History: Insurrection Act, Petition no. 1771 - June 1822

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State Paper Office, Dublin - PETITION no. 1771 - June 1822 
To his Excellency Richard Marquis Wellesly Lord Lieut. 
General and General Governor of Ireland etc. etc. etc.

The General and Most Humble Petition and Address of the 
County Limerick Men Such as was tried and found guilty under 
the Insurrection Act.

Most Humbly and respectfully shew that your Excellency's 
petitioners is not guilty of any Depradations committed in 
the County as will appear to your Excellency by their 
Committals and also by an enquiry of the County Magistrates.

Your Excellency's petitioners were convicted more by 
accident than otherwise.

May it please your Excellency to grant petitioners your Most 
Gracious Pardon and not suffer them to be banished from 
their native Country and from their poor distressed 
families. Petitioners will take the Oath of Allegiance and 
become Loyal Subjects to his Majesty's subjects forever more 
and themselves to suppress any mutiny if the like should 
happen in future and if any arms has been concealed in the 
County that they will have them given up to their 
neighbouring Magistrates. Petitioners will enter any bail 
requisite for their future conduct and Good behaviour 
towards all his Majesty's subjects.

May it p1ease your Excellency to take your petitioners Most 
Distressed State into your Most Serious Consideration and 
petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray

Edmund MARKHAM                     Robert REEDY
Michael CARROLL                    Daniel HORAN
John HICKEY                        Daniel FOLEY
John PURTELL                       Thomas O'DEA
John CROWN                         Hugh O'DONNELL
John D'ARCY                        Laurence BRENNAN
Patrick CUNNINGHAM                 James FITZPATRICK
Patrick ROBINSON                   David DONOVAN
Patrick FITZGERALD                 Peter SULLIVAN
John RYAN                          Timothy QUIN
William NIX                        Denis MURPHY
Patrick LYSAUGHT                   James ROCHE
Thomas DRISCOLL                    James CONLON
Thomas SHAUGHNESSY                 Michael CONNELL
James SPIRIN                       John COLLINS

May it please your Excellency to examine your petitioners' 
committals and you will discover their Innocence of the 
Depradations committed in the County for which they will get 
a Certificate from their neighbouring Magistrates if 
required to your Excellency. As the Magistrate has 
discovered since your Excellency's petitioners was convicted 
that they have been innocent of the Same."

Prisoners - June/22
30 men convicted under Insurrection Act Co. Limerick
Robert Reedy and others. '

Refer to Judge who tried them through Mr Gregory. Signed