.

OLD PROPRIETOR                          TOWNLAND              GRANTEE

Lord Castleconnell
Richard Bourke of Ballyvarry            Ballyguymore          William King
…                                       Madebuoy              Do.
Walter Bourke & David Barry             Coolebane             Do.
Conor Clancy, Richard Bourke, and       Cloonekeene           Ralph Wilson
Donogh Conor                            Do.                   Samuel Mollineux
OLD PROPRIETOR                          TOWNLAND              GRANTEE

Katherine Bourke & Dr. Arthur
…                                       In Williamstown       Wm Mathews
…                                       Bog in same
OLD PROPRIETOR                          TOWNLAND              GRANTEE
Lord Brittas (3)
…                                       Brittas               Joseph Stepney (4)
…                                       Do.                   John Cooke
…                                       Gurteenskagh          Hollow Blades
…                                       Do.                   John Cooke
…                                       Gurteenagheely        John Cooke & Lord Brittas
Lord Brittas
…                                       Killinure             James Collins
…                                       Do.                   George Evans
…                                       Do.                   Lord Brittas
…                                       Do.                   Colonel Dillon
…                                       Knockeagh             John Friend
…                                       Knockatanacashlan     Lady Brittas
…                                       Do.                   John Friend
…                                       Carrickerrily         Do.
…                                       Downeenana            Lord Brittas
…                                       Templemichael         Lady Brittas
…                                                             John Friend
…                                       Ballyart              Hollow Blades
…                                       Claynoe               A. Ingram
Lord Brittas, Charles & Simon Clancy    Do.                   Lord Brittas
…                                       Grenanoutragh and     A. Ingram
…                                       Grenanitragh
…                                       A Common              Do.
Richard Wolfe, of Limerick & Conor      Bog in Common         Do.
Clancy of Ballybricken                  Garraniskey           John Mansell
Edward Bourke                           Do.                   Thomas Mansell
…                                       Boskill               John Friend
Walter Bourke, of Castleerkin           Faranferin            Do.
…                                       Castleerkin           Ulissus Burgh (5)
…                                       Garryclash            Do.
…                                       Synode                Daniel Abbott
Laurence White, of Limerick             Shraghane             John Friend
Daniel Creagh                           Cloghmo_ll            Bishop of Ferns and Loughlin
…                                       Bog in Common to do
William Bourke, of Caherconlish, &      Moch                  Hollow Blades
Conor Clancy, of                        Knockbally Adam       A. Ingram
Ballybricken                            Ballyvorneen          Do.
William Bourke                          Lombardstown          Do.
Lord Cahir                              Caherconlish          Ralph Wilson
…                                       Glebe
…                                       Bog in common to adjoining lands

   (3) Theobald Bourke, grandson of the first Lord 
Castleconnell, was created Baron Brittas in 1618. In 1642 he 
joined the Confederate Catholics, and, in due course, had 
his estates confiscated, and was transplanted into 
Connaught.  "We, the said Commissioners, hereby certify that 
Theobald Bourke, Lord Baron of Brittas, in the County of 
Limerick, hath, upon the 19th day of November, 1653, 
delivered unto us in writing the names of himself and such 
other persons as are to remove with him, etc. The said 
Theobald Lord Brittas, aged 75 years, red-gray hair, slender 
face. The lady Margaret (his wife), gray hair, slender face. 
Margaret and Mary (grand- daughters), daughters of Sir John 
Bourke, etc., etc." Lord Brittas died in 1654 and was 
succeeded by his son, Sir John Bourke, whose son, Theobald, 
third Lord Brittas, threw in his lot with James II, and was 

  (4) Joseph Stepney, of Abington, was High Sheriff of the 
County Limerick in 1686. He built a mansion house there out 
of the materials of the ruined Cistercian Abbey. His son, 
Thomas, of Kilmarnock, Co. Dublin, had the grant of the 
castle and lands of Brittas enrolled—at a Crown rent of £2 
16s. 10½d.—July, 6th, 1703.
  (5) William Bourke, of Dromkeen married, before 1640, a 
daughter of McKeogh, of Rivers, whose sisters were married 
to, respectively, Bourke of Ballynagarde, and Bourke of 
Kishyquirke. The Bourkes of Dromkeen were known as "Slogh 
Meyler," and were descended from Edward McWilliam Oughter. 
John Bourke, who died in 1440, got Dromkeen and one-third of 
Clanwilliam from the Bourkes of Castleconnell in exchange 
for his wife's dowrey in Coshmagh, she was an O'Brien of 
Thomond. Richard Bourke, of Dromkeen, conformed in the time 
of Charles I, took Orders, and changed the family name to 
Burgh. His son Ulick (improperly anglicised Ulisses), was 
Rector of Grean and Dean of Emly. He gave very material 
assistance to William III during his siege of Limerick, and 
was made by him, in 1692, Bishop of Ardagh. His tomb is in 
Dromkeen ruined church.

Source: FHL# 1279256 pt8.